The Hill just can’t get enough of former Heritage staffer, Paul Winfree.

This week, Roll Call released a piece titled Rising Stars 2017: Administration Staffers which highlighted Winfree’s impact in the Trump administration.

A decade ago, Paul Winfree took his first post-college job as a policy analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation. Today, he serves as deputy director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and director of budget policy for President Donald Trump.

…After a stint at the Senate Budget Committee, he returned to Heritage, where he took the lead in writing a 165-page “Blueprint for Balance” proposal to wipe out the deficit. The plan served as a resource for the Trump transition team, of which Winfree was a member.

Winfree says he leapt at the chance to join the administration, seeing an “incredible opportunity” to develop policy.

But he notes: “I work in policy because I want to have an impact. I want public policy to be based around a trust in adults to act responsibly, while being respectful of individual freedoms through choice.”

We are thankful for Winfree’s service at Heritage and excited about his opportunity to work in the Trump Administration.

What do you think the budget priorities of the Trump Administration should be?

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Retta - April 21, 2017

I believe this Admisistration must work hard to save money in many, many areas. Our government size must be smaller. When money is spent on infrastructure, they need to spend only on needed work and keep the spending down.

Andy Lawson - April 21, 2017

Reduce the size of the federal government, reduce spending and balance the budget as we strive to reduse our debt load.

John Metcalf - April 21, 2017

REPEAL OBAMACARE. Like Ben Carson once said in the campaign about health care, “Everyone should have some skin in the game.” Free health care is not an option.

James Collins - April 21, 2017

While there are many more areas of government that need trimming than I even know about, I feel that the biggest areas needing cuts are in the unelected staff of the various agencies that are creating law in this country with little or no oversight. Not only can we reduce spending in the EPA, DEA, HSA, and all other out of control agencies, we can also limit the damage that these rogue agencies are doing to destroy America!

Wendie Black - April 21, 2017

Yes, reduce the size of government and agency budgets. Watch out for private public partnerships as Hobert has no business picking who wins and who loses

William McLean - April 21, 2017

I believe their are many ways to cut costs by eliminating fraud and over spending.. However this must be supported by both sides of the aisle. So far Republicans have shown more interest in protecting their positions of power and Democrats have been primarily only interested in politics not living up to the oaths of office they swore to.

alleen fish - April 21, 2017

You need to go through and eliminate copy programs that are duplicate for the same things. I think if you eliminate Federal EPA and Federal Education. If you repeal Obamacare and then let people find their own insurance would help. Big Pharma needs to be leashed and prices cut way back.

Kimberly Tancrede - April 21, 2017

Eliminate DCYF! Title IV funding gives money for adoptions of foster kids, thus preventing reconciliation with family. Good families are being torn apart because DCYF won’t let familys have visits.

Jan Adkins-Pont - April 21, 2017

Entitlement programs consume a massive chunk of the budget, over which the President, has very little control over. In lieu of a vast reduction in entitlements, I will hope Americans can see the financial precipice our country is teetering on, and demand fiscal responsibility from our legislators. Give federal government a buzz cut- cut taxes and free up the power of American trade, production and ingenuity. — thereby we all prosper.

Peter R. Mare - April 21, 2017

Permit Obama care to die a natural death & end paying for Big Pharma poison pills that continue the killing process that Monsanto Glyphosate resistant GMO’s that destroy our Natural Human Immune System along with vaccinations that contain mercury & aluminum that cause autism & dementia along with deadly statin medications that destroy all Co-enzyme Q10 from every cell Continuing Resolution must fail if President Trumps budget is not included & funds for the wall approved. I personally believe that us Americans would support a go fund me page. 200 million Americans $10 each $2 Billion is not chump change. If government shuts down then the President can run it like a business and re-negotiate long term debt Get rid of Nixon executive order that established the EPA. Just give money to legitimate toxic sites. Vouchers for every child, establish trade school skills in every school district. End forced vaccinations that cause autism and end Codex Harmonization control of FDA created under Clinton fast track treaties that approved the WHO & WTO Both of these organizations are bad for United States & bare the work of the Soros Family Anarchists Let bad ideas die a financial death by closing down the usless deep state government controlled by very fake news

Allan Weide, M.D. - April 21, 2017

Cut spending on the welfare state. Those that are physically or mentally able to work have to support theirselves. No admissions of foreigners to this country unless they can pay their own way.

Daniel Green - April 21, 2017

1) Repeal and replace ObamaCare.
2) Rebuild our military to combat, ISIS, and other terrorist threats.
3) Simplify our tax code.
4) Rebuild our infrastructure.
5) Cut costs where appropriate in all federal agencies.
6) Cut the fraud in the VA, make veteran care a priority.

arden feldbush - April 21, 2017

The “priorities” must produce the income to pass the other spending bills being discussed. Corporate tax reduction to bring back huge amounts from overseas banking of US Corporations. This also brings jobs with tax income from workers. Revised health plan to reduce large amounts being spent and more projected by government support of current ObamaCare mess. Then you can fund infrastructure programs and a border wall/fence.

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - April 21, 2017

Tax cuts, Rebuilding the military, jobs and downsizing government, in that order. Should be the Trump Administration’s priorities. Building the wall can come later.

Johnathan B Mitchell - April 21, 2017

I agree we definitely need to rebuild our military, get rid of Obama care, and if foreigners cannot completely support themselves, they should not be allowed in. It is a requirement in practically every other country why not ours?

David Cortens - April 21, 2017

I am a little concerned that The President might let the New York liberals influence his policy decisions.

John B. Morey - April 21, 2017

It seems to me that there are many entitlements that should be recinded & the others could be reduced. I am from Oklahoma & our great Senator, Tom Coburn, listed in our local paper a few years ago a list of entitlements. I could not believe how in the world an educated person(s) could approve most of the list. It is Politicts 101. There should be a non partisan committee that presents a budget for approval.

Linda Burmeister - April 21, 2017

Reduce waste by demanding that every department and agency reduce spending by 10%. Reduce Medicare fraud. Take a good look at how credit card companies are managing this and apply same principles to medicare reimbursements.

Roy LeBoeuf - April 21, 2017

A balanced budget , a program that actually helps the truly needy, and a real reduction in wasteful government programs and a complete halt to wasteful pork barrel projects .

Jeff J Traylor - April 21, 2017

I would start with the Dept. of State. Their Overseas Building Operations is severely mismanaged with huge additional expenses in the construction and renovations of their facilities . Projects taking twice+ long to complete and running hundreds of millions of dollars over budgets. Costs on some projects exceed $2,000 per sq ft.

Alan Allison - April 21, 2017

Speaker Ryan’s list of grants and agencies that could be eliminated is a good start. All spending should be audited and justified annually.. This would go a lon way toward balancing the budget.

Richard E. Lane - April 21, 2017

Eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau entirely. It does nothing but add to the cost of consumer goods and services and employ 1,500 plus bureaucrats with fat salaries and benefits.

Donald McClaugherty - April 21, 2017

Reduce size of federal government and strive to eliminate wasteful federal spending, balance the federal budget, repeal and replace Obamacare with free-market health care, reduce out-of-control agencies, and eliminate perception that the federal government is a welfare state.

WAYNE BROWN - April 21, 2017

We need the federal government to get a refocus going on Social Security. To those of us whom were born here (me in 1942) we believe we have been stolen from. Using our money to support programs that fund illegals and foreign immigrants, is morally wrong. I’m 74 and still trying to run a small business. I don’t know if I will ever be able to retire. My and my wife’s medications are through the roof. Seeing middle eastern immigrants living in apartments and getting hand outs of our hard earned Social Security monies, makes me angry and sick to my stomach. They sit around all day doing nothing. They just keep having children whom get the same hand outs. This has to be stopped. Don’t know you are going to get it done but continuing down this path will destroy this nation and the citizens whom worked their whole life to build a strong Nation.

Don Wilson - April 21, 2017

I think before you do anything, you go thru each dept. with a fine toothed comb to see where money can be saved. Put a time limit on welfare/ food stamps. You have to balance the budget. A start would be changing parameters in base- line budgeting. Need to fix health care and lower taxes. Social security, medicare, and medicade have to be re- worked otherwise these plus entitlements.will consume our budget!! By the way, tax reduction is dynamic not static as dems and media will try to tell you.

G. Allan Barnes - April 21, 2017

For starters, cut all agencies 10% to start with, eliminate EPA, IRS, NSA, NEA, Nat. Endowment/Art, Homeland Security (should be FBI’S job), TSA, NATO, end immigration, USaid, import/export bank, make welfare food only, stop paying unmarried women to have babies, end foreign aid, reduce tax free orgs, stop ALL money to sanctuary cities, end tax payer money to leftist colleges. These things may anger some, but just look at their abuses over time and it starts to make sense.

Berle Maxey - April 21, 2017

Stop baseline budgeting as a first step. Then move to budget based on tax collections rather than so called department needs. The budget should be based on the government duties rather than all of the dependency producing programs that should be handled by the states, if they even want to continue them.

Dr Jessie Hummel - April 21, 2017

Zero deficit

David G. Holland - April 22, 2017

They should change the tax code and cut the requirement of filing all our information with a agency that can and does use this info wrongfully.Spending money that increases jobs by improving our infrastructure which needs done will bring a lot of that spending back through taxes and spending.By increasing job this way you will get people off of the welfare and increase private spending and payroll taxes, we also must end spending money we don’t have to other countries which becomes corporate welfare, before we cut benefits to Americans. Cut fraud and give government reps and employees Va benefits and make make pay raises require a vote by the public.I think President Trump by putting good people in leadership positions of different agencies will reduce government waste and employees and reduce cost. Social Security should not be cut it is not a entitlement the people that run and administrate it should be fired or arrested they used the money for many things it wasn’t intended for, people claiming unprovable disabilities should have to have a minimum of 10 to 15 years of working to receive any benefits, these should come from other sources such as liberals who think we should use our hard earned money and not theirs to take care of everybody, not a joke.

Mervyn Cloe - April 22, 2017

I think that the deficit should become a target for all citizens. Find a way that people can provide funds to reduce and eliminate the deficit. This will show congress that. citizens want to preserve the nation! Maybe they will stop the spending.

Peter Raugh - April 22, 2017

Defund all programs not constitutionally assigned to the federal government and return the obligation to fund that program to the States or to individuals. To determine if a program is constitutionally assigned to the federal government, use only the meaning of the language at the time it was written.

William Gaumer - April 22, 2017

For healthcare, we need two things to control expense:
1. Provide healthCARE. Deemphasize insurance which covers unexpected events.
2. “Skin in the game” to discourage unneeded care. Government add funds to an HSA on a needs basis so that the HSA should cover the 20% of normal care for an 80/20 plan.

Samuel af Ugglas - April 22, 2017

Kill the TAX CODE!!!
Incarcerate Koskinen and Lerner for life.
Make the 90.000 pen pushers at the IRS redundant!
The rest of making “America Great Again” will take care of it self.

Benjamin Blumberg - April 22, 2017

The main priorities should be reducing the size of each agency by attrition – not making any new hires – EXCEPT to place Conservatives in positions of power via the Plum Book list. And every traitorish liberal who tries to interfere should be sent to the new Federal Useless Bureaucrat Center in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Roger Schweikert - April 22, 2017

1) Paying down the national debt by passing the “Barak Obama-Joe Biden Patriotic Your Fair Share National Debt Reduction Act” to start taxing every redistributive earned income tax credit, Chip payment and every other federal entitlement (including social security, medicare, medicaid payments) received as income over and above any amount paid into to such system. Adding a special tax of a similar amount on the pensions of elected officials who continually voted for debt ceiling increases as well would help pay down the national debt as would doing the same in every state or locality with an regards to individual state debt levels along with treating the benefit of receiving a “free” public education each year as taxable event as well on the state and local level..
2) Replacing Obamacare with more free market health care options like co-ops that allow doctors to work together in groups to offer fee based services without the need to file unnecessary paperwork to get paid and to give them the ability to simply right off any bad debts.
3) Begin taxing federal campaign contributions at 90% rate to fund the government and end the progressive federal income tax.

Hank Raehn - April 22, 2017

As I understand it, the federal spending budget is not related nor limited whatsoever to the amount of revenue received; instead, the budget is based on what was spent last year and that in many cases, an increase in spending is required by law. This has got to change. The president should work with Congress to use the Heritage Foundation’s blueprint for the budget and to strive for a balanced budget amendment.

John Leary - April 22, 2017

The events of the first 100 days make me cautiously optimistic about President Trump’s potential for continued success. It seems that his team’s tactics put some spine in the GoP Senate, and delivered Justice Gorsuch to America. All of his executive orders were superb for various reasons. Their substance has been on point, and the “in your face” aspects began to flush out the “boll weevils” in government. No real progress will be made until they all are helped to find a way to survive elsewhere and thereby prevented from continuing to spoil executive action and to prevent a government that is truly “pro bono publico” from replacing one that for decades has been “pro bono ‘progressivism.’ President Trump has shown that he has the will and the skill to achieve this important transformation. And his “team” has actually not been in place for 100 days. When Mnuchin reports we’ll know the real score. But sadly mugwump GoP members and the virulent attitudes of some Democrats could make necessary legislative progress an Augean task. The first 100 days have shown that the Trump team knows they need to master the art of the deal. My hope is that none of those deals is procrustean.

Tom Dowling - April 22, 2017

Enact a balanced budget amendment. Eliminate wasteful spending. Welfare needs to include work related activity and personal responsibility by the beneficiary. Eliminate social security disability Medicare fraud.

John Leary - April 22, 2017

On the budget:
— ensure a self-shrinking federal work force
— establish Executive principles for Agency and Department spending of whatever funds are appropriated (core mission first, and “suspended” animation for ALL “peripheral” tasks that are identified by Agencies and approved by the President: “et cunctando iactum est”!)
— measure the benefits and costs to the people and to the budget of every regulation, rank them, and impose draconian “suspension” of all with less than “imminent” yield.
— simplify the tax code, both by administrative change of rules and procedures, and by Executive institution of interminal bureaucratic review of all actions that support the activation of poisonous statutes.
— require that Agency and Department heads each show their spending disciplinary successes in a public report to the President, and freeze pay raises AND step increases for all management and executive employees of every A&D that does not pass muster in that public spectacle.
— remember that planning a budget is less important than spending to a budget

Christopher Thomas Gibbons - April 22, 2017

Since Congress remains paralyzed by lack of leadership and institutional constraints continue to reverse regulation reform by executive order and have your departments climate free government programs like Obama phone, good stamps, etc. I saw more evidence of abuse last week when a lady pulls out EBT at the grocery store and the loads them into her $40,000 plus car.

Bob Wilks - April 22, 2017

Stop grant funding by Health & Human Services to bring immigrants into this country to commit acts of terror. Foreign aid given to other countries should only be in goods, products and services produced in the United States – made in America.
Reduce deficit by stopping government waste.

Richard Mondale - April 22, 2017

The following is not a budget item, but it will increase the Tax Income. Our Income Tax system is very expensive. It costs us $600 Billion / year, and we lose orders world wide, so it costs us over a $ Trillion / year. Saving that would stimulate the economy and increase tax income. My Budget recommendation is rewrite the 16th Amendment to allow other tax forms.

Unknown - April 22, 2017

There are a hundreds of calculations formulas and Algorithms for balancing the federal budget and yes it can be accomplished, but has anybody noticed that the simple savings account and Certificate of deposit is at something like .05 percent. My teenager has said “Dad why and how should I save for my future because I actually lose money we have to pay taxes”.

Janelle Nowell - April 22, 2017

The biggest priorities of 2017/18 in the budget should be defense and homeland security

Henry C. Holder - April 22, 2017

To not fund crap requested and to stick to funding essentials first and any leftover, priortize to the tax money expected to come into the treasury.

Richard Mondale - April 22, 2017

Here is another Budget Priority. In compliance to Article One; Sec 7, the politicians in Congress should only be allowed to Raise Revenue (through taxation if necessary) and make decisions about what the Government should do, even when these are likely to be unpopular. They will not like this, so the budget solution is to get rid of voting for our representatives.

Donald W. Collins - April 22, 2017

I am not related to James Collins, but I totally agree with his statement. And it is not agencies only. An example is the Affordable Health Care Act(Obama Care). This act was wrote in the Senate under the leadership of Harry Reid. Congress passed a law to help our Service members and sent it to the Senate. The Senate wiped out all words , installed Obama Care and sent it back to Congress to pass. That is why there is not one Republican vote recorded in Congress or the Senate for Obama Care!

Sandy (Sandra) Elliot - April 22, 2017

The logical process to “reduce government” is to determine if the Law, which drives funding, is supported by the Policy. Write the job descriptions necessary to support the Policy. Write the quantifiable description for performance for each job. Then determine the evaluation for performance and cost to employ the service of that Employee. Is it possible to get there from here????

Betty Rouch - April 22, 2017

Cut agencies and departments. Build the wall. Cut taxes. Strengthen the military. Term limits for Congress.

Gordon birkett - April 22, 2017

Eliminate the IRS and go to a flat prorated tax for every indivigual. Make it simple,no loop holes, no deductions of any kind other than a dependent. Example, Gross income$20,00 to 30,000 Tax $1,000
30,000 to 50,000 Tax $5,000
50,001 to 100,000 Tax $7,500
101,000 to 250,000 Tax $10,000
Over 251,000 a flat 5% of gross
Let an economist figure a Tax for business and corprations.
Gordon Birkett April 24, 2017

Sandra Stotsky - April 22, 2017

Gradual elimination of USED, as promised.

Jerry Metcalf - April 22, 2017

Reduce size of government, eliminate waste and duplicate dept.s, convert retirements to 401K. Place all employees and elected persons into the VA for medical care.

bill T Davis - April 22, 2017

How about a federal income, tax credit for charitable contributions. No government has ever administered social welfare from the national level with any success. Tax credit say up to 30% of your federal income taxes would flood the local charities with money, allowing the federal social welfare program be phased out. Let local, state and federal government approved the charities. In particular, let local government control local charities and local welfare. Bill T Davis [email protected]

matthew groff jr. - April 22, 2017


Patricia H Danz - April 22, 2017

Please, please, please REPEAL Obamacare and replace it with STATE PROGRAMS ONLY! (BLock grants OK.) I hear the current bill allows states to nulify the requirements of the federal program and make their own – nifty!

The administration is doing a wonderful jub cutting down on illegal immigration, but some sort of a wall needs to be built. Drones, electronics, and movable troops would be fine. Hasn’t Congress already allocated funds for a wall in previous administrations?

Fred Henry - April 22, 2017

I believe that President Trump’s budget policies should include the following.
a. Rebuilding our military to provide for a strong national defense.
b. Provide for a vibrant business climate with tax reforms that will revitalize our stagnant economy.
c. Responsible tax changes to the IRS tax code.
d. Make common sense reductions to our social welfare system. We shouldn’t reward people for doing nothing. They should show that they are looking for gainful employment.
e. Eliminate funding for ridiculous research projects.
f. Eliminate free medical care for illegal immigrants.
g. There are many more but to numerous to mention.

William Zmistowski, Jr. - April 22, 2017

1A – K-12 Education reform – everything ultimately depends on what our kids learn; 1B – Shrink higher education funding to 1/2 (about what it was 17 yrs ago when we got better educations.)
2 – Spend extra on Inner Cities urban living reforms – black middle class voters are key to patriotic conservative success.
– Military build-up (& extensive tech advances) which also creates tons of manufacturing jobs for the middle class.
– Disband/defund much of the bureaucracy, EPA, etc. (maybe 1/2).
– Sell government owned land and buildings that will be potentially profitable for middle American investors.
– Inundate ICE and illegal immigrant deportation crackdowns with funding to reduce the voting advantage the immigrants give the leftist Democrats (and creates more jobs).
– Eliminate grants to most non-profits
– Cut welfare back to only basic foods and shelter for survival.
– Encourage the cheapest energy production for America which is probably coal & hydro-electric (not subsidized, inefficient solar, wind turbines, etc.)

Al Wunsch - April 22, 2017

The president must first right the ship. He needs to get the economy going but he also needs to balance the budget. The feds are in too many areas that belong to the states. Because of the politics in both parties, the W/H will have to lay out a tax plan and healthcare plan, sell it to the people and then push congress to get it passed. A lot of federal land should be sold back to the states and the revenue used to reduce the debt. Last admin used the agencies as weapons so it would be nice to rid us, the people, of the IRS with a flat tax and cut back(elim) the EPA, Education,Energy, etc. and take a look at the structure of the Dept of Homeland Security. Pres Trump is doing a great job but he is facing a headwind of mindless opposition from the congress and media.

CD Crown - April 22, 2017

Reducing federal bureaucracies by incremental percentages have never, and will never work. It’s like cutting away 10 to 30% of a malignant cancer tumor; they just grow back larger than before. For example: before the creation of the Dept. of Education (DoEd), we had the best education system on the planet. Now we one of the worst performing education systems in the developed world. Kill the DoEd and rif the employees. Send valid administrative activities back to the states and local governments where they belong.
This country will never stop running fiscal deficits and racking up more public debt until the Central Bank (the Federal Reserve) and the corporate banks are restricted in the amount of fiat money they can create through fractional reserve banking and creating money out of thin air by physically printing it or creating it electronically. If Congress had to pay for the deficits with real money, raised by collecting taxes, the country would revolt. Agencies like DoEd would not exist at the federal level.

PATSY THOMAS - April 22, 2017

Finding the appropriate increase in budget spending to help our military on the ground fighting ISIS to survive and win, until ISIS goes back to the Moslem countries where they are coming from. Next to figure how to remove past hires of excessive “staffers” of the Obama administration.

Tom Laur - April 22, 2017

Our income tax is broken and can’t be fixed! It needs to be abolished! The 16th amendment was wrong based on the top economic producers being the only ones taxed to a limited % of income. That of course did not last before adding more citizens at higher tax percentage. Return to a consumption based tax for the country. Then watch as other countries move their businesses to America.

PATSY THOMAS - April 22, 2017

I’m so proud of Paul and Heritage for training expertly capable people in the broad field of free constitutional government.

James. Mullins. Sr - April 22, 2017

Reduce size of Government @all levels, especially @ the permanent level. Decertify the union & fire where necessary.. pass a Balanced Budget Law to force all administrations to adhere.

John Sollazzo - April 22, 2017

The debt hole that has been created…by our reckless politicians …in both parties… is so deep, that I believe a 20 year plan must be established to address it. Such a plan would require consecutive years of across-the board spending reductions. Private businesses have sucessfully done this for years when market forces have required it. It would not be easy, but with resolve, vision and leadership…it could be done. It would probably be a good idea to get started on this while the US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. If the moment ever comes when it no longer is, we are in deep trouble.

Kay - April 22, 2017

On Budget and Security –
We should limit government operation expenditures paid to seemingly domestic companies which have an element of foreign ownership, particularly expenditures from agencies involved with information technology operations, critical infrastucture, financial and banking oversight, pharmaceticals, energy, and defense. We should increase government staff to replace any ill-advised foreign contracts and return to self performance. Outsourcing to foreign controlled companines has been well hidden by using exectuive orders which dictate classification of information. In addition to causing hidden foreign activity by the orders which misconstrue information as national security information, the orders cause downstream FOIA redactions and litigation and further expense. The cost of the inherient conflict of interest of having a foreign party in the middle of critical operations and the physical risk to government facilities and systems should be identified in the budget planning and actual expenditures. Acquisition processes before award should account for the increase in price caused by foreign access risk and our future dependency on foreign cooperation in defense activities, if any. It would assist the budget process if relevent executive orders would be revised to delete the assumption that any foreign relations information is a risk to national security, the assumption which causes overclassification, at least a revision to see where spending has been going in past years. The executive order language is old and it is now a time when corporations are merged, sold, and/or affiliated with hidden overseas entities. It is disruptive and incorrect to assume that all activity remotely related [any “element” of a foreign entity] is a threat to national security. Not knowing the substance of foreign related conduct could itself be the threat, if we do not know on whom we depend and allowed inside our operations.

Ken Palmen, Sr. - April 22, 2017

The first action should be to make reductions to the Tax Levels for Business and for the individual. That will put spending $ in the economy and
create needed jobs. There should be a Workfare Program quickly developed to move the young adults from Welfare into jobs and self-support. Thus reducing the Wasteful Tax $ now spent on “Do-Nothing Adults”.

Mary Szullo - April 22, 2017

Reduce size of the federal government by eliminating waste & fraud, reducing staff and number of agencies. Fed TSA employees should be replaced with Israeli-type security. Give insurance back to the purchaser, not to the govt. Much waste in medicare by requiring repeated “qualification” for treatments. Balance the budget.

Chuck Roberts - April 22, 2017

I would love to see ALL PORK taken out of
future budgets.
Chuck Roberts, April 22, 2017

Glynnda White - April 23, 2017

The first and most important thing is to remove all Obama appointees not because they are not the same party, but because they have been attempting to undermine Trump’s presidency. Many federal orgs are redundant, many departments should be abolished and that money sent straight to the national debt. Next the government should get out of the private loan business including Freddie, Fannie and Ginnie and all of that money should go straight to the national debt. Then a serious tax cut and reform at every level including completely abolishing the income tax.

Suzanne Russell - April 23, 2017

Make policy that will be common sense for the ages and make it to be only undone by the President and the Congress or some other check and balance.

Reginald Dickson - April 23, 2017

If Paul Winfree could take most of the 35 comments and get a small portion of them enacted, we would see the country begin to turn around. We must find a way to stop this downhill slide and these suggestions would be a good way to begin. Unless I miss my guess, many of these are already on Paul Winfree’s list.

Robert Forsyth - April 23, 2017

There3 is so much duplication and waste in the Federal budget. I would like to see the Trump administration initiate a program like the Peter Grace effort a few years ago to ferret out all of the excess. It sure would make a balanced budget and debt reduction an easier task.

Thomas R. Reed - April 23, 2017

President Trump should cut all non essential programs. Welfare needs to revamped so that to draw a check one must pass drug test and if physically able they should clean streets or do some sort of work that would otherwise have to be paid for by tax payers.

Charles Fickling - April 23, 2017

I believe the three priorities should be National Defense, Infrastructure, and boarder security. Unnecessary spending should be eliminated and waste should be curtailed.

Mona Mistric - April 23, 2017

Oh how we need to reduce/eliminate the national debt. I do NOT like our country being obligated to any other country because we owe them money.
Too many times our federal tax dollars have created bureaucracies, made up of many departments and divisions administered by lots of people–federal, state and local organizations get their piece of the pie first. The original purpose, whether it was to help people in times of need, protect our environment, oversee education, etc.…. is lost in a sea of regulations created by the bureaucracies to further the importance of themselves and their jobs. Very little gets to the people or place it was intended to assist. This is a good reason to delegate programs to the states. Each state cares deeply about their people and their environment and should be responsible for their own outcomes.
The money wasted on salaries to perpetuate bureaucratic organizations should be rededicated to pay off the national debt.

Linda Pearson - April 23, 2017

Like many others, I believe cuting EPA down to a trickle and letting states handle their own environment protections; cutting the Education dept. drastically would be a positive move; eliminating Planned Parenthood (There is nothing they do any medical facility can’t do); leaving many gov’t positions empty as is the current case; drastically reducing foreign aid to non friendly countries; and health care should be completely repealed with a new emphasis on insurance. If we allowed Dr.s to offer their own office plans it would improve what they could make in their practice and the quality of care we receive.

Robert C. Biggio - April 23, 2017

It’s all about reducing size of government by getting rid of duplicate agencies, unnecessary agencies and programs. Then balance the budget by reducing spending and the massive government waste !

Wayne Adamson - April 23, 2017

Start by cutting the Dept of Education budget in half. Eliminate any projects in any department aimed at supporting man made global warming. Cut government funding to states and cities that decide to become sanctuaries for illegal aliens. Cut the energy department budget to support only projects that can be shown to be economical for future country energy needs such as nuclear power as opposed to large scale solar or wind turbine. Reduce government management positions. Too many people are being paid big salaries for doing very little.

Dave Ruths - April 23, 2017

Dave Ruths

In addition to these many good ideas, let’s return to the original concept of congressional service vs. plum careers. Maybe term limits. Certainly: same medical care insurance and retirement sharing as portable 401-K/ IRA’s of ordinary citizens -no fat lifetime plans irrespective of service ; no self-voted raises; and tightened accountability measures for attendance and expenditures.

Diana Jackson - April 24, 2017


Lydia Lynne Coates Fuller - April 24, 2017

Proper use of military funding for national and domestic defense should be the first priority. Then, limit government by cleaning house completely. Eliminate all other supercilious agencies and bureaucrats.

Lydia Lynne Coates Fuller - April 24, 2017


Carol Doucet - April 24, 2017

Repealing Obamacare, therefore eliminating the taxes included in the bill, balancing the budget by downsizing federal programs ie elimination of those that are not constitutionally admissible, such as IRS, EPA, Dept of Ed, etc. Job creation and keeping jobs in the U.S. FDA needs a leash…..they tend to put medicines on the market with random side effects then later take them off the market because of horrific side effects creating lawsuits controlled by “ambulance chasers” filling their coffers with taxpayer money.

Don Bickers - April 24, 2017

1. Increase national defense and boarder
2. Reduce Medicare fraud, etc. so the national debt can be trimmed.
3. Consider other cost cutting measures.

william schmidt - April 25, 2017

Steve Ballmer has a new venture that tracks how our tax money is spent. We need less government that should cost less. Our citizens must remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch. When you must borrow to pay for lunch, the lunch costs more. Doesn’t this tell you that you have a spending problem, rather than a revenue problem?

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