Heritage Commentary

  • David Kreutzer’s op-ed on ending energy subsidies in the Washington Times.
  • Hans von Spakovsky’s op-ed on day 3 of the Obamacare arguments appears in PJ Media.

Others’ Commentary


  • David Kreutzer examines the green energy jobs ad “comedy goldmine” in CNN Money.
  • Heritage Action urges no vote against Bowles-Simpson Budget in The Hill.
  • Heritage opposes reauthorization of Ex-Im in The Hill’s “Floor Action”.
  • Ed Feulner, Arthur Brooks, and William Kristol’s op-ed on Paul Ryan’s support for decent defense budget was noted in NewsMax.

Comments (1)

Robert W Krueger - March 29, 2012

in News spring 2012 Pg 4 rpt 4 graph of dependancy
skewed by SS changed to an Entitlement. Inane! We paid into it and expected to have it returned to retire.
Does thid help account for 70% share for dependancy?

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