Heritage Foundation experts Rachel Grezler and James Sherk highlight the success of free enterprise in shrinking the gender pay gap. Their new report shows how differences in pay reflect not systematic bias, as liberals claim, but different choices made by individual men and women:

In 1979, the median woman working full time made 62.5 percent as much as the median man. By 2013, that figure closed to 82 percent—half the gap disappeared. Since the 1970s, women have become more highly educated and moved into higher paying industries and occupations. For example, a generation ago, very few women worked as doctors or lawyers. Today many women work in these and other high-paying occupations and earn more as a result. Consequently, the aggregate gender gap closed significantly.

Who do you think is better at reducing the gender gap in wages: big government or the free market?

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N C Sinton - May 23, 2014

Regarding gender gap in wages…this is all propaganda from the left. I have two COLLEGE GRADUATE girls both of whom worked in “Corporate America” and both making the same as and even more than male counterparts in the same job. Not all women wish nor want to be CEOs. The left never includes that in the equation. They cannot bundle all women with the same blanket.

Paul Harwood - May 23, 2014

I find it sickening that you would claim the advances made by activists and campaigners and by government action – against which Free Enterprise complained and campaigned every step of the way as the result of the same Free Enterprise. Have you no honour or decency?

loretta jeglinski - May 23, 2014

I agree. Men & Women have different responsibilities in their role in taking care of family. They do not handle their jobs in the same way. I see no inequality in most cases now.

Doris Smith - May 23, 2014

Wasted 5 pages of paper. Could not see a print preview or I would have seen that the article page contained only a title and no content. The only printed material was all the tags and comments and Heritage events.

Rev. Zoli Althea Browne - May 23, 2014

Free enterprise rules! The government is not a business. The monies it receives are from the population, it does not generate a product or service for sale. The Obamanation has thwarted free enterprise for the objective of controlling those who see the light. Shame on them. Free enterprise allows our country to thrive and the individuals within it to express self esteem through jobs and service.

Jon H. Clayton - May 23, 2014

The free market has always been the best at resolving
items such as the wage gap between men and women.
The free market wants talent, and many times women have shown they’re far better at a particular job than their
male counterparts, so free markets will place those women
in those jobs at comparable pay.

Don - May 23, 2014

Private enterprise, of course! What we need to work on is elimining the gross overpayment of government employees, complete elimination of bonuses to government workers (bonuses are for producing extra income, profit, growth in sales, efficiency, etc., and are an oxi-moron when government is concerned) and making termination simple, easy and instant for misconduct or non-performance.

Ken Roeder - May 24, 2014

Both of my college educated daughters married college educated men and each earns much more than either husband. This is the result of each persons’ chosen field rather than their gender. This is another example of free enterprise at work. The only time when the genders really can earn equal pay is when they are both employed in low education minimum wage jobs.

Irene Cannon - May 28, 2014

I don’t think there’s anything the government does well, if you want something fixed you’ll have to go to the private sector and shop around. Perhaps if our politicians concentrated more on what they’re suppose to do, instead of interfering in our lives at every turn, things could be better.

Holly Chapo - June 15, 2014

Always and forever, the free market. Has anything ever been better than that for all humans? America became a great nation because of free market principles. We need to never forget that and return to those principles – and get rid of crony capitalism and corporate welfare. Dump the Ex-Im bank.

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