Every child is unique. There is not a one-size-fits-all model for educating them, but that is exactly what liberals are attempting to create with Common Core.

Common Core would establish a national education curriculum, standards, and testing on all students across the United States. Heritage Foundation expert Lindsey Burke outlines three major issues with this approach:

  1. It has no track record of success. Common Core has not been proven to improve academic outcomes. Nevertheless, Burke explains, the “Obama Administration has pushed states to adopt national standards and assessments in exchange for offers of billions of dollars in federal funding and waivers from the onerous provisions of No Child Left Behind.”
  2. It centralizes power in Washington. Individual school districts have proven time and time again that they are capable of managing their own educational curriculum and standards. Each state, district, and school has unique needs and circumstances to achieve what is best for their students. Burke elaborates: “common core assumes curriculum driven by federal bureaucrats and national organizations – are preferable to the state and local reform efforts guided by input from parents, teachers and taxpayers.”
  3. It discourages innovation. By mandating top-down federal standards, common core takes away classroom innovation and forces teachers to teach to the centralized standards and tests, removing creativity and individuality from the classroom.

Common Core is an unproven system that would centralize power and strip creativity from teachers. Read more about Heritage’s education research on our education website.

What do you think about instituting a Common Core education? 

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Gabriel Goldstein - June 6, 2013

The Federal government should have nothing to do with children’s’ education – it is purely a State matter – what is good for New York State or for California is probably bad for Missouri
This is not the Soviet Union or Cuba
Common Core must be stopped!!

SammysDad - June 6, 2013

Common Core is a program to lump all children into one indoctrinating entity. It was dreamed up by progressives with one thing in mind, to dumb down our population because the dumber one is the more probability he will fall for the propaganda of the liberal minded zealots who would destroy this country from within.

Richard Chase - June 6, 2013

No educational program endorsed and promoted by the federal government has ever succeeded in raising the educational standards or outcomes of the country. “Common” core by definition is aimed at pouring all children into the same common mold – the lowest common denominator. It cannot and will not engender individual initiative, but instead, stifle it.

Hoyt Matise - June 6, 2013

If we’re looking to dumb down our children to a single level, that’s what we’ll get! GET THE GOV’T OUT OF OUR LIVES AND OUR CHILDREN’S LIVES. Education should be solely at the lowest possible level – Community and parents will guarantee the individual excellence required to continue the exceptionalism of Americans!

VerLynn Brink - June 6, 2013

I think Common Core is terrible! It takes all creativity, initiative and freedom of thought away from teachers and students. I think it is a bait and switch program and will get worse as time passes. I don’t like the anti-American, anti-capital agenda, nor mining people’s data through the children. No good can come of this. Please stop this Trojan horse.

Daniel Murray - June 6, 2013

Sorry…there is NO standardized test for life…

Larry Vaughn - June 6, 2013

Following my twenty two year Air Force Career I taught public school in Oregon for 11 years. I taught 8th grade science and was a regional director of the Oregon Science Teachers Organization. I worked on the state curriculum committee and also helped write the state testing. We must have a set of standards if we want to ensure that all students learn the minimum and essential material to be truly educated. Now standards does not mean teachers can not be innovated or creative in their teaching approach. But you can not have people just teaching anything they want or you have no cohesive knowledge taught. This is most certainly true in Science where it is not being taught to the standards which is showing up in the poor showings on standardized tests nation wide. I see the lack of understanding of science principles and leaves the US open to the people like VP Gore who tried to sell us on the Man Made Global Warming. An informed and educated population should be educated so that they can reject such dribble.

Joyce Hawley - June 6, 2013

It’s interesting how we hear so much promoting diversity and multiculturalism, and yet the government wants education to be the same for everyone. On the surface this is a bad idea, for at least the reasons mentioned in the article. Looking deeper, and for the long term, the propensity to use it to enforce a particular agenda makes it a threat to American freedom. The 10th Amendment would suggest that education belongs to the states; the national government has no authority to direct it.

Patriotic American - June 6, 2013

SammysDad has it almost exactly right, except that the “zealots” ARE destroying this once great Country from within. Dictatorships around the world came about in the same way we are now going; insidiously, with apathy on the part of the Citizens, who didn’t believe what was really happening to them.Now we’re hanging on by our “Tea Party” fingertips, & they’ve even now got the IRS stepping on our fingertips (& look who’s now in charge of OUR National Security!!). How long before we just can’t pull ourselves back up is going to depend on the majority understanding & acting to save our Constitution & the values of our Founders. Thank you Heritage Foundation!

Frances Davis, a grandparent - June 6, 2013

When the federal government gets involved in education it just makes it worse. Our children will just become less instead of more educated. When you educate just to pass standardized tests you make our nation weaker. Where does common sense come into play in all of this? Schooling is so much more then just testing.

Sylvia Bradford - June 6, 2013

Our children, must be protected!! “Common Core” and America, shouldn’t be spoken in the same sentence! We all have to continue to fight against the progressive agenda that will ultimately, enslave us; therefore, eroding all LIBERTIES, JUSTICE and FREEDOMS, given us by our CREATOR!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Linda - June 6, 2013

Education should remain a local item as it has always been. After all, it is we the taxpayer who pays the local taxes to support the schools. This is another attempt by the Federal Government to indoctrinate young people. Children will never learn to think on their own if they are constantly being fed propaganda. It’s also time to force teachers to start teaching reading, writing and arithmetic again so the future generations have a chance in life. When all the money runs out that is being spent on all those people who rely on the government for their existence, someone is going to have to know how to do something to make a living.

Andy Wright - June 6, 2013

Common Core is dangerous – simply put. Aside from indoctrinating our children, the “curriculum” promotes communism as a “good thing to strive to achieve”. It will [further] break down the very fabric of our society. Common Core MUST BE STOPPED.

Jeanette D. Tornga - June 6, 2013

I believe this is a horrible injustice to all children. Especially to the children who want to learn all they are capable and not be slowed down by those who are incapable or lazy. The United States must raise their standards, as we have lowered the standard of learning to an embarrassing level. The teaching industry needs to hire intelligent/educated teachers who are not there because of there union status. Teachers need to be teaching in the field they are most qualified and highly motivated. The states should control education, not the Federal Government. Less government is better, the people need to stand up and not let government control our lives. We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people. One Nation Under God!

Lois walters - June 6, 2013

Common core is.imported from a foreign country about the size of marland. Our country is too diverse for such a program to work effectively. By dumbing down education we create a dependent and illiterate society much more easily led as sheep to the slaughter.

Patrick Lucovich - June 6, 2013

Nationalization of standards–has this paradox. Might “tickle the ear” to some in Washington and to those “statists” out there, however if those standards are really looked into–its real effects are to “tighten control”. No thank you, I appreciate those who see the real nightmare of such standards. Gone is local school determination for what’s best best for them, and good-bye to being independent from centralized government control.

James Pearce - June 7, 2013

Every child is different and learns at different rates, responding to different stimulation. One size fits all just does not work. This education needs to be left to the State and local Governments and the parents of the children being educated. It just seems like everything the Federal Government puts their fingers into turns into a unmanageable mess. Helping few and draining more money in taxes to support the hoards of workers that must be hired to administer said program. This whole Federal Government is out of control and the American people need to take back America so that it is a government by the people, for the people and of the people.

Joyce Bant - June 7, 2013

Our Founding Fathers would be horrified that education would be run by the federal government. It’s unconstitutional and every time our government ignores the Constitution we end up in trouble and there is big trouble ahead with Common Core. Why would we turn the education of our kids over to a government that is so rife with scandal and can’t seem to get anything right. We need something as important as education as close to the people as possible so when things go wrong they can correct them.

field retterer - June 7, 2013

Reading, writing, science(math), history( particularly U.S history) and ethics must be the core and run by the states. Unless students attain competency in these subjects they will not graduate. Other subjects certainly can be added to the curriculum but grades will not ount toward graduation. Most importantly our incompetent government must be kept out of all educational matters, and have no authority over the education of our children. I continue to wonder just how long we can put up with the people who populate our government. The people in government set very low standards and they meet them.

Cheri W. - June 7, 2013

We MUST continue to fight to STOP Common Core!! Keep the Federal Government OUT of our schools, lives, businesses, and freedom of choices!

Dale Rogers - June 7, 2013

I have lived over six decades, and of yet have I found more intelligent men than the founders of our country, and the men, who wrote Bill of Rights, and the Constitution, while praying to God for guidance. These men were lawyers and ministers, some were self educated, and some had formal educations, but all of them sought truth and knowledge all thier lives. There is no better education than the one you hunger for. The government hates religion, and fears the truth. Home School if you are able, or take back your local school system. We are not the minority. We have Rights given by God, not Government.

Karen - June 8, 2013

If the implementation of common core happens, we will no longer need licensed teachers. Monkeys will do because the curriculum is set in stone. No individual thinking of teachers for teaching or students for learning. BAD IDEA ALL AROUND

Don Field - June 8, 2013

This Idea is typical of liberals like Bill Gates who without thinking it thru would create a class of people too ignorant to use his computers. The current problems in education arise from “the one curriculum fits all” ignoring that all kids learn at different ways and speeds.

Richard Parins - June 8, 2013

More Federal Foolishness, better curricula are available, primarily from the curriculum plan known as “Core Knowledge,” heralded by E.D. Hirsch, former NEA leader and a smart fellow. Core Knowlwdge is a basic Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian learnig platform that builds upon itself and is based in our true culture, not in something concocted by the Federal Govt., and teacher unions. It is rather, more akin to our roots, our historical culture.

Louise Strauss - June 9, 2013

This is one more step in eliminating state’s rights and centralizing control in the federal government. As an educator I am appalled at the content of the curriculum and the basics, necessary for an adequate eduction, that are not included. This is the worst dumbing down of our education system that I have seen.

Holly Chapo - June 9, 2013

Our public (and in many cases, private) educational system has been so dumbed down, we are producing a population of know-nothings. Ignorance makes for poor citizenship. That is so painfully evident in the election of 2012. Common Core needs to be put through the wood chipper.

Douglas Patterson - June 10, 2013

We will end up with the IRS being the “enforcers” to ensure adherence to the Common Core. Or the NEA will trump all.
Common Core will become the standard belief system from which no deviation is allowed. The Feds will be able to funnel “global warming” or whatever into our children’s heads without restriction.
Can anyone name an effective federal organization other than our military? May God bless them all.
We must nip Common Core in the bud.

Stone Washington - June 11, 2013

This common core garbage is nothing but a additional mechanism for complete control over the public school system. Ever since the liberal agenda hijacked the public school system, liberals have spread their communist, socialistic dominion over virtually all public schools in America; this is no different. We all need to end liberalism in The U.S, before these Marxist parasites take over more than just our schools.

Gilbert Cipriano - June 13, 2013

Common Core = Obamacare
One size fits all. . .and. . .More Govt. Intrusion.

N Misasi - September 19, 2014

I agree with this article totally. Local school districts know their students the best. Knowing the economic, social and type of community their student body represents allows the school educators to work with those circumstances to establish an education program to reach the kids with achievable standards.
It is a “pie in the sky” mentality that says every student will achieve equal success by being exposed to the same material all over the country, it just won’t work.
What will happen is the achievers will be held back, becoming frustrated by lack of a challenge to those individuals. On the other hand those not capable of achieving the standards set by Washington those students too will be frustrated by their lack of success and achievement. Repeating the same test over and over because they have failed it, in my opinion, will cause the students to reject an education early in life and not benefit for a local plan for their abilities so they can succeed.
We are all uniquely made by God to the individual’s talents and abilities. Our schools know their students and would do the best job fitting the education to the student’s abilities, not DC.
We must defeat the Federal Governments Common Core mandate, test, materials and books by returning our children’s God given rights to educational decisions back to the parents; choosing the local school boards to work with and their influence upon the states.
Thank you for this great article and Heritage’s work to defeat Common Core around the nation.

Frederick Medugno - September 19, 2014

Some of my grandson’s math problems(common core) are ambiguously described and hence, are not solvable because of the way they are presented.

Jack Estes - September 20, 2014

I agree 100% with Ms. Burke. This would be similar to taking all the time-proven automobiles and replacing them with 1849 genre cars. This is a ludicrous proposal, not worthy of even digging into it’s “core”. Seems to be a power grab agenda by the federal gubment, Don’t like or support the program in any way….shape or form.

I say: go with what works and let the experts (teachers) make changes as necessary…

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