Author and political commentator Andrew Puzder gave a compelling case for capitalism. (Photo: Tavit’s Photography)

Resource Bank kicked off with a series of presentations from some of the top minds in the conservative movement, who argued that the biggest debates that are now raging in the public square are ones we should want to take part in.

For example, Andrew Puzder, a political commentator, former CEO, and author of The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left’s Plot to Stop It, explained how conservatives can deliver a winning message to millennials about capitalism.

“Today, America’s youth seem enamored with socialism,” he said. Why? Because they are being fed a myth – through the education system and popular entertainment – that socialism is necessary to protect the masses from capitalist greed.

This, Puzder said, is a complete misunderstanding of what capitalism is or how it works. “The only way to succeed in capitalism is to meet the needs of other people. It empowers the masses – consumers – because you vote with your dollars on which companies succeed and which fail … When I speak to millennials, I always tell them that I have a wonderful message for you: the economic system under which you live is the greatest system ever devised in the history of the world.”

Mary Katherine Ham, a conservative commentator on CNN, urged conservatives to not stop talking to young people about socialism and capitalism. “Don’t try to convert them. Because they can sniff that a mile away. Engage them.”

Bill Meierling, chief marketing officer and executive vice president of external relations and strategic partnerships at the American Legislative Exchange Council, and Scott Walker, president of the Capital Research Center, explained how the current brand of leftist ideology that is gripping the nation can be traced to a handful of mega-donors, who established a sprawling network of leftist organizations. Their website,, reveals the donors who are backing these organizations.

Daniel Di Martino, a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, who was born in socialist Venezuela, gave a warning to Americans who think that socialism that ruined his home country could not come to the United States. “One by one, they took away our freedoms … that’s what people on the Left want to do here,” he said.

How do you talk about socialism and capitalism? What obstacles do you face when you discuss this topic with family, friends, and co-workers?

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Carol Willette - May 31, 2019

I believe in giving people a hand up. Why is it necessary to bring people down to achieve some idea of equality; work to bring those who want to achieve more, up

Greg - May 31, 2019

Compare North Korea to South Korea. They both started as nations devastated by a long destructive war. Today, the people of North Korea are starving, while most South Koreans live well and with hope for the future. Why? While South Koreans worked hard to give themselves and their families a better life, North Koreans did what they were told to do; no more and no less. While South Koreans were at the “whim” of capitalist industries, they chose which capitalists did better by buying their products. Meanwhile in the Communist North the factories built what the leaders wanted for their and their friends benefits, not for the common good as promised by their propaganda

DrZ - May 31, 2019

One method I use is to point a young person to a specific PragerU video on a topic of discussion. The videos are short and to the point. I challenge the young person to tell me why the points made in the video are not correct and to amplify. With some careful questions I try to turn them into some self reflection so that they ask themselves if their initial impressions were truthful or something that they were told to think. I don’t phrase it that way because it’s too confrontational, but making them refute the points in the presentation often makes them see some of their own weaknesses in understanding issues and leads them to more questions. This is good.

Sometimes people will tell me that PragerU is a racist conservative website and anything produced there is right-wing propaganda. These people are either hopeless or they need to mature.

Cathy Gilbert - May 31, 2019

I need to be better at this. The vast majority of our church are millennials. These discussions are arising.

Ricardo Duran - May 31, 2019

GPAs as wealth to be distributed. Why not give some of your GPA points,3.0 and above, to students at the average and below average level to bring them up to par? That way all students would be equal during a hiring process or scholarship competition. Political thinking is challenged in this manner.

William Sutton - June 1, 2019

Fortunately me my Family is mostly conservative and enjoys the Fruits of their labor🇺🇸❤️🎚 Spreading the word of personal self reliance , Freedom and Justice for all Is goal for me personally ❤️🇺🇸🎚Life , Liberty and pursuit of Happiness must be a continues battle call for addressing Liberal lefts pursuit of America’s Destruction 🇺🇸🎚❤️

Ernestine Weiser - June 1, 2019

I’m older but still learning. My viewpoint is that these young folks were spoiled while growing up and not given chance to figure where they fit in and what they can offer society. They grow up feeling entitled and not responsible for them selves. My opinion is that if you don’t work you don’t eat. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

James Scott - June 1, 2019

I lived and worked in Venezuela during the mid 1970’s. By simply telling my story of what their beautiful country was like back then, and how the employees were so energetic and eager to earn a better life for their families made my job of teaching plastic processing so rewarding. Then, I ask a simple question. Explain what you think went wrong and why?

Diane Long - June 1, 2019

I cannot get to first base on a conversation with my 27 year old daughter. She looks blankly at me and says she is not political.

Sarah Milligan - June 1, 2019

I hear, “I don’t discuss politics, it just
causes arguments and I don’t vote”
My response is we better discuss it and we
better vote, I want a say in who is making
laws that we have to abide by, It is our right,and
duty to vote. If we avoid talking, one day there will not be a chance to talk, because our freedoms will be gone.

Toula Berti - June 1, 2019

The millennials today, as well as the younger generation especially (the Z’s) would embrace capitalism more if Ethical capitalism was discussed. No one should regulate CEO income, but if more business programs required ethics as core curriculum or if more discussion centered around the theme of ethical capitalism, I believe this would engage those the Conservative party seeks.

Carl Smith - June 1, 2019

I look to the Words of Great Jurists and Leaders like Justice Scalia ” The transformation of Charity into Legal Entitlements has produced DONORS without Love and Recipients without Gratitude” and My personal favorite from Mark Twain ” If voting made any difference THEY would not let us do it”.

Barbara Sbrogna - June 2, 2019

I, too, find the GPA example of giving up some of your points to another student really effective. Giving examples of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams speaking of capitalism is an eye opener for many.

The biggest frustration is trying to explain their misunderstanding about “corporate greed”.

Lately, I’ve used the example of big drug manufacturers being demonized and how government inserting themselves into their policies & pricing could adversely impact new drug development. Most countries who control manufacture of drugs contribute little if any to R & D.

Vincent Zmistowski - June 3, 2019

To Carol Willet- stupid statement. In the real world (middle America’s version) Frequently, the “loser kids” fight back and eventually become winners. Typical example of a short, fat, ugly guy we met that developed a tee shirt printing company that is booming – this is so common. Rrich cousins that are privileged and have it all, have ended up essentially achieving nothing in my family. The key word is “incentive”. If you want to GIVE them something, give them a kick in the butt.

Carmen - June 4, 2019

We live in a real world made up of 2 types of people: those who prefer to slack and live the good life at the expense of others. Then there are the achievers who work hard and succeed. The slackers (mushroom and marijuana smokers) envy their success. Only those driven by a desire to get ahead in life will work hard and accomplish their dreams. The envious one will remain down and complain about everything. Every intelligent person has the opportunity to succeed in the USA.
It is a matter of trying.

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