Today would have been the 102nd birthday of President Ronald Reagan. His legacy should be remembered for many reasons, especially his determined commitment to our military power and his confidence in America’s virtues.

Reagan shared with millions of Americans a confidence that the United States has inherently good intentions in the world. Moreover, he believed a free and stable world requires a strong American military that promotes freedom and democracy. As Heritage Foundation expert Baker Spring explains, “strength [is] necessary to preserving security, stability, and ultimately peace in the world.”

Today, though, President Obama has a different view, Spring explains:

The presidency is in the hands of one of the foremost leaders of the forces of moral self-doubt. President Obama first ran for President in 2008 by appealing to constituencies that labeled President George W. Bush a war criminal, asserted that the U.S. undertook Operation Iraqi Freedom in order to confiscate Iraqi oil, and derided the policy for constructing a defense of the U.S. against missile attack.

Following the 2008 election, President Obama undertook an apology tour. Now, with his re-election campaign behind him, President Obama is setting about the task of shrinking and weakening the military.

Reagan would not approve, Spring continues:

President Reagan, if he were here today, would recognize both how wrong-headed President Obama’s foreign and defense policies are and what drives these policies. He would fight them tooth and nail. As he did in the late 1970s and 1980s, he would argue that the U.S. is a force for good in the world and that a robust military force would lead to security, stability, and peace.

Tell us in the comments: Can President Obama effectively lead our nation if he exhibits no confidence in its inherent virtues?

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PaulE - February 6, 2013

Short answer is NO!

Anna - February 6, 2013

I worried since the day President Obama and his wife
stepped into the White House and heard them speak of how much they
appreciated the military men and women. I felt in my heart that he
would cut, cut cut as soon as they could. I think Mrs Obama had the
military well being as one of her projects. I felt it was not true
then and certaily not now.

Frederick N. Evans - February 6, 2013

NO. But, he doesn’t want to lead except from behind and
“Forward” to Totalitarianism. That’s the short and the long of

charlie - February 6, 2013

Pres. Obama is a Marxist /socialist, not by his own
admission but by observing his deeds and policies. Until the
opposition party recognizes that they are in the fight of their
life and stop fighting with gloves on and get bare-knuckled, they
are doomed to failure and we headed for a one party system and
ultimate bankruptcy as a nation

Pazuzu - February 6, 2013

Obama is the anti-Reagan.

Douglas Lines - February 6, 2013

There is no informed, thinking, person on this planet that
believes President Obama can, or would want, to lead this Nation in
the principles of our Declaration of Independence and our
Constitution. He has completely dishonored his Oath of Office,
repeatedly lied to the people, and is absolutely incompetent to
manage or lead anything.

Gaylon - February 6, 2013

Is this a rhetorical question? Only a Democrat,
progressive, liberal or RINO could answer that question
affirmatively. The only people Obama can lead are those that are
too stupid to know better, are looking for a handout or are
standing in line for more power. He has no sense of virtue because
he has no moral excellence, goodness or righteousness. If it
doesn’t take away someone’s Constitutional rights so the government
can have more jurisdiction he’s not for it. He is the only
president that I can think of that has not done ONE thing to
benefit America, and anything that comes close was either set in
motion by someone else or another president. He is absolutely
worthless as a leader! There is not one thing he stands for that I
can condone. Fiscal, social, foreign, domestic, moral, he has
failed at all posts.

Jack Tirrell - February 6, 2013

Because President Obama does not agree the U. S. is a moral
force in the world, he cannot lead our nation effectively. He is an
apologist for Socialism and a weak, ineffective leader in the free

Betty - February 6, 2013

I keep going back to one comment Romney made that so far,
even though I mention it, no one is catching on to it. Romney said
during one of the debates, I have five sons. I understand what it
is to deal with people who keep telling something over and over,
trying to make me believe it, even when I know it isn’t true. and
we need many many folks in the congress and in the Whitehouse who
grasp what the sound of the untruths are and who know how to stop
it cold by not going in the direction of the words that those
untruths, or lies, would take folks. AND HOW TO REFUTE those lies.
Reagan had a different base from which he lived his life and
America was the beneficiary of much good because of the basis of
Reagan’s frame.

Joanne E. Langdon - February 6, 2013

Of course he cannot. That’s not what he’s all about to
begin with.

Kenneth Fechtler - February 6, 2013

obama could lead a mule to water. If a National Vote was
held he would get an overwelming vote of No Confidence.

Ron Kruis - February 6, 2013

I have missed President Reagan since he left the scene.
That sense of loss has been greatly magnified by having the hapless
Obama in office. Where President Reagan stood proudly for a strong
America and a strong defense, Obama goes on an apology tour, “leads
from behind”, and seriously diminishes America’s standing in the
world. While there are many issues to be concerned about with Obama
as president, including the abominable Obamacare and ballooning
debt and deficits, our diminished standing in the world, and its
consequences going forward, provide the starkest and most troubling
contrast with our revered President Reagan.

Ellietson Rogers - February 6, 2013

Obama does show confidence in his inherent values, but they
are not the same as ours. David Horowitz in his booklet “Barack
Obama’s Rules For Revolution, The Alinsky Model” expl;ains what
they are and how he got them.

Terry T - February 6, 2013

Obama doesn’t manage crisis, he manages by creating crisis.
Good managers know how to plan – then marshal their resources to
attack the problem. Obama implements poor solutions then attacks
his opponents.

Reid & Louise Rawls - February 6, 2013

With some intervention from the Martains, he might have a

Pam Wear - February 6, 2013

The question is not whether he can lead the nation, he is
leading the America we know and love toward destruction. We need to
get back to our “conservative values” and “talk about” and “pass
supporting bills” in the House. (The 2/6 Heritage message is a
great start). I am so tired of reading Heritage, listening to Rush,
Hanity and Larson who are responding to whatever Obama put out on
the wires that day. Stick to the constitution and our priorities
and keep the message simple and say it again and again and again
and again. Say it in 6th grade language in a friendly, productive
way and use everyday citizens to “say” and “support.” (Farmers,
Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Little Businessmen, Moms, Dads, Coaches)
It must become apparent that we care about America and that we care
about every citizen. The people need to be able to relate to the
speaker. Blessings for all that you are trying to do to research
and educate. Keep those projects, just deliver them differently.

Grace Tillinghast - February 6, 2013

Absolutely not. He is the first president who has such a
disdain for our cuntry and what it stands for.

bill kendall - February 6, 2013

In a word, NO!

Ken Carter - February 6, 2013

As a veteran, father, grandfather, and student of American
history I cannot fathom how Obama was reelected much less how
Americans could agree with the policies of “Those People”. My
family has been in every fight to defend Americans since the French
and Indian wars. What is happening to my country, specifically
because of Obama and his minions have turned their treacherous
backs on the Constitution, leads me to believe that it will require
measures outlined in the Declaration of Independence to restore the
Republic. God bless you all for your work. I wish I could
participate more directly.

William E. Schirmer - February 6, 2013

Yes! Our President lacks confidence in America demonstrated
by his performance and his speech: 1. No budget in more than four
years. 2. Through taxation, he attempts to punish successful people
and organizations. 3. For the less informed people, he enables
dependency on the government. 4. By his actions and his speech, he
is President of the Democrat party and not the remainder of the
people. 5. He does not know what he doesn’t know, e.g. leadership
and the role of a leader, economics, military strategy and tactics,
6. He knows and understands how to be a community organizer and
that’s the kind of job he should have.

Andy Haraldson - February 6, 2013

President Obama can’t lead our nation even if he has lots
of confidence in its inherent virtues. He’s at best a weak and
ineffective leader.

Harvey Wysong - February 6, 2013

Rev. Lee Roberson often said, “Everything rises and falls
on leadership.” And under the Obama “leadership” we are

Don Starke - February 6, 2013

Obama hasn’t shown a scintilla of leadership during his
incumbency, yet he has denigrated the United States and tarnished
our image and influence internationally. This is the total
antithesis of what a president of this country should be doing.
Specifically, shame on him for (quite possibly and permanently)
damaging America and wronging the very people he has, voluntarily
sworn to serve.

John R McManus - February 6, 2013

My most beloved President would be very upset at the state
of the Union,as it is today, the lack of any concern for this
countries down-sizing of the Military, which as of today, has been
reduced to 50% in the persian gulf, by cancelling the deployment of
the Harry S Truman, where it is needed, the most. I have no faith
in our current Commander in Chief, his policies, or his selection
for Secertary of State,et al. May God have mercy on all who pray
for peace in this world, for I fear for our future as a free
country, unable to defend herself, against all who hate what we
stand for.

Martha Stanford - February 6, 2013

NO! obama’s statements, books, actions, friends, mentor,
relatives, associates, appointees, and history All broadcast his
deep-seated animosity towards American values!

Melvin Miller - February 6, 2013

I only wish we had someone to full Reagan shoes.

mildred roy - February 6, 2013

This president has shown such disrespect for our country
and our military. He will weaken us further and he has no intention
of following the Constitution or the rule of law. President Reagan
would fight so hard against Obama and we all pray for another
wonderful leader like Reagan. We are all praying for our country
because we can see its downfall!

Waldemar Burzynski - February 6, 2013

Obama is incapable of leading our nation in any positive
way. He is the most destructive and dangerous man in the history of
he Republic.

M. A. Walton - February 6, 2013

Mr. Obama is not a leader. His only concerns and
convictions seem to be how everything relates to himself. From a
shadowy childhood with what appears to have no truly strong male
model to an adulthood somewhat lacking in true concern for anyone
except those who pander and agree with him and his dictates. A true
leader works to help ALL people gain self esteem through work and
careful stewardship of their money. People feel better about
themselves when they EARN life’s rewards not have everything given
to them by a government effectively turning them into slaves. The
inherent values set down by the founding fathers did not say anyone
was entitled wealth. They said that people had the right to PURSUE
wealth, happiness, etc. Mr. Obama wants to take from the wealthy
what they worked for and reward some person with wealth he did
nothing to earn. Weakening our armed forces, denying jobs in fields
that are begging for workers, allowing Big Government to create
laws that only apply to the general population and not to the
select few who created them. These are only a very few of the
things what we see happening in America. So much is below board
that the people do not know what is happening and being decided for
them without their input. We truly need another Ronald

John B - February 7, 2013

President Obama is undertaking the long-held dream of
socialist utopianism. The concerted efforts by his allies in the
Press, in Hollywood, in the environmental community, in Big Labor,
in academia, etc. are a loose but potent movement for accomplishing
truly nefarious ends. We the people have allowed this slow, Fabian
march to finally overtake us. And in Mr. Obama’s case, he is the
public face covering the legion of masterminds who operate in the
background. And even now, our last-line of hope–Conservatives–are
an Etu Brute to the death of our Republic. To conceive of such a
concerted effort to bring to an end the most magnificent nation in
human history, is inconceivable. Whatever entices even
Conservatives to acquiesce, is beyond my comprehension. Only God,
the creator of such opportunities as this nation has been, can only
see the full depth and breadth of such treachery. And I say
treachery because of all the men and women who have died to keep us
free; all the people who sacrificed all to get here; and all the
people who will in the future not have a place to look up to and
possibly escape to. In sum, Barack Obama does not believe in
America’s goodness: he takes advantage of it–to her demise. He
creates fools, so he can use them to his advantage, and then to
consume them in the end. We are fools not to have more fervently
gone to war with his ideas–long ago. The ideas that were passed to
him behind closed doors, and the ideas that by design steer our
great ship to its tragic death.

Stephen Patterson - February 7, 2013

I don’t understand why he hasn’t been impeached and thrown
into prison for treasonist acts!

Rex Talmage - February 7, 2013

Obama can NOT lead our nation to ANY degree of “success”
because the only success he believes in is his own. He will
willingly destroy our country, and then boast about it.

Karen Llewellyn - February 7, 2013

We need a president who is an adult. We do not have one. We
have a petty, spoiled, narcissistic child in the White House. How
can he possibly lead effectively? Obama wishes to remake America in
his own image. God help us if we fall for that. God help us as long
as this administration has any power. I am extremely pessimistic
about the future.

Judith Martwinski - February 7, 2013

This President is no leader. He is a disgrace to the office
and it was unbelievable to me that our great nation put him back in
office. I feel this nation is doomed unless our Republican Party
grows a backbone and remembers the House controls the purse strings
and puts a stop to this man and the Democrats wasteful

Joseph F. Kaltz - February 7, 2013

I think that President Obama holds the United States of
America as founded in contempt! He wants to fundamentally change
this country from a Democratic Representative Republic into a
Marxist /Socialist Dictatorship. Do not listen to what he says, but
whatch what he does!

Steve Beiser - February 7, 2013

No, the is in what he says time and time again, he wants to
CHANG America. People need to start paying attention and require
that our Government start working for We the People again, not
whatever the agenda is or what gets votes so they can stay in

John Smith - February 7, 2013

That’s just it; he doesn’t want to lead, but rather
demolish this country and it’s virtues. Don’t forget who they were
booing at the Dem National Convention.

Michael Barbuck - February 7, 2013

No president can lead a country without a strong military.
To paraphrase President Reagan no country got into a war because
they were too strong

George Warren - February 7, 2013

Does President Obama lack confidents in American Citizens?

rex thompson - February 7, 2013

I do not believe you framed the question correctly. He does
not know or have any concept of what America`s ‘inherent virtues’
are. He was hired only to destroy America. I believed him when he
said we live in the greatest nation on earth, join me in changing
it. He is. His dismal record speaks for itself. He is no leader,
rather he is a divider. To answer your question, he could not run a
lemonade stand much less this once great country.

Dennis Lombard - February 7, 2013

Edward Klein’s book, “The Amateur” is unfortunately still
appropriate. Dennis Lombard

Steve Weaver - February 7, 2013

How can he exhibit America’s inherent virtues if he is
totally opposed to what they are. He doesn’t believe the
Constitution is a document that is as revelant today as it was 200
years ago, he doesn’t believe that free enterprise is the basis of
our economy, he doesn’t believe in as limited government as
possible, he doesn’t revere and profess America’s greatness and
resolve past and present. His upbringing and education has made him
believe that America has bullied and enfringed on all minorities at
home and abroad. As he has said he wants to “fundamentally change”
America, and he is well on the road to doing it. After eight years
of his policies and radical agenda, I am frightened to think of
what lies ahead for us and our children. I just hope that the House
of Representatives can slow his agenda enough that repair is
possible to our historical way of life.

Margaret Winkle - February 7, 2013

Obama has no love or confidence in America. America should
have and needs to have the strongest Military in the world. That is
the only way America can stay a FREE Country.

Patricia Weldon - February 7, 2013

Obama hates America. He is out to destroy us.He goes
from one made up crisis to another.We have not known
a day of peace since he came on the scene.

Gary Blunt - February 7, 2013

I would not ascribe leadership to Obama as much as control and unilateral unconstitutional directions. He has succeeded due to the lack State assertion of 10th Amendment rights combined with absence of principled opposition from the GOP, along with the absence of checks and balances from the Judicial & Legislative branches of government. Our Republic is constitutionally dysfunctional today.

Jerry - February 7, 2013

As I see it, the American people are confronted with a lawless federal government. The rules have been tossed aside. Everyone who has the power and authority to do something about it are in denial about who our president really is and about what lies before us should we continue on our present course. Lawlessness begets lawlessness and the road ahead is sad and troubling. If an entity were trying to destroy America, I don’t know what they would do differently than our current administration.

Harvey R. Tuck - February 8, 2013

I did not vote for President Obama. At the same time I have given him a “B” for foreign policy decisions. The military problem is not the same as when Reagan was president. We don’t need as many aircraft carriers, fighter planes etc.
Terrorism is the problem. Less can be spent on military equipment and still keep America safe. A present big problem is the nation’s debt.

David Eichmann - February 8, 2013

“Can Obama lead us?” Yes, Obama can lead us … but not forward.

Donald Baker - February 8, 2013

He could not lead a duck to water! Were it not for legions
of minions he would be clueless, excepting on the basketball court
or some TV talk show.

Virgnia - February 8, 2013

BRAVO! John B and MA Walton and all others have said it
all! We are on the brink, but not all is lost, so we must pray for
“Our Nation”. Obama beware! Our nation is not giving up

Melvin Hignight - February 9, 2013

NO. President Obama couldn’t lead the ink out of a fountain

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