Yet another Obamacare website fiasco developed over the weekend—and The Heritage Foundation got the scoop.

After discovering his existing insurance plan was being canceled because of Obamacare, North Carolina resident Justin Hadley signed up for an account on When Hadley logged on later to review his options, on his screen popped up the eligibility information for a different family from another state.

This breach of privacy and data security is far from the only problem that has surfaced with the health care website. It’s just one in a long list that keeps growing. Everything from people getting locked out of the website, to invalid premium statement information, to the Obama administration’s a lack of honesty about the website’s problems.

Besides the privacy of millions of Americans being threatened, citizens’ freedoms, consciences, and pocketbooks are being violated as well. Not to mention, President Obama went back on one of his biggest promises of all:if you like your health insurance, you can keep it.

What do you think of this latest Obamacare failure?

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Robert Kleinheksel - November 6, 2013

I recently received a letter from an organization that reported on why President Obama is refusing to relate what happened in Bengazi. It is a serious accusation but it also makes sense when one considers Obama’s Muslim roots and leanings.

The article stated that Obama and Morsie (Egypt) had agreed to kidnap our Libyan Ambassador and then exchange him for the “Blind Sheikh” held by the USA. The plan went bad when our Seals disobeyed orders and got into he fight spoiling this terrible plot. As a consequence Obama and his henchman have all lied about what really happened to save themselves from prosecution.

I believe this scenario should be investigated by independent non-government investigators.

Jean Smusz - November 6, 2013

Honestly, how much inefficiency should one need to tolerate? My health and the health of my family and those around me are of paramount concern to me. I cannot tolerate such dishonesty and inefficiency to dictate my healthcare PLUS the fact that their is no privacy regarding my personal and health information. The government has no business in dictating what, who and how much of healthcare we need. This fiasco HAS GOT TO STOP!!! We must back up and give this a long and hard consideration and who better to ask for input than those who will be giving care and receiving care.

Dolores Adamas - November 6, 2013

I don’t think Obama knows what he’s doing. Everything he has done has been a fiasco.

Patricia - November 6, 2013

Sounds like a typical Government blunder. More so one under Obama. The whole thing sound’s like extortion to me, and that is illegal.

Gregory Lesniewski - November 6, 2013

This plan not just violates one’s privacy, you give TOTAL access to the government to EVERY aspect of your life & your family’s IF you enroll! DO NOT ENROLL! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY DATA!

Scott M - November 6, 2013

Unfortunately, this is what Beta software testing reveals. Too bad the O-Clowns didn’t try the system out on themselves first. Oh, but I forgot – they’re exempted.

Lucy Molinaro - November 6, 2013

The plot keeps thickening in this downward spiral of problems created by Obamacare. “We the People” feel powerless to do anything about it but greatly appreciate the ongoing efforts of Heritage to keep us informed and updated.

Linda - November 6, 2013

I already knew when this was passed that I would pay the fine. Now this is confirmed for me that this is the right decision, I will seek out an underground doctor, so to speak, No insurance, cash only. Any doctors out there interested? HHI South Carolina area…

Richard - November 6, 2013

You can Keep your health care insurance Period, Bengazi, The IRS Scandal, Boy, it sure sounds like Obama violeated at least one of the 10 commendments. “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness”! No wonder the liberals want to get rid of God and the Bible.

Mike McDonald - November 6, 2013

We should not allow our President to lie to us and then say that what he said was not what he said – another lie! I’m not sure about the law in this matter but my belief is he should be removed from office.

Orvis Pigg - November 6, 2013

I don’t know why people should be surprised that Obama has been and is lying about Obamacare. He has been lying continually from running for office, during the first term, and since then.. I don’t think he knows how to tell the truth. Don’t espect him to resign. He has no honor and therefore he has no shame. It seems to me that the radical left (responsible for the Obamacare debacle) don’t know how to tell the truth either. And then there are a good many of the republicans who also cannot be trusted.

Imagine, having a group of legislators who levy an abomination on citizens and then separate themselves because they seem to be “special”.

We definitely need a law which says that legislators have to live under the same law they pass for their citizens.

Bottomline, Obamacare needs to be repealed – not delayed!!!!!!!

Robert Sims - November 6, 2013

All the problems they are having should be no surprise, single payer is the goal, and it can only happen when he has destroyed the capitalist insurance companies and our medical system. The main way to turn our country into a socialistic system is to control our health care first, one sixth of the economy. Saul Alinsky anyone?

Maureen Young - November 6, 2013

Maureen Young – November 6, 2013
There truly is no excuse in my opinion that Obama and his administration would allow Obamacare to be launched without having tested it…it is truly a shame that the government beauracracy would spend as much as they did and have the website be such a failure. It wreaks of corruption and the question should be asked, “What happened to all that money?” In the first place, I don’t agree with bringing our country more toward socialism which Obamacare will accomplish (Lenin said having government health care is the surest/quickest way to make a country Socialist/communist). We truly need to replace all those in government who agree with Obamacare and the direction it is taking us. Too many people believe in it who are needy, not understanding the consequences (ala Canada, Greece, Russia, Britain, etc.). We need our people to become more educated on what it will mean long term, to put Obamacare in place. Obama knowingly lied Saul Alinsky style – “The end justifies the means” (check out his book “Rules for Radicals”. Thank you for your persistent and determined work! May God bless, strengthen, and protect you and your team!

Jonathan - November 6, 2013

What do I think of the Obamacare failure? As someone with a four-year college degree in Applied Computer Science who is a software developer by trade and spent most of the past decade in 24 by 7 by 365 application support for a major insurance company that I must not mention, I think less than little of it. From a hardware perspective the system was a complete and utter failure from day one. And the example provided here is clearly an enormous software issue that violates all the most basic of software security principles (authentication and authorization). What’s more, this example along with so many others now is all iron-clad proof that the individuals who designed, built, and tested this system lack credentials enough to be considered novice. Insurance is a incredibly complicated and highly complex problem to solve with software. All the biggest and best insurance companies in the country struggle and strive every day and around the clock to keep their systems available and working in accordance with business rules. These rookies obviously have less than a clue about the insurance business.

Gary Foreman - November 6, 2013

This actually is the biggest problem yet. It is a problem if the site doesn’ty work, but if the information is not secure , and ths is some very sensitive information, no one should be even logging on.

Si Simonsen - November 6, 2013

It illustrates the lack of a system architecture necessary to support a secure facility providing effective protection of a users information.

Typically, this is what you get when the provider is selected by their relationship with the administration instead of their past performance (CGI’s past performance is permeated with failures)!

Laura Matheson - November 6, 2013

By having felons as “Navigators”, and open season on personal information re-distributing the wealth will be expedited. Good thinking by the administration!!!!!

Really. What next? I think they intentionally get the nations attention, then sign 900+ more executive orders behind our backs.

Skip Lee - November 6, 2013

Add the current Obamacare fiasco and coverup to the growing list. All, of course, excused by the mainstream media. This from the candidate who also promised an open and transparent administration, lie # 1.

Wayne, La. - November 6, 2013

Everyone who was responsible for this hideous system should be fired. Obama lied when he stated that you can keep your plan. Wait till we have a one payer system then they can set whatever rates they want too.

LaVerne - November 6, 2013

God help us. The worst part of this is “he never fails no matter how badly he “fails”. He is succeding with his plans. We are stymied at every pass. Please keep up the good work. Somehow, we will start to win this war, and I do believe it is all out war.

delvin tingwall - November 6, 2013

My wife and I are on Medicare. I don’t know the linkage between Obamacare and Medicare but our insurance increased by 15% to 50% depending on the part of policy,(50% in copays for instance). I imagine I am paying for other’s coverage due to overall increase in health insurance due to Obamacare. I also believe the money shuffle at the administrative level will ultimately have an impact on our coverage.

Tim Butte - November 6, 2013

Here in “Crazyfornia”, my wife’s policy will double across the board! (premiums, deductable and co-pays).She is going into an exempt Christian group-MediShare? My son’s increased 30% then cancelled. Can’t wait to see what my employer (and me) will get nailed with come next open enrollment in June…
Heritage Action monthly supporter

DAVID REYNOLDS - November 6, 2013

Another issue: I am told that people who get subsidies for their premiums must pay the monthly full payment amount, and do not receive the subsidy until they file for taxes for a given year, at which time (or after such time) /they will get a rebate. If a person has a $1200/-month premium, and the subsidy is $600, they still have to initially pay $1200 each month. This will cause a hardship, to say the least, to those who qualify for subsidies. Is this factual?

John Huston - November 6, 2013

I believe it goes even way deeper than this. I believe Obama Care will bring down the whole Insurance Industry if it is not stopped. And I’m not sure it is not intentional.
At the least, America is a land of free choice. This stupid law takes away our choice. We are no longer “The Land of the Free” if we allow this stuff to continue.

Tilden Shanahan - November 6, 2013

Another example of a flawed system- flawed because it was fixed when it wasn’t broken, implemented by children playing with their parents pocketbook

Rick - November 6, 2013

I have a small business designing and developing websites. Although this is a small business I use best practices in all my websites and do though testing with the client before going live. These sites range anywhere from $500 – $30,000 sites and test, test ,test is the name of the game. Even the most novice of developers would know to first consider the load that will be on the system before any development is begun.

Jerry Smith - November 6, 2013

John McAfee one of the founders of the McAfee computer internet security Company had an interview last week posted on the net that said the ACA website was an absolute nightmare. According to him anyone with a desire could set up a website and link into the ACA site and very easily get all your info. I wish I had the link to that conversation.

charles - November 6, 2013

Another example of the failure of leadership and management of taxpayer funds and our privacy. Obamacare is more than a “trainwreck” it is a disaster! Only one solution – scrap it and publicize the wasted billions of dollars invested in a totally unworkable income distribution system! Hopefully the GOP will capitalize on this utter failure – if they can get their act together and do it!

Mary Sullivan - November 6, 2013

I hope the Obama care web site keeps growing on failures. It’s a big mess and the Democrat party and President Obama know this was going to happen. Why did they not test it before going public?

Dee Hamilton - November 6, 2013

I do not see how they could launch a system without running a thorough system test. I am glad I am on Medicare and will not have to go through the procedure of registering for Obamacare. I believe Obama wants to lead us into socialism and Obamacare is the first step.

Jerry - November 6, 2013

I am a money man and I see the biggest problem is the $2,500 credit haws turned into a $3,000 bebit (on average). Predict that there will be many people without insurance. Like now, when the insurance company cancels your policy and you do not have an new one who is going to pay? Try to get the Gov. to pay, good luck.

john heil - November 6, 2013

why am I not surprised,. Obama has been misleading the American people for years. he not only does not tell the truth, unfortunately a lot of people believe him. he is a master of presentation and unfortunately a large majority of people will follow him even when he goes over the cliff.

Douglas Brarens - November 6, 2013

liar liar pants on fire.

Don & Joy Cox - November 6, 2013

Why would we trust anything to this lying, deceitful, misleading, and power grabbing administration if we did not have to? This whole Obamacare (another glorification of Obama) has been a boondoggle from the very beginning. How are we ever going to recover from this disastrous administration???

Sandy H. Lambert - November 6, 2013

I think Obamacare is right on its intended course to disrupt and destroy the American economy while setting it on the crosshairs of socialism wherein the political party in power gets privileges and wealth beyond rationale or understanding other than in the former Soviet Republic.

Pat - November 6, 2013

If you have your insurance payments deducted from your bank account automatically, it would be good to have an account separate from your main bank account for those payments. I have an account at a bank other than the bank that has our main checking and savings accounts and will keep a low balance in that account. If the account is compromised, it’s not connected to our other accounts and the amount that could be siphoned out is low, keeping our risk low. I believe that it won’t long before the information our insurance carriers have will be transferred to the Obamacare program and their lax security. Just a heads up….

Art Emerson - November 6, 2013

What does it take to wake Americans up, if what has gone on with this absurd program isn’t evidence enough of the incompetence of the people we have in office what does it take? I am hearing that their are select providers of medical measuring equipment i.e. measuring devices for people who have diabetes. I would be willing to wager that those medical companies are either union political contributors, or just strong political Obama contributors. Don’t you wish all media would publish all of the problems this health system is experiencing instead of grabbing only sensational news. We have a challenge before us and that is to stand up to every liberal we come in contact with and not let them espouse their liberal views. We must interview any candidate running for office to determine what their qualifications and philosophies really are. Thank you Heritage for the efforts you are putting forth.

Tigerstatic - November 6, 2013

Things are FUBAR!

Don Van Valkenburgh - November 6, 2013

Although it is alarming, it’s not surprising.
More likely than not, there is much more, known & yet unknown, that is wrong with the website.
But even in the unlikely event the Feds get the website working at an acceptable level, the underlying problems – the law itself and a fundamentally dishonest Obama administration – will still be with us.

Charles White - November 6, 2013

Unfortunate, and often usual for new websites.

Samuel af Ugglas - November 6, 2013

Americans should call Mr. John (SCOTUS) Roberts to the witness stand. He read the “oath” at least three times to Mr. Obama who still doesn’t understand the contents.

joe sprouse - November 6, 2013

I not surprise of all the trouble I hope people wake up that Obama care is bad for this country he destroying every thing this country stand for and want people went to war for during ww2 and all other wars .

Wanda Faye - November 7, 2013

It is the biggest sham EVER pulled on the American citizens, by the most dishonest corrupt administration in the history of this once proud and fine country. I think it will do exactly what Obama wants to do… bankrup & kill of millions of Seniors and honest hard working Americans, make the middle class suffer, and make the dependent class ever more determined to keep the one in power that gives them “stuff” .

I think Obama is rubbing his hands with glee & patting nancy & Harry on the back as he sees Millions of us loose our coverage or try to figure out how to pay 2-3 time more for exactly what we already had –or much less. He will destroy most Doctors as well

Paula - November 7, 2013

The most serious aspect of all of this is the intentional, blatant lying to the American people. If your president will lie about this, what else will he be willing to lie about? Try to imagine every speech he gave on the subject of his proposed healthcare plan–insert the words “will not be able to keep” in all of his speeches and rallies. Who would have cheered had he said that? Who would have voted for it? Does anyone think for a second he would have ever been elected if he would have said, “If you like your healthcare plan, you won’t be able to keep your healthcare plan. Period.” This lie threw the election. This lie has ruined our healthcare system. This is fraud. This is huge. This is an impeachable offense. We need to demand it justice now. We have been defrauded and tricked into going along with something he and his administration all knew was not true from the outset.

Carolyn Pfanner - November 7, 2013

You commented that “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” ?? I have posted only one comment–if that is a problem please send a further explanation to my e-mail, Thank you.

Author Nathaniel Ward - November 7, 2013

Unfortunately, our commenting system sometimes displays this error. I have alerted our technical team. Thank you for your patience.

Barbara - November 7, 2013

If I were uninformed, I would say that this plan and several of the failed preceding ones would show Obama’s ineptness. Even before the first election, I studied and knew the OBamas’ background, goals and love of Saul Alinsky’s wishes for our delicate democracy. When I tried to inform others of this, they rejected all I said to them.
OBama is simply acting out his plan, and it is unbelievable to me that only now is the nation awakening to his sick wishes to destroy our democracy and economy and to open our borders to Muslim occupation and the Shiah ideals.
Many of our senators and representatives and judges have simply fallen down on the job. They have the power to stop a many of his outrageous plans, yet like lemmings, they keep on supporting him.
He should be impeached now, for it is almost too late.!

Holly D. Erickson - November 7, 2013

I fear for all of America. The implementation of this “law” spells doom for all Americans along with putting more final touches on America’s coffin as a nation under this administration. We need a state’s convention! Turn them all out!

Holly Chapo - November 7, 2013

Incompetence or by design? This Marxist president wants a single payer system. Perhaps all these flaws and problems are there to push his agenda. He’s made no bones about what he wants. It’s frustrating, and worse, that the Republicans will not respond to the will of the people and fight back to get rid of this monstrosity. How much more do we have to see of a failed president and presidency to wake up and make a lot more noise about what is being done to us and our liberty?

Anthony Landry - November 7, 2013

I am insurance sale person, for over 20 years, yet I had to take an eight hour class and 24 hours taking test to certify as an web sight agent for Obama Care. Till this day I have not written one person, cannot get into the sight except to fill in basic information. That tell me two things. one the sight does not work and two if you have 10,000 people that that have already signed, I would liked to meet one of them. We cannot fine any in Louisiana, not saying there isn’t is, I have not located them.

Karen Vechter - November 7, 2013

The country is in a free fall, with no parachute to save us.

R. K. Smith - November 7, 2013

You may take this as you like, but rest assured it was by design

Payson Brickley - November 7, 2013

If people in this country do not see the Unbelievable deception and disingenuous behavior of this White House for the sole purpose of achieving selfish political goals, then we,as a nation,are doomed to failure.

Zoli Althea Browne - November 7, 2013

Anothe brick in the wall.No surprise here. We can expect a continuing conundrum of complexities as we endure the remaining three years of the Obamanation. Our blessed Nation shall soon undergo a financial correction which will emperil us to and with increased potential for attacks from those in disalignment with our value system. only God and our alignment with His will can save the USA?

ROBERT FLOURNOY - November 7, 2013

Obama could not run a valet service.He depends on Czars who do not have the experience needed to run Big Government.He will not take the blame for any failure on his part.He lies,lies ,lies.

Eddie Mae Owens - November 7, 2013

My hope in all this mess is that people will finally see what a take over by the gov. can and will do to Americans. If it doesn’t I believe we are doomed.

Leslie Jimenez - November 7, 2013

Why is Obama getting away with all this? Why can’t Congress intervene?
I think he has a lot of bad things going on we do not even know about yet

Richard Barker - November 7, 2013

This website will never work, do not use it. Any info you put in is at risk to being stolen, or used against you by the Government. This is the simple part of Obama-care, can you imagine how the Health Care part will work!!? I listened to the House Committee question the website Contractors about the website failure and one of the Representative, who had over 30 years experience developing software for the Military, concluded that the contracts were never written correctly to have a good outcome. It is like building a house on a mud-slide and hoping it will never rain. Well it is raining, people can’t use it and the house is about to slide down the mountain. I will trust the software engineer over all the bureaucrats in Washington to get the job done right. This system was designed by bureaucrats, it will never work.

Wayne A. Lea - November 7, 2013

I appreciate the valuable information that Heritage is providing about Obamacare problems. Keep up the good work, and continue to reveal specific problems that such a massive intrusion on citizen freedom is creating. However, I have one suggestion about how to pursue this to better outcomes. Offer some positive solutions and suggestions. We can be aggressive against left-wing programs, or we can be offering better solutions, like Newt Gingrich does. Website problems can be fixed by assistance and advice from experts in web design and usability, even if the goals of the site are not ones we agree with. Get your team to help correct problems, and not just identify the mistakes.

Author Nathaniel Ward - November 7, 2013

Thank you for your feedback. Heritage experts have been providing alternatives to Obamacare for some time. You may be interested in our recent report on the principles that should guide any replacement.

Kathleen - November 7, 2013

Nothing this administration & the Democrats do is honestly for “We the People!”
Is this our death spiral?

Karen Laffredi - November 8, 2013

The site has not been secure since the beginning. Anyone who signs up on the Obamacare web site is at risk of identity theft. This information has been relayed by hackers as well as people who have signed up and gotten other people’s information back later. You are truly at risk and should avoid the site if at all possible. There has been $5 million spent for 5 sign-ups in DC and $4 million spent for 4 sign-ups in Delaware. The New York Times stated that young people are not signing up. My sincere hope is that the third piece of the socialist puzzle implodes. Karen

Rita Shearer - November 9, 2013

This man must be stopped. He has smashed a wrecking ball into the healthcare for 85% of the people who have and like their health insurance plans and doctors in order to “fix”15% who do not have insurance. And this is not an attempt to help people without insurance, this is a take over of a 6th of our economy and our lives. What a pathetic disgrace we have for a president. The so called “law” is a cataclysmic failure and if Obama really was sorry and concerned for the American people he would do something about it just like he waived his imperial executive hand to give out waivers, exemptions and subsidies to his cronies and Congress. And why is Congress allowing him to alter a LAW unilaterally. His I’m sorry-interview was pathetic. The only thing he is really sorry about is that he was forced to pathetically say he was sorry for those people have “found themselves” in a position of losing health insurance. Millions of people did not just “find” themselves getting cancellation notices from their insurance companies. He has distanced himself of all of the scandals like he is an innocent bystander- Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS. NSA, now this. It is always someone else’s fault. The conservatives who are truly trying to do something to actually help the America people are being called whacko birds, communists, terrorists. He truly is going by the Saul Alinsky playbook. People – WAKE UP!!!! This man is destroying this country and that was the “change” that he was talking about all along. If you don’t educate yourselves, you will have nothing to whine about.

Don - November 11, 2013

The web site was never intended to work in the first place, being one step in his marxist agenda. The problem he has is that this kind of infantile nonsense was not supposed to become public information and highlight his underhanded marxist goal. This web site fantasy is not inefficiency, nor inability, nor stupidity, nor any other of the excuses it is atributed to; it is exactly as the marxist planned, to put a huge segment of our private sector, the insurance industry, out of business, and simultaneously gain control of one of our most precious concerns, our individual health.

Michael Phillips - November 12, 2013

Just the latest of fallacies of Obamacare to be exposed. Those that think that it is still great have not realized yet what a monstrosity it is yet. It goes along with the Obama Administrations and (Demos/RINOs) agenda of bankrupting the US and placing us on a third world basis.
Everything about Obamacare that was put out has been outright lies starting with “Pelosis’ statement that the “Congress had to pass it to find out what was in it”. “A lie spoken loud and long enough becomes the truth”.
Face it folks, those of you that care as I do, our government now borders on not Socialism but rather Communism.

Richard Peasel - November 13, 2013

I cannot fathom why the American people and Congress are putting up with such an inept President. record national debt increase, record deficits,record U6 unemployment, record welfare payments, record food stamp payments, record LOW job participation rate, record disastrous word policy, record decrease of middle class, and record corruption and cronyism in White House. Now a catastrophe health care implementation which is causing chaos in employment industry, health care industry, middle class pocketbook, and the lives of Americans currently undergoing intensive health care in hospitals. In both world history and American history, presidents have been either impeached America or thrown out of office in other countries unless they were dictators.

Lorrie Gloede - November 13, 2013

I think the website fiasco may have been carefully planned. According to Canada Free Press Online, it was intended to create chaos and divert our attention from the bigger picture. (the Hegelian Dialectic) “The ultimate objective is to completely nationalize the entire health care industry of the U. S.” David Horowitz says, “the goal is to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

Lynne - November 15, 2013

Mr Obama needs to have fraud charges filed< and he needs to be fired. He has been getting by with things that no other past president has ever gotten by with. Our common street press has never questioned anything he has done. If someone wants to know what is going on, they have to dig, dig, and dig for the truth. It shouldn't be like this. I blame our press for not doing their job. I want OBAMACARE REPEALED NOW!!!!!!!

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