At tonight’s State of the Union speech, keep an eye on the Speaker’s Gallery for two special guests – Heritage Foundation education experts Jennifer Marshall and Lindsey Burke.

The State of the Union this year falls during National School Choice Week, and D.C. Opportunity Scholarship recipients, parents and teachers have been invited to sit in the Speaker’s Box. DCOSP, a school choice initiative with a proven record of success, has been slowly eliminated by Congress as its funding has been siphoned off. President Obama, who sends his daughters to private school in Washington, D.C., has not spoken in its defense. Tomorrow, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) will introduce legislation to reauthorize and save the program.

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Brian Oak - January 26, 2011

Obama’s speech last night was

1. Long
2. Boring
3. Cluless
4. Obvious he did not get the meaning of the November 2011 vote.

Michael J. Zak - January 26, 2011

I believe the two special guests for the Speaker’s Gallery should have been from companys or industries that O’bama has laid waste to, ie. Chrysler Financial and/or the Gulf Oil industry.

Brian - January 26, 2011

Who should be invited to the SOTU?…Senators and Congressmen/women. That’s it. The SOTU is for both houses, not a dog and pony show. The POTUS is to talk to congress about the state of the union. That’s how I read the Constitution.

SammysDad - January 26, 2011

1. People who have lost their jobs and obtained other work at a lower salaries rate rather than go on welfare.
2. Wounded warriors
3. Americans who have made a difference in their respective hurting communities.

Margie Waldrop - January 26, 2011

I thought the first half of his speech was very boring because he was giving out knowledge that most citizens already knew. The second half of his speech was on policy. Just as during his first election, he said a lot of good things he was going to do but did none. I don’t believe him anymore.
Why should we believe him? It is a terrible thing to have a President of our country who most people don’t trust.

Sheila kyle - January 26, 2011

I was not impressed at all. It was alot of the same old stuff. Goverment, goverment and goverment. The use of the word “invest” was short for spend. He still believes goverment will solve your problem. It is about the individual taking responsibility for his own circumstances. I have faith in the people not in the goverment. The President puts on a goodshow but his heart tells a different story !!!!!

Jean Murray - January 26, 2011

The heroes who held down Jared Loughner and took away his gun should be recognized and honored for their courage.

larry b cox - January 26, 2011

i’m no longer a republican i can’t under stand whyt they guess we didn’t when last nov.
i want to be with people that know the difference

Sheri Gauger - January 26, 2011

I think the atmosphere of the State of the Union address should be somber and serious. I think the address should be either given from the Oval Office or in the House, but all applause should be held until the address is over. The address should very clearly state the real situation (state) that our Country faces. I think Paul Ryan’s address reflected the real State of the Union. The State of the Union should not be the big social event in Washington that it is today.

Silas Elliott - January 26, 2011

Same old lies.

Ronald Johnston - January 26, 2011

hugo chavez, fidel castro, george soros, and the rest of the evil dictators and would-be dictators in this world should have been invited to this sorrowful excuse for a State of the Union speech. Their pet puppet is performing as ordered.

Patti - January 26, 2011

I felt the speech was very uplifting to the American public, if you were looking for someone that would make you feel good. I call it appeasing. I felt it was filled with fluff and steered clear of any significant
meaning in the long run. I would have liked him to be more specific in regards to tackling the true problems of our economic woes, such as; making it certain there would be major cuts in spending, ie; discretionary and non-discretionary, ridding the thousands of gov’t regulatory depts and leave those obligations to individual states, absolutely closing the borders, cutting all the red tape/paperwork/regulations/corporate taxes to all business’, repealing Obama care entirely and starting over,
stop sending our money to foreign gov’t/countries,
scrap the cap and trade bill along with the
green energy nonsense, and leave education to the states. These are just some of the major points I believe the American public would have rather heard and would like to see put into action now!
I also believe he should have focused on the dire
unemployment and what he would do now, as in
step aside and deregulate so America can get back on its feet. He said nothing to assure the
American public that our nation will be able to get back on it’s feet. Obama needs to deal with the here and now and not what he would like to see
by the year 2035! How ridiculous. His speech was littered with spending and disguised in such a way that most wouldn’t notice he’s not changing anything. It was all for show and his upcoming
campaign election, nothing more. It was extremely
appeasing to the American public, and it’s shameful that some won’t see the trees through
the forest. Very disappointing at best.

AmericanJayhwk - January 26, 2011

U.S. military war veterans and unemployed men and women.

P Coleman - January 26, 2011

I think any soldier would have been a better choice. After all, we wouldn’t even have free schools for boys and girls were it not for them.

Larry Mc Cann - January 26, 2011

“The People”

Melody - January 26, 2011

I didn’t believe a word he said. Obama still doesn’t get it. At this point, he never will…. and it is time he be neutered and muted…. we will just have to stall and wait it out. And learn from our mistakes…. to dismantle the Democrat party, and no longer tolerate the liberal left. They are in the minority and is not what is best about our country. Conservatives need to be bold and agressive and put the liberals in their place!

David Millikan - January 27, 2011

Still living in fantasy world and has not embraced reality that our country is going under fast under his policies.

Kathleen & Clarence Straube - January 27, 2011

The speech was once again filled with his lies about what he will do. He is not listening to America’s and he is cluless and does not understand the meaning of Nov. 2011 votes.He has his beliefs and they do not line up with the US Constitution.

Karolyn Simpson - January 27, 2011

No one should have shown up for the speech nor should it have been televised.

Dr. Henry D. Sinopoli - January 27, 2011

Constantly and continually, members of active military should be publically seated as a reminder that as politicans ‘bloveate’ our young women & men provide the protection for them to do so . While political writers, even Heritage writers post interesting comments for dialogue, they (and all political pundits) live in the fantasy land of rhetorical battle, while the women & men of the Armed Services, on a daily basis, attempt to survive real warfare.

martin - January 27, 2011

At the state of Union address the nations top Economnists should of been present to remark on his ideas,I also feel a audit should be done of the Federal Reserve and look into aoorn and there involement in Harry Reids reelection.

Dorothy Jones - January 27, 2011

congress and senate should be the only ones seated at the SOTU, with the media for coverage only. This should not be used for campaigning, lobbyist, special interest groups or congressional date nights.

Mary Mills - January 27, 2011

I agree with Brian. The SOTU address should be just that. Not a campaign speech and not a dog and pony show.l I find the whole thing embarrassing for our Nation.

Mary Mills - January 27, 2011

The SOTU should be just that. Not a campaign speech or dog and pony show. It has evolved into an embarrassment.

James L. Georges - January 27, 2011

Too long. Meaningless phrases, and solgans. It seemed to be more of a pep rally for his 2012 Re-election Campaign. It was as if the November Election had not really happened. He attempted to tell the American People what they want to hear and not with the hard facts. An overall poor address to the Nation.

Pat - January 27, 2011

Certainly not the camera crew. Suggestion: Seatbelts on the chairs. Baggage usually shifts during take-off.

wayne roth - January 27, 2011

Obama should have had seats reserved for his boss and best friends, George Soros, Van Jones and Bill Ayers.

Diana Brown - January 28, 2011

The State of Our Union is not good. Our country is in trouble and in danger because we do not have a foreign policy. Obama seems to want to destroy this country and I do not understand why nobody can stop him. We are losing our liberties each and every day but no one seems to address this issue. I am afaird for our country. People need to wake up and get the RED out of our WHITE HOUSE. May God Help This Country.

James Violante - January 29, 2011

Obama’s Address was, as usual, without substance and full of his fictitious accomplishments. The applause time is such a waste of valuable time.

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