Back in 2016, Heritage Expert John Malcom authored a list of stellar conservative jurists suitable to replace  the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. That list, which included Judge Brett Kavanaugh, appeared first in Heritage’s Daily Signal.

Shortly thereafter, the Trump campaign produced a list of its own. It included some of the same judges recommended by Malcolm, but Kavanaugh was not among them.

But last November, the White House updated its list and included Judge Kavanaugh. Doubtless Kavanaugh made that list due to his impressive conservative record on the bench, but it couldn’t have hurt that he came Heritage-recommended.

As John Malcom has said in speaking of court vacancies, “That’s why it’s so important that Heritage does what it can to educate candidates and the public about the power of the judiciary.”

The fact that the president would value our contributions to this very important process is a humbling honor that is only possible because of your support. Thank you for making this possible.

How do you feel about President Trump crediting Heritage for helping his Supreme Court decision?

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Mary Anne Westphal - September 7, 2018

I have always trusted Heritage to be through, honest and active in order to preserve the true America I grew up loving and believing in.

Robert Coper - September 7, 2018


Robert Cooper - September 7, 2018

Put simply “GREAT”

Joe Lybrand - September 7, 2018

Mr. Trump is not all Tweets’ and “Whistles”.
He knows where the “smarts” are. Give him a “Bravo Zulu”. Navy slang for Well Done.

Bernard Giroux - September 7, 2018

Thank you, President Trump.

Tom Lanners - September 7, 2018


Helen`Kaufman - September 7, 2018

I’m proud of what the Heritage Foundation has done to guide the President in picking an outstanding person for this position.

Suzanne Russell - September 8, 2018

I think it’s great that he does mention Heritage! It makes me feel safe about his decisions and directions knowing that he got good counsel and information on whatever the need is for that day.

John Mounce - September 8, 2018

President mentioning Heritage is great.
It demonstrates he seeks informed council.
Thanks to Heritage and its informed staff for the many contributions of thoughts, ideas and sugestions.

Jane Holcomb - September 8, 2018

I am thankful for the recommendation and am living for the day when he is confirmed and joins the honorable Justices on the SCOTUS. God bless him!!!

Joseph B Haggerty Sr. - September 8, 2018

I believe that The President crediting The Heritage Foundation shows that these decisions he make are not made in a vacuum. Heritage has a better knowledge of the qualified jurist in our nation, which is obvious in their inclusion of Judge Kavanaugh’s name. In this hearing Judge Kavanaugh demonstrated why he will make a superb Supreme Court Justice.

John H Marshall - September 8, 2018

I am very concerned regarding the condition of our country and the way it was headed. It is so refreshing to have a judge of Kavanaugh’s character appointed. Thank you President Trump and Heritage Foundation for your work!!

Lance Hites - September 8, 2018

I support Heritage for being in the right place at the right time. I am more pleased with what you do every year! Our Dear President LOVES this country, That is the main thing we needed in 2016 and beyond. This is why I voted for him in the first place. A great role model for future statesmen. No politician need apply.

Joan & Larry Knapp - September 8, 2018

Very thankful for

Joe Splavec - September 9, 2018

It is good tot see influence of Heritage has positive impact on Pres. Trump. selection.
Hopefully he will look to Heritage for future help on decisions.

Edwin Gaster - September 9, 2018

I feel that he made a wise decision by involving an advisor like this organization in his selection of a Supreme Court Justice. May he continue to consider your advice in various decisions about our nation.

Edward Oliver - September 14, 2018

I strongly feel that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is one of the finest Judges to be nominated for the Supreme Court and will bring more honor and reality to the court with his record and his open mind to Justice and the Constitution of the USA. I feel he shall be nominated and approved by those honest politicians within our Senate!

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