Today would have been the 102nd birthday of President Ronald Reagan. His legacy should be remembered for many reasons, especially his determined commitment to our military power and his confidence in America’s virtues.

Reagan shared with millions of Americans a confidence that the United States has inherently good intentions in the world. Moreover, he believed a free and stable world requires a strong American military that promotes freedom and democracy. As Heritage Foundation expert Baker Spring explains, “strength [is] necessary to preserving security, stability, and ultimately peace in the world.”

Today, though, President Obama has a different view, Spring explains:

The presidency is in the hands of one of the foremost leaders of the forces of moral self-doubt. President Obama first ran for President in 2008 by appealing to constituencies that labeled President George W. Bush a war criminal, asserted that the U.S. undertook Operation Iraqi Freedom in order to confiscate Iraqi oil, and derided the policy for constructing a defense of the U.S. against missile attack.

Following the 2008 election, President Obama undertook an apology tour. Now, with his re-election campaign behind him, President Obama is setting about the task of shrinking and weakening the military.

Reagan would not approve, Spring continues:

President Reagan, if he were here today, would recognize both how wrong-headed President Obama’s foreign and defense policies are and what drives these policies. He would fight them tooth and nail. As he did in the late 1970s and 1980s, he would argue that the U.S. is a force for good in the world and that a robust military force would lead to security, stability, and peace.

Tell us in the comments: Can President Obama effectively lead our nation if he exhibits no confidence in its inherent virtues?

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