President Trump and Congress have until February 15th to negotiate a deal to secure the border. If Democrats refuse to include funding for a wall as part of a larger border security plan, we risk facing yet another government shutdown. Meanwhile, the problem of illegal border crossings will remain unresolved.

We are continuing our work to shape the border security debate. Last week, Heritage President Kay Coles James attended a meeting with President Trump and our Executive Vice President Kim Holmes attended a meeting with Vice President Pence to discuss policy solutions. On Monday, Tim Chapman, executive director of Heritage Action for America (our partner organization), attended a roundtable meeting held at the White House to make recommendations for how the Trump administration can make good on its promise to secure the border.

Tim’s message – and Heritage’s position – was clear: a serious border security plan must include a wall, strong enforcement of our immigration laws, the closing of loopholes that are being used to skirt the law, and common-sense reforms, such as replacing the unfair visa lottery with a merit-based system.

It’s now up to Congress to send a bill to the president that will secure the border.

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What common sense reforms do you believe must be in a border security deal?

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Eric Inman - February 2, 2019

1) Aggressive enforcement of existing immigration laws. 2) Deportation of inmates illegally in the USA, immediately upon termination of their sentence. 3) Construct physical barriers, wherever feasible, that prevent human egress along the Southern border. 4) Fight the leftist narrative aggressively, at every opportunity, with a goal of returning our great nation to it’s founders vision.

EBoone - February 2, 2019

Washington’s Farewell Address
Speaking of political parties Washington warned: “… they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
We see the fruition of Washington’s dire warning from some two-hundred years ago in today’s body politic.

Steve Froslie - February 2, 2019

It looks to me that you have nailed the priority items. If we can get most of them – progress will have been made. The deterioration didn’t happen in one big step downward, repair will take many steps up. I don’t know if those can even happen before 2020.

Alice Beutien - February 2, 2019

It’s not an option. We must have funding to build the wall. No other concessions. Period. It’s time we get serious about our own safety and security. Too many have suffered at the hands of illegal aliens. Enough! No more.
No DACA AMNESTY – Americans are the only “Dreamers” we should be concerned about.
End Diversity Visa Lottery.
End Sanctuary cities/states.
Build the wall.

Barbara Stockwell - February 2, 2019

The WALL! I am now in a retirement community but previously lived near the Mexican border in AZ for 60 years. I taught for ten years in a border school (most of the students being driven over the border every day, taking advantage of our citizens’ tax dollars support of the school) . From the school grounds we sometimes could see someone crossing over to the East of the border station. We need a wall at every accessible piece of the boundary. Our Border Patrol need the help. I am in favor of humanitarian aide to Mexico after the wall is built.

Dennis Aquilino - February 2, 2019

We need to stop any and all legal representation for anyone arriving illegally person young/old etc. Do not provide any economic (money) to anyone. Require anyone here with immediate medical evaluation and prevent them from move into other area of the country to infect the normal American population, before they are sent back home.

Susan Malone - February 2, 2019

I agree with each of Eric Inman’s points. Would add: End chain migration immediately. While I am normally opposed to emmient domain, in some areas it will be necessary for national security.

Larry Craig - February 2, 2019

I wrote two pieces on resolving this issue:
The Answer to the Government Shutdown and Border Wall
All children of illegal immigrants who have entered this country at least one day prior to the announcement of this bill will be granted amnesty with a normal path to citizenship under three conditions:
1) The amnesty will take place upon completion of securing the border. How is that determined? When illegal border crossings have effectively ended. When there are no more new pictures of large groups of people crossing our borders. Or any other criterion you can agree on.
2) Any DACA recipient who receives amnesty will count against the total number of immigrants that we allow into the country legally from all other sources, including lottery and family programs. If a million DACA recipients file for amnesty, they will replace one million other legal immigrants.
However, if there are other legal immigrant applicants with superior qualifications, such as needed skills, proven entrepreneurial ability, or are true refugees, e.g. fleeing persecution, these will be accepted first. But in all cases, the number of legal immigrants will not be increased above the limit set by Congress.
3) DACA recipients can be removed from our country for crimes that endanger or harm other people, or if they are shown to be a burden to our society by an excessive dependence on government assistance programs.

The second I didn’t write out formally. The idea essentially is: give the Democrats, say, 6 months to secure the border. If it doesn’t work, then fund the entire wall. There are a lot of people, maybe, who don’t believe the wall is the right answer. Maybe we need to give them a chance. But if it doesn’t work, then fund the whole thing. But get the appropriation first, so it’s there if the first program doesn’t work.

Wade Harris - February 2, 2019

There should be extra penalties for the importing of drugs for delivery in the US. Make work permits easier to get once proof of legimacy is provided. All so called modern electronic security must have an equal amount of”hard” security measures and adequate personal to monitor and respond to breaches. Without this nothing is protected. One way to help alot is having all the monitor personal be disabled veteran who can earn extra money without affecting their VA, retirement,or so.this would increase the economy by having more taxable income, reliable previously trained persons, who would also be more likely to want to protect their country.

Douglas Wildenberg - February 2, 2019

I would go and get input from the border agents. The men an women working on,the front lines they will tell you what is working and ways to improve it.

Don Trippeer - February 2, 2019

End chain migration, require all employers to use e-verify, end availability of our welfare and any other social programs to anyone here illegally, and for sure, build the wall

Anne Berryman - February 2, 2019

I believe that DACA recipients should be allowed to stay, but no more DACA.

David Arnold, Sr. - February 3, 2019

Eliminate the lottery! Lengthen the time before release, reverse recent unfriendly court decisions.
Eliminate all quotas, and maintain restrictions from certain countries.

will winn - February 3, 2019

Most of the invading immigrants are quick to say that they want to invade America to have a better life. Not one has said they want to come here to become an American, forsaking their national loyalties, to obey out laws and to assimilate and learn English, to work hard to earn their own way and to not take from Americans by demanding a citizen’s benefits that they do not deserve. And, that they will submit to our immigration laws, not trying to crowd ahead of others.

Robert E Wellston - February 3, 2019

A border barrier, wall, fence, I don’t care what you call it as long as it does the job of stopping the invasion we are experiencing across our southern border. We also need common sense immigration policies, no visa lottery, merit based immigration policies, an end to chain migration and restrictions on those who do not want to assimilate into our society. We can not afford to take in people who want to transplant theiir former countries’ failed policies into our country. If their former country had such great policies, why did they leave.

Hampton Scott Tonk - February 3, 2019

President Trump has several legal avenues to build the southern border barrier: 50 USC 1601-1651 – the National Emergency Act; 10 USC 2808, which allows the President to use the Army Corps of Engineers to build the Wall; and 10 USC 248, which allows the President to build a southern border Wall “for the purpose of stopping drug smuggling into the United States” (the statute does NOT specify exactly where those barriers can or should be built – but it does authorize the President to do so both WITHOUT Congressional approval AND without declaring a National Emergency.

James E Meeks Jr, DDS - February 3, 2019

Add requiring all vehicles searched with drug sniffing dogs to all the good items you have. And I agree with Eric Inmam.

Norman C Mandarino - February 3, 2019

Build THe Wall. Don’t make any concessions.

Ted Allen - February 3, 2019

We need the wall built where Texas cities are close to the border. We need more technology and drones, more BP agents, more immigration judges and more buses and planes to return these illegals to their home countries.

Reverend Mark A Lester - February 3, 2019

we must deport all who are part of this massive migration it will destroy our country most are terrorist coming across this border in order to stop them too set up at each embassy a way for those who truly are seeking sanction to keep them safe and bring only Christians to this country not any other religion

John Humphrey - February 3, 2019

I agree with Eric Inman but would add making E-Verify mandatory. Also in closing loop holes we must have a tracking method in place of those entering the USA on permits and deporting them when they fail to renew permits or leave on time.

Joyce Gorham - February 3, 2019

#1 E-Verify
#2 End birthright citizenship
#3 End chain migration

More effective than a wall

Clarence Henderson - February 3, 2019

Our immigration laws must be enforced. A nation without borders is not a nation.

Lou Smith - February 3, 2019

Enforce EXISTING laws, build wall, no more DACA, chain migration, lottery, expel Visa overstays, recent drug seizures at border or nearby completely support the immediate need for wall.

Terry - February 3, 2019

ZERO muslims. We already have too many. Some already have been elected to our government and will destroy America from within.

Indict and try Pelosi & Schumer for treason. Even a third grader could see that their oaths for positions in elective office to uphold the United States Constitution and serve American citizens are not being taken seriously.

Frene Ignacio - February 3, 2019

President Trump must declare national emergency whether Pelosi, Schumer and company fund the border wall.or not. Majority of the american people are for the border wall and rightfully so, its taxpayers money. Taxpayers have spoken and we want the border wall for all reasons.

Nancy - February 3, 2019

Obviously the wall. It also needs to eliminate anchor babies, chain migration, and the lottery. It would also be nice if we could make e-verify mandatory. Cut out economic benefits for illegals. I agree with all the previous comments.

Frene Ignacio - February 3, 2019

No more shutdown of our government. Declare martial law or emergency on the border wall. Construction must not stop, there are thousands of invaders lurking into our border..

Mac Krauss - February 3, 2019

Talk and theorize all you want, Nero is burning the city while you argue. If the left destroys the second Amendment, YOU KNOW the First Amendment is NEXT! These politicians took an Oath to protect The Constitution AND HAVE BROKEN THEIR OATH!! They have no regard for our “freedom” and ARE bent on emplacing a tyranny, their tyranny!!!! What are you prepared TO DO???? It will be too late to save the animals once the barn is burned to the ground!!!

Magdalena A Piranian - February 3, 2019

I am a legal immigrant and am NOT against tImmigration but let them come LEGALLY!!!!!l
they are using their own children to get into this country and risk their well being
We have no idea what illness they bring into our country. We taxpayers seem to have the burden for their healthcare and schooling. ( School taxes are already terrible high if you own a home) We paid a fortune for our childrens education , (the state paid nothing) The new Abortion law is MURDER!!!! We are going downhill!!!!.So many LIES! The Stone arrest reminded me of the Gestapo and the Russian Stasis
The Democrats prefer to ruin lifes in order to keep their power See Judge Cavanaugh. and the incident with the Students at the Lincoln Memorial.SAD!!!.

Rick S Hendrix - February 3, 2019

Implement e-verify. If entrance is allowed, 100’s daily, do not give full citizenship until the have proven their worth/allegiance to our country. Maybe a trial period of 25 years. Deport any offence deemed harmful to a citizen of the U.S.A immediately. 90% of these illegals are parasites. Looking for
a hand out. We should help the citizens of our country before any assistance is given to this invading horde.

Robert E Shaw - February 3, 2019

Start building where it’s effective, report what is effective..cram the facts down each Congress men/women.directly. Some how get around the leadership and plead the facts and to think on there own…..There are Democrats that want the barrier. Give them permission to say….form a task force and speak with each one…..

David L. Roberts - February 3, 2019

Nothing new:
* Listen and follow the advice/request of professionals (inside and outside the organization).
*Pass a bill that requires Congress and Senate to go without pay for any governmental shutdown
*Close the Boarder from illegal entry FIRST, do not provide funding for programs until the this is resolved.
*Enforcing the laws on the books – no catch and release.
*Enact a budget before the fact not after.
*Learn from this issue and force a balanced budget that address planning for contingencies.
*If we enact a law congress is required to provide sufficient funds to enforce those laws and evaluate those funds designated periodically
*Politicians should not micro manage all the details of boarder security, again, listen to the professionals.
*Provide the facts to the public without political affiliation like the presentation President Trump did with at the White house with every day people. Show the REAL impact – Deaths, Sickness, interviews with those directly impacted. Statistics in simple understandable terms.

James Kelly - February 3, 2019

How many seem to “hate” this country? They don’t know what they’ll lose.
“Build The Wall” It should not even be a question!
James Kelly, USN, Korea

Earl Gershenow - February 3, 2019

The U.S.A. has no other choice but to build the appropriate wall in needed areas across the border with Mexico given the continuing huge number of people trying to get into the U.S.A. unlawfully, indeed, there may be an immediate need for U.S. Military force before and during the building of all appropriate walls to prevent a large number of illegal people from entering the U.S.A without immediate new or updated legislation for effective immigration laws and regulation is also required.

DannyStone - February 3, 2019

I don’t believe rewarding the illegal parents of DACA recipients and the Democrat party by giving a “path to citizenship” to those DACA kids. That should not happen. Also we need to end chain migration and automatic citizenship for children of illegals born on US soil.

Lee Edwards - February 3, 2019

Eliminate the lure that drives illegal immigration: all welfare (food, housing, cash) except emergency medical care. Every community has at least one non-taxpayer funded civic or religious agency willing to provide this relief for anyone in need, including illegal aliens. Then eliminate Birthright Citizenship. I believe this will have to be done with a Constitutional Amendment to Section 1 of the 14th Amendment to exclude anyone not in this country legally or visiting on a temporary (tourist, business, student) visa, those traveling/visiting on diplomatic passports are already excluded. The 14th Amendment was, I believe, written to ensure that newly freed slaves were granted full citizenship and protection under the law.

Leon Donahue - February 3, 2019

1. Build the wall on the U.S./Mexican border.
2. No amnesty for illegal aliens.
3. No amnesty for DACA children.
4. Put an end to Anchor Baby citizenship.
5. Effectively track Visitor Visas and to make sure the leave when their visa expires and immediately deport those who overstay their visas.

Diane Carliner - February 3, 2019

We need a wall. Period. It is pathetic that anyone needs to go to lengths to explain why or squabble over details as to how it would be constructed. The politicians and their followers who are against it are hypocrites and betray American values. What we need is some spiritual, ethical and moral re-training in certain quarters.

Brendan Davidson - February 3, 2019

1. We must end chain migration.
2. If you are illegally in this country your
offspring is also illegal.
3. If you are caught more than once you
must serve a set prison term before
being deported.
4. If you are illegal you are not entitled to
vote or receive any government
services i.e.divers licence, welfare,
social security or medical aid.
5.Those pleading for sanctuary must be
thoroughly investigated.
6. I personally give to charities. I object
when my government gives my tax
dollars to political charities without
my permission.

Emma M Gifford - February 3, 2019

The DOD has published the fact that President Trump need only send directions to them to build the wall. He has that right as President to do this for the safety and security of the nation. He just needs to use that authority.

Jean-Jacques VITRAC - February 3, 2019

1. Build the wall with whatever unused funding is available to Executive branch. Avoid declaring emergency if possible. If enough funding available, make even a small payment towards national debt.
2. Secure border by all means including military presence, ICE, security fencing (barbel wire), etc. Avoid entry of illegal aliens by all legal means while wall is being built. Migrants from Caravan should not been allowed to enter the US.
3. Use most restrictive interpretation/definition of “asylum”. Leave illegal migrants in Mexico as often as possible.

ROBERT CASIMIRO - February 3, 2019

1. Mandatory E-Verify. Period
2. Carry through on the 1996 IIRIRA and finish (start) the electronic EXIT part of the ENTRY/EXIT visa (overstay) requirements.

Daniel Lagueux - February 3, 2019

build the wall. my number 1 priority. we can take care of other issues later.

Robert randall - February 3, 2019

Two comments:
Immigration reform must be done.
It is time to begin the dialogue for term limits. The country is ready.

Edward J. McDonald - February 3, 2019

On another very important subject, President Trump stated that he strongly supports that Social Security be preserved without any reduction in benefits to retired workers . Because the Federal Gov. currently owes the Social Security Trust Fund about $2.85 Trillion Dollars it is important the Pres meet with Congress on financing this Fund.

Stacy Manuel - February 3, 2019

Fund the wall.
Stop chain migration.
End birthright Citizenship.
All asylum applications must go through our embassy’s. Not at the border.
NO gov. Or state benefits such as welfare food stamps, Medicare, WIC, or drivers license for illegals immigrants.
Huge fines for employers of illegal immigrant.
Automatic deportation for all radical Islamist and closing of all mosques found to be supporting radical Islamist!!!

Arthur Brandt - February 3, 2019

Just build the wall and improve the immigration laws!

Bob Puff - February 3, 2019

Establish English as our national language.

Gloria McBroom - February 3, 2019

I also believe that we should get rid of the anchor policy. To many people take advantage of us in regard to this policy.

Robert Williamson - February 3, 2019

I agree with Eric Inman.

James Allman - February 3, 2019

We need to stop making it so easy for illegals to gain entry to the US. There needs to be an actual deterrent to entry. The laws about how people who get one foot on US territory must be changed so that we do not have to take them into the country to become lost in the lack of court system.

James Marshall - February 3, 2019

We need a barrier at strategic points along the border, specified by border patrol personnel. We need reform of immigration laws that allow chain migration and entry with no thought for who should be allowed in based upon the needs of this nation. We need to do away with sanctuary cities and increase the quality of screening at checkpoints in order to intercept more illegal drugs and human traffickers.

Frank Lasky - February 3, 2019

I have enough dependents in my financial world ! I feel bad for those trying to get in, but it’s not my problem ! Let them straighten out the problems in their own country, like our fore fathers did ! Build that wall and deport all illegal aliens ! They are not undocumented, they are invaders !!!

Patrick Smith - February 3, 2019

With the caravans, this has entered the epidemic phase, unlimited invasion. The only way to stop it is punish illegal immigration. They have 90 days to leave the country (self-deport). After that, they will be arrested and spend five years in a “tent city jail” set up in the desert.

Jerry - February 3, 2019

1. Stop all taxpayer doles to illegals
2. Stop chain migration
3. Build the wall
The first two are just as much ‘no brainers’ as building the wall!

Nash Williams - February 3, 2019

Thoughtless, stupid congressional action created this problem and only Congress can solve it. My suggestion for a solution – 1st – once illegal never a citizen, 2nt – no government (city, county, state or federal) benefits, EVER. for illegals.

Randy Hagood - February 3, 2019

Build the wall and if any money left over, electrify it. Eliminate DACA. Eliminate all work, temporary and education related visas. If you’re not legal, u don’t come across. Don’t allow the dumb bleeding hearts in Congress to eliminate nationality from census reports. Hire special law enforcement officers to research current possible illegals and have them legalize or get deported. We can no longer suffer stupidity!!!!

Charlaine Macey - February 3, 2019

The Dems appear to be pushing the agenda of Soros, his open border agenda. They are not fighting for Americans as they should be so I wonder if they are Patriots any more. Wonder if they are turning to communism. Dems fight so hard for illegals and I’ve yet to see them fight that hard for American citizens. They ignore the laws on the books, they keep giving our tax money to illegals and there are Americans in such need. The Dems fight against securing America is frightening. Letting illegals flood in puts a huge strain on our system financially and Dems seem to encourage it as if they want America to fail. Would like to see entry into America stopped until this mess is cleaned up and put right- It is wrong what Dems are doing to America and the American people. The American People Must be put First.

William C Hansen - February 3, 2019

At 911 year to see how many of us have
to scrape the bottom of the barrel just to
eat. Government should keep their eyes
open for the real problems other than a
wall, Funny how many in Congress have a wall built around their homes.
CHris Hansen

Judy Smith - February 3, 2019

Eric inman’s suggestions and e-verify required for all new hires and require all existing employees be e-verified.

That is it for this round.

Lee Sherwood - February 3, 2019

Among the top requirements for an
effective, legal control or our borders
is the requirement that English be the
language of our nation.
Without a common language we do
not have the one vehicle that will
bring about a cohesive population.

Lee Sherwood - February 3, 2019

Israel has announced they will start
building a barrier to protect themselves
from Gaza’s encroachment and entry
of terrorists. Smart. Only thing to do. Walls will always do the job where guns should not be an option. That is the
message from Israel.

Adrian - February 3, 2019

A merit-based visa system is adequate regarding work and student visas. Unfortunately, it would restrict those individuals that never received an opportunity in their native country and create a immigration meritocracy not only among immigrants but in the paradigms of the wake of a merit-based only system. Consider a balanced approach that has aspects to meet our country’s social, economic, educational, and religious needs.

Peter R. Mare - February 3, 2019

As long as President Trump remains President for another 6 years, as he says, the wall is being built now & will be fully completed, one way or another. Common sense would indicate that since Mexican President is their for 6 years & has ended all restrictions on illegal drugs, it would make common sense for our President to totally eliminate war on drugs & take marijuana off of the schedule 1 list. Treat drug addicts with the confiscated drugs & let them clean the streets prior to fix. Common sense also says that for the next 2 years, only the Senate & Supreme Court can be counted on.

Pat Ryan - February 3, 2019

Agree with Heritage. Secure border and close amnesty loophole(s) now. End chain migration and visa lottery soon. Work with Mexico and others on solutions and identify and prosecute those NGO’s who are organizing caravans.

Charles Barrows - February 3, 2019

The WSJ recently had a op ed about the citizenship question on the 2020 Census Form possibly heading for the Supreme Court. I Hope. However, the lower court seemed to focus the argument on the wrong question. To me, “Are you a United States Citizen” should be the focus, yet they mickey mouse around with counting the numbers, not their status. Just counting the numbers give illegals status as people which ultimately figures into congressional representation whether they’re citizens or not. This is a very big deal and this is what the Dems need. Having open boarders allows illegals to pack the census rolls, especially in Southern California and in the “Sanctuary Cities.” And, to my way of thinking, is the real reason Pelosi is stone-walling on the wall issue. She’s a California Democrat and the outcome will affect her state’s representation in congress and allotment of funds for federal programs. From the last census, the proportional allotment for House seats was about 1 seat per 770,000 people. If the last census indicated that there were 11 million illegals in the U. S. and if 4,000,000 were in California, that means California has been over-represented in Congress by as many as 5 house seats for the last 10 years.
It’s also the real reason the big cities around the country want to be called a Sanctuary City, It attracts illegal people to be counted in their roles.
Back to California, the illegals are probably a big contributor to California’s budget problems. Pelosi needs the new numbers to help bail out the State.

Ron Renneberg - February 3, 2019

I believe the things necessary to secure our southern border have been talked about , and debated,–but what good are they if one side refuses to take the necessary steps to prevent our problems from entering the country..

Dayle Carlsone - February 3, 2019

a continuous wal is too expensive. sections of border where construction is not really cost effective, or can be secured more economically or more reliably should be skipped. States with sanctuary cities should be require to contribute moneynor resources to the border costs.e

Larry Hart - February 3, 2019

We need to secure the boarder – physical barriers, drones, electronic tools and dogs to detect drugs/human’s being smuggled into our country, more agents, etc.; we need more judges and detention space to hold the illegals while their “case is adjudicated”; improved capabilities at all points of entry to our country; stop baby factories where they come here and have the baby with all that being born here brings – but this must eliminate the ability to come to this country to have a baby for citizenship; stop the fentanyl that comes through the mail (from typically China); add a temporary worker program where employers file for temporary workers and possibly specific ones to sponsor – but these folks must go back to their country of origin when the work is done (typically in agriculture; and we must make visa overstays very difficult and deport ALL of them.,, with some type of punishment from immediate deportation and never allowed back for the ones that have done this over and over down to only a fine and a 2 year block for the first time with graduated punishment up to the 3rd and last time with a permanent ban.

Virginia Keating - February 3, 2019

Builld the wall.

Delete the “anchor Baby” provision. Babies born on US soil must have US citizen parents to obtain citizenship at birth. Any babies born on US soil but not to US citizen parents, should not be citizens.
Stop Chain Migration.
Ask not what our country can do for them, ask what they can do for our country. MERIT BASED.

Ron Gustas - February 3, 2019

To deal with immigration, consult Israel. They know what to do. Talk to Rabbi Ralph Messer for solutions based on a foundation of Biblical Judaism. Islam needs to be treatex as an encroaching government, not as a religion. A muslim studies Mohammed. Islam is a government. A government has laws. Their law is Sharia law. We follow the kingdom or government of God. Our law is the Torah. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Only the Government of God can deal with the government of Islam. All religions, including Christianity, are too weak.

Joel Crandall - February 3, 2019

End chain immigration. Provide for an avenue to legal citizen status for “dreamers” to eliminate that argument once and for all. Stop “anchor baby” citizenships.

Cameron Ashe - February 3, 2019

All of Obamas ” executive orders should be wiped out , replace Obama appointed judges ( appeals + ) and our President needs to sign some executive orders . And very important : wake up Republicans , it’s time they really became responsible , accountable Representatives of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ( stand and fight for our principles , if you have none of your own ) !!!!

Mary - February 3, 2019

Cut off the magnet drawing them here! Subsidies, free education, free healthcare, food stamps, housing assistance, voting rights, and American jobs!

John Bauman - February 3, 2019

There is only one common sense solution:

Glenn Miller - February 3, 2019

I am disappointed by Heritage solution is to obey the law.. Certainly, but don’t you have any other recommendation? Explain how all this happens — illegal sets foot on US soil, only thing that border guard can do is arrest him. The illegal then has due process rights and joins the 11+ million other illegals. We must stop the first step, a wall does this, drones and surveillance just informs the border guard where to go to make the arrest.

Author Dustin Howard - February 4, 2019

Hi Glenn,

If there was one easy thing to do to fix this issue, it would have been done by now. It will take several hard things, like a wall/barrier, E-Verify, and other solutions to fix this problem. James Carafano would tell you the same thing.

We want to follow the law, and make the laws fit reality.

Dustin Howard
The Heritage Foundation

Tom Graves - February 3, 2019

1) Need the Barrier/Wall
2) End Chain Migration
3) End Anchor Baby Policy
4) Use Merit Immigration
5) Provide a better way for Seasonal workers to enter U.S.

Linda Eberhard - February 3, 2019

This Problem is associated with abortion being legal in U.S. & funding of Planned Parenthood. A fence should be in specific areas all agree on & not necessarily whole border. All the illumination of problems at border past, present & therefore future should be available to all U.S. citizens. Never stop working to make abortion illegal.

Dan Baerthel - February 3, 2019

Also, end birthright citizenship and chain migration. Create a fair pathway to citizenship for DACA illegals. Get a handle on the real numbers of illegals with the coming census no holds barred. Recently been determined that around 93,000 illegals are registered to vote in Texas. Continue this discovery through all states and arrest these people and deport. Apply citizenship requirements after Teddy Roosevelt’s speech on immigration early last century which calls for assimilation not maintaining antagonistic diversity. And stop the pandering to minorities with aisle names in stores and product directions in Spanish. Why does this minority get a free ride when this isn’t true historically for other nationalities of immigrants? I never have seen it on the news or talk shows that, by ignoring the illegal crisis and letting them enter unabated, in effect waves our standard naturalization process for learning the language, American history, and civics. And, in a age of rapid spread of infectious diseases, re implement an “Ellis Island” approach to disease monitoring and control.

Diane Jones - February 3, 2019

Sanctuary cities and states must be done away with. Hiding criminals is against the law and invading our country is illegal.
If a lot of money went to the border we could build and staff another Ellis Island type of procedure and building to vet them. I doubt the $$ would be there. Most of our families came in this way in NYC. Ill and criminals were sent back home. Drones; Armed Forces with ammo, some type of fencing, do away with the birth right and the bringing of family members w/o full sponsorship. 100%. Not too many would do a 100% sponsorship. no welfare. We protect other nations from invasions; we must protect OUR nation from invasions. the real folks who need protection and asylum must also pass these tests but they would get first chance. All these folks who have court dates and don’t show up; catch them and send them back, no court, deport immediately. They didn’t care to follow the rules so what other rules won’t they follow.

Glynnda White - February 3, 2019

A wall, cease birth based citizenship if parents are not citizens, immigration only for those who can contribute to American Society, refugees need to start being sent home. Cease chain migration……those being held should be put into FEMA camps around the nation and held in them until trial date, no citizenship for DACA or others here illegally-deport them or they pay fine and are working, paying taxes, not on any sort of welfare. DACA can earn path to citizenship if still under 21, no arrest record, spend at least 5 years in military

Joseph Pinzone - February 3, 2019

There is no question that you have articulated all of the essential items required for boarder security. If President Trump cannot get the support of all the Republicans in congress and the necessary number of Democrats to implement his vision of boarder security, he should declare a national emergency and implement his security agenda.

Phyllis Eix - February 3, 2019

Secure the border with a wall wherever one is needed, reform all immigration laws that provide loopholes, stop chain and visa lottery migrations and enforce current laws that are effective. Strengthen ICE, add judges, and reform asylum regulations. Heritage leadership is crucial to accomplishing our border security agenda.

Craig - February 3, 2019

Presently in CA because of a loophole in the sanctuary law SB-54, illegals with multiple DUI’s are immune from ICE notification unless the DUI results in death or injury i.e. becomes a felony. .I’ve notified both my state legislators (Beale & Low) as well as my federal reps (Feinstein & Eshoo) aa well as MADD….to date no actions seems to have been taken despite the recent death of officer Ramil Sing (even after the Stanislaus sheriff stated publicly the sanctuary law prevented him from notifying ICE after the illegal had 2 previous DUI’s) . The group Angle Moms have documented countless other similar instances. Pressure needs to be exerted on all the above to mitigate this dangerous situation.

Donald Borcherding - February 3, 2019

Anyone who enters the U.S.illegally should immediately be deported. We need to change the laws so we are not required to house, feed, educate, provide them medical care, give them legal guidance, a court date and then release them into the U.S. hoping they will return for the court hearing.

Marty - February 3, 2019

Unfortunately, with the house under democrat rule, we can expect nothing good on illegal immigration reform. Without a wall, nothing else will work. It will be totally up to President Trump. I understand under current federal laws, he does not have to declare an emergency to get a lot of the wall built. Whatever he does, I hope he does it quickly.

Elizabeth P Swanson - February 3, 2019

Improve the ability to immigrate or to communicate with the INS for immigration and border crossing concerns. Put more resources in place? Our friends have paid an attorney $10,000 here to cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s”. It shouldn’t cost $10,000 to immigrate legally and in a timely manner when you are married to an American citizen.

Ivar Gram - February 3, 2019

We need the wall, electronic surveilance, drones and sensors. Reinforced concrete several feet below the wall and razor wire on top of the wall. Floodlights and border patrols 24/7. Then change the laws to destroy any benefits for the illegals to gain in this country. Pass e-verify. Get rid of the lottery. Speed up processing of those applying to enter legally. End the birthright law.

Janice Tritt - February 3, 2019

If someone attempts to come BACK into our country who has violated laws, regarding drugs or weapons or any other legal problem, they should NOT be allowed back into the United States. This seems rediculas to write these comments, but common sense does not seem to be a part of the liberal left community. Their only goal is to tear apart our government at all cost. Sadly their goal is total control no matter the cost.

Theodore Miller - February 3, 2019

Immigration reform must include:
-doing away with recognition of anchor babies as American citizens.
-ending federal funding to sanctuary cities (if city or state government choose to ignore federal law, there must be a federal consequence)
-prison time for repeat illegal entry to this country
-deportation for anyone charged with a felony in another country
-prison time for any illegal immigrant charged with any felony in this country, followed by deportation after prison time is served.

Ed Bartolini - February 3, 2019

This is a national security crisis requiring executive action. Bypass Congress and build the wall. Pres. ‘O’ sent $150 Billion to Iran against the interests of America and without consulting Congress. In the interest of our security Pres. Trump has the authority to secure the border against a recalcitrant Congress.

ed mccarthy - February 3, 2019

I think a wall would stop illegal immigrants from putting a foot in our country. That means no catch and release. That would leave the dems with no new voters. They exploited the black vote with promises not kept. Only PRESIDENT TRUMP is keeping his promises for black people.

Theodore Miller - February 3, 2019

I would add one more comment to my previous post. There should be no government funding available for any immigrant, legal or illegal, until they have been in this country legally for at least 10 years.

Robert Haggerton - February 3, 2019

This is NOT “rocket science”! The demorats are hypocrites and obstructionists – nothing more – nothing less!! Here’s the solution: First off, defeat or counter the evil border barriers narratives at every turn!! Then:
1.) keep military boots on the ground; 2.) use as much electronic surveillance as possible and lastly bur foremost, BUILD THE DAMN WALL!!!! Also, go back to the Goodlatte Bill and install or instill as much as you can closing loopholes!!!

John Covey - February 3, 2019

I would like to know why the democrats are not charged with treason for the speech and tactics that are displayed on the house floor. In olden days this type of speech and actions did not occur because the thoughts in early days apparently did not make it to the records.
Build the wall and tread softly over the democratic floor.
As you see I am mot well educated in fluent speech. But I do know right from wrong and that most things from the house floor is on the wrong side of what the early American people and politicians worked for to have the once great nation known as the United States of America.
I read most of the posted comments and agree with these people. This Nation needs about 320,000,000 republican minded people and voters to really make this nation what it once was.
I have heard other people say the same things that are found in the comment section and they have no access to what is posted in two days. Many people are thing the same things.

Beth Peeples - February 3, 2019

I agree with Eric Inman …Build the Wall…NOW ! Do it with an emergency declaration since when have the Democrats supported anything our elected President Donald Trump wants and he has done so much for our country already….Yes would ending term limits as someone else said…would this free us of Mad Maxine? or Nancy or Chuck?? Hope springs eternal

Beth Peeples - February 3, 2019

I agree with Eric Inman …Build the Wall…NOW ! Do it with an emergency declaration since when have the Democrats supported anything our elected President Donald Trump wants and he has done so much for our country already….Yes would ending term limits as someone else said…would this free us of Mad Maxine? or Nancy or Chuck?? Hope springs eternal Are you sure I have said all this before???

Brian Brickley - February 3, 2019

Stop illegal immigration; build the WALL/ENHANCED PHYSICAL BARRIER; not a flimsy fence, but a high, robust, barrier, at our southern border; end chain migration, end immigration lottery, end “birth tourism” (mostly coming from China and Russia), implement a merit-based legal immigration system with a decreased number of legal immigrants (we don’t need a million new immigrants every year; educate/train our own people). Correct the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act with a tough national e-verify system and include “visa tracking” to spot those who enter through our airports. Legislatively end birth-right citizenship and deny ANY welfare benefits to anyone who cannot verify their US citizenship and change the Flores Settlement so that non-citizen families are NOT released into the US while they wait for their so-called “asylum” cases to be heard. Most never show up for their court date and most asylum cases are rejected.

Karl A. Hadley - February 3, 2019

Build the wall, end catch and release (deport immediately), disallow amnesty claims made by those not entering at checkpoints, eliminate 20 day window for children to be released, delete birth citizenship for noncitizens and chain migration, disallow anchor babies, remove federal judges opposing reforms, deport visa overstays, no citizenship for DACAs/Dreamers, increased legal farm worker visas

Joe Splavec - February 3, 2019

Clearly, a wall is required. It will not stop all illegal entry. However, it should significantly reduce the influx of illegals.

Anyone crossing the border or attempting to cross should be stopped, given written directions on how to apply for legal immigration, and then immediately be sent back across the border. This means no medical care, food, housing or anything else to encourage Coming to the US illegally.

James Johnson - February 3, 2019

One of the issues I feel very strongly about is taking away jobs which are magnets for illegal alien workers, primariy farm labor. I don’t believe the concept of green cards for alien workers should be continued, unless those workers are paid a fair wage. We should not allow our immigration laws to enslave people, and not pay them fair wages.simply because we can. Many states are adopting minimum wage laws establishing $15.00 per hour as the minimum wage. If $15.00 is a fair wage for American workers, it should also be a fair wage for foreign workers.

I am very supportive of the President’s position on birth right citizenship, particularly since efforts are being made in pursuit of that approach to circumvent the intent of birth right citizenship. Babies born to persons illegally in our country should not be granted citizenship as a reward for their parents breaking our laws.

In an effort to circumvent the challenges to any action taken by the President, I would encourage your foundation or some other interested party to prepare for the filing of a law suit in a district court from which we might expect a more favorable outcome than we’re going to get if more liberal courts are given the jurisdiction for the decision. If the democrats can “judge shop” so can we. You would need to be privy to the terms of the action and in a position to beat the Democrats to the courts. This is a sad commentary on the state of things, but it’s the way we need to play if we don’t want to be frustrated at every turn. I am certain the President would welcome your help in helping to move his action through the courts, whether it be an executive order, or a signed piece of legislation.

Joseph P. McCarty - February 3, 2019

Repeal the 14th amendment. It was to allow freed slaves to be citizens. There are no longer freed slaves and the intent of the law has been vastly stretched by the courts. That would remove the citizenship grant just by being born in the United States. Then register all immigrants with fingerprint, genetic and iris scans. They should not be eligible to vote in any elections. They should have to check in at least yearly. They should pay all taxes due. If they don’t follow the rules,they should be deported. Give current illegal immigrants 3 months to register or they are subject to deportation. I agree with most of the other comments posted also.

Thomas Reed - February 3, 2019

We must have a wall to protect the US from this illegal invasion. Banks have walls, Prisons have walls. There’s nothing immoral about having a wall. The Left needs to pull their heads out of the sand and realize they are not the axel the earth spins on.

Mr & Mrs John Battenburg - February 3, 2019

Establish an effective physical barrier along the entire southern border (dependent on local terrain conditions).

Revise immigration laws to eliminate asylum applications from illegal entrants.

Develop tracking systems to minimize visa “overstays”.

Carl Smith - February 3, 2019

I’m not sure if this is not already standard protocol but if not should be. Fingerprint, Biometric photo and DNA testing for ALL setting foot in America. Even the Visa overstays leave NO method to positively identify who is in country. As a citizen, I have been fingerprinted, photographed and FBI checked many times why are visitors exempt?

Jean Harding - February 3, 2019

The late Charles Krauthammer wrote: “Build a barrier. It is simply ridiculous to say it cannot be done. If one fence won’t do it, then build a second 100 yards behind it. And then build a road for patrols in between. Put cameras. Put sensors. Put out lots of patrols. Israel’s border fence has been extraordinarily successful in keeping out potential infiltrators who are far more determined than mere immigrants. Nor have very many North Koreans crossed into South Korea in the last 50 years. When you build a wall to keep people in, that’s a prison. When you build a wall to keep people out, that’s an expression of sovereignty.”

Kathleen Parr - February 3, 2019

No question in My mind , Build The Wall…Today Summit County ,Ohio …not far from Me Aliens were dropped off the Police did get all 9 of them but then again they May have been a distraction for the others to run in…I worry for the Police ,they, are Fantastic …I have seen many things its just awful, Ohio isn’t looking to Good…we cannot have emotion for the immigrants,that doesn’t solve problems…You know I mentioned this before …We must put the American Language into Law…American English…the immigrants must learn American English…I call this Culture…Our Students are paying dearly for the rights of Illegals and Refugees…I Stand With My President Trump!

Albet P. Bushey - February 3, 2019

A high rugged wall/fence, electrified if necessary at night, and more border guards to secure the barrier.

Joyce R Beman - February 3, 2019

I really like the idea of the MERIT immigration. Families could gain points by their education, job qualifications, danger they are in, etc. OK on kids from prior years in good standing in education, jobs, etc., being allowed qualify to become citizens. Other families that are good established taxpayers, should also be allowed to stay. We need good people to pay taxes our population is down.

Tony Wright - February 3, 2019

I’m 100% for a secure border. What I don’t understand is why this wasn’t done when the republicans controlled all three branches of government. Now they are putting the blame on Pelosi. Sounds fishy to me.

Mary Beth Sheehy - February 3, 2019

I agree that additional border wall or fence is necessary for border security, along with more border patrol agents and enforcement of immigration laws. Thank you for your work on this.

Rita Conrad - February 3, 2019

Please stress the importance of federal legislation to make E-Verify law of the land. E-Verify is quickly and inexpensively managed by employers of all sizes. It would help protect American workers.

Joseph Morris - February 3, 2019

We need a border wall / barrier as appropriate in selected areas.
No amnesty period.
Merit based immigration.

Barbara Stephens - February 3, 2019

Preserve and protect our earned Social Security income from further theft by Congress for totally other causes. Dipping is the same as stealing, no matter whether they claim they have IOUs in place. None has been paid back so far. It is simply wrong to take from our Social Security funds duly paid during our working years.

Eva Dearing - February 3, 2019

Walls work.

Kelly Bice - February 3, 2019

I agree with the priority items that you have outlined. While I agree with the physical wall, we have to be sure that modern techniques are also included. I believe that President Trump will ensure that this is included in the program.
Assuring that the VISA program is revamped to include merit based system is important as it will influence future immigration. I agree with Lee Edwards… we need to eliminate the programs that make it so enticing for illegals to enter our country. We should not use tax payer funds to support entitlement programs for illegal immigrants.

James L Justice - February 3, 2019

Few people made it out of East Germany when the “Wall” existed. The liberals are lying when they say walls don’t work. We need an effective barrier. A state of emergency exists in this country with regard to illegal immigration.

John Zak - February 3, 2019

Wall, visa tracking, and closing immigration loop holes.

Paul J Gibbs - February 4, 2019

There should be no debate on border security. There have been studies and billions of dollars over the years to secure our borders. “ Every “ elected official has solemy sworn to uphold our Constitution and to protect our nation from enemies within and abroad. Those that are playing politics and obstructing are nations security should be punished and imprisoned.. Someone needs to go to jail!
Sanctuary cities are in violation of our laws. Someone needs to go to jail!

Lucille M. Worley - February 4, 2019

We definitely need a barrier or fence along the border with Mexico! I believe it could be financed with money confiscated by our authorities from the cartels and illegals running the drugs without using tax payer money! I trust our President to come up with a sokution, and if he needs to call a National Emergency, I know he has the right to do it, and I would support him!

Stephen H Long - February 4, 2019

Walls work. The experts know this. Countries all over the world know this. Even the Democrats know this. The beginning of any real border security for our nation must be a physical barrier that drastically reduces the amount of unrestricted trespass by people who are determined to enter our country illegally. President Trump has set the table for the Democrats to bring a realistic package of border security forward including the wall. All indications are the Democrats are more than wiling to blow off the security of our nation in order to score political points against the President. Despicable but predictable. Hopefully the President will be sucessful in selling the need for a wall to the nation and force by political necessity the Democrats to negotiate in good faith. If not, he should strongly consider alternative methods under his authority as President to make it happen as a last resort.

Liz - February 4, 2019

Stop giving the illegals welfare and start going to places that hire them and fining the companies. That and the border wall will stop a lot of this outrage! The wall will certainly keep the kids and women out as they won’t be able to climb it and they will stop trying to come here. Our child services are inundated with illegal children and no room for our own when they are in danger of a violent home environment. We have signs all over the city asking for volunteers to foster children as they are overloaded with them.

T - February 4, 2019

Number 1 priority is to continue building the wall with the materials we have manufactured.
Number 2, is NOT to stop the pay of government employees, but to STOPthe pay of Congress. I feel if you with held Congressional pay, then you’ll see more action. Holding the pay of federal employees just increases pay and eventually hurt all families of government workers.

Frank Roberts - February 4, 2019

No federal funds of any kind to be extended to non citizens. Including food stamps, housing, healthcare,schools and translator. English as the national language and all government forms in English only

Chris Milord - February 4, 2019

First, construct additional barriers in the areas that are impacted by lawless migration. Second, beef up the Border Patrol and ICE and give them all the tools they need to curtail illegal immigration. Third, work with other nations to better vet those who want to come to the USA on student, tourist, or work visas. Fourth, keep better track of temporary visitors who reside in our country to monitor visa overstays. Fifth, expedite the process of legal immigration and hire more judges to decide on a range of cases. Sixth, close all visa loopholes and end chain migration and birthright citizenship. Seventh, increase funding for the Coast Guard in order to interdict coastal violators. Eighth, encourage legal immigration for those who have skills that will contribute to our society. Ninth, those who have been in America illegally for a long time must go to the back of the line. They must pay a fine, learn English, pay taxes, or serve in the armed forces to earn permanent status. Tenth, better interior enforcement must occur to catch those who market fraudulent documents. Eleventh, improve the E-Verify system so that only legal immigrants can be employed and receive social services. Twelfth, key identity documents must be presented at the polls in order to maintain the integrity of our voting system. Thirteenth, have a rigorous program to distinguish between those who are genuine asylum seekers and those who just want to take advantage of the USA. Finally, after one deportation, an individual who is caught the second time should spend some time in prison before being sent packing back to their home country.

Ken Wicker - February 4, 2019

Completely enforce existing laws to the fullest extent. Eliminate all benefits to non-citizens such as food stamps, Medicaid, public housing, EBT, etc. effective immediately. Any non-citizen who has received benefits can never become a citizens. All employers must use e-verify system.

Sandra Crow - February 4, 2019

I have reviewed the various comments. I believe that Eric Inman has hit it on spot as have many others. I am a Texas native and currently live on the East Coast. I have many friends from South America. They all entered this country legally, have US Citizenship today and have contributed to our great county. ILLEGALS! NO! Send them back .Physical walls are necessary to assist in enforcement of keeping illegals out of the US and preventing the influx of criminals along with proper patrol of the border which should include a number of armed patrols, as well as high tech methods. We have enough problems with providing aid to our citizens who are not able to care for themselves, not illegals.

BJ Winslow - February 4, 2019

I’d like to ditto Eric Inman, Larry Craig, and many others–what a raft of good thinkers we have out there!! I would also stipulate that our current immigration laws MUST be enforced to the letter, even before they are reformed. Also, E-Verify MUST be enforced with strong consequences if not and it should be hooked somehow to the Visa records so expired Visa holders could not get jobs and would be deported. Also, if not legally possible now, the law should be changed so that anyone jumping a barrier or coming in any other way than legally through ports of entry, will be deported no matter their reason. ANY NON-CITIZEN who wants to enter the US should have to enter legally or be immediately deported without excuse!! Why on earth should we pay for legal representation and court time for an illegal alien who has broken our law in just coming here, let alone for some other reason??

Retta - February 4, 2019

We absolutely need to have actual barriers and some type of walls along our southern border. We must have a wall. We do not want DACA or any form of amnesty. End the Diversity Lottery. End Sancturary cites and states. Make our border secure!!

Richard Lemke - February 4, 2019

In addition to those mentioned, stop granting entrance to relatives of those here unless they have something to contribute to society. ALL entrants should have a sponsor accountable for them for one year after they arrive, during which they are to learn to read and speak English.

Joy Crouch - February 5, 2019

lets repeal the “anchor baby” law., chain migration, closely monitor student visas, end the visa lottery NOW, review all visa laws as there are loop holes there that illegals know how to get around, no further sanctuary cities/states, stop all aid to illegals NOW, all immgrants must learn English will be required for employment and in public schools. All of these reforms will take lawmakers with strong back bones to pass into law and implement; but, it would dramatically reduce those trying to enter the country. I have lived for many years in two different European countries and every year I had to prove that I had sufficient income to cover my living expenses and I was not entitled to freebies.

Esther Fishbaugh - February 5, 2019

Legal immigration rules must be reformed; end chain migration. Enforce visa overstays aggressively. Build a wall on the southern border so scarce resources can be concentrated at border crossing. Sanction any nation that helps deposit immigrants at our border who wish to enter illegally. Prosecute any organization that assists any person in illegal activity such as illegal border crossings.

Joe Listek - February 5, 2019

We absolutely must have the border wall. Look at the countries one-including Israel most recently. The only reason the Dem’s won’t agree to the wall is because it’s “Trump’s Wall”! I will do whatever I can to support his agenda!

Elaine Liming - February 5, 2019

All of the comments I have read are excellent. My advise is that we need Immigration Reform NOW. We live in uncertain times and need to study a new approach, take a look at loop holes. Then we need the Wall.
We need all Republicans to work with Heritage on this; As one party present their Immigration Reform 2000 to Democrats.

Lisa Gauger - February 6, 2019

Follow Israel’s example. We MUST have a wall and there must be military present at all times to protect it. If it is breached, there needs to be armed forces enabled to protect our sovereign nation (i.e. shoot to kill) that would stop this invasion in its tracks. By the time the Congress gets around to this, it will be too late as the invading forces already have upwards of 20 million illegals in our nation.

Colleen Breinholt - February 6, 2019

Tax everyone that works but unless you are a citizen you cant file a tax return to get it back.
Quit giving everything from school to medical to welfare to illegals.

patsy thomas - February 7, 2019

I am so pleased that Heritage is advising our president. I can be assured that he is getting good advice.

Sharon Pelletier - February 8, 2019

Let’s take another look at this … when the immigrants cross the border, illegally, where are they going? What is it … at that location… that requires them to come into the country illegally?
Your position is right on …. but I would like to unhinge those individuals who are causing the migration to our country be investigated. Any American citizen who is abetting these individuals coming into the country illegally should be somehow brought to justice. Isn’t that some sort of treason? We’re not a Global Nation … we’re a United States of America. So what States are accepting this individuals into their State? MASS?? Let’s follow the migration ….

Gary Smith - February 13, 2019

Sovereignty for the United States must be defined by the Congress. Once defined, it will set the limits on who can migrate here and who can’t. Mexico, in its Constitution Articles 30 & 31 define who is a Mexican and how one gets to be a Mexican. We fail to establish who, what, when and how a citizen comes to be. We also fail to establish the necessity to be engaged in the culture, not just associated with it in a like-minded enclave. We must define the national language as English – not your mother tongue and enforce English’s use outside of ones home. When you sign on the dotted line to be a citizen, you sign on the dotted line to engage, speak English and participate; failure to do so sends you back home. If you cross our borders, you get returned from when you came just like you came in. No camps, trails, lawyers, and judicial haggling. We neither want you nor should be willing to store you pending a judicial decision which was made by established law, not sitting judges.

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