Nolan Peterson, foreign correspondent for The Daily Signal, Heritage’s multimedia news organization, will be speaking with officials at the U.S. Embassies in Berlin and Vienna next month.

Peterson will offer envoys important insights on the war in Ukraine and why it matters to U.S. interests.

Peterson has reported on the war in Ukraine since the summer of 2014, often from the front lines, and is the only U.S. correspondent permanently based in Ukraine.

Nolan is one of the best global representatives for The Heritage Foundation. His front-line reporting from Ukraine places him among some of the best war correspondents,” said Luke Coffey, director of Heritage’s Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy. “We are lucky to have him as part of the Heritage family.”

Peterson is a former U.S. Air Force special operations pilot. His reporting from the Ukrainian war zone has highlighted the unique nature of Europe’s only ongoing war; namely, its singular blend of trench and artillery warfare with modern “hybrid” elements, such as cyberattacks, weaponized propaganda, and ad hoc battlefield technologies, such as off-the-shelf drones modified for military use.

As a full-time resident of Ukraine for nearly four years, Peterson also has had a front-row seat for Ukraine’s political and cultural evolution since the 2014 revolution.

His reporting provides perspective on the status of Ukraine’s fight against corruption, its capacity to defend itself from further Russian aggression, and the overall cultural trends in the country that affect its viability as a more integrated European partner.

Nolan’s work goes right to the mission of The Daily Signal, which is to find the stories that are going unreported and give a voice to those who might not have an opportunity to tell their story,” says Ken McIntyre, senior editor at The Daily Signal and Heritage’s Guardabassi fellow in media and public policy.

Thank you for making Nolan Peterson’s reporting and influence possible.


What questions would you like to ask Nolan on his time in Ukraine?

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Patricia Ewers - April 7, 2018

Bless Nolan Peterson for the work he is doing in Ukraine to get the truth to us.

Tina - April 7, 2018

Why is the skirmishing continuing? Russia is just picking at this country. What makes it so important to the Russians?

Helen DeBalzo Green - April 7, 2018

…is the Ukraine moving closer or farther from us?

Siggy Latarski - April 7, 2018

Thanks for your courage & reporting. In your opinion, will the Ukraine be allowed by Russia to align itself with the U.S.?

Lidia - April 7, 2018

Thank you Nolan for the many interesting and informative pieces that you have presented about Ukraine. No other newspapers or media have provided this kind of coverage. It would be interesting to have a presentation regarding the strategic importance of Ukraine, the Baltics, Georgia and the other former Captive Nations as as they continue to move away from Putin’s influence and fight for their sovereignty and territorial integrity, and also why this should matter to the US and NATO.

Dolores Blood - April 7, 2018

Thanks for covering Ukraine. I was not aware of this. Makes me proud to be affiliated with The Heritage Foundation.God bless Nolan Peterson.

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