Heritage Action Scorecard

Heritage Action for America, the sister organization of The Heritage Foundation, has launched new and improved Legislative Scorecard that grades lawmakers on their votes in the current session of Congress.

The Scorecard is a key resource that allows Heritage Action’s hundreds of thousands of activists across the nation to keep Congress accountable.

Using the revised Scorecard, Heritage Action activists can:

  • Know their representatives’ voting record. The Scorecard tracks how lawmakers vote on key measures, including the procedural votes where their true preferences are often revealed.
  • Compare members of Congress. The brand new side-by-side comparison feature allows activists to see how two lawmakers compare vote by vote and issue by issue.
  • Get summaries of key legislation. The Scorecard cuts through the complexity and legal jargon and offers Heritage Action supporters a clear and accurate summary of legislation–and why Heritage Action analysts recommend a yes or no vote.
  • Keep track of conservatives and liberals alike. The Scorecard is updated after each major vote, so activists can see how their Representatives and Senators stack up over time. They can also create a “watch list” to keep track of a group of lawmakers.
  • Get access on the go. The updated Scorecard can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. That means activists can show their neighbors how their lawmakers stack up, bring the Scorecard to a town hall meeting, or check current votes while waiting in line at the grocery store.

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cleo decker - September 20, 2015

Is this based on the US Constitution or your opinion?

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