President Trump met with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un for a second time this week. Olivia Enos, a Heritage Foundation policy analyst who focuses on human rights, was on the scene in Vietnam covering the summit and providing analysis via multiple media appearances, including Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier. You can watch that interview here.

In addition to Enos, our team of foreign policy experts blanketed the airwaves as guests on BBC News, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, and others. Bruce Klinger, Heritage’s senior research fellow and expert on northeast Asia appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show Thursday, explaining the pros and cons of the summit and why the president walking away was ultimately the right move. Watch Bruce’s interview here.

You can read more about the outcome of the summit on The Daily Signal here.

What do you think about President Trump’s summit with North Korea?

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Pyara Chauhan - March 1, 2019

Perfect. Not too litle and not too much. Perfectly balanced.

Dorothy Montandon - March 1, 2019

President Trump did the best job He could. There is always another day & another chance to discuss the needed changes with N. Korea.

Roy Smith - March 1, 2019

He did as good as could be done!

RICHARD G. BENNETT - March 1, 2019

Pres. TRump, did as good of JOB as could have been done!

Patricia Norris - March 1, 2019

I heard he walked out, but Mark Levin and Rush gave their analysis of the situation and Mark is my go to guy for facts so if he believes Trump did the right thing then it must be so. I honestly have not had time to know exactly what happened but to trust anything Kim Jong Un has to say would be like shooting yourself in the foot!!!

Grace C Chang - March 1, 2019

This is my personal observation that Kim Jong Un and China are playing with President Trump (in Chinese words, “虛與委蛇” which means to deal with him courteously but without sincerity) because Powerful politicians in USA don’t even respect their own President. It is a big shame that Congress make use of Michael Cohen to assail Trump during this Summit. This affected the result and made china and N. Korea lost sincerity and want to “wait and see” while Russia is enjoying the show! Shame to America!

Tony Adsley - March 1, 2019

I like the fact that he is showing up and doing what is logical to bring peace about as long as it is win-win!

Robert Metz - March 1, 2019

He handled it well and did the right thing by leaving.

Ernie Grush - March 1, 2019

Kudos to the President for cutting short the summit when it was clear that the other party had no intention to truly negotiate. The last president to do that was President Reagan. Too bad Obama didn’t follow the same courageous course with his disasterous deal with Iran.

paul anderson - March 1, 2019

He had to for now. Good direction to get North developing.

W.R. Chastain - March 1, 2019

Donald Trump did the right thing in walking away from conference with North Korea. He is excellent in using this ploy in Negotiations. Our main stream press does not understand that procedure. Nor does our previous negotiating team with Iran.Too late for Obama and Kerry to learn this.

Osborne J. Dykes, III - March 1, 2019

I think the President handled the negotiation about right. No-deal is better than a bad deal. I trust President Trump more than the various underlings who might have prepared the way with North Korean underlings. Going for a summit first was efficient and worth a try. North Korea needs to make the next move.

Dave Bloomer - March 1, 2019

It would have been more productive if a viable, meaningful national security agreement had been reached and signed. However, sometimes, you’ve got to walk away from negotiations when the dialogue is not progressing in a mutually beneficial manner. But, meetings and talks sure beat nuclear conflict.

Michael Yap - March 1, 2019

I believe that the fact that President Trump was willing to walk away from the Summit was a strong statement. It was also not lost on the Chinese in their trade discussions that the President was willing to walk away. The Chinese need the trade agreement. What is missing in the current discussion is an enumeration of the confidence building measures that have been accomplished. No nuclear or missile tests. Hostages released for no money. Remains returned. Some facilities destroyed. Unprecedented actions at the DMZ like demining, disarming guards, opening lines of communication like roads and railroad tracks. Liberals only focusing on denuclearization actions because they do not want to talk about positive things. Also mention the atmosphere before the first Summit. The DPRK was threatening Guam, Hawaii and CONUS with an attack with a thermonuclear weapon. Ask the citizens of Hawaii if they thought the threat was serious when the reacted to the false missile alert. On the other hand, I had to calm my sister-in-law about the threat by going through a compound probability calculation which made a successful DPRK thermo-nuclear attack infinitesimally small.

David L. Hamilton - March 1, 2019

I believe Pres Trump took the correct approach in holding to his principle of walking away if an agreement in line with our objectives is not achieved. Further, you cannot simply trust an openly hostile negotiating partner. There must be hard verification of compliance.

Kathleen Parr - March 1, 2019

I thought the Summit Meeting went accordingly…it was like a Reintroduction and Transformation of Mindfulness…it is a leading of Reverence for Life…the people of North Korea are suffering in Silence…but I really believe they will be Truly Happy when a meeting of the minds takes place with the two leaders…Time is On Our Side…Thank You President Trump…

Cameron Herrell - March 1, 2019

Good trip. It was his “putting his foot in his mouth” afterwards saying that he believed Kim when he said he didn’t know about the torture of Warmbier. Kim is a brutal dictator and he would’ve have known about the mis-treatment of Warmbier. If Trump loses in 2020 it will be his own fault. He doesn’t think before he speaks on some things.

Stuart Harvey - March 1, 2019

Walk away when the deal is bad–like Reagan did in Iceland

Roy Johnson - March 1, 2019

the right thing was done.
Keep up the good work Mr President

Diane Truax - March 1, 2019

I think the President did the right thing, walking away. I commend his attempting to do what he said he would do during the campaign. It is about time the United States stands up, without shame, for our country, values and principals.

Jim Egbert - March 1, 2019

I think it was a great success. The President clearly communicated what was needed form North Korea and what their benefits can be.

John Stroud - March 1, 2019

He did the right thing. Now back it up with more sanctions. Do not rely on China for they will us NK as bargaining chip.

Marvin Moor - March 1, 2019

If walking away is what needs to happen so be it. I trust President Trump to do what is the best for our country.

Marlo - March 1, 2019

I think we have the best man dealing for the United States and the World. Kim Jung Un can’t win in this contest.

Harold Marvin Hosfeldt - March 1, 2019

President Trump did exactly the right thing at the summit with North Korea and he has my respect and support.

I also appreciate and respect the Heritage Foundation as an excellent organization that provides critical support for America. Thank you!

George Wolf - March 1, 2019

Reminds me in 1985 when Ronald Reagan met with Gorbachev at Reykjvik Icelannd to curb nuclear intermediate missile arsenals. Gorgachev tied to extend .talks to include limitations on America’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). President Reagan walks away from meeting for Gorbachev negotiating in bad faith. President Trump has followed Reagan’s lead. I wonder if he added the technique in his 1987 Art of the Deal!!!

Edith M Rector - March 1, 2019

Once President Trump put America first. He did what he had to do even though he was working to make all of us safer. He was brave andintelligent enough to stand up and waqlk out of a bad deal. He is a great example of what America is meant to be. It,s time the democrats quit their politics as usual and stood behind him.

Wizard - March 1, 2019

Absolutely perfect!!!

Evelyn Yawn - March 1, 2019

President Trump made me feel proud he is our leader. God bless his efforts as he continues to stand for our interests and protection throughout the world, while being fair and inspiring to other countries.

Jay Dee - March 1, 2019

How could anyone, without access to all of the information and intelligence do anything but speculate. What ever happened to trust? To this point, I’m unaware of anything that President Trump has done that has not been in the best interests of this country and the American people. So I believe he had a constructive meeting with Kim, which also sent a message to Kim’s keepers, China. We’ll see.

Laura Messiana - March 1, 2019

So proud that our President Donald J. Trump, walked away from what would have been a bad deal! Let’s see what happens next. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Maynard Eyestone - March 1, 2019

He was right to walk away from a bad deal.

Lewis Bishop - March 1, 2019

The USA should wake up. The Kim regime is not going to stop is building of a nuclear arsenal. The US Congress should state the Whereas factors and DECLARE A STATE OF WAR against North Korea. This menace must go, and it will not be removed by any degree of talks.

Veronica Sipiorski - March 1, 2019

President Trump was right to set up the meeting and then decide to not make a deal because Kim would not put all of is nuke facilities on track to be inspected.

Maxine Rognerud770-978-4969 - March 1, 2019

I feel our President did the right thing walking out of the Summit. We have to be strong in our position or they will take advantage. Wish everyone would back President Trump instead of criticizing everything he does.

Albert Stern - March 2, 2019

Knowing N koreas track record they are only to be trusted by actions. Which is why we should only negotiate from a position of power with optional time delay considerations of kept promises dependent on a change in their receiving inspectors to all and any sites at a moments notice. At least they are talking.

J Nat Prince - March 2, 2019

The ball is in Kim’s court. He was unwilling to offer up something for a tradeoff. So, he must think he has the upper hand (not so). It was the best move to walk away then and now use a wait and see strategy. I got a good laugh at Popeye she jumped right on it calling it a failure, Ha!

Robert - March 2, 2019

Thank you President Trump and Niki Haley for walking away from the table. Lord help our President use wisdom and discernment when dealing with this man,

Doyle Eakin - March 2, 2019

Doing a GREAT job

Ernest Wilson - March 2, 2019

I agree with the President. He takes the long and patient view. He sees Kim’s maneuver and deals with them like an experienced negotiator. Kim sees no economic restrictions and a nuclear weapon as his goals. The president is using his leverage correctly.

Eugene Rosnow - March 2, 2019

President Trump knows how to handle these people who think they can rule the world. President Trump does not let people run over him and lets Kim know we are not being fooled by rocket man. Trump is always one step ahead of this clown and also ahead of the democrats. Speak softly but carry a big stick.

Kurt Fuhrer - March 2, 2019

NOKO and China negotiations unlike in the US require a process of relationship building, therefore respect and strength to in time come to fruitful conclusions. Pres Trump needs to stay on course.
Kurt Fuhrer, March 2nd

Dave Salyer - March 2, 2019

Our president did the right thing to ensure continued progress in denucularising North Korea, while keeping a working relationship with dictator for continuation of progress.
He probably suspected that Kim was lying about the death of our citizen at the hands of NOKO but it does no good to call their supreme leader a liar.

Veronica Lago - March 2, 2019

I think the president conducted himself well for the most part. He was right to walk away from the deal that was offered by the North Korean leader but I think he went too far when he said he believed
the NK leader knew nothing about what happened
to Otto Warmbrier. I understand why he did it but he could have left it at “what he was told.” He always manages to give the press and the Democrats something to criticize him for. I’m sure it hurt Otto’s parents.

Tom Graves - March 2, 2019

Pres Trump should increase sanctions, not reduce them. When N.K. has varifiably denuked, then consider reducing sanctions.
Stick to your guns, Mr. President. Good Job!

Adeline T. Collins - March 2, 2019

How do we get back to equal justice under the law?

Adeline T. Collins - March 2, 2019

If Pres. Trump has to reveal his income taxes why not require all public officials especially all congress men and women to also do so.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - March 2, 2019

The President did add to the building of a relationship with Kim. It’s a step in the right direction. I’m thankful that he was wise enough to walk away from a bad deal. Stay in the process.

Ronanld Stokes - March 2, 2019

I believe he did the right thing walking away. At least he more than previous Presidents at least met with this leader and tried more than others to gain a treaty.

Craig Hinger - March 2, 2019

When it is a bad deal that is just what it is. Thank goodness we have a president that is independent enough and smart enough to walk away from it. Can you imagine what it would have been like with Obama in the same situation.

Sharon Kempfer - March 2, 2019

President Trump was right to walk away from a bad deal. He is truly concerned for what is best for Americans unlike so many others in our government.

Charles Seip - March 2, 2019

I have every confidence in President Trump’s decision making. I would not presume to second guess him like many so called news agencies.

Bill Tobin - March 2, 2019

President Trump did the right thing by not letting Kim get away with anything. Kim got enough by just being at the summit in exposure and prestige by being on the world stage. The next summit will be more beneficial because Kim wil know that we mean business. Thanks for the leadership President Trump.

Leona Loveless - March 2, 2019

I have utmost confidence in Pres. Trump, because he actually seems to be very concentrated on what is best “For America”. I also believe he is very intelligent while able to let anyone know what he thinks. May not always be hi-classmlanguage, but ‘we the people’ understand him. that is what makes HIM great.. Thank you

Marie Kramer - March 2, 2019

I agree with Trump; he has plenty of time to deal with North Korea…when the time is right – it will happen; If Kim can’t make up his mind to de-militarize the continent….then so be it. I TRUST TRUMP’s thinking; so let it be till the next time!

Roger W. Strickland - March 2, 2019

President Trump is doing a great job with North Korea !! He knows what he is doing !! Knows when to walk !! He will get a great deal sooner then later !! God and American people have his back !! Pray the Democrats are stopped from wasting more money on investigations that has been already done and was fake from the beginning. Build the wall and close the border. God Bless all.

Frank J McHugh - March 2, 2019

While I commend the president for “walking away”, he surely knew that the regime in No Korea was not going to denuclearize unless they were forced to, They have an entrenched bureaucracy that stands to either lose or gain. Having the nukes has been the only way for them to garner “respect” as they see it,, since by world standards, they are a third world nation with few resources,

Nancy Berg - March 2, 2019

He did SOMETHING, rather than nothing as had previous Presidents.
Even though no agreements were made, it was better that he walked away now, than agreed to something not advantageous to the USA.

thomas koeniguer - March 2, 2019



Donna M Lessard - March 2, 2019

President Trump knows how to negotiate for a fair deal with North Korea, he made the right move by walking away. North Korea does have a history of brutality.!

Dee - March 2, 2019

Surprisingly he is taking this very slowly. I’m glad he didn’t make any bad arrangements. This leader needs to be told good things as we have seen reported. Trump is the lst President to go there and talk to him. a few more meetings may help. If he doesn’t test, he’s not setting off rockets. Let’s hope he will come around.

Roger J. O’Daniel - March 2, 2019

Kim Jong Un appears to have at least the antisocial personality disorder and may even be a psychopath.. Negotiation is futile on moral grounds. If I am right, he has an unquenchable urge for power. He is just wired that way. After all, he ordered the execution of his uncle to death by starved dogs. He also ordered the death by VX poison of his brother.
Trump is flattering Kim with praise and avoiding any hint of hostility that would set off the warrior instinct. It does not matter if Kim lies to trump so long as he does what Trump wants in order for his lies to be believed. That nuclear test site was already destroyed by the last explosion that moved the mountain top 11 inches and nearly restarted a nearby volcano about 85 miles away. The site needed entombment to avoid polluting the surface. IMHO, North Korea was testing Chinese nukes. China signed the nuclear proliferation treaty; North Korea did not.
Anyone with a lick of common sense would know that a Korean ICBM aimed at a polar route would not be a test. Instead, it would be shot down during its slowest and most vulnerable part of its trajectory. It would crash-land in either China or Russia, depending on whether we need a second kill shot. China has troops locked and loaded on the North Korean border. If Xi says “Charge!” Kim knows that he is dead meat.
Also, China would take a dim view on a united Korea that is not a communist puppet. They would want to assimilate Korea to provide access to the South China Sea and control access to the Sea of Japan. Kim knows that he is “no longer useful” if that happens. Read that (dead meat).
Kim also knows that Trump makes no idle threats and keeps his promises. Kim is playing Trump and getting played instead. Kim’s country is mostly granite, unfit for agriculture. South Korean soil is fit for agriculture. Kim knows that.

Mickey D Watson - March 2, 2019

President Trump did the right thing, by walking away from a lousy deal and he showed the world that the USA would not pander to the leader of NK. The world has pandered to this idiot long enough. If NK has any real brains … They should know not to mess with the USA. The bottom line is that the Korean War was not a complete victory and it’s leaders have indeed destroyed NK. The world has tried to ignore what was going on in NK, and the world can no longer ignore the obvious.

Joseph Barnes - March 2, 2019

Diplomacy is the right approach. Our president is doing an excellent job negotiating for the American people. No deal is better than a bad deal. Everyone knows, especially Kim and his communist cohorts, that an attack on the U.S. or any ally would not end well for the aggressor(s).

David Arnold - March 2, 2019

President Trump stood firm when he needed to. He did not achieve what he wanted, or get close to a comprise, but he made a gigantic attempt.

William Coates - March 2, 2019

It’s pretty tricky to deal with someone who’s really a proxy for China, but has established his own ‘cult of personality’ in North Korea. Trump is more likely to get somewhere with economic carrots than human rights, which are basically ignored in the Oriental cultures.

Don Balderrama - March 2, 2019

President Trump did the right thing by walking away from the summit. He showed that he’s serious about dismantling NK atom arsenal. As John Wayne used to say, ” A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.”
President Trump is a man.

Harold Emel - March 2, 2019

Agree 100% with the walk away by President Trump. I doubt they (North Korea) will ever give up their nukes.

Disappointed with President Trump comment that Kim Jong Un was not involved in human rights violations.

WILLIAM W WERNER - March 2, 2019

Kim followed the pattern of history as wielded by the Chinese & Kim’s father.
Surprise, the new Sheriff in town may have finally gotten his message across – they all really need to read “The Art of the Deal”, it is not difficult; they might understand that it is possible to have both sides “win”.

Paul Chamberlin - March 2, 2019

Sorry to hear that no progress was made. But, they didn’t verbally attack each other and that’s good. We’ll have to wait and see what happens at the next get-together.

Priscilla Humphrey - March 2, 2019

President Trump did what he had to do in concluding the meeting with North Korea. The world is on notice, the U.S. now has a strong leader who negotiates with firmness and fairness.

Randolph Reinwald - March 3, 2019

I am totally confident in my POTUS ability to do anything. I am not confident in the support staff called Congress to do their **ucking jobs. Can you please remind Congress that they work for the People.

Thank YOU

Charles F Morton - March 3, 2019

My wife and I have been to South and North Korea. South Korea is very prosperous and North Korea is a basket case! President Trump pointed this out to Kim and offered to help NoKo become more like SoKo if they will embrace more openness, more trade, and less belligerence. It would be a win-win for Kim!

gordon gaddy - March 3, 2019

I think President Trump has handled the negotiations with North Korea very well. He has approached their leader and their Nation in a positive manner with a positive outcome for them as well as the world the goal. He expects them to be sincere and he made the right decision to simply walk out, rather than argue or debate, when it became clear they were not focused on the same mutually beneficial goal.

Rev. Wayne N. Hill Sr. - March 3, 2019

President Trump DID NOT fly Billions of dollars in foreign currencies on pallets to North Korea! (That;s what Obama did to suck up to the Iranian Mullahs!)
President Trump DID NOT sign a Treaty with N. Korea allowing them to KEEP their Nuclear Materials “for peaceful purposes” while moving the Sale authority for Banned Missile technology to another department so that department could approval Loral selling state of the art Ballistic missile Guidance systems to North Korea! Allowing N. Korea to finally successfully launch their ballistic missiles! (Which is EXACTLY what former President Bill Clinton and his “co-President” Hillary DID!)
PRESIDENT Trump, given a demand for an untenable agreement with N. Korea, politely but decisively showed the confident Dictator that unlike his Predecessors, who all kissed Kim’s feet and quaked at his fierceness, that THIS U.S. President has confidence and Power and WON’T sell out his Co9untry and Fellow Citizens! president Trump said effectively! NOPE! Gonna take my toys home and you can play with yourself! Kim knows he LOST a lot of opportunities to improve his Country and his longevity chances by improving the Korean’s lives and conditions (While Kim would of course become richer himself!) That is gone at least for now!

Mark Gentry - March 3, 2019

The President called out this situation correctly by walking away TODAY – – he has now strongly laid the terms for the important third summit meeting TOMORROW [ie think now of his art of the negotiation].. God Bless This Uniquely Gifted President..

William Vogel - March 3, 2019

the Summit with Korea was all about China. If China wanted Korea to have an agreement with there would be an agreement. Once China is ready, there will be a agreement.

Cecil Wyman - March 3, 2019

I have confidence in President Trump’s decision to break off the meeting. Perhaps he should be meeting with CHINA instead of N Korea. Without China, N. Korea would not be able to do anything..

Mette McDermott - March 3, 2019

The President knew what he was doing, he was prepared, and did exactly the right thing when he walked out of the summit. Now Kim understands that we will not be misled. It will take time, but the media as usual has taken the bait and run with it.

Patricia Kessler - March 3, 2019

I think President did the right thing in walking away;

Peter E. Poss - March 3, 2019

President Trump tried his best, but had to walk away. He has not quit and will continue to work on winning North Korea peaceful denuclearization.

Darryl Super - March 3, 2019

The President knows exactly what he is doing. Thank God he is the leader of our country, the great USA.

Alex Zappavigna - March 4, 2019

I’m very happy President Trump walked away from the dictator. He again proved all the liberal experts don’t know what they’re talking about.

Wayne Weaver - March 4, 2019

Mr.Trump did exactly the right thing because the North Korean leader would not allow inspection of nuclear sites for compliance to terms.He cannot be trusted without inspections.

S Scott - March 4, 2019

I think the President made a good decision.

jacqueline miller - March 4, 2019

i think he did the right thing, if the facts of the situation are as they were presented. i agree with his policies.

jacqueline miller - March 4, 2019

that being said, (see previous post), it was too bad that he interjected his extra comments re the college student who died soon after returning to the USA. better to stick to stated business.

Robert O Hall - March 4, 2019

Keep the pressure on. Kim Jung Un will either capitulate or he won’t. We will stay in as good a shape militarily as we can.

M McGee - March 4, 2019

Based on history and prior political ‘victories’ in Korea, North Korea’s leaders have nothing to gain. They have a hold over the people and the leaders have nothing to gain by compromising, so it will be very difficult for President Trump to get an agreement to quit the nuecular, missile race. We had the opportunity to have a free Korean state in the late 40’s, 50, however we didn’t listen to the military commander so our politicians decided to back off

Barry M - March 5, 2019

Unlike previous presidents, Mr Trump did not “sell the US”, just to say this was the best we could do. He met KJU in his “neighborhood”, halfway around the world, to “negotiate” a win/win for the US, the world, and NK. KJU thinks he is still dealing with the likes of the previous President & Sec of State. Kudos to President Trump !

Jo Ann Martinez - March 5, 2019

I believe the President is doing the right thing in keeping the sanctions on North Korea and trying to negotiate with them. At least they know that we are keeping an eye on them and that we are looking for a smart resolution to the problem.

CORLEY - March 11, 2019


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