Operation Fast and Furious was an attempt by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agency to sell and trace thousands of firearms to “straw buyers” in Mexico. The idea was that these weapons would show up at crime scenes in Mexico thus enabling law enforcement on both sides of the border to link drug cartels to specific criminal acts.

However, many of the guns were lost in the process and are showing up in crime scenes across the U.S. and Mexico. One is even linked to the murder of a Border Patrol agent.

As was pointed out in a House oversight committee hearing, the U.S. government essentially engineered the flow of illegal weapons from the United States directly into the hands of Mexican drug cartels without interception or interdiciton.

As The Heritage Foundation’s Lachlin Markey explains,

Not only were guns from the operation discovered at the scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder, but an additional 57 Fast and Furious firearms were recovered at 11 different violent crime scenes in the American Southwest. The gunwalking tactic – which ATF officials have denied and admitted to, sometimes in the span of only a few minutes – was devised as a means to learn how cartels illegally obtained firearms from the United States. But the vast majority of the roughly 1,500 guns ATF estimates were sold to “straw buyers” were not tracked by agency officials. Many of those guns did not even make it back to the cartels in Mexico, but were instead sold or handed off to operatives in the United States.

While lives are being on lost on this side of the border, not one cartelist has been arrested as a result of this operation. The very idea of letting guns “walk” right into the hands of drug kingpins is appalling.

What are your thoughts on the botched operation? Be sure to share your comments below.

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Wendell Phillips - August 23, 2011

An obvious tactic to further Obama’s “under the radar” boast to impose national gun control.

William - August 24, 2011

Sadness and Disappointment:
Were my first two thoughts. This is the result of lack of passion on the employee’s part and the leadership’s part from the top down. Until real actual leaders are put in place from the White House down these things are going to continue.

Leonard Hartman - August 24, 2011

This agency should have it’s budget cut at least in half.

JIM BURG - August 24, 2011


Lawrence A. Burnham - August 24, 2011

As the US government, namely the ATF, Eric Holder, and President Obama where part of this plan they should, and need to be tried in court for supplying firearms used in the commission of a crime, namely murder. Under US law, anyone supply weapons (guns) that are used to commit murder are as guilty of the crime as the person pulling the trigger.

john geiger westbury ny - August 24, 2011

This was wronge to do.It should be punishable to the ones who insituted the idea John Geiger

Candy Pender - August 24, 2011

This is outrageous! I just hope that Congressman Issa will not give up this fight and can get to the bottom (or top) of it. The Obama administration should be held responsible for this act and pay for the deaths of the border agents. I have never seen such blatant corruption in our government until now.

John Foell - August 24, 2011

Whole thing was an excercise in stupidity. Inject a bunch of illegal guns to an illegal organisation and expect to be able to track them as they move through the illegal operation whose very mode of operation precludes tracking. Dumb and dumber. What were they (not) thinking? I suspect a more nefarious goal – maybe to inflame the gun control advocates???

Donald Baker - August 24, 2011


Frances Sharpe - August 24, 2011

I am so disgusted with Eric Holder and everything that the Justice Dept. has done under Obama. It is time to demand his resignation, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He only enforces the laws he wants to and thumbs his nose at the Constiution. Time to go, Mr. Holder!

Mike - August 24, 2011

The U.S. House and Senate should not rest until there is a full accounting for who knew what, when they knew it and at what level within the Obama adminstration, including the President, the authorization for this program was initiated. If the DOJ continues to ignore Congressional subpoenas, a special prosecutor should be appointed to resolve accountability.

sebastian galletta - August 24, 2011

I hope congress has the guts to go after Attorney General Eric Holder and whoever else, including Mr. Obama, involved in the fast and furious gun running fiasco.
In my opinion they have done a grave injustice to the America people and should be removed from office. Innocent people have been killed because of their stupidity.
We have what I call an INJUSTICE Department of America.

JoAnne Duke - August 24, 2011

It stinks, just like some of the other things directed by our AG.

Earl Rudolph - August 24, 2011

This is a blatant attempt to ram gun control down our throats.

James C. Ferris - August 24, 2011

This is just snother act of TREASON by Obama and Holder and should be added to the arizona trying to close the border that is a federal responsibility and it allows Invaders and backpack bombers to cross and they should be tried fot it. Pure and SIMPLE TREASON

Paul Hammond - August 24, 2011

The NRA and the CCRKBA, Alan Gotlieb, group have been following this story for some time. Glad to see you are also now following the story. Every news light in the country should be focused on this outrage.

Respectfully yours, Paul Hammond, Davison, MI

Mary Jane Casablanca - August 24, 2011

This was another attempt to take away our 2nd Amendment rights. These agents who originally protested were bullied into submission. Additionally, I believe that Eric Holder should be impeached. Clearly this was a serious breach of criminal law and is a good example of how the Obama administration continues to disregard our Constitution and any other U.S. laws.

Larry Paullus - August 24, 2011

I believe that this BATF program was ordered by Obama/Holder as a means to show that cartels were getting guns from the US and that more restrictive gun laws were needed to stop this from happening.

Robert Augeri - August 24, 2011


Sara - August 24, 2011

We not only need a new president but we need to rid of HOLDER and his department. They are the basis of it all.

Betty - August 24, 2011

Obama and Holder had to know and approve this operation. They should be impeached.

Charles Burger - August 24, 2011

Couldn’t ‘chips’ have been put in these guns? Then we could have followed the guns and captured or killed the people who bought and used them. Another reason to cut Government spending by at least 10% per department, per year for at least 3 years.

Elizabeth Coe - August 24, 2011

I believe the Fast and Furious program was a means to an end for the Obama administration. Never let a good created crisis go to waste. Ingenious so they thought, undermine our second amendment right to bear arms by secretly supplying guns to the drug cartels and when they use them on Americans the administration would then be justified to call for gun control. I believe this administration is subversive and radical and will use all means to take this country down. The fact that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms is a glitch in their agenda. Thank God for the genious of our forefathers who saw this possibility and protected us with gun rights!

Jim Griggs - August 24, 2011

Typical result by people who are naive and incompetent. I also believe that it is one more brick in the road to disarming the American population.

Edward Sobus - August 24, 2011

I think all the players in this dance need to go to jail. Their own ageants were telling their administration that this was a very bad idea. We all know this goes all the way up the chain of command and all the administration, up to and including the President himself, should go to jail for their part in this. Only a complete idiot liberal would not be able to connect Obama to this fiasco. I want answers and if it includes a lie detector test for the players, than so be it.

Ruben C. Gaspar - August 24, 2011

This should be pursued with swift and just action. Cong. Issa must be decisive wherever it leads to. I just can imagine that this thing goes way up above the head of DOJ. In my view a huge act like this has the approval and push from the top.

Eugene Geraldo - August 24, 2011

The concept of allowing weapons to freely flow into Mexico to be Identified during or at crime scene is indicative of the mind set of our Government. The fact that 50 caliber rifles were part of this fiasco is more than any sane person would allow to continue. We have a government that is completely out of control and a population of people that condone it. Those that wish to allow this government to continue to destroy America will not enjoy what they have in mind for this country.

David Lah - August 24, 2011

The head, and implicated boss, of the ATF need to be crimially charged and prosecuted, and same for those of the Justice Dept. also duly implicated. Then impeachment proceedings against Obama should be considered as well.

KATHY WALTON - August 24, 2011

This was a stupid, careless and obviously ineffective way of tracking drug cartel members. I hope the ATF never engages in this nonesense again.

Ruth Earhart - August 24, 2011

Just one other outcome of a government run by a bunch of idiots!! And Obama keeps putting HIS people in jobs and no one else in Congress or the Judicial branch makes one move to stop what’s going on. Congress has powers it has not even used that could be helpful to our situation — when are they going to wake up and make decent decisions and veto the bad ones that are being made? We voted for them to speak for US — they aren’t! A lot of us are speaking up — when is someone going to really act? I’m too old to go out and try to lead a group but there are a lot of young people out there today who are capable –why aren’t they stepping up to the plate? It was young men who founded this country — where are the young ones who are going to carry it on constitutionally?

James C. Scheuer - August 24, 2011

The “Gun Rights” and similar organizations have contended that the entire operation of Fast and Furious was also a move to persuade the public that the UN effort to extract guns from American citizens was indeed necessary. Both intentions may wind up in reverse consequences.

Tonie Stiles - August 24, 2011

This was just one more of a long list of extremely poor/no thought out programs to spend middle class tax payors’ money. Now they can say we need more and more tax dollars for the next program we will botch up and waste more money on. When is the artery going to be closed so we can stop bleeding tax dollars on wasteful programs?

Dave - August 24, 2011

I agree 100% with Wendell Phillips’ comment, this was the Obama administration’s attempt to make legitimate gun dealers look bad in the hopes the public would demand additional gun control. I’d be shocked if Obama and Holder did not not know about and did not endorse it completely. Hopefully congressman Issa gets to the bottom of it and those responsible lose their jobs and their freedom if they are found to be criminally negligent.

David - August 24, 2011

It is uncontainable that anyone in authority would agree to such a plan. What were they thinking? With the current administration one constantly asks if they are really that inept or is there another motive that explains what they are doing. In this case one wonders if there was really another goal in what they were doing. Some have suggested that they intentionally did this in hopes that their involvement would not be know and that the outcome would be so bad that they then could push for the ratification of the small arms treaty with the UN which would ultimately allow confiscation of all arms for every citizen in the U.S.

George Greene - August 24, 2011

Please support whomever is following the trail to the highest level officer/AG/Exec that approved this op. And then lead the fight to Fire and /or Impeach them ALL! Sad day to be an American when Politicians can get away with Murder right in front of our eyes…Please Investigate this with all your POWER for all of us who seem Now to have no Power! Thanks for all you do HF!

Jeffrey Hallford - August 24, 2011

Don’t forget that gun dealers actually called the ATF and expressed concerns. They were ingnored. Don’t let them demonize the gun dealers for their mistakes. It seems horribly misguided to sell deadly firearms to your enemies in order to find your enemies. Kind of like selling nukes in order to see who might be willing to use them…..

Bob Bennett - August 24, 2011

Just as a thought, could the Obama administration have reasoned that when these guns would be found at crime scenes in Mexico or wherever and were then traced back to the US, the administration could then claim that was strong evidence to push for national gun control. It seems to reason, that if they really planned to track them to begin with, they would have. Apparently no one was assigned to track the guns sold. Is it a fact that the agents that attempted to track them were called off?

Mark Morton - August 24, 2011

This debacle goes all the way to the Whitehouse. Obama and Holder knew exactly what was going on; it was their plan to discredit and malign gun store owners so they could restrict legitimate gun sales. They both should be held accountable for the death of agent; but we know what the chance is of that happening in Washington.

Mark - August 24, 2011

By trying to infringe on honest Americans right to bear arms, The members involved should be tried for capital murder. First, This operation was envisioned with one outcome in mind. To prove that American gun sales on the border were causing deaths by Mexican drug gangs.
Since this narrative did not exist in reality, Parties in our government, or justice system FORCED sales to known outlaws.
After the “sale”, These officials WILLINGLY, and with forethought, allowed the weapons to cross our sovereign border.
These officials also knew, prior to the weapon transfer, these weapons would end up in the hands of violent drug gangs terrorizing our southern border.
First our Government manufactured a story that spread the narrative that American guns accounted for a majority of weapons supplied to Mexican drug gangs.
When that was proven false, A conspiracy was engineered to “prove” the narrative so the second amendment could be curtailed, or removed as a Constitutional right.
The “Right to bear arms” is not for hunting, It exists to allow free men to “remove” an oppressive, or totalitarian regime that tries to enslave its people.
We have a moral responsibility to protect this “Grand experiment” that God allowed us to try.
Who would be so foolish to go against the will of God?

wayne roth - August 24, 2011

No question that Obama and Holder have American and Mexican blood on their hands just to try and undermine the second amendment. We keep hearing about impeachment, now is the time and we know the reason.

Dave Forster - August 24, 2011

As the US government, namely the ATF, Eric Holder, and President Obama where part of this plan they should, and need to be held accountable for supplying firearms used in the commission of a crime, namely murder. Under US law, anyone supply weapons (guns) that are used to commit murder are as guilty of the crime as the person pulling the trigger.

Dr. John Forbes - August 24, 2011

I wonder if the ainti-gun crowd meant to point to all these guns as evidence of the need to clamp down on gund sales. The story about tracking through “Straw Buyers” is just another Obama lie.

L. D, Norris - August 24, 2011

Unbelievably stupid! I assume Holder was probably involved. He should be run out of town on a rail!

Kenn Fawn - August 24, 2011

I think this was a good idea that went bad. There should have been a well thought out execution plan and then a dress rehearsal on a few weapons with all the safeguards to get them back before any real damage was done. If that sort of program did not pass the test, it should have been stopped. Unfortunately, we are asking government employees to execute these types of programs and their track record is not very good. It would take strong leadership at the top to monitor it and be sure it is working. DOJ does not have such and the only government system that does is the military.

D Borstein - August 24, 2011

Eric Holder is dangerous and must go

V J - August 24, 2011

Pathetic, but unfortunately typical of this Administration. This is the most inept, corrupt Administration I have witnessed in my 66 years.

CALVIN PAULEY - August 24, 2011


Roy Smith - August 24, 2011

Someone please tell me the difference between the government’s conduct in the Fast and Furious mission and the ATF handed out guns to every hoodlum in the United States to see who they murdered and to track their crime sprees. And, when are we going to start handing out prison sentences to personnel in government agencies who aid and abet criminal activities?

Ellen King - August 24, 2011

This administration all belongs in prison!!! A Mexican prison would be nice!!! I understand a new addition will be added to our school curriculum-international studies. It is to introduce Islam to our children!!! They don’t even teach the constitution!!!!! I e-mailed,,talked to our representatives etc. So far no response!!!!

Bobby Crockett, CPT,USA,ret - August 24, 2011

This tactic was an effort on the part of the Administration to create a “crisis” that would allow the President to issue an executive order. Said order would allow him to circumvent the Congress and apply some of that well-known Chicago common sense to the gun-control issue. It seems that the SCOTUS, HOUSE, SENATE, and 49 of the 50 states have it all wrong. Even the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics are wrong. Those pesky facts show that gun ownership has been trending up abd is at an all-time high, while violent crime and the VC rates have trended down and are at historic lows. What you can’t legislate or ajudicate, you must gain by fiat. That’s the Chicago way.

Dallas - August 24, 2011

I agree Frances . . . Time to go Mr Holder. You are a pitiful excuse for justice in America. Your type of “justice” is found mainly in Chicago.

Thomas Murphy - August 24, 2011

I can only shake my head at this stupidity and say that I thought I had seen it all before. This is so typical of the government, especially when totally controlled by a party like we have been having to contend with for some time now. You know, it hasn’t been that long ago that people like this would be up on charges, ie Iran-Contra, etc. (Oh, I forgot, those people were republicans weren’t they)? When a president can come in and ham handedly appoint the types of leaders we are seeing in ALL important government positions then we are doomed and will continue to see things like this. I am inclined to believe that destroy8ing America may be the mission of our beloved, selected president. May God help us all

Dale, El Paso, TEXAS - August 24, 2011

As a Lifetime NRA member you can be assured I am deeply concerned with such a stupid and thoughtless plan! And what makes matters worse is that I am represented (??) by one Congressman Sylvester Reyes who also happened to be the head of the El Paso Sector Border Patrol. Why this does not anger him into seeing to it that heads roll on this great and wonderful plan of the ATF’s is beyond my comprehension! I have questioned him in the past on his stance regarding our agents in Mexico not being armed and, on his stance regarding Fast and Furious. What I got was typical D.C. mumbo jumbo!! It is time for a whole lot of people to go to jail starting with Eric Holder!!

Graywolf - August 24, 2011

First step to impose Communism/Shera law= take way means of resisting by the serfs. The lie that all the guns in Mexico came from the USA, read articles by NRA on subject, has now been put to sleep. As long as we have a highly armed population the powers trying to take over know the price they will pay is too high to endure. Every one involved should be impeached, arrested for treason, tried, and shot. Just punishment for trying to steal our guns.

Ray Moomey - August 24, 2011

Those responsible should be fired, not promoted. This includes Holder. The ATF should never work as a law enforcement agency. Leave that to the FBI. “Another Tragic Failure” should be deligated back to their original purpose.

John Tyreman - August 24, 2011

I believe this was an attempt to prove that guns were coming from the U.S. were the cause of violence in Mexico, and push gun control in our country.
The people who managed and supported this program at the highest levels should be dismissed from their positions.
Promoting the people managing it only encourages more federal employees to support other crooked political actions.

Stephen Lewis - August 24, 2011

What a gigantic boondoggle. Obviously intended to generate statistics for more gun control. Only a fool would believe that drug cartels need semi-auto guns from small gun shops.

Bruce - August 24, 2011

Any U.S. Government official who authorized this operation should be charged with “Conspiracy to Commit Murder” and most likely, many other charges as well.

Ellis W. Moses - August 24, 2011

This had nothing to do with catching drug lords. This was an attempt to justify previous erroneous statements that most of the weapons were being supplied by the U.S.. Cover up attempt that was not even veiled!

james murray - August 24, 2011

all of the officials involved should be suspended at once
and the ones found at fault should loose ther jobs and be
prosecuted, the promotions they have received are a black
eye to every american WHEN DO WE STOP THIS KIND

Shirley - August 24, 2011

I have followed this since it started and I am very disappointed we are no closer to getting at the truth! We all know who’s behind it!! It doesn’t matter what BO does we can’t seem to stop him. This is unbelievable, how can they get away with not turning over evidence to the House Committee?!

Don Bruce - August 24, 2011

The ATF has been a renegade organizatiion from the start. Just look at their track record:
Ruby Ridge, Waco and now this gun walking scheme (not to mention God know how many other fiasco’s they have been involved with that have not been publicized).
The ATF should be disbanded and the responsibilites they have should be moved to the FBI.

Barbara Price - August 24, 2011

It seems as if the wnole act by this administration was just another one of their lawless tactics with little or no reasoning behind it.

Ivy Rose - August 24, 2011

This was a flawed concept that was badly managed and executed. The top people authorizing and managing this debacle should, at a minimum, lose their jobs. And where appropriate, indicted for aiding and abetting criminal activities including murder in all cases tied directly back to the arms sales. This is a disgrace that has cost lives that didn’t have to be lost. And yet in the wake of this disaster, the administration’s illegal Executive Order is further weakening any show or pretence at securing our borders by arbitrarily cancelling scheduled deportations. This is shameful.

Barry Quensel - August 24, 2011

I want to see some people go to jail for this. I’m tired of government employees committing crimes that I would go to jail for and not even getting fired.

Jack Watkins - August 24, 2011

This is a blatant attempt by this administration to undermine the 2nd amendment. By allowing these weapons to be purchased by straw buyers for the Mexican cartels, their goal was to be able to point to the flow of weapons from the U.S. to Mexico and leverage this into greater restrictions on the right to bear arms here at home. It blew up in their faces, and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Eric Holder should be fired on the spot.

Karen Williams - August 24, 2011

Untill illegal imigrunts are processed as illegal, and law breakers, and the border patrol allowed to do their job, corruption will rule. This side and mexico. Sad the federal government will not enforce the laws on the books concerning illegals, and clean up this problem by finding and prosecuting those responsible.

Lloyd Goldrick, Albuquerque - August 24, 2011

There can be no doubt that this is an unmitigated disaster. There should also be no doubt that little if anything will be done to those most responsible for its planning & (failed) execution.

Brian Beville - August 24, 2011

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I have been involved in criminal investigations for over two decades, working informants, drug, property, fraud and persons investigations. This action has absolutely no credible investigative value.

Law enforcement officers have a duty to protect the public, not to knowingly facilitate a criminal act by allowing the sale of deadly devices to criminals. The very nature of these deadly devices in the wrong hands promotes a threat to the public. Is that protecting the public?

Think of it this way, lets say they allow ten pounds of explosives to end up in the hands of criminals or terrorist just to see the associations flow to where it finally ends up. That is a recipe for serious injury and death.

These law enforcement officers knowingly allowed the unlawful sale of firearms that resulted in the commission of criminal acts, injury, misery and death.

Are they exempt from the same laws they are supposed to enforce? I personally do not think so.

The foregoing is my objective professional opinion. My thoughts on the political motivation behind this fiasco are purely subjective. However, the dots seem to nicely connect (there is nothing nice about it).

Daniel - August 24, 2011

This investigation of this “operation” must absolutely, positively and overnite — UNCOMPROMISINGLY — not be allowed to fade away. This “operation” is evidently Federal Government malfeasance that is unbelievable and malfeasance that must be pursued to the highest level of responsibility. This is not overreaching — this “operation” was disgustingly nuts; in concept and execution. Speaking of executions: Time for heads at the highest identified level and office to roll! And I mean ROLL!!!

Jerry Graver - August 24, 2011

Despicable, I e-mailed Senator Grassley about the situation; I can’t believe the lack of press coverage. This is outrageous and an indicator of where we are heading unless it is investigated with subsequent results.

Mike McCoy - August 24, 2011

I don’t know if anything will come out of this except excuses and denials My hat is off to you Congressman Issa.

Joyce White - August 24, 2011

I believe this act on part of the ATF was incredibly stupid. The ATF has shown itself anti-gun in this country, but is willing to do such a stupid thing. I contend the ATF should be disbanded and defunded. If Congress really wants to do some cutting, here is a good place to start.

Jerry Vencius - August 24, 2011

I think this was just a stunt by the administration that was supose to show that guns from the US were showing up in Mexico so they could try to attact gun dealers and get laws passed against gun mfg’s and dealers to restrict gun sales. Only problem was that we found out about it before they were ready.

Dave Knight - August 24, 2011

This agency like most of the Washington progressive establishment which include agencies like ATF has no time for what is legal or Constitutional. They do not believe in God given rights and responsibility. They need to be abolished and these responsibilities given to the states if the states are not already doing this.

Ed Sebesta - August 24, 2011

I believe that this operation should be investigated by a special counsel and those responsible fired. At best, it was poor judgement. It could be criminal since it resulted in loss of life.

Mel Hiller - August 24, 2011

The ATF should be abolished. They have become another politico arm that is controled by phantom individuals that answer to no-one. This episode just proves my point.

Sandra - August 24, 2011

I was so disappointed in our government. Even more than I already was. That was like giving gas and matches to someone who likes to set things on fire just to see what they will do and where they will go and then forget to follow them. I just find it so hard to beleive that elected people can be so stupid. But I have always heard that you can’t fix stupid.

Jeanette Parker - August 24, 2011

I believe this scheme was instituted with one purpose only… i.e. to attempt to strike down the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. These liars and thieves wanted an eruption of violence to show “average joe citizen” how dangerous guns can be…but with the killing of Agent Terry, and the ongoing investigation of this hapless “plan”, the spotlight is turned inward and upward.. at least all the way to Holder.

As a citizen, I feel helpless facing the onslaught of this constant disregard for the laws of the land…..I wrote our Congressional leaders, in particular Senator Grassley asking him to fight for us, but fear those elected to fight for our freedoms don’t have the fire in their belly to take on the treasonists entrenched in our govenment sitting in the highest seats, elected and/or appointed…..is it too late?

Larry Smith - August 24, 2011

If ordinary citizens did something, no matter how well intentioned, that resulted in the death of another, what would the punishment be? Why shouldn’t the people responsible for this get the same punishment?

Clay White - August 24, 2011

As Mr. Phillips (first comment) points out, the operation had nothing to do with Mexican cartels, but was an element of a strategy to impose gun control on American citizens. Those bureaucrats who know enough to reveal the truth have be “kicked upstairs” to Washington where they can be controlled more effectively. The Administration proves again that they are not only capable of horrendous actions in violation of the Constitution, but are masters of the cover-up.

timothy - August 24, 2011

This is a disgrace of epic proportions and the AG Eric Holder needs to be held responsible for it. But I can’t help thinking they were out to show the American people that it was American gun dealers supplying these cartels to make a case for greater gun control in this country.

Herman J. Cornils - August 24, 2011

I think you missed the point of why Fast and Furious was initiated. The point of your opening statement is really the talking points of what the BATF and other government agencies want you to report. The real reason for promoting this operation was clearly to use the evidence of American sold guns being found in Mexico so the statistics of such weapons could be blamed on American citizens doing the transactions thus requireing Government action and more control over gun shows and other gun restrictions. The reason this is true is that when you look at the timing, the gun control lobby was already boasting of guns being sold in Mexico through illegal sales by citizens. Where did they get this information from while Fast and Furious was still under the radar? There had been no arrests here in Arizona, yet the claims were being made. The AJ and Administration were behind a volley of gun control mandates for which this information would have supported their effort. A sinister Goverment attempt to undermine another American freedom.

Stephen Lewis Jr - August 24, 2011

The whole plan was without good direction or was possibly set up to happen this way. I would ask for an investigation into the matter, find out who in government was responsible for this, and hold treason hearings for them. This endangered the lives of Americans all over the United States by selling the guns and trying to get them to drug cartels which have been illegally moving across the border into states, such as Texas, where kidnappings, rapes, and murders have all been taking place. I would hope a future non-democrat-progressive-liberal-socialist-marxist-communist (I must include them all) would be elected as president and bring this forward.
Yes, endangering the lives of all American citizens is treason and one charge for each firearm sold should be brought up.

Bernice - August 24, 2011

We all need to support Congressman Issa in his investigation against all of the horrible crimes committed by the Obama Adm. because of this program. The entire Adminstration is guilty and need to be held accountable. Holder should not be allowed to continue to stonewall the investigation.

Carmon Clem - August 24, 2011

Atty. Gen. Eric Holder needs to be held accountable. As a former state prosecutor and AUSA and US Customs Service Inspector I believe that this operation was, to say the least, stupid; and very well could be criminal. I do know that Holder’s attempts to coerce witnesses and withhold evidence from Congress should be dealt with firmly, for instance, JAIL.
C.D. Clem

Harildl10 - August 24, 2011

I feel the real reason for the action is much more devious than the published reason. I feel it was to serve as propaganda on guns crossing the border and used as ammunition for gun bans in this country. This Administration is capable of anything.

Ike Ferguson - August 24, 2011

Anyone involved in this should be relieved of their duties, and prosecuted, not promoted! Up to an including impeachment of the president. This is a shining example of why the federal government reach into our lives should be limited and more Chicago style thuggish politics. The ends justify the means!

David White - August 24, 2011

Just one more violation of America’s laws!

Gary Johnston - August 24, 2011

Fast & Furious Gunrunner Sting Operation

Gary Johnston to letters

show details Jul 6

Anyone with a grain of intelligence understands what is really going on with this  operation.  This is a coordinated effort by the Obama administration to remove the citizens right to bear arms in this country. 
 Some months ago Obama was talking about the illegal weapons flowing into Mexico from gun dealers in the U.S. and how something had to be done about it when, in reality, ninety per cent of the weapons coming into Mexico come from South America.  At the same time Eric Holders office was directing the Fast & Furious operation where some 2500 weapons were sold by reluctant gun dealers in different States to individuals that the dealers knew should not be able to buy.  The dealers were directed to sell the guns to the individuals by the A.T.F. agents who assured the dealers that the guns were being tracked and were part of a sting operation. 
During this same period our Sec. of State, Hillery Clinton, was, and is still negotiating with the U.N. over a Small Arms Treaty that she will bring back to Congress to get them to agree to. 
This administration has been working on this scheme for the past two years.  What they had not counted on was the two U.S. agents getting killed with some of these weapons that were left at the scene and traced back to the gun dealers who started talking.  This investigation has made it all the way to Eric Holders office and is now at the doorstep of the Presidents office. 

I still have hope that the citizens of this country will finally wake up and see how really evil this President is.

Harildl10 - August 24, 2011

The Issa investigation is the litmus test to see if old line Republicans are capable of holding Democrats culpable in an obviously illegal operation. Having endured watergate and other democrat kangaroo courts we will see if republicans can prove themselves to tea partiers.

Darrell Rowe II - August 24, 2011

The “progressives” will keep trying to have gun control in the US. They are like braces on teeth, they never give up.
The sad situation is the government will never reveal who thought up this idea, so no one will be accountable.

Michael - August 24, 2011

I wonder if the current administration will try and twist this into a case for gun control laws?

robert connor - August 24, 2011

As it was laid out, Operation “Fast and furious”could not accomplish the stated mission. Who signed off on this Turkey?

Jeffrey - August 24, 2011

This operation was a scam from start to finish. Not only did ATF sell guns to criminals, but in some cases delivered them as well. Just to make it thoroughly infuriating, it appears that American taxpayers paid for these weapons to boot. Lastly, it cannot fail to be obvious that the operation’s real purpose was to make the administration’s assertion of two years ago that the bulk of the cartels’ weaponry was obtained from the U.S. appear to be true, even though the data at the time did not even begin to support it. This was a transparent, and completely ruthless, bid to impose more gun control in the U.S. Everyone involved should be in jail, and I do mean everyone.

Jack Wygle - August 24, 2011

What is Congress waiting for? Start by impeaching Holder and work your way to the 3 clowns, Moe, Larry, and Curly..and while we are at it, just how much input did the Mighty One get in on the planning of such a stupid game of hide and seek.

Bill Beckham - August 24, 2011

When the next election is over and we have a new president, I hope that his (or her’s) first order of business will be to demand that the justice department go after everyone in this administration for crimes of treason, conspiracy and murder of U.S. citizens and when found guity, hung outside of congress as a warning to all other criminals in politics that we will hold them accountable.

Cade Parrish - August 24, 2011

It’s plain and simple. This was a breach of United States laws, Mexican laws and international laws. People like to dredge up the Iran-Contra affair to sully the Reagan Presidency, and we actually did have hearings on this one. Well, let’s have hearings on this.

Iran-Contra was the legal sale of arms to Iran (only the US had an arms embargo). The money was funneled to support the Contras (again, only the US Congress was prohibiting this at the time). While it was a violation of US law, the actions themselves were legal according to international law, if memory serves.

Operation Fast and Furious however, was the blatant sale of weapons to known criminals by the US government. Illegal by any law, in any country or treaty.

Denny Converse - August 24, 2011

Where’s the main stream press coverage? Are they biased of what! I can only imagine the press coverage if this event occurred under George Bush’s presidency. There should be some heads that need to roll, regardless of there positon. Where’s the free press?

Kathy - August 24, 2011

I want to know who is going to take the fall for this???? Anybody at all????

Judi - August 24, 2011

Operation Fast and Furious was not about tracking firearms. It was about an attempt to show that firearms used in illegal activity in Mexico are being supplied from America, which would eventually support the idea of disarming Americans!

Joel Warkentin - August 24, 2011

An example of lack of judgment and gross imcompetence

Eph6:12 - August 24, 2011

Look no farther than our rogue DOJ which is controlled by the usurper to the highest office in the land.

mildred roy - August 24, 2011

Eric Holder and Obama know exactly what is going on and will always put the blame on someone else. I sincerely hope that Congressman Issa will continue his investigation. The whole White House is so corrupt.

GHowardW - August 24, 2011

I truly believe that this was a failed attempt for the administration to say that US guns are getting into the hands of the Mexican Cartels and that the US needs to control guns with more legislation. Hillary Clinton earlier this year said the main source of guns to the cartels in Mexico were coming from the US. When she had difficulty proving this the administration went to Fast and Furious to make that lie factual.

Sandy Harper - August 24, 2011

Why is there never any prosecution or accountability on this bunch in the Obama administration. Are the Republicans afraid to pursue the legal end game? Or do they just want exposure?

John LaMarr - August 24, 2011

Fast and Furious must be investigated thoroughly and all criminal behavior on the part of any party, including United States government employees, officials and politicians, must be prosecuted. This includes any cover up or obstruction of Justice. I have seen how this is done ever since Watergate, where the cover up was the offense that raised the most attention.

Rod, Texas - August 24, 2011

Where do we think this will end up? How about at the top. I remember Watergate and it took a while to get to the end, but they kept pushing and finally got there. We need to continue to push hard, because, I believe, Holder had to authorize an operation such as this due to the scale of operations. Beyond Holder…who knows! Again, we need to continue to investigate as they did for the Watergate scandal.

Peter J. Manale - August 24, 2011

This is one of the most direlection of authority that has been committed by the Obama administration and must be investigated by the congress.

Joseph Doke - August 24, 2011

I would like to for our current Dept of Justice enforce the current laws however I truly believe it will be much like the Illegal Immigration problems all the agents and supervisor’s only wanted to break the law a little for a higher cause.
If Heritage has noticed this is another dead issue!

Vern - August 24, 2011

I say that there should be a full investigation, and every
body that had anything to do with the operation should
be fired, and given some jail time. And if Obama knew
he should be retired quickly. We have some dumba**
people working for this country.

Mary Schiefer - August 24, 2011

We are justifiably outraged that this embicilic program resulted in the death of an American border patrol agent. However, over 35,000 Mexicans were killed during the time this program was in operation. Has there been an investigation that ties any of those deaths to this disaster? How many of those taken off buses, murdered and buried in mass graves were held at gunpoint with a fast and furious gun? How many were shot with a one of these guns. Eric Holder should be tried for murder, here in America where the death penalty applies. Anyone who believes they are so far above the law, who believes he can make the law, Holder’s hubris should be his downfall. That Holder and Clinton then use this as an excuse for taking guns from law abiding Americans is dispicable.

Nancy Sue Wainwright - August 24, 2011

There is not a doubt in my mind that this plan was concocted to bolster the anti-gun stance of this adminstration and ‘prove’ we needed to disarm our citizens. Instead what it proves is that our current adminstration is no better than 3rd world despots who will stoop to previously unfathomed lows to make their point. ‘Right or wrong, my way’ should be their motto!

Dora - August 24, 2011

I firmly believe that operation Fast and Furious is nothing less than an attempt by Obama and Holder to be able to justify getting rid of the 2nd amendment. This regime is run by Chicago style thugs with a penchant for Lenin and Alinsky. What an embarrassment and a disgrace for this country that worthless ideologues such as these two and their “friends” have been given the position of power and the moment to rape the US Constitution and to undermine everything this country was founded on. They should not have the right to their pensions. They should all be thrown in jail without a chance of parole.

Stephen R. McDonald - August 24, 2011

THIS WAS AN EPIC FAILURE….yet another….of ATF!! This stupid maneuver cost AMERICAN LIVES!! This blunder MUST BE investigated, opened up to the Public’s scrutiny, and whoever… regardless of how high an Office….is responsible for it MUST BE PROSECUTED.

W. Jones - August 24, 2011

Wasn’t there an investigation during Presidents Reagan administration involving a Colonel North about the Iran/Contra connection? Where is the investigation for this? Why is the drive by media not pursuing this? Our government just gave away arms to drug lords. Someone should be held accountable for this.

Mike Mancuso - August 24, 2011

Down the road, Operation Fast & Furious will become one of the great conspiracy novels and movie of all time. It has illegal activity, deceit at the highest levels of government, co-conspirators, heavy involvement of the BATFE, National Rifle Association and Heritage, charges and counter charges, foreign intrigue, dead people… Just because Eric Holder is Attorney General doesn’t make him above the law. When this gets more traction heads will roll above and below Holder because murder is a capital offense.

Wanda Roam - August 24, 2011

We have gone so far away from the principles upon which our nation was founded. I believe this operation was planned in order to support this administration’s desire to take away our gun rights by showing the number of guns being trafficked from the U.S. to Mexico, but they got caught in their own plan of deception. I pray that Congressman Issa and his committee will pursue this all the way to the top, and I do believe it goes all the way from Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.

Scott Lee - August 24, 2011

This was a blatant attempt by the US Attorney General to create a situation to argue for more gun control. Eric Holder has ordered his minions to not cooperate with the Daryl Issa’s congressional hearing. What kind of country do we have when the USA’s top cop is corrupt??

Rick - August 24, 2011

Hope that all responsible are held accountable and would urge those investigating this felonious activity to be aggressive in the pursuit of the truth, wherever it may lead. Congress has the power to conduct this investigation and it is their duty to do so with maximum dispatch. Failure to pursue a thorough and complete investigation would be failing in their sworn duty to uphold the constitution. Where is the oversight by Congress??

Jack Bernick - August 24, 2011

Obama and his ANTI GUN minions claimed that the violence in Mexico was a result of GUNS form the United States being taken across the border into Mexico. Lacking the evidence to back up their lie they decided to make it a fact by inventing FAST and FURIOUS.

Ted - August 24, 2011

Fast and Furious – that’s the Obama administration. Epic Fail. Duh!

Ted - August 24, 2011

Fast and Furious – that’s the Obama administration. Epic Fail. Duh!

But he will give a speech about the great economy and the vast success of Fast and Furious.

Matt - August 24, 2011

This story indicates 3 things to me.

First, which we will probably never know, is how this idea came up in the first place. Who first thought of this plan? Who authorized this plan? They should be publicly exposed and made to explain their actions. Then they should be fired.

Second, if there was a coverup, then those involved in the coverup should be tried, and if found guilty, they should go to jail.

Third, if we want to cut spending, then ATF would be an ideal place to start. Eliminate them and roll their functions into someone like the FBI. Maybe start with the Department of Education and the EPA first, however.

Morris Wilson Dillingham - August 24, 2011

Why tippy-toe around the obvious? The Obama Insinuation wanted to create another crisis that would allow them to move forward with more gun control.

Pam - August 24, 2011

Basically, this was a STUPID idea plain and simple. It
seems no one in government has any common sense
and this example of stupidity should have had consequences for the people involved that promoted it.

David D. Arlp - August 24, 2011

This seems obvious. To increase the numbers so as to impose more gun control measures with public support. It failed! But I doubt Eric Holder will be deposed.

LaVerne - August 24, 2011

This should be no surprise to anyone. Just another case of total incompetence with no follow up what so ever, or was it just as planned by our government?

Alicia Williams - August 24, 2011

Obviously I am a cynic. Personally, I believe that this was a planned attempt by this administration to try to ‘blame’ US gun dealers, when these guns ‘suddenly’ showed up in Mexico gun violence (deaths); as an excuse to ban guns in this country! Be aware, very AWARE, of the “UN Small Arms Treaty.” Fight it with every (legal) method we have. Just look at history, every dictator started with taking away citizens guns! This administration is no different. this is what “Fast & Furious” was all about – an excuse to crack down on OUR 2nd Amendment Right to own and bare arms.

Kathleen Sullivan - August 24, 2011

This is just another example of how inept our federal government is, particularly under this administration. What an embarrassment!

Mike Cox - August 24, 2011

I guess I’m just suspicious of the motives for Fast and Furious. I hate to think that a government agency, or people in an agency, would allow this to go on, unless it was ordered from above. If these are the “best and brightest minds,” we are in trouble. Was this another planned ploy to justify gun control?

Julia - August 24, 2011

The “Right to bear arms” exists to allow free men to remove an oppressive, or totalitarian regime that tries to enslave its people. The U.S. House and Senate should hold full accountability for everyone who knew at what level within the Obama adminstration, including the President, gave the authorization for this program. If the Congressional subpoenas continue to be ignored, I agree a special prosecutor should be appointed. Those involved should be tried for murder. I hope the NRA continues to keep an eye on this case and not let it be put on the back burner, like so many others.

Dan Adams - August 24, 2011

All conservative groups need this on TV / Radio everyday.

John Turner - August 24, 2011

I believe this was an attempt for Obama and Holder to advance their agenda for gun control. The news is full of stories of guns crossing the border from the US and now we find that our own government is sending some of them.

Joan - August 24, 2011

I am a part time resident of AZ. They are trying their best of control the problems there but the Federal Govt. keeps sueing them. Holder is an idiot, no question about it and definitely not a good American citizen. What a mess.

Zack P. VanDyke III - August 24, 2011

I think that this is one of the biggest, most dangerous and blantaly criminal enterprises of the obama regime. There is absoultely no doubt at all in my mind that obama and holder knew all the details from the start. Neither of those two is intelligent enough to have thought it up on their own but if it had “worked” as these morons thought it would they both would have been all over the main stream media talk shows telling the country how great their plan worked. Now that it is one of the most miserable failures of all that this adminstration is known for, they both are lying their black asses off denying an knowledge of it. Another notch in obamas debacle belt.

George Brown - August 24, 2011

Heads aught to roll!

Jim Strunk - August 24, 2011

Despite the DOJ/ATF”explanation for the purpose of the operation, the real agenda was to nail American gun dealers and shut them all down. Fortunately whistleblowers
within ATF put sunlight on the fiasco. Clean out Holder and all other partcipants in DOJ and put them in jail(preferably in Mexico).

Rosalyn Pinkerton - August 24, 2011

John Geiger and I agree, it seems. I think the whole plan was to show these illegal guns showing up in Mexico, perhaps that government complaining about that fact, and as a result, more pressure in the US for gun control. Wendell Phillips seems to agree also.

Steve Arnold - August 24, 2011

Theoretically a worthwhile idea if handled properly, but not by the bunch of self serving, politically motivated, bureaucratic morons that currently have way too much influence and control of our government agencies. It seems as if our government has become the poster child for the Peter Principle…where incompetants will rise to their level of incompetence. Unfortunately, like cream, scum rises to the top.

J LmTenney - August 24, 2011

I believe this was an attempt to show that most of the guns in Mexico came from the US therefore we needed stronger gun control measures put in place on law abiding people.

This is typical of Government to create a problem that they then can fix; usually to the determent of our freedoms!

R. Cook - August 24, 2011

What I find most disturbing is the lack of coverage by the news media. The only mention on Fox News I have seen was when Laura Ingram was sitting in for O’Reilly. Ole Bill has been absent on the issue. So much for fair and balanced.

Richard Tolzman - August 24, 2011

This was the Obama administration’s attempt to derail the 2nd amendment by flooding arms into Mexico (our government paid for those guns by hiring known gun runners) to make our gun laws look lax. Eric Holder is responsible and should be taken to court. This man is a criminal.

Steve Ellis - August 24, 2011

At first, I was disappointed that the operation got out of hand. But when I learned that the Mexican Government did not even know about this operation, it became clear to me that it was just a ploy by the Obama Administration to create a “crisis” so they would have another way to go after 2nd Amendment rights.

Lee Estabrook - August 24, 2011

I think you are buying into the BATF’s cover stoory. The REAL reason for this operation was to “prove” the drug cartels were obtaining the MAJORITY of their weapons froom USA Gun Dealers. Thus to make the case for MORE new gun laws. The present BATF has a bias against private onership of firearms, or at a minimum, ones they do not think are “proper”. Usually auto-loading hand guns , especially with large capasity magazines; semi-automatic long arme, especially those which resemble military arms. This administration has sided with the “gun control” crowd in opposing the Supreme Court cases which have defined the Second Amendment as a “right” and citizens must be permitted to possess handguns for defense. Their actions in the Heller case and in Chicago positively confirm this.

Congress needs to remind all burocats they work for the citizens and they are to enforce the law, not make it. If that was occuring, the BATF would be in court suing the City of Chicago about their blocking a real pro-hand-gun possesion law in that city. The Justice Department has for years fought sham-segreation, why is it not fighting the sham ownership restrictions in D.C., Chicago and I believe NYC?

In his comments, I see a Mr. Burg, has highlighted the “promotion” of several BATF managers involved with Fast and Furious. Looks like the Executive Branch is giving the “finger” to Second Amendment Rights and their duty to enforce ALL laws.
A final item, if the entent of the BATF was to “track” these guns, why were there NO tracking devices emplanted in each one? Tracking devices which are dormant until queried, thus not easily detected, are suposed to be available?? Interesting?
My Sincere Good Wishes, Lee

Steve Ellis - August 24, 2011

At first I was disappointed that the operation got out of hand. Then when I realized the Mexican Government did not even KNOW about this operation, This was just another ploy by the Obama Administration to create a “crisis” to attack our 2nd Amendment rights.

Sue Ann Webster - August 24, 2011

Since all of this happened under Obama, I believe nothing will become of it. So much wrong doing by our government and this administration.

jbg - August 24, 2011

AG Holder should resign or be fired by President Nobama. Regardless whether or not AG Holder knew about this operation in advance, the buck stops with him! If he did not know, he is incompetent. If he did know, he is a traitor because he has acted in direct opposition to federal statutes. If neither of the above occur within the next few months, the House of Representatives should vote to impeach him and he should be tried by the Senate. Those government employees reporting through AG Holder who directed or managed these unlawful acts should be forced to resign or be fired and all of their earned pension benefits should be forfeited.


William Chase - August 24, 2011

The point of this operation was to discredit gun dealers and gun owners. To point a finger at the 2nd amendment. This President wants to confiscate all guns. HE is anti-gun. He is playing to the anti-gun lobby. this is only one of the many ways he is destroying this country. Vote him out.

John Huston - August 24, 2011

This article should also include how the Federal Government has been trying to hang the cause of the problem on local gun dealrs here in Texas. Fortunately, these dealers have things well documented and the Fed doesn’t seem to know how to handle that.

We, in Texas, may have been born under a chair, but it was not last night. Dealing with the Federal Government is not our first rodeo.

The Federal Agents should be in jail, not given promotions.

Bruce Gale - August 24, 2011

Operation Fast and Furious was among other things an Obama Administration attempt to garner public opinion against 2nd Amendment rights. Unfortunately the truth will never come out and the perpetrators have now been promoted. This is a sample of how corrupt our government and it’s agencies have become. i believe the trail, if followed would lead directly to Attorney General Eric Holder and to Obama. Unfortunately the main stream media has buried this monumental screw up along with all other impeachable offenses committed by our so-called president. They are such lackeys of the far left we never hear anything negative about the current administration and acting as the Fourth Estate watchdog of the people has disappeared altogether.

CRAIG MARKS - August 24, 2011


J.M. Cartwright - August 24, 2011

You’re preaching to the choir. Send this to Rosie, Oprah, Streisand, Mc Cain, Kyl, &___.

Bobbi - August 24, 2011

hope Issa continues with his investigation this was soppose to be “under the radar” gun control.. Holder and obama have a hand in this

john uhrhammer - August 24, 2011

O’Bama wins again! We just aren’t looking behind the right curtain yet. Where did those guns really go? Has anyone with the power and who cares done anything constructive about that violent border?


Harold A. Adlington - August 24, 2011

Govermnent out of control,cannot be trusted.Arm yourself now !

Wayne Johnson - August 24, 2011

The purpose of this Operation was to put thousands of US guns in the hands of the Mexican cartels, and to, at a later date, have a big bust in Mexico, wherein it could be proved that many of the cartels’ arms were being bought illegally in the USA and transported to Mexico.
This information would then have been used to justify a major crackdown on the rights of law abiding American Citizens. As it is, it is only being used as a way of curtailing rights of Citizens in the Sates that are on the Mexican border.
Also, I would bet quite a wager that B H O and Holder both knew about this plan and approved of it, but not in writing.

Gayle Cranford - August 24, 2011

I believe that some heads in high places should roll. Those who implemented this program should not get away with it. It is an abomination.

chuck & marti wade - August 24, 2011

Seems to me that this administration has committed acts that a “normal” citizen would be tried on. This administration seems to feel that they are above the law and unfortunately, it appears as if they are.

Frank E. Vincent - August 24, 2011

Oh come-on! Should we really believe that this fiasco by ATF was blown attempt to trace weapons in an attempt to catch drug cartel members. NO! This operation was initiated to show America (including Mexico), that we need to control the our second amendment and stop private ownership of guns. If they could create an up roar over the lack of judgement of gun owners and dealers, they would attempt to put restraints on that part of our Constitution. Just remember, they will allow us to believe it was a failed attempt to tract the guns and locate the kingpins of the drug cartels and it looks like we are going to accept their fabrications as truth.
Frank E. Vincent

William - August 24, 2011

These weapons will show up in the hands of the people
who are going to create crisis so the Obama can declare
marshal law

Donald R.Beaver - August 24, 2011

This is an example of federal Government run amock.
It is my sincere hope that the investigation goes on and
fully points to all parties involved at every level. That they are fully
exposed and punished to the full extent of the law.

Frank E. Vincent - August 24, 2011

Oh come-on! Should we really believe that this fiasco by ATF was a blown attempt to trace weapons in their attempt to catch drug cartel members. NO! This operation was initiated to show America (including Mexico), that we need to control the second amendment and restrict private ownership of guns. If they could create an up roar over the lack of judgement of gun owners and dealers, they could then put restraints on that part of our Constitution. Just remember, they will allow us to believe it was their failed attempt to trace the guns and locate the kingpins of the drug cartels and it looks like we are going to accept their fabrications as truth.
Frank E. Vincent

Chleo Brown - August 24, 2011

Well that’s goverment and Obama being stupid again giving dummy Eric Holder the go ahead —they both need to be held accountable for every one of the deaths caused by the sale of these guns knowing that they would be used in committing a crime —but the slap in the face of the Americam people is that our good attorney General Eric Holder –has filed a law suit against Sherrif Jo Arpaio and try by hook or crook to relieve Him of His elected office for doing His job of defending the laws of the constitution not only of America but the laws of Arizona —well enough said because it will all be swept under the carpet
And Obama and Eric Holder will be laughing at how bumb the American people are

Owen B. McCulllen - August 24, 2011

Our government has grown too large and is out of control. I believe that the Democrats have deliberately created an underclass for the purpose of building a voting block loyal to them them so that they might preserve their power. I also believe that they did not think far enough ahead to see that they could not satisfy the ever increasing economic demands of their dependent class. I also believe riots are inevitable when it dawns on the underclass the Democrats have created that their wants and needs can no longer satisfied. I do not know when but I am convinced of the inevitability of the riots and social disintegration, for which the Democrats will blame the Republicans and the wealthy.

Rick Martell - August 24, 2011

Get out of the UN.

John P. Hebb - August 24, 2011

Members of the BATFE that orchestrated this program should be in jail for negligent homicide in the death of Agent Terry. Representative Issa is to be commended for his investigation into this farce. Now, we need to know how high up in the chain of command the knowledge of this operation goes. Everyone involved should at least be terminated from their employment, many should be prosecuted. I find it impossible to believe that Holder and Obama did not know of, and approve this operation. Both should be removed from office if this is the case.

Richard C. Clark - August 24, 2011

Tomas Jefferson once said that it is the right of the people to change a government that no longer answers to the people, and that the ownership of firearms -i.e. the means to resist – was guanteed by the Constitution to that end. Therefore, if we are “endowed be our creator” with rights then the second amendment is the means by which we keep those rights. As was once stated, “God made man, Samual Colt made them equail.” That principal applies today as never before in this country.

Ever sense the WWII there has been an assault on the second amendment by the left. All of the facts prove that their position is wrong, but still they prosist. Why? The answer is power and control. Their power, you are the one who is controlled.

Richard C. Clark,
August 11, 21011

GEORGE - August 24, 2011

The only sensible explanation for this is that the Obama Administration wanted to “discover” these guns at some crime scenes and use that to shut down all gun shows and hopefully (for them) enact stricter restrictions on gun sales. Everyone in the government who signed off on this should be indicted. Why doesn’t the news media ever mention this possibility? They always just say there is no explanation for Fast and Furious. Except for Fox, they have all drank the Obama Kool Aid.

JOHN O OLIVER - August 24, 2011

If a Republican President had of done the same every Democrat in Congress would have been demanding their head.

Rc - August 24, 2011

The time for all the BS talking is over , We have dead Americans on American soil. This DOJ and his master puppet needs to be taken down now. The last bunch of bastards killed american citizens at Waco and Ruby Ridge. I am for sending in the marines and taking these Marxist bastards out in orange jump suits. Don’t say a vote will do the job they have tricked us at that already. Time for action not blah blah talk.

david.vandenburgh - August 24, 2011

I can come to only one of two conclusions: I can’t think of a third possibility: either the ATF and the Justice Deaprtment are really incompetent, or they were hoping this operation would fuel a crackdown on gun owners in the US.

Mark - August 24, 2011

Another obvious, idiotic idea from supposed experts in the field. Too much desk work and not enough common sense field work. Instead of fitting into a quota system these people should have been judged on their level of practical knowledge and experience. This looks like a perfect example of the ‘Peter Principle’, “Rising to the level of Incompetence”

Ronald Cherry - August 24, 2011

the ATF agents that reported the sham of ATF management should be protected under the whistle blower laws. The ATF managers should be fired from thier jobs and prosocuted for any crimes. The Department heads that have been stonewalling the congressional investigation should be charged with contept of congress, removed from office, and jailed. The Families of the victiems should sue personally the managers who approved the operation fast and furious. If the approval came from the president be should be impaeached and removed from office and sued. Nixon was forced to resigned for cover-up after the fact.
pre aproval and cover-up is worse. Federal employees are not covered by tort laws for violating published rules, laws and common sense.

Brenda Rollins - August 24, 2011

The ATF did not go rogue on this gun running scheme. It had to come from the top on down. Obama knew it, Holder knew it, and who knows how many others in this administration knew about it. To arm the drug cartels with weapons and then refuse to properly patrol our borders is just setting our agents and citizens up for the kill. Colluding with those who wish this country harm is shameful, disgraceful, and dangerous. ALL involved should be charged and tried for aiding enemies against the US. If DOJ will sue our own states for trying to enforce their own immigration laws, they’ll stop at nothing to bring this country down.

Robert E Guthrie - August 24, 2011

There is no doubt in my mind that this operation was approved at the highest level and…..no one will be held to account!
This was done to try and further a anti second ammendment agenda.

Jack McKernan - August 24, 2011

The people who are responsible in government should be punished severely,including the Attorney General who is instigating the cover up.

John Ford - August 24, 2011

I’m of the opinion that this was done in order to cause enough trouble along the border to get U.S. citizens to call for more gun control measures. I believe the Obama administration wants to ban firearms for citizens and will pull just about anything in order to accomplish that end. I don’t trust our government! I think they knew exactly what they were doing!

Ted Sherman - August 24, 2011

I am an NRA member and have followed this disaster through their pubublications and electronic communications. This operation is counter to the objectives of the ATFBE and is indicative of the agency’s misguided and totally counterproductive leadership. The only possible goal would have been fodder for the anti 2nd amendmendment groups. Who approved this attrocity? Surely Holder. He should be directed to resign, as should the agency director. Surely the President was oblivious to this operation – too busy vacationing and playing golf.

Dan Edgar - August 24, 2011

“Fast and Furious” was not just a fumbled effort to track US guns into the hands of Mexican drug lords. It was also (and I suspect it’s true underlying purpose) to prove that control on the US side of the border is needed to prevent gun related crime. I believe “Fast and Furious” was an attempt by members of the Obama administration to cultivate public sympathy for increased gun control. It needs to be aggressively investigated and its perpetrators prosecuted.

MSch - August 24, 2011

I believe that the illegal attempts to smuggle drugs and arms, the traffic of illegal aliens entering our borders, and the ATF failed operations are mysteriously linked to the extremely odd behavior of this administration to continuously rebuke US States, such as Arizona, to the point of serious judicial opposition. All that the southern states are trying to do is to maintain the safety of their residents by simply enforcing Federal immigration laws. Which reasonable person will ever understand the intentions of this administration?

Allan Eisel - August 24, 2011

My reaction is that Eric Holder, a classic failure in his job, has finally got to go. This man is a liability to our country. Not prosecuting the New Black Panthers + Denying involvement in Fast & Furious = “You’re Fired!”

-Al E.

Tom L’Esperance - August 24, 2011

These ignoramasuses who engineered this fiasco should be fired and tried for murder.

PJ Johnson - August 25, 2011

I would like to know: Why nobody has been arrested and charged with anything and pending trial? I can name a few charges right off the bat. 1. Illegal gun smuggling/trafficing. 2. Accessory to murder. 3. Conspiracy to commit murder. And 4. Being government agencies, commiting acts of treason.
And I say acts of treason due to the fact that they willingly and knowingly supplied arms to a foreign power.
If anybody else had done the same thing, they would already be in jail without bail. Most likely under those among other charges.
And from what i’ve watched and heard on the congressional hearings questioning them, Anybody else would also be charges with obstruction.
So why isn’t anybody in jail right now for it?

Christene Davidson - August 25, 2011

I believe that Obama & Holter are both involved, as they
want to push gun control and what better way, then saying that most of the guns in Mexico come from the

Denise - August 25, 2011

This is more like a Laurel and Hardy movie script than a planned action by the United States of America. Who dreams up this stuff and is he sill a government employee? The tragic thing is at least the life of one border patrolman is lost, and who knows how many other lives that we don’t know about. When it comes to wasting taxpayer money, this administration knows more ways to do it than has ever before been imagined — and that’s saying a lot where taxpayer dollars are concerned. Can we just ease these guys out, or must we really suffer through another year of this kind of stupidity? Please, no more covert operations.

Leonard J.Broy - August 25, 2011

I believe that this operation was an attempt to place the blame for the guns in the hands of the cartels on US sources. This would enable the Obama administration to get tighter gun control laws passed.The BATF should be abolished.Obama should be impeached!

James A. Hall - August 25, 2011

There is no doubt that this was instigated by those in favor of gun control and I firmly believe that it came from the top although Eric Holder and co.are very vocally proclaiming that they knew nothing about it untill it was over. As if anything of this magnitude could go on in this govt. without Holder and mr. micro manager himself knowing all about it. Why else do you think it got so screwed up?? D.O.J. and A.T.F. had some good people in there and if Obummer and co. had let them do their job I am sure we woul;d have had a much better outcome. I hope congreessman Issa and co nail them to the nearest wall !!

Rhonda Bain - August 25, 2011

I think someone needs to have the courage to investigate the DOJ and Obama, this admins has committed so many impeachable offensees and noone does anything about it.

PJ Johnson - August 25, 2011

Re: The ATF. The ATF should be completely eliminated. You can call and ask any law inforcment agency local or State anywhere. And they will tell you that the ATF is the biggest and most powerful anti-gun agency on the planet.
In my opinion, no tax payer funded agency, state or federal should be allowed to exist that is hell bent on taking away American’s second ammendment rights.
If anything, an agency should exist that is hell bent on protecting and defending second ammendment rights!

Susan Bannon - August 25, 2011

Are they nuts? I understand that they wanted a way to trace these guns and people but again, are they nuts? Every last one of them need fired !! The top person who OK’d this should be tried for murder. That person can’t be a true American.

Joseph Whtney - August 25, 2011

Find out who is responsible for this and remove them from office. It was a blatent attempt to produce more gun control without the Congress being involved. Obama is , was, & always will be anti- second amendment.

Arlene Waxman - August 25, 2011

Impeach Eric Holder! Also publish Obama’s involvement! Americans should know about this.


Roberts - August 25, 2011

Maybe the operation did as it was intended. There was no apparent plan to track the weapons especially since there was no apparent coordination with or knowledge by the foreign govt. and U.S. agents can not independently operate on their soil. The number of weapons involved without such checks or method of recovery seems to indicate more of an intentional supply. There was a blurb of info that some weapons were purchased using (convicted felon)informants with U.S. funds which they sold/transported to the cartels. The U.S. basically supplied weapons to “terrorists” in a foreign country which are not only fighting between themselves but engaging the mexican civil and military personnel on a scale of a fledgling revolution. If the other possible purpose was to somehow spotlight and drive legislation against U.S. gun dealers, it failed miserably as the government was key to overriding present legal requirements and checks and ordering gun dealers to sell the weapons. Its a shame that there won’t be a thorough investigation as these agencies usually supersede others and their top personnel lead to the top of the executive branch which in turn controls and directs investigations and prosecutions. The leadership of this operation will get away while some lower echelon field agents and maybe a supervisor that followed orders will take the hit while those above fill their pockets and move on

Kaczmarek - August 25, 2011

Fast and Furious and related operations were thinly veiled efforts to justify the “90% of guns used by the Mexican cartels were brought from the US” theory. If the Feds could create a problem, a “flow” of guns used in crimes in Mexico from the US, they could then take actions to stop that “flow.” Such actions as increased paperwork, followed by restrictions on purchases followed by prohibition of sales of the “crime guns.”
All of which continues to ignore the fact that every crime is committed by persons.
All those guns would be taken to Mexico by vehicle. I haven’t heard anyone suggest restriction of “gun vehicles” or increased paperwork for vehicles more likely to transport guns to Mexico. Where’s the logic. Oh, sorry, dumb question.

Herrmann Glockler - August 25, 2011

I find it incredible that so for nobody in this criminal enterprise has been indicted yet, to flush out the real originators of this scheme, Holder, Obama and the anti gun organizations

John Controne - August 25, 2011

My first thought is, “Why hasn’t this story gotten more traction?” Of course we all know the answer. We have a democRAT President and the lamestream media will not go after him or his crony, Attorney General Eric Holder. I only know of this failed operation because of FOX.

Sandra Lee Smith - August 25, 2011

I may be wrong here, but I see this as 2 pronged; one a grab for our Second Amendment rights and the other as a “proof” that we need to be “united” in the North American Union instead of as 3 separate sovereign nations as we currently are, part of the globalist agenda. I think from that point of view, it was probably a highly successful operation; but as an American patriot, I can’t help but see it as a debacle that should never have happened!

LuleBelle - August 25, 2011

Just add this to the other impeachable offenses committed by this administration that will probably not be prosecuted because we have a spineless Congress. Vote them all out of office and get true patriots in there who aren’t afraid to stand up for the law and do what’s right. If we need names of candidates, we can just get a copy of Janet Napolitano’s “terrorist” list.

Patricia D’Amico - August 25, 2011

ALL THOSE involved should be prosecuted to the full exrent of the law and lose all their “perks” too ! The entire agency should be abolished !

Marcel Morrissette - August 25, 2011

For starters, Eric Holder must be fired.

George Williams - August 25, 2011

This is truly another example of a collapse of the integrity of our government and the Congress is responsible for restoring that integrity. They should fully investigate and ultimately someone must be held responsible for either making a stupid decision or committing a crime of abuse of authority. I think this is another example of how unforseen circumstances occur when we elect unethical people to high office and they are allowed to operate without transparency.

Marty Englert-Md - August 25, 2011

It is a sad day when our government breaks the laws in which we as citizens are subject as our officials now seem to live above them. The Declaration of Independence tells us how to deal with it.

Greg Godek - August 25, 2011

Don’t let this investigation die. Stay informed, remain free! Call the Judicial Committee @ 202-224-5225, Darrell Issa @ 202-225-3906, or Sen. Chuck Grassley @ 202-224-3774 and ask for the latest updates on the progress of the “Fast and Furious” investigation. Don’t rely on the fact that Republicans are going to exploit this for political gains. That isn’t necessarily true! If you’re a legal gun owner and member of the NRA, like I am, or just a supporter of the United States Constitution, then you need to get involved. If you do not trust Barack Obama, and I never have, you need to make the call. It’s about returning to our Founding Fathers’ intentions when they wrote our nation’s very first outlines. And remember this, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. God bless America!

john - August 25, 2011

The operation was never about tracking guns or criminals or anything else, it was an attempt to undermine the rights of gunowners by showing that gun owners in the US was responsible for all the crime in Mexico and to make a few dollars for certain BATFE officials

Garry Smith - August 25, 2011

This entire scam had nothing to do with catching bad guys in Mexico. It was to be used to destory the 2nd Amendment rights for Americans. If it had worked the way Eric Holder and Obama had wanted we would no longer be “We The People” we would be “We the Subjects”. They both have a lot of blood on their hands.

Michael D Garner - August 25, 2011

The people in charge SHOULD have criminal charges brought against them. But no, they get promotions? We are on a slippery slope my friends.

Robert Thompson - August 25, 2011

I don’t know what happens to people who go to Washington. Do they leave their common sense at the beltway ? And based on the ideas and voting of our congress and current administration, what kind of a world do they want to live in ? I truely do not understand them…

Greg Murphy - August 25, 2011

This was an obvious attempt to creates a crisis, so not as to let it go to waste. They had hoped not to get caught, so they could gain support for stricter gun control laws, pure and simple. Why has there not been a Special Prosecutor appointed yet? This goes up to the highest level of the Government. They will stonewall till hell freezes over. Eventually Holder may fall on the proverbial sword.

phillip smith - August 25, 2011

Instead of selling them to the Mexicans, they should have distributed them to everyone within 100 miles of the border for self defense. A well armed militia IS a good idea. Thank you.

Robert Trider - August 25, 2011

Eric Holder’s culpability has to be determined. When the connection is made then he has to be pressured until he resigns.

Roy Fitz - August 25, 2011

Since Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are legal in the U.S.A., why have an agency to monitor, much less traffic firearms across the border? Every time the Democrats in government use the ATF in a scenario, they screw it up or deny they were at fault for the outcome… These guys make the other 3% of government look bad. Defund the ATF.

Oscar Brown - August 25, 2011

The people responsible for this should have been tried and imprisoned, including administration officials. The true purpose was to prove that the free and open sale of firearms in the U.S. cannot be tolerated. What it proved is that liberal extremists in the Justice department cannot be tolerated.

Shannon - August 25, 2011

Feelings of grief for the victims of this operation, rage against a government that is the enemy of Americans. These weapons are within reach of those who support our government but not the citizens. The ones responsible and their “bosses” should have jail sentences..not promotions. What is wrong that our Congress continues to “hear no evil.” We have been duped.

Ted George - August 25, 2011

Just like every thing else this bunch in Washington does is not in the best interest of the country.

dorothy gibson - August 25, 2011

of all the ideas fostered by these idiots associated with the president, this is, i believe, the worst. what school did they graduate from kindergarten from?

Paul - August 25, 2011

It appears that this operation was put in motion from the top down. An “under the radar” attempt to further their gun control plans. I just hope Mr Issa & Mr Grassley have the guts to tough this out and get a Special Prosecutor. This is obviously government at it’s worst. What Constitution, eh Mr Holder ?

Cynthia - August 25, 2011

Fire Eric Holder and all the Czars! While Obama is always on vacation, his czars including Cass Sunstein, Andy Stern, liberal academia staff attorneys, are always rewriting and changing laws behind our back and then dumbo signs them into law through Executive Orders. This has got to stop. Stop bypassing Congress!

Don Kuchy - August 25, 2011

The Obama administration didn’t track these guns because that wasn’t their goal. Their real goal was an attempt to show American guns flowing across the border, and sway public opinion towards the need for more gun control here. If the Obama regime and Eric Holder were to actually provide the non-redacted documents requested by those investigating this fiasco, Obama and Holder would show themselves to be guilty of the aforesaid.

Dwight Axtell - August 25, 2011

I would bet that the approval for this fiasco went well up the Obama ladder, maybe to the top! All involved should be tried for treason including BO!

Rich Albert - August 25, 2011

I have alot of questions about this operation; where will the buck stop on this one? Who brainstormed this jewel? Why have the supervisors all been promoted and moved to Washington D.C.? What political figures knew about the operation and what did they think they would gain? What was the ultimate goal behind the operation? Did the timing of the operation have anything to do with the U.N.Treaty (that Hilary Clinton was working on) regarding individual registration or ownership of firearms? What laws were broken, who are responsible, when will there be full disclosure to the public and to the Terry Family? The underlying tone with our government lately is that they are the dispensers of the laws that they so choose… They think they are above the laws they are supposed to enforce…just like the borders and battles with states who need the federal government to do it’s job. This administration even threatened 11 Governors with arrest over state militias in the first year after BO was elected, red states are being punished for political gain, it’s not hard to see the thought process, these guys ignore the Consititution because they think it’s irrelavant and if they are allowed to continue it will be…

larry alsgaard - August 25, 2011

Outrageous!!!!! Obama and the gang in Washington are stupid and very dangerous. They must be defeated in 2012 and hope and pray they don’t damage our country even more in the meantime!

David Smith - August 25, 2011

How could any seine person even come up with a scheme like this and even think it would work? Arming murders in hopes of catching them… yea that will work. Just what is the IQ in Washington today maybe that’s what we should research…?

Dr. Pete Kleff - August 25, 2011

One must always look under the rock when dealing with the Obama Administration. The concept of “Fast and Furious” sounds almost logical in purpose albeit impractical. But given the current offical contempt and outright hostility towards the Second Amendment, one suspects that the easy access to weapons through licensed dealers and the flooding of such weapons into the criminal arena is but a surreptitious attempt to demonize gun dealers in general and advocate stringent “gun control (read ban). It almost succeeded.

Minuteman55 - August 25, 2011

The career bureaucrats and politicians need to be held accountable. The administration played up guns being sold in America and used in Mexico in attempt to degrade or do away with law abiding American’s right to bear arms, Our Constitution’s second ammendment. This needs to be fully investigated. Everyone needs to be fired and prosecuted. Follow the paper trail. If Holder is involved he needs to be fired and prosecuted and if President Obama signed off on this he needs to be impeached. I am sure that paper shreaders are wearing out at the White House on this one.

Sharon DiPiazza - August 25, 2011

The DOJ, Eric Holder and any other nitwits who thought this operation had a any chance of succeeding should fired and banned from ever holding public office again. The whole operation was an exercise in stupidity.

Ramon Villegas - August 25, 2011

ATF, Eric Holder, and President Obama should be held accountable, tried in Court and sent to jail just like any ordinary person.

Sonja Berg - August 25, 2011

We need to ENFORCE OUR CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAWS FULLY, not just the ones that the “SO CALLED” PRESIDENT, B. HUSSEIN OBAMA, wants his FLUNKY Attornery General and his other FLUNKY Senators, such as McCain, to AVOID ENFORCING!

We have Immigration Laws that Congress has not LET THE IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION now ICE ENFORCE FOR YEARS!

These Current Elected Officials beginning with Obama, and his U.S.A. AG, Senator McCain and other Senators, need to be IMPEACHED! We need to get TRUE PATRIOTS ELECTED in their place.

The Heritage Foundation needs to DISTRIBUTE information on how to get OBAMA IMPEACHED before he gives our Country AWAY, or has all of us KILLED WITH HIS “ILLEGAL” PROCESSES, by avoiding Constitutional Law and Current Immigration Laws! Obama is letting the U.S. Attorney General approve GUN CRIMES and GUB TRAFFICKING! Congress and this President are not allowing the Border Patrol and ICE to do their jobs completely and LEGALLY!

michele Laidier - August 25, 2011

From the beginning I believed that Fast and Furious was a way for this administration to gain control over gun control through the UN. Obama does not like the 2nd Amendment. If this is the case He needs to be impeached.

Jim Pyatt - August 25, 2011

It is obvious this came down from the Idiot in the White House and his Atty. General Holder. I refuse to think of the possibility of this country allowing that Moron to have a second term to further destroy this Great Nation!

William Reed - August 25, 2011

I find it very interesting that the Obama regime is denying being involved in this fiasco. In my opinion this was instituted from the top as a way to furtther eliminate private ownership of firearms in the US.

Lloyd Scallan - August 25, 2011

This debacle was nothing more that the Obama administration inventing more and improved ways to justify more restrictions of our second amendment rights. When documentation surfaced in the Mexican government that the majority of guns cartels are using are actually coming up from Central and South America,
using his usual lies and deceptions to disprove the true facts, Obama created Fast & Furious.

Carolyn White - August 25, 2011

Words fail at the audacity and stupidity of this agency. And to think the ones in charge have been promoted.

Brian K Greenwood - August 25, 2011

ATF is another useless bureaucracy that should be drastically reduced or completely eliminated

Lloyd Scallan - August 25, 2011

Please look into the absolute idiocy of Sen. Grassley’s
deal with Eric Holder to provide all facts to the senate
commission in exchange for Grassley vote for an DOJ offical that he would have not otherwise voted for. Surprise, Holder regened.

Don Anderson - August 25, 2011

Trying to deal with these people in a civilized manner will not work. They don’t obey their own laws so we in turn should not pay any attention to their laws. Let’s get her on now.!!!!!!

Allan T. Templin - August 25, 2011

These are the same people who would arrest and prosecute legal gun owners if their weapons were to be stolen. This administration has no sense of shame or honesty. It is more than time to throw the bums out.

Mike - August 25, 2011

OF&F was far mote than a failed “sting” operation. It was a criminal action undertaken by US DOJ. Prosecute, sentence and impeach if evidence supports it.

sJim Palmer - August 25, 2011

Just another bullet in the chamber for the Administration to fire at the 2nd Amendment.

Beverly - August 25, 2011

Shine the million candlelight power on this one. It is incumbent on a President to be aware of what agencies which fall under his supervision are “up to”. I suppose just because Obama’s top Lawyer at the Justice Department claims he was unaware of what was going on, the President will now claim ignorance as well!

Philip Vogel - August 25, 2011

What about the “other” locations of Operation Gun-runner, Houston, Tampa, Miami?
Extending any “law enforcement” operation into a foreign country (Mexico) also involves the US State Department as well as the US Attorney General. With two cabinet level Secretaries involved in this BATF operation (BATF falls under the Treasury Dept), this ends at the big desk in the Oval Office.
This Fast & Furious operation was nothing more than the Administration’s attempt to “set the table” to eventually curtail the rights of US citizens with respect the the 2nd Amendment. Where’s the call for an independent federal prosecutor and Grand Jury? Returning from his first visit to Mexico to meet with Calderon, Obama stated that he would sign the treaty instituted by 3rd world countries to require weapons registration and data bases to be provided to foreign governments so they could prosecute US citizens if any of their registered weapons were used in crimes in “treaty” countries. Meanwhile, Secretary Hillary Clinton proposes that the US sign onto a United Nations treaty banning private ownership of weapons.

David - August 25, 2011

As a retired federal law enforcement officer, and having worked with many U.S. Attorneys, I can tell you that there was never one who would have approved this type of operation. If an agent would have brought this scenario to any of the attorneys I have ever been involved with, they would have shot it down in a minute. They would have thought you were crazy for suggesting it. This came down from the top, with no legitimate law enforcement purpose. Hopefully it will be ferreted out and appropriate charges at some point will be forthcoming.

Lee Burns - August 25, 2011

I continue to wait for news that the responsible individuals have been indicted and tried. Just one more incident of authority run amok in the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security. When can we expect some competent leadership in this Administration?

Terry Finnicum - August 25, 2011

I believe that high ranking members of the ATF and the Justice Dept broke the law and should not only resign but be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Sheryl Stafford - August 25, 2011

This was a botched effort to justify gun control in America. The cover story, “linking guns to drug cartels to specific criminal acts,” defies all logic. Eric Holder consistently demonstrates how unfit he is to hold the position of Attorney General. The 2012 election can’t come soon enough.

Larry Permann - August 25, 2011

I’ve often heard that you cannot argue or talk with stupid people. Eric Holder & Obama are not only stupid, they are arrogant, and in a postion of power, which makes them dangerous. We can only hope and pray that this country does not re-elect these people!! We did get change, didn’t we?

Carol - August 25, 2011

I am appalled by the apparent disregard for established laws demonstrated both by this foolish plan, and by the stonewalling being done by the agencies involved. One gets the strong impression that this plan came from the people at the top (our President and his head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder), and it illustrates how terribly broken our Federal Government is.

The responsible people should be fired!! Instead, I fear they will try to use the evidence of criminal activity to further limit our citizen’s second amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

Lee Burns - August 25, 2011

On the other issue; “9-11 video” in today’s presentation, I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but as a veteran I am a little tired of ten years of “adulation” for the “heroes” of that disaster when the members of our military continue to go in harm’s way unheralded.

William A. Carter - August 25, 2011

Had this happened during a Republican administration, there would be massive protests demanding the removal of the President and his AG!
Headlines would be screaming “Impeachment”!
That demonstrates the real danger to our republic, the lack of a free and unbiased press.

J E Houser - August 25, 2011

With years of experience with the Depts of Labor and Justice, the Federal govt is “do nothing” or “screw it up.” It is time the govt realize the ONLY times in human history there has been a flowering of the human mind is when there were a group of competitive states and the freedom to think as one wished and the right to move next door if ridiculed at home. Proof? = look at American education. It was competitive and flourishing, but now with “no child left behind,” it is now worthless and empty. Who is Shakespeare?

Gary Hannah - August 25, 2011

As a former Federally licensed firearms dealer, I can assure you that if the government followed existing laws there would be no need for incredibly stupid programs such as “Fast and Furious”. There are no “loopholes” in current firearms laws, only very lax enforcement of laws already on the books. Double up your fist, now look at it, that, my friends, is an “assault weapon”, so let’s ban them! The Feds themselves have violated several laws in this poorly thought out game. The guilty must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law or there is no law!

Kevin Grunwald - August 25, 2011

Not suprised by this behaviour,one of my pet peeves
Goverment agents breaking the law in the pretext
of enforcing the law.
Anyone involved should be procecuted or impeached.

William Care - August 25, 2011

All persons involved at the Attorney General’s office, including E. Holder should be fired, along with those higher-ups in the BATFE. Criminal charges may also apply.

Steve Ver Haagh - August 25, 2011

I think the Obama admin. should be investigated. I think that it was a horrible job. The gun stores were concerned about the whole deal and they were ignored.

jdstubbs - August 25, 2011

I understand that other agencies had some part in this. My feeling is: wait for the other shoes to drop, which may take awhile. No one has been forthcoming on this business, which is what you expect when you get into upper level federal management. It reminds me of another such debacle, Iran-Contra. It’s another indication that the upper level types aren’t worthy of the people the command, nor the people they supposedly serve.

J L LaBrack - August 25, 2011

Eric Holder and his fellow thugs at the D.O.J. will just sweep this under the rug like the Black Panther voter obstruction case–all to support the agenda of the liar-in-chief, Barry “Obama” Soetoro.

John Fry - August 25, 2011

A gun control scheme that backfired on them, these people should be tried in court as any regular citizen would be!

wpjn - August 25, 2011

Here is just a short list of the crimes committed by our Federal Government as a result of operation fast and furious:
1) Gun smuggling (the U.S. Government became the country’s largest gun smuggler)
2) Aiding and abetting Mexican Drug traffickers
3) Accessory to the murder of a great American and border patrol officer Brian Terry
4) Accessory to the murder of a great American and ICE agent Jaime Zapata
5) Accessory to the murders of at least 150 Mexican authorities and countless civilians
6) Lying to Congress
7) Conspiring to act against the 2nd Amendment
8) Treason
9) Obstruction of justice
10) Contempt of Congress

Feel free to add any I may have missed.

Harry N. Young, Jr. - August 25, 2011

The following is an excerpt from a recent email wrote to my Congressman, Don Young (R-AK), concerning Fast and Furious. I suggest all Heritage foundation members contact their congressmen with a similar message. With DOJ, ATFE and State involved, Obama had to have known and obviously is part of the cover-up. The Watergate Cover-Up is what led to Nixon’s Impeachment:

“Dear Don:
Obama is stonewalling on the investigation of “FAST AND FURIOUS”. We now have one American Border Agent Dead and at least 150 Mexican Nationals. The gravity of the unlawfulness of FAST AND FURIOUS makes Watergate look like a teenage prank. You might remember we impeached President Nixon over Watergate.

You have enough in just the few items (others were included in my email) above to institute Impeachment proceedings. I realize that the trial in the Senate would be problematic, but you need to tie Obama up in as many ways possibly so that he cannot destroy the country before the inauguration of a new Conservative President. I fear the country as we know it will not survive unless this Marxist Tyrant is stopped.

One wolf cannot bring down a moose but a coordinated pack can.


M Malo - August 25, 2011

Has anyone asked Sarah Brady or those legislators who blame gun shows about this?

Kevin Kamerath - August 25, 2011

Accountability that is my first thought. Whoever was responsible for this gross misjudgement needs to pay the price. From the TOP DOWN.
I view this as another attempt to alter the Constitution by making things appear different than they really are.

LANIE BEVAN - August 25, 2011


Ron Cowan - August 25, 2011

I believe it was an attempt by the administration and Justice Dept to go after gun makers and gun owners in the U.S. They would have all the headlines they need depicting all the violence our guns are causing. Lawsuits against gunmakers and restrictions on ownership would have been the end result.

JRP - August 25, 2011

It is time for the congress to prosecute the BATF Chief and our illustrious Attorney General.

Theresa Caruso - August 25, 2011

The lack of character, values, standards, integrity on the part of the government officials who designed and put this immoral operation forth reveals the depth of the foolishness and the sinfulness the human heart can choose to engage in. I pray for their repentance. America needs men and women of integrity to be established in government.

Dennis Dilloway - August 25, 2011

Why isn’t the liberal news media reporting on the failure and cover up, of Obama, Holder, The Justice Department and BATF, about Operation Fast and Furious. The goverment is corrupt, from federal, to state, to local.

Robert Murry - August 25, 2011

This is another obama attack on our 2nd Amensment rights, hell its an attack on the whole constitution. He and holder were going to let the guns go and when the stuff hit the fan they were going to jump up and say” Look those aren’t Mexican guns those are American guns, we need more gun laws and stricter gun control”. Then they would see how much more of the constitution they could whittle away. Get to the root of the problem and get rid of the present regime.

John Woltz - August 25, 2011

Highly indicative of the results you get when you put a socialist community organizer and his control agenda cronies in charge of our total government. They could not find a real crisis so they created one planting these weapons so they could show the need for their gun control agenda which stresses the need to sign the UN Small Arms treaty and other “international” agreements to limit gun ownership. Holder and a slew of others should be fired immediately, barred from any possible future “public service” and obama impeached. And cut the budget in half as others said. Shame, shame!!!

Bill L Nicholson - August 25, 2011

In my opinion, the Feds are trying to sell the notion that the drug cartels are purchasing their firearms from ‘Bob’s Bait Shop’, in support their ‘gun show loophole’ fiction. If successful, they can then move against honest, law abiding citizens, who are trying to legally purchase firearms for their own use. Thanks-

Valerie - August 25, 2011

8/25/11 – My comments are as follows;

1. An American family is grieving the shooting of their border patrol son.
2. I think 3 of the chief operatives + Eric Holder, were arrested (not Holder) but almost as soon as they were interrogated, they were kicked upstairs to good desk jobs to silence them. Holder keeps on trucking like nothing happened because the Anointed One protects him.

3. We hear no more about it. What is this, a Banana Republic?????

Valerie - August 25, 2011

FAST & FURIOUS 8/25/11

1. A border guard’s family grieves as their son lies shot in Mexico, assasinated by a rifle from the above F. & F debacle by Eric Holder and his merry band of misfits.

2. Three of the chief minions under Holder in this said debacle confessed and were kicked upstairs to great desk jobs to buy their silence. Nothing more is said, boo hoo, “life goes on.” as Obama protects his friends.

3. What is this – A Banana Republic ??!! Val Prieto

David Enge - August 25, 2011

The official explanation for this ill conceived operation is weak at best and probably an outright lie. More than likely, it was to be used as an excuse to attack legitimate gun dealers and to greatly increase gun control schemes across the nation.

Robert Anderson - August 25, 2011

I think it was a program that was to allow LIberals to push for more gun control legislation. Luckily this back fired.

Joel - August 25, 2011

It must be determined who originated this foolish idea and everyone who approved it, from the top to the bottom. They are all guilty of manslaughter. They should be severely punished.

David L Brown - August 25, 2011

Hope and Change? Well, I see the change and it is frightening, but where is the hope? Maybe that will teach us to ask what kind of change? This ATF “operation” wouldn’t even qualify for the worst B movie plot! *Sigh*

Jim Brown - August 25, 2011

Obama and Holder would like for everyone to believe that this was a program that a clerk at ATF concocted.
This fiasco has both Obama and Holder up to their eyeballs involved. Only a couple of inept politicians could have thought up this scheme. I hope Issa nails both to the wall.

Phil - August 25, 2011

Just another ploy of the quasi marxist administration running this nation. The attempt was and is to use the results of the failure to try and diminish our second ammenment rights. They wanted to play the blame game but someone blew the whistle on them. Someone needs to go to jail and or lose their position in D.C. The U.S.A.G., President?, top brass in ATF.

John Koch - August 25, 2011

Your brief does not state the entire events.
The dealers, recognizing that there were ‘straw buyers’ advised the ATF and were told to go ahead with the sales.
The ATF was monitoring the situation and do not question.
Then the ATF lost all track of the guns untill they showed up at a crime scene.
The ATF plan was to show how how many guns were being purchased in the US and going to Mexico and thereby encouraging more anti-gun laws in the US.
So much for this administration recognizing the constitution and protecting its citizens.
ATF and the Justice Dept are now stonewalling and failing to answer questions from the investigating committee.

John K Daugherty - August 25, 2011

This operation was intended to show that US operatives were furnishing the guns causing all or most of the problems in Mexico. This was to justify massive anti-gun rules and legislation to subvert the 2nd. Amendment to the constitution. Despite the administration’s complete failure to make it even look good, you’ll notice they are still trying to use it to put anti-gun rules & laws into effect, and push for ratification of the UN small arms ban trying to disarm the citizens of the world, leaving only governments and the UN armed.

Does that idea give you a warm, safe, fuzzy feeling? If it does, you’re a fool!

Casey Carlton - August 25, 2011

This is another instance of leftist activity that may have a hidden purpose. The National Rifle Association suggests that one reason this plan was hatched in the first place was to use the outcome to push for tighter gun control (thus ignoring the Second Amendment) by flying under the radar once again. There may be quite a lot of truth here. Just recently, the federal government placed some new restrictions on gun dealers. Coincidence? Not likely.

Denny Fox - August 25, 2011

Demand Eric Holder’s resignation or impeach him.

Rod Lemmon - August 25, 2011

The only reason for fast and furious was to give this administration some “ammunition” to try to make the case for tougher gun laws on US citzens. They wanted to say that we are the problem and that guns need to be resticted so they don’t find there way across the border.
It back fired on them and they caused needless deaths by their adjenda..

Tim Gillespie - August 25, 2011

How can any relatively intelligent government leader allow a law enforcement agency to concoct such an absolutely stupid plan as this? Is there a contest to see which high-ranking government liberal can reek the most havok toward the destruction of America? Can we all just take a closer look at the people we elect? I know we didn’t elect Eric Holder but we (not me) did elect Barry H. Obama who did appoint a buffoon to head the Justice Department.

Robert English - August 25, 2011

I think an independent prosecutor should convened. In addition I believe that Atty Gen Holder should be held in contempt for refusing to release pertinent documents.

james mccabe - August 25, 2011

Thus was not a “botched” operation. It worked exactly as planned untill a Border Patrol officer was killed. The plan was to have guns that could be traced to gunshops in the US showing up at crimescenes in Mexico. This would bolster the demand for more gun laws. Recall Obama’s saying that he was working “under the radar” to get more gun control. Apply Occam’s Razor to this operation and there is no other logical conclusion. These people are corrupt, not stupid, as they are trying to act, and it goes all the way to the top!

c t blomstrom - August 25, 2011

A government run by idiots does idiotic things

Stephen Ehlman - August 25, 2011

I was just thinking about this a couple nights ago while driving home. I couldn’t believe how quickly this dropped off the radar screen. I know you have heard this hundreds of times in the last few years, but if it had been a conservative president this would never go away. People would be investigated and possibly tried for crimes.

larry welch - August 25, 2011

1. The NRA had a handle on this outrageous blunder before it became news.
2. “Manslaughter” is an appropriate charge for ALL who signed off on this ruthless plan to subvert freedom.

Robert & Carla Trutt - August 25, 2011

Whole thing was an excercise in stupidity. Inject a bunch of illegal guns to an illegal organisation and expect to be able to track them as they move through the illegal operation whose very mode of operation precludes tracking. Dumb and dumber. What were they (not) thinking? I suspect a more nefarious goal – maybe to inflame the gun control advocates???

Ann Kyle - August 25, 2011

This seems an illegal scheme. Is this typical of government behavior? Investigate, in the open, and publish the facts. Is there an investigative agency that can investigate the Justice Department? – Congress I guess.

Edmond Robert - August 25, 2011

It seems that the plan to sell and trace guns to find the ultimate customers failed and many unintended and unforeseen consequences resulted, including loss of life. Unfortunately, many of our elected officials and political appointees are more adept at denying accountability and blaming others than they are at accepting responsibility for erroneous decisions. As a result, this will most likely be another poorly-executed government debacle swept under the rug by Washington’s incompetent bureaucracy. The average American citizen would be prosecuted to the limit of the law but the lawmakers walk. A sad commentary on the state of our nation.

Emmett Gloyna - August 25, 2011

It appears the chief goal of the outlaw ATF AND the Obama Justice Department was to “prove” by hook or really crook, that many handguns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons from the United States made it into the Drug Cartel’s hands, which is not true. Then they wanted to force additional legal budens on Americans who owned weapons or who wanted to buy weapons for their own use, such as target practice, hunting and especially protection of their homes. Of course Obama and his Justice ? Dept would love to take away all citizens’s guns. That is their goal……even by treaty. The ATF and Justice Dept fight the 2nd Amendment at every possible way.

Doctor Dave, Napa CA - August 26, 2011

This is just another attempt at the FEDS trying to control guns by creating a “crisis” by actually selling guns to felons and then blaming the killings on “gun owners”. But the plan failed just like the entire Obama administration and its minions in power.

Greg - August 26, 2011

Let us remember that before the revelations of Fast & Furious, there were numerous media reports of “semi-automatic assault rifles” from the US appearing in Mexican drug shootouts, implying that lax US gun laws were responsible. Clearly the agenda was for legislation to dramatically restrict gun sales in the US.

We now know that our own government was flagrantly breaking the law to supply drug cartels with very good rifles with the intent to create a condition that appeared to warrant legislation to restrict gun sales. Clearly, they meant to use that information to erode our God-given Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Any government official involved in Fast and Furious who has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, beginning with the Attorney General, should be given a fair trial and executed…preferably by a firing squad. OK, maybe that’s a little harsh, but it has an element of poetic justice. Seriously, any supervisory official with knowledge and should be prosecuted.

Wade Semons - August 26, 2011

Eric Holder should be forced to testify before congress and should be held in comtempt of congress if he does not respond to questions, he also should take full responsibility for the operation. if Pres. Obama knew of the operation and approved that information should be made public. We have a chance to IMPEACH OBAMA this in the 2012 elections Lets hope america is smarter this time around obama was a do nothing senator and he is worse than a do nothing president he is trying tear down this country. I hope congress will not let this oppurnity go to waste and not let obama and holder off the hook.

one old dog - August 26, 2011

this operation has caused the death of an American border agent in this country and many many deaths in Mexico including the death of the brother of a high placed Mexican official making the BATF FBI, DEA all complicit, this should be investigated and all culpable people, involved, charged with the felonies that they participated in. as high up the command structure as it goes
the Rule of Law should apply equally to all, no matter what position they hold..

Bob Leathers - August 26, 2011

Where does the buck stop with this administration?
Obama has never been responsible for anything. Always someone elses’ fault.

When will our third branch of government (Judicial) start challenging our current radical President’s actions?

The Judicial has more power than I think they realize. We have 3 equal branches of government – from my copy of our Constitution. Maybe I’m missing something, but I waiting for the Judicial to say, “STOP”.

We consertatives are frustrated. I can become a Democrat. When I do I will be dangerous. Did it in Vietnam. Stopped following the Mob . Started thinking for myself. 1968 someone yelled, “run this way”, I ran another direction.

Who is going to save America? I believe our next President will either destroy us or bring us back. Obama will destroy us.

Do you at Heritage support an Admendment to our Constitution, think it would be Admendment 28, that would require a Presidental candidate prove with documents he is a legal candidate under Article 2 Section 1 of our Constitution?

Why would a person go to so great lengths to hide past data about his life as Obama has obviously done? Crooks do. No problem with my 1947 birth certificate. Mine is printed on blue paper. Has my delivery doctors signature. And all other relevent info about me then. Small frail, but growing.
No college records. I can/will give you mine. Made a 3.8 my Freshmen year. Quit college the second month of my Sophomore year and joined (not drafted) the Army. Why? You figure.
I once had a valid U.S Passport. Now elapsed. My number was 083012849. My picture – I looked like a terrorist as I now view it. Full face beard, short head hair, somber facial expresression, with eye glasses. Dress coat (light colored check) and tie.

I can send you a ‘long form copy’ of my birth certificate, and my seal of approval will show up.

Idiots, (liberals) utter false words I stand, I stand. I stood in Vietnam. That was almost a generation ago now.

Pat Woodard - August 26, 2011

I think that 1500 weapons in the hands of trained military troops on the border, who are instructed to deter crossing by whatever force is necessary, would do a whole lot more to stop the flow of drugs and illegals. The war on drugs is a farce and a failure. It is another method of authenticating Federal intervention in our lives. Fewer lives wold be ruined if drugs were made legal and treated as a controlled substance like alcohol.

Mark Bartosik - August 26, 2011

This needs to be a key componnet to bring this White house down. How careless to do this just to make a case for more unneeded gun controll! This scandel Leads directly to Obama and Eric Holder if the path is followed from the FBI, CIA, ATF, for all these groups to be involved it had to come from the top of the chain of comand. Why this is not a lead story in every news outlet is shamefull!

Bob M. - August 26, 2011

When I first heard about this scheme, I thought to myself: “What a terrific scam to promote more anti- gun regulations!” Some months ago President Calderon and our illustrious Secretary of State were complaining (with no proof) that guns which were being used by Mexico’s drug cartels were coming from the U.S. The (corrupt) U.S. government was trying to “prove” this link so as to give credence to Sarah Brady and her ilk so that they (gov’t) could further restrict our 2nd Amendment rights.

harry ward - August 26, 2011

THIS is an outrage of epic proportions and all KNOWINGLY involved should be (at the very least)released from the agency with all fringes removed and the top organizers prosecuted.This is almost unbelievable!!!!

Bill Burrus - August 26, 2011

Nothing this marxist outlaw administration does surprises me. Maybe someday justice will prevail and those responsible for this fiasco, including Obama and Holder will be convicted.

Horace Busch - August 26, 2011

Clearly, the attempt by the BHO administration and the ATF to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights backfired big time!!! Sadly, live of our Border Patrol agents and others were lost. The entire BHO administration needs to be sent packing. And I don’t mean guns. They should be permanently unemployed, barred from any and all public or private offices!!!!

Bargal - August 26, 2011

I would love to see that God intervenes , and those that are guilty, from the White House to the Attorney General and below, are dealt with post haste.

This top end of our government must be dealt with, with the severest of penalty so we the people know the government is still working for us,” WE THE PEOPLE”

We know from Holders own admission, he knew about this long before he admits to hearing about it. As close to the POTUS as he is, it is naive to think the POTUS knew nothing until after the fact

Jerry Slama - August 26, 2011

I believe that those in charge of the “Fast and Furious” operation should be prosecuted, and at the minimum be terminated from Federal employment., including the management personnel who knew about the operation.

David Madison - August 26, 2011

As an ex-felon, It shocks even me to learn that this administration, and agents of the U.S. government, would promote the free movement of life taking weapons from gun shops here in the U.S. (even forcing gun shop owners to sell the weapons.) into the hands of organized and hardened criminals. I know guns don’t kill people; people do. But, it is horrifying to think that this administration, knowing that these guns would be used by criminals to actually take human lives, would make them readily available to those criminals, so they could kill people; even U.S. and Mexican government law enforcement officers, whose job it is to protect the lives of others.

This is one of the most unforgivable kinds of betrayal of the people which the government has the obligation to protect and serve. (I hope it is obvious to the Mexican people that this President is not their friend.)

I pray it not be soon forgotten.

Carl Fishel - August 26, 2011

We need a special prosecutor, charges need to be brought against Holder and Obama if he was involved. If this was Chaney or others in the Bush admin. there would be at least 2 special prosecutors investigating everyone. They are all criminals.

Don Olsen - August 26, 2011

Since, I know the agents in the field would never have dreamed up such a ridiculous plan, without approval from their Superiors, the ultimate RESPONSIBILITY for this disaster must rest with the Department of Justice! This is just the Tip of the Ice Berg, for Eric Holder, and his decisions on the New Black Panther Party case. We are now faced with a racially divided DOJ, because the News Media won’t follow through on these cases. Holder should be held accountable, as well as, the President, if he had knowledge of “Fast & Furious”. Here we have a Watergate situation, except murders have occurred with these weapons, and no one is being held accountable??

Bob L - August 26, 2011

I believe Fast and Furious was designed to fail with the intent to take a swipe at the Second Amendment and I further believe that the Obama administration should be impeached.

Richard Dawson - August 26, 2011

This whole operation was dead WRONG from the very first thought of it. I agree with many of the previous comments that suggest a complete investigation and prosecution to the fullest degree of the law for all those involved from the top on down, starting with the Office of the President. This MUST be addressed. We cannot tolerate this kind of corrupt activity in any branch of our Federal Government.

Dave McElhinny - August 26, 2011

Like several other responders, I believe the real objective of BATFE and the administration was to create a problem that seemed to call for more gun control regulations. These purchases were illegal and would have been stopped at the source under existing regulations had they not been blocked by the actions of BATFE administrators. This is nothing but a sham! Heads should roll but, instead, they were promoted!

Garry - August 26, 2011

So much of this corrupt plan was a directed assult to weaken our second ammendment rights.This administrations progresive agenda trys to undermine the strengths of this country. Those involved must be tried for the crime of conspirisy to commit murder, international gun smuggling, and transportation of weapons across international boarders. Eric Holder needs to face a grand jury or face contempt charge and be incarceration for stone walling this investigation. Those involved need to be held accountable.

William Taylor - August 26, 2011

A criminal operation designed by Obama to gain support for legislation to eliminate Second Amendment rights for private gun possesion: investigation and prosecution must follow. William Taylor

Allen Blitz - August 27, 2011

The officials who ordered this plan to go forward should be prosecuted and put in jail! They are responsible for the death of the border patrol agent; and at the very least have broken the law. Think they are abouve the law. THEY ARE NOT!

Robert Burkley - August 27, 2011

This was a terrible act. All of those involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That should include everyone no matter how far up the line.

Kelly Wilson - August 27, 2011

Someone in the Obama administration and/or Justice Department needs to be prosecuted and sent to jail.

Perhaps they need to be turned over to the Mexican government for prosecution?they aren’t so forgiving down there.

Charles Newman - August 27, 2011

“an attempt by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agency to sell and trace thousands of firearms to “straw buyers” in Mexico”: No, this was the cover story. There were two purposes: 1. Justify more restictive gun laws in the US. 2. Provide weapons to murderers to satisfy the blood lust of this evil administration.

Watch what they do. Everything they say is a lie!

jim - August 27, 2011

Holder and Napolatano should resign,disbarred and sent to prison.Obama is up to his ears in this thing and if this is not an empeachment offense i will kiss someones —.

Lois E. Pera - August 27, 2011

As unusal, anything done by Obama and his buddies is against the U.S. and for Mexico or fanatic Muslums. Fast and Furious is an abomination against the border guards and border towns trying to protect themselves. Obama breaks the law by not protecting these Americans. He is Anti U.S.

Thanks for all Heritage does.

Lois Pera

Michele Albiez - August 27, 2011

This was obviously planned from the White House to foster the myth that US guns dealers were supplying Mexican Drug Cartels…in order to bolster Obama’s support of the UN Gun Control Treaty, and disarm the populace. The BATF has been a sword in the side of gun owners, and IMO unconstitutional. It should be defunded and disbanded.

Linda Tipler - August 27, 2011

This whole crisis has come at a convenient time to distract us from the real issue. Border control. If we didn’t have officers bought on the border to allow illegals and their guns and drugs to cross we wouldn’t have to stage/rein-act scenes in the first place. Lets get back to topic!

Fred Wilson - August 27, 2011

I tend to agree with those who believe that this scheme had more to do with creating a “crisis” to provide the Obama administration with a means to undercut or eliminate the Second Amendment and little to do with Mexican drug cartels etc. Interesting that they did not even tell Mexico what they were doing. If you have seen the pictures of some of the weapons they were not the sort of thing you walk into any gun store and purchace without a $200 transfer stamp. Automatic rifles and various explosives.

Roger W. Sheaffer - August 27, 2011

This operation will be Obama’s excuse to sign the UN’s small arms treaty denying Americans their second amendment rights . Back door gun control!

Marilyn Schnuck - August 27, 2011

I wonder how many citizens of the Uniuted States have relatives in Mexico that have been innocently killed by these guns supplied by Fast and Furious??

John Campbell - August 28, 2011

This operation just shows how inefficent the FED is when they stick their ideas into the picture and how lazy their employees become to be that careless. This is not unusual behavior when you look at FED agencies waste and abuce. The FED works harder at condemming the law abiding citizen then going after the criminal.

Katherine M. White - August 28, 2011

This operation highlights the problem with letting large governmental bureaucracys plan and execute dangerous missions. The CIA has suffered from this malady. The US Treasury will be found to have had significant deleterious effect on our economic problems, and the Federal Reserve has us in a head lock with NO Congressional supervision. “Fast and Furious” SHOULD have been a successful way to find and arrest Cartel leaders; but, failure of leadership and a too large bureaucracy caused the pitiful failure.

Norman P Olsen - August 28, 2011

Its further evidence that Washington needs to be fumigated by the electorate, as well as immediate action taken.

Old Submariner - August 28, 2011

The Justice Department has run aground. When a Naval Officer runs his ship aground, he is relieved. Same should go for Holder. Congress should do whatever it is they can do to fire him. He is as big a bust as our Hopey Changey Pres.

preston - August 28, 2011

Find out who in the government authorized this fire them and then send them to prison.

Lawrence Medow - August 29, 2011

This is typical Obama anti-gun bureacracy. This aim of this operation was to show that American guns were “fueling” the carnage in Mexico, and therefore we need to put further restrictions on law abiding Americans. They were not looking to create a “sting” and capture lawbreakers. First there were no ATF agents in Mexico to follow the traces, the Mexican authorities did not know about it, and not even Federal agents can be armed in Mexico.

Edwin Johnson, Conroe, TX - August 29, 2011

I think there was a far more devious motive behind this operation. I believe the goal was to show how many guns from the U.S. were being found in Mexican drug cargels providing the excuse for the BATF to put more restrictions on legitimate gun dealers and sales to Americans further eroding the 2nd Amendment. Both Obama and Calderon have perpetuated the lie that most of the guns the drug cartels use are coming from the U.S.

Mike Rios - September 1, 2011

This operation has all along been a tactic of the Obama administration to give truth to the lie that 90% of weapons used in the drug wars in Mexico were supplied by American gun dealerships through legal or shady gun purchases. When the drug cartels use automatic weapons, which are not the easiest thing to purchase in the U.S., made and supplied by Chinese and Russian arms dealers, it is obvious who is supplying these weapons. Instead of going after those arms dealers our Communist President and his Atty. General target legitimate gun dealers and gun owners in order to make a case for outlawing personal ownership of firearms in the United States. Their mission has all along been to undermine the United States Constitution which they have very obviously shown their disdain for.
These individuals have crossed the line to making freedom a distant memory in America. While it seems there is a great reluctance on the part of so called patriots to stop this tragic end to America happening we as citizens are left to watch the Titanic sink while our leaders twiddle their politically correct fingers, afraid that if they said the wrong thing they would be thought to be racist or “McCarthyite.”
We are in deep trouble.

Jack - September 2, 2011

This is gun control out and out that got good people killed. A crime by this White House and gun control advocates.

Duane Kingston - September 13, 2011

I think this was an underhanded attempt for EVEN more gun control by this “regime”. Obama and Holder were totally aware and instigated this program to circumvent Congress in hopes of building their case against firearm ownership in the US. They are thugs who want to destroy this great nation as we know it!!

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