Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) speaks to Heritage Foundation staff Thursday after being announced as Heritage's next president. Photo: Shealah Craighead.

Conservative commentator Erick Erickson wrote on praising the news that Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) will succeed Heritage President Ed Feulner next April.

“The Heritage Foundation Board should be commended for what, at this time in relations between the Republican Party and conservative movement, can honestly be considered a brave and genius move,” Erickson explains.

He explained why DeMint’s arrival at Heritage will bolster the conservative movement:

The conservative movement, still so attached to Reagan, risks becoming a relic of history as it fails to adapt to the twenty-first century tackling new ideas with its timeless principles…

The Heritage Foundation, which more or less arose from the ashes of the Goldwater conservatism that failed in the late sixties, became a key player within institutional establishment Republican politics over the past decade, and now suddenly finds its founder retiring and passing the keys over to the man who has helped restart the conservative movement within the political wing of the GOP in the way Ed Feulner restarted the conservative movement within the intellectual wing of the GOP.

There is no better person to take Ed Feulner’s job. It is a marvelous transition. Ed Feulner knew he was not the indispensable man, but has now made sure the Heritage Foundation remains the indispensable organization within the conservative movement. That is a brilliant legacy.

Since its founding, The Heritage Foundation has been committed to formulating and promoting policies based on sound conservative principles. That will not change.

What do you think of DeMint’s coming role as The Heritage Foundation’s president?

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Edward Liberatore - December 7, 2012

This is a great day for The Heritage Foundation and the conservatives in America. We need to, based on the last election, educate the people, especially the young, why conservative ideas will greatly benefit this country.

Al Bahl - December 8, 2012

WOW! I used Senator DeMint’s wisdom since he started ‘the
Senate Conservative’ on my email list. Now he is even more
significant at The Heritage Foundation. Constitutional
Conservatives have more power now than ever….

Don E. Marshall - December 9, 2012

I hope this is the genius move all the conservative pundits
say it is. I am truly worried about the conservatives in Congress
with far from Conservative Boehner as Speaker of the House.
Sometimes he acts as a RINO. We need him removed. How he got
Speaker in the first place was beyond me. Maybe Sen. DeMint can do
something from his new position. All the Best as Heritage
Foundation President Senator.

allen - December 19, 2012

Jim is my state senator, so I am very sad to loose our most promising and consistant well spoken voice and vote. This guy is the real deal.

I would prefer him to begin his run for president now and thus begin re-educating America on how market economics really work and what the constitution means.

I hope Jim can an affect on this country while leading Heritage. It is a huge gamble that I hope works in the end. We need a voice crying out in the wilderness. There is no doubt in my mind that Jim DeMint is that voice.

God Bless

Greg Phelps - December 20, 2012

As usual, Ed Feulner makes wise decisions! There couldn’t be a better replacement. Well done Ed. Good luck in retirement and thank you for all your hard work over these many years.

Leo Deas - December 21, 2012

Conservatives need all the help we can get. Certainly the Republican leadership in the House has disappointed us. I agree with Mr.Marshall that The Speaker needs replacing. All the best to Senator DeMint in his new capacity. Lead on.

Barry Simon - December 21, 2012

Congratulations to The Heritage Foundation for picking Senator Jim Demint as your next president. He is a brilliant choice because of his experience in government, his experience in the field of advertising and marketing—having had an ad agency for 20 years, and his experience as a man who holds to strong conservative principles—even in the face of strong opposition. Jim Demint is also a gentleman who can explain and get his point across in a firm but respectful way. I believe he will bring new ideas to The Heritage Foundation that will help to communicate conservative ideas in an understandable way to the mainstream of America and to many who really haven’t heard the wisdom and success of conservative thinking. God bless the Heritage Foundation and its new president Senator Jim Demint. May you have great wisdom for this very important task.

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