The defeat last week of the UN disabilities treaty was a win for sovereignty, made possible in no small part by the work of Heritage Foundation expert Steve Groves and our sister organization, Heritage Action for America.

The disabilities treaty, known formally as Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is essentially a replica of a law already existence in the U.S. Ratifying this treaty and subjecting our sovereignty to international bureaucrats would therefore have been pointless, Groves explains:

In the materials accompanying the Administration’s transmittal of the treaty to the Senate, President Obama states that the rights outlined in the CRPD are already enjoyed by American citizens and that ‘existing U.S. law [is] consistent with and sufficient to implement the requirements of the Convention.’

Groves testified before Congress on this treaty and was instrumental in educating lawmakers on the dangers it poses.

Rather than subject ourselves to further international regulation, Groves told lawmakers, the U.S. should continue doing what is has always done: lead by example and protect the rights of every American.

Was rejecting this treaty the right thing to do?

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