The first leg of The Heritage Foundation’s Presidents’ Tour concluded last week after events in New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Heritage President Ed Feulner and President-Elect Jim DeMint visited these five cities to meet Heritage members and explain their vision for the future of the conservative movement.

Be sure watch this video of highlights from the tour:

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Nico van Niekerk - February 2, 2013

There were photographers at the Los Angeles president’s tour who said they will have photographs taken at the event available on the website. I cannot find that anywhere. Could you help?

freedomgal - February 3, 2013

I attended the San Francisco leg of the Presidents Tour.
I have 3 comments..
1.) the event was FANTASTIC
2.) I received a business card with directions on how to view and order photographs from the event. I have followed the directions and they appear to be incorrect. Please advise.
3.) Upon entering I was invited to take as many bumper stickers and pamphlets as I could to make them available for my Tea Party group.
As that would have required me to carry them into the event..I was told by the table staff that they would send me 100 of each item in the mail.
I hesitated due to the fact that my Tea Party meeting is on Feb 4th..and was advised that they would definitely arrive by then. “Plenty of time”, I was told.
I have not received them and my meeting is on Monday.
I was hoping to sign up many members to the Heritage Foundation. I could just make an announcement but the bump sticks and pamphlets would have made quite an impression. People seem to part with donations faster if you give them something. lol.
I have another meeting on the 1st Monday in March. Will I receive them by then.?

The Heritage Foundation - February 5, 2013

We are pleased to announce that photos from the event are now available for viewing and purchase at

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