A field of 20 Democratic presidential candidates was split into two groups of 10 for the first debate of the 2020 election, taking place over two nights at Knight Concert Hall in Miami, Fla., hosted by NBC News, MSNBC, and Telemundo. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

On Wednesday and Thursday, 20 Democratic candidates hoping to unseat President Trump in 2020 debated in two 10-person groups. They covered a range of topics, including immigration, health care, the economy, and education/student debt.

At The Heritage Foundation we have solutions, we know our proposals will work, and we are confident that they will expand liberty in this country. Outlined below are our solutions to each of the important topics mentioned.

  • Immigration – Immigration is one of the fundamental building blocks that help make America the unique nation that it is. But the debate over border security and immigration has become toxic. Learn about the principles that should guide thoughtful immigration reform here: America’s Biggest Issues: Immigration
  • Health care – Most Americans agree that the health care system in the United States is in need of an overhaul. But the solution is not to emulate the models found in Europe and Canada. Instead, health care should put patients and doctors in the driver’s seat: America’s Biggest Issues: Health Care
  • The economy – Despite what naysayers might tell you, the U.S. economy is booming. The way to expand wealth and prosperity to more Americans is not through more government programs, but by expanding the one thing that can achieve this: economic freedom.
  • Education/student debt – As stated by Heritage President Kay Coles James, “Colleges and universities are failing us. Students are often subject to socialist ideology, they’re not set up for career success, and they can’t pay off the debt they’ve accumulated.” Here is the solution to fix this broken system: America’s Biggest Issues: Education

What did you think about the policy proposals discussed during the debates?

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Dianne Cowall - June 28, 2019

Can we have transcripts of podcast.? It is disrupting to others around you with podcast sound.

James R Egbert - June 28, 2019

Immigration is a big issue that the Dems have wrong! Our country needs immigrants – our current birthrate is too low. We need additional citizens. We must be allowed to choose our immigrants!
We need to get our government – both national & local – out of Health Care. We need well trained health care providers who compete for our business.

Kathleen Parr - June 28, 2019

I Couldn’t Watch the Democratic Debate
Racism should not be in our land anymore…Our Younger Generations do not see color…So where is the Divide Coming From…Behavior…There is NO DNA Gene for Slavery it is a Behavior …I would suggest that Joe Biden Kamala Harris …Elizabeth Warren and etc to find another way to make money and not abuse People…
Today I received a Phone Call from HRC Imposter that alone tells the story…I Stand With My President Trump!

Pat Ellis - June 28, 2019

NM Gov. Susana Martinez said to Cavuto of Fox News, “Cartels are passing out flyers in South American about the United States free healthcare, free college, $15 an hr. wages, welfare and more so they would get the money to bring them to our border!!!” The Democratic candidates are feeding this to illegal immigrants! The caravans will increase in size & frequency!!! A Democratic president will doom our country!!!!!!!!!

Andy Flores - June 28, 2019

Demos want to shovel more cash into their favorite Drug companies that own and operate the media and the demos.
Read Mercola.com and learn about what real health care is.

Rev. F. David Wells - June 28, 2019

What policy briefings?
Preferences, yes!
Opinions, yes.
Facts? Policies?
Maybe that’s coming but that is still in the fure!!

William Coates - June 28, 2019

The problems at our southern border are caused by a century of tolerating corrupt governments to the south. Their people have no economic rights, poor education, no real religious traching. This makes them poor, unproductive, and unprincipled. They are ruled by power-seekers.
It was uncaring to let that go on. The fault lies with our State Department and our use of ambassadorships as political plums. We. should be working to correct the situations which will go sour a decade or so hence.
We should apply serious pressure to upgrade incompetent governments now, but our own Congress is a horrible example.

Al McCulley - June 29, 2019

I did not see one AMERICAN FLAG?!
I did see disrespect for America
I saw disrespect for our President
Vets omitted with little or no concern
illegals praised & homeless forgotten
Money for illegal kids none for American
homeless kids & families.
Didn’t hear a word about AMERICA first?
Nor any words on capitol punishment for murder? There were no words on death sentence for killing a law officer?
I heard racism!
Stop all assistance, (funds, money, food shelter) to illegals & you stop the problem! Then finish build the wall.
I stand & support President Trump!

Gary Burkle - June 29, 2019

The American people are too savvy to fall for their left-wing fantasies.

Patricia Sacco - June 29, 2019

Its a wonder to me that ad of free stuff with noone to pay for it will make people vote blue esp those who have got their degrees in liberalism . Its a marvel to me how trump has succeeded without much fix for assylum loopholes.

paul rabin - June 29, 2019

Abolish airport immigration stations and let all who come in. Save lots of money This is as dumb as the Dems proposals at the border but basically the same

nancy jones - June 29, 2019

Team William on this one;;;;;;;;;;;others make great points, but long-term corruption over decades has really hurt us all! My friends and I watched together and had a great laugh, but it is reall more sad that a thinking, living human being could even buy into that crap! The lack of pure common sense amazes me everytime they open their mouths;;;;;;;;what does it take to become embarrassed about believing what they say? The real winner of the debates(amateur at best) is Donald Trump;;;;;;;;;;;thank the Goddess!

Chris Milord - June 29, 2019

The debates with the 20 candidates illustrated just how far left the Dems have moved in the last few years. They endorse open borders with no vetting of unlawful migrants for health or national security concerns. They continue to treat illegal immigrants better than citizens and legal immigrants. This is one reason why Trump won the election and likely will be victorious in 2020. The candidates also embrace the green new deal which would bankrupt the nation even as the Dems lay down a large carbon footprint in their wake. They don’t understand that giving out freebies in education and healthcare means that taxpayers will pay the tab. The higher the bill rises, the less incentive there will be for producers to create jobs and invest in the economy.

These candidates believe that big government is the solution to all social ills and throwing money at problems will make crises disappear. They never learn from history and thus are doomed to repeat it again and again. Their high taxes and regulations would strangle a healthy economy and generate a recession. The lesson of hard work and personal responsibility rarely ever comes up in liberal debates and it makes one wonder what universe these folks live in. They have lost their sense of history and the founding principles of our great country such as limited government, the rule of law, civic virtues, free enterprise, and individual autonomy. What’s really sad is they have lost touch with most Americans and their values. The Dems exist in a very childish world of wishful thinking coupled with centralized coercion.

gus morreale - July 1, 2019

typical democratic bull. they do not want to fix or solve problems just push their bad programs and promises that people think are good but are bad for Americas future. they will do anything for votes. they really do not care about our great country.

J. L. Schmerbauch - July 1, 2019

. The high cost of college is due in large part to federal intervention. Federal intervention has caused raised tuition. Eliminate the Dept of Education. Its interference in state run schools has caused costly problems and lowered achievement. Fifty competing states would provide improvements..

Scott Hendry - July 1, 2019

These are common sense solutions, but the politicians in this country don’t seem to understand common sense. Most would sell out their own family for political points

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