Liberal candidates won in races across the country this week, which is disappointing, but precedented, considering that the president’s party tends to lose seats in Congress during midterm elections. It’s too early to know the extent of voter fraud in this election, but The Heritage Foundation is on top of it, just like in previous elections where fraud occurred.

Heritage maintains a compilation of documented cases of voter fraud in all 50 states. As irregularities emerge, Heritage won’t let them go unreported. Instead we will take note, and add them to our database to inform lawmakers and citizens. In addition, this very important information will help us form new ideas to safeguard the integrity of our elections, and to discourage anyone who would undermine the legitimate will of the people in our constitutional republic.

At Heritage, we thank you for letting us serve in this capacity, to protect our elections from any interference, small or large. Thank you for empowering us to serve, and for doing your part to restore faith in the ballot box.

Is voter fraud a problem where you live, and if so, what should be done about it?

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Virginia Heyler - November 9, 2018

Ate you working with the folks in FL and AZ. An abomination is happening in BOTH states. Please add your support!!!

Darryl Slinde - November 9, 2018

Arizona has 600000 votes not counted yet as of 11/8/2018 what a farce as absentee ballots were not tired in until 11/6/2018.I believe that all should be counted no later than the voting day .

Virginia Faber - November 9, 2018

Here in Illinois we have same day registration. The county clerk’s office tells us that no form of proof for citizenship can be requested so that a driver’s license which illegals can get and an utility bill is enough to register.
We also have early voting at many different sites. My question is who holds these ballots, who transports them, when are they counted? This is a system ready to be abused.

Jerre Miller - November 9, 2018

I feel there was election fraud in all the northern states elections as well as Arizona, California and Georgia and other southern states. Hope you are keeping an eye on them.

Theresa Ward - November 9, 2018

UPS box holders now have the street mailing address of the UPS store. So anyone registering with a UPS street address will not be suspect when perusing voter lists. A mailbox cannot vote, but they do. Check this out all over the country.

Laura Evenson - November 9, 2018

Yes. I am an election judge. I catch voter fraud if I can. The last two election Cycles, the head judge did not take care 2 secure the ballots properly. I made sure that was done. He also let a candidate be in the building. Our registration volunteer is inept. I am sure he has let people be registered that he should not have. It is a good old boys club in my new county that I live in. I still have to tread lightly in order to be able to be included in the process. A major help would be voter ID.

Mike Wammack - November 9, 2018

I don’t believe it was a problem here in Sallis, MS.

Robert Rowe - November 9, 2018

I believe voter fraud is alive and well in Nevada. The push for ” Motor Voter” registration at the DMV opens the door wide for non-citizens to register and vote.
We need to have the rolls cleared and require new registration to vote in future elections, requiring either the “Real ID ” driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport to be allowed to register to vote, and government ID to vote. It is ridiculous that it requires more documentation to shop at Costco than it does to vote.

William A Coates - November 9, 2018

I think it is a problem in Colorado. Voter rolls are not purged, no voter ID is required, registration is easy, and there are a substantial number of noncitizen workers employed by liberal-owned businesses.

Richard McKnight - November 9, 2018

For many years people have jokingly said about Brigeport and New Haven -“Vote early, vote often” I no longer believe it is a joke, when 84% of people vote Democratic in a city. Voter roles are often not up to date and people who have died are still on the roles. It is easy to know. Paying people to vote is also rumored in the Democratic strongholds of CT cities. Look at Broward County in Florida.

Linda - November 9, 2018

As a CA resident, I feel voter fraud is extensive. No ID is required and anybody that shows up at the DMV for a license or ID automatically is registered to vote. It is difficult in a state that is basically a one-party state. I hope you have some amazing suggestions!

Patricia Ancowitz - November 9, 2018

I was contacted by a family friend living in southern AZ (Pima County). When he went to vote Tuesday morning he encountered an individual waiting in line to vote whom he knew to be an illegal immigrant. Why do we permit this most precious right (our vote) to be abused in this way?

Chuck Johnson - November 9, 2018

same day registration by voucher is allowed. These are NOT provisional ballots and later verifications are not followed through. Center for American Excellence has been fighting this outdated practice.

Susan Noble - November 9, 2018

It should be law that voters show their birth certificate before they can vote.

Bret Barrett - November 10, 2018

Yes, voter fraud is a problem. Official picture identification should be required for all and must match voter registration for both early vote and election day. Citizenship should be identified on ID’s, drivers licenses for illegal or temporary residents should be distinctively different and not acceptable for registration or voting. Maybe Absentee ballots should require notarization. Voter rolls should be automatically purged by inactivity.
I can’t help but wonder if I voted in my previous state of residence this year. In 2016, my daughter had trouble being allowed to vote, it took hours before being approved/allowed as someone in line ahead of her (who apparently was still there) had claimed her identity. No attempt was made to identify or prevent the previous person’s ballot from being cast.

Harry Truitt - November 10, 2018

Washington State was one of the first states to steal elections. I have been watching it for twenty years. You are watching elections being stolen in Florida and Arizona. It has been going on a long time. You know the Democrats agenda. It’s time to make election integrity a #1 priority or Republicans will continue to win some battles and lose the war.

Lela Fox - November 10, 2018

Please check into election fraud for senate seat of Arizona. Martha McSally won and is now being challenged by candidate Cinemma. Where did the dems suddenly find additional votes?

Colin Gallagher - November 10, 2018

Voting fraud is most serious in Florida, where false ballots are being used after a legal deadline by Democrats in places like Browsed, to try to steal the Senate seat and governorship, which was won in Florida by Republicans.

There is also fraudulent activity in Arizona and California, but the fraud seems to be mostly occurring in Florida.

Just Think’en - November 10, 2018

I think that if we all had voter I D’s that might reduce some issues. In addition if we were required to sign our ballots or have a number which would relate back to our individual I D the vote could be validated. Perhaps our drivers license would do.

David Stempson - November 10, 2018

It is the problem of our time. How else do you explain Florida, Texas (Beto) New Mexico and the granddaddy of them all California. It is never caught because the polls that cheat the worst are filled with democrats. Also provisional ballots are a joke. Those ballots are placed in boxes and then simply added to legal ballots when the “keepers” thereof say the voters have been vetted and are ok. Their word is simply accepted because not enough Republicans to check their word. Darn hard to catch as is all of this when the foxes are in charge of the hen house.

Bonnie Winslow, RN - November 12, 2018

I have witnessed voter fraud in the polls that I worked at during several different elections in CA. Years ago, when I first started, people would come in to vote with their driver’s licenses already out before they signed in. Now, we have to tell them they can’t show them as they are no longer necessary. It wouldn’t matter anyway since you don’t have to be a citizen or legal resident to get one here. This is definitely a downhill slope and it won’t be too many more elections before requiring people to sign in will just be a joke. WE NEED VOTER ID AND PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP NEEDS TO BE REQUIRED TO GET IT!!!! I come from a very patriotic family and this is fast becoming NOT my America anymore. Sad and disheartening!

Juanita Douglas - November 13, 2018

I don’t know about voter fraud in my area…Cresskill, NJ is a small town and many people recognize th voters. I do believe in voter ID. If one doesn’t have a driver’s license they should be able to get a government issued ID. You need an ID to get on a plane, to open an account, etc., so why not to vote? I tried to show my license when I moved and everybody got nervous!

Mary Ann Rader - November 23, 2018

I live in Orange County, CA, one of the last counties (I believe out of 5) to turn blue. I have no proof if there was voter fraud, but my rep was leading and lost long after votes were counted. Judge for yourself.

Peggie Allan - November 26, 2018

In Utah people can register on election day! Ridiculous! How are they going to be able to verify whether or not these people are actually citizens let alone that they have lived in our state, and district long enough to be eligible. Also,we now have vote by mail which I believe is just asking for fraud. It is making it necessary to wait for weeks in order to know who won the election!

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