Last week, Heritage’s founder Edwin J. Feulner received the William F. Buckley Award for Leadership in Conservative Thought, a distinguished honor named for William F. Buckley and bestowed by the National Review Institute.

Dr. Feulner returned to his hometown, Chicago, to receive the award, saying:

“Bill Buckley was an indispensable conservative—a traditionalist always open to new ideas, a founder of vibrant intellectual institutions, from the National Review to the Philadelphia Society. To receive an award that memorializes this titan of the movement jogs many wonderful memories of time spent in his company, of wisdom received, of fierce debate, and of highly immoderate laughter. This is a most appreciated honor.”

Heritage President Kay Coles James was in attendance to support her friend. “Ed Feulner is not just a leader of the conservative movement; he is a true visionary,” she said. “He transformed the role of think tanks in Washington. Ed proved they could actually drive the public debate by pairing research, data, and analysis with sound policy solutions and innovative ideas.”

Dr. Feulner’s vision for bringing conservative solutions to Washington continues to guide The Heritage Foundation. And Heritage members like you make these solutions possible, and share his prize. Thank you for helping us honor Dr. Feulner, and for making his vision a reality.

Read the Daily Signal article about the William F. Buckley Award here >>

What is your earliest memory of The Heritage Foundation, and its impact on conservative policy?


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Barb Kaper - November 1, 2018

Keep up the good work, all of you. Our freedoms depend on your forthright communication and conservative input. Thank you.
. My prayers are with yours and for God’s forgiveness and guidance!

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