David Caldwell

David Caldwell

Heritage Foundation member David Caldwell has been handing out candy to children in his St. Louis neighborhood for years. But this year, he decided to shake up the routine a bit.

The children in his neighborhood are getting older, and the media often reports that students are getting a poor education, especially in subjects like civics and history. So Caldwell decided to hand out copies of The Heritage Foundation’s pocket-sized Declaration of Independence and Constitution in hopes the kids would get a quick lesson on our nation’s Founding.

“Kids need a little historical foundation before the go to these liberal colleges,” Caldwell explains. “They’re getting brainwashed in the high schools with propaganda. It should be part of the conservative movement to give a better historical education.”

The pocket Constitutions were well received. (One girl did ask, “Whats a Constitution?” but Caldwell thinks she may have misunderstood and thought he offered a “consultation.”)

Caldwell is now considering using Heritage pocket Constitutions as stocking stuffers for Christmas. The more ways we can get the Founding documents into the hands of our youth, the better.

The principles of the American Founding are particularly important to Caldwell, who has been a Heritage member for nearly two decades. This video on First Principles featuring Heritage expert Matthew Spalding, our Henry Salvatori Visiting Fellow in the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, brings tears to his eyes:

Members of Heritage’s Legacy Society who support Heritage at the Executive Associate level, Caldwell and his wife, Patricia, are active members of their community. They own a bowling supply company, GRAN PRIX Bowling Supply, and Caldwell founded and manages CreveCoeurVoter.com, a blog that keeps residents informed about their community. And like millions of patriots across America, he’s doing his part to get the nation back on course.

If you would like to follow Caldwell’s suggestion and use Heritage’s pocket Constitutions as stocking-stuffers for your children or grandchildren, please visit Shop Heritage.

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Ollie Rodriguez - February 13, 2017

This is AWESOME !!! Great job David

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