Former first lady Nancy Reagan will be laid to rest today. Her life largely in the public eye, she was “model of dignity, grace, and poise—a first lady for the ages,” according to Heritage expert Lee Edwards.

Edwards had the privilege of meeting the Reagans. The two of them, “perfectly joined heart and mind and soul,” were the team that America needed in the 1980s.

Reagan said he could not imagine life without her. And certainly, our country would not have been the same without her. Edwards explains:

She was his closest and most influential adviser in matters of personnel. When she felt that someone was not serving her husband well or was putting his own interests ahead of the president’s, she pushed—sometimes hard—for his removal.

How are you celebrating Nancy Reagan’s life? Tell us in the comments.

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Virginia Murrell - March 11, 2016

I watched her funeral, shed a tear or two, and generally reflected on how our society has changed since the Reagan years. I’m not sure that can ever be captured again, at least in my time.

Sharon Hlista - March 11, 2016

A terrible loss, she was a beloved First Lady who brought dignity and grace to our White House and country! She will be greatly missed!

Daoud Isaac - March 11, 2016

Dear Sir, with respect thanks so much. She was great lady of her time. She was talking on TV “its terrible, no idea’. Democrats continue to say that GOOD IDEA very often. They had nothing for me other than “just shoot me, death and deportation”. The lady stopped them. Stem Cell matter she was talking about that Mr. Bill Clinton lied too. He did not help about that either. Her work on Cancer and Stem Cells. I did not pay attention to no body during 1980-1990. I was looking for job. God bless Honorable lady. She was great wife of Mr. President Reagan. God bless both, go to eternal peace in heaven.

Donna - March 11, 2016

She acted out of love and not with an agenda outside the best interests of the country they both loved so much. Wish we could say the same is true today

Susan B. Walker - March 11, 2016

She was always a beautiful I didn’t know her personally to say a lot more

Billie Anne Echols - March 11, 2016

Good memories about the Reagans!

Patricia Gitt - March 11, 2016

Mrs. Reagan’s life is a reminder when society had manners, pride, and encouraged the best in each one of us.
I am saddened that her passing might very well mark the end of a time of manners and civility…not measured in dollars but in genuine heart.

Jenni LaRoe - March 11, 2016

Mrs. Reagan was a devoted wife and mother. She had class. Dressed appropriately for every occasion. Wished no ill will toward anyone. She will be sorely missed. I pray for her children during this time of sorrow, however, we have the assurance of seeing this wonderful couple and children again and live eternally with our Lord Jesus.

Rochelle Windorski - March 11, 2016

Elated to hear she chose “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” for her funeral and this is the month that we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection! My grandmother also had that hymn for her funeral and now she, Nancy, Ronnie, my mom & dad and daughter and all believers are celebrating around Jesus’ throne until we can all join them! I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES!!

Grace Nowak - March 11, 2016

I had the privilege of attending the 1985 Presidential Inaugural from Michigan. It was a wonderful time at the ball. When the Reagans came in it was magical.
One of the highlights of that trip was meeting Sen Jesse Helmes.

I met the Reagans again at the dedication of the Gerald R Ford Museum in Grand Rapids Michigan. I was a member of the Dedication Committee. We met the Fords and the Reagans out at the airport. I hugged Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan. I will always remember what beautiful and gracious people they were. With the passing of Nancy Reagan it is the end of a civilized era. The Reagans and the Fords were very special people. gracenowak

Lorna - March 11, 2016

A good example of two hearts working together to serve others. She had a caring heart and she showed it not by what she might say but how she acted. Our status situation today seems to be more interested in self than serving. Nancy was a mentor and even graciously and lovingly talked to those first ladies that came after her giving them ideas but not lecturing.

William Cook - March 12, 2016

In my lifetime, and I will soon be 84 years old, President Reagan was the only president that allowed me to feel that he truly loved America and it’s founding principles so completely that I really trusted his decisions. In my mind, this has never been true since.

Bill - March 12, 2016

As I recall she had a very short very effective message, a message nearly forgotten, a message very needed today, “Just say no.”

Chrys Kiser - March 12, 2016

First Lady Nancy Reagan was a model first lady, beloved and always remembered.

Kent Olinger - March 12, 2016

I snapped some beautiful photos of the Reagans on the morning of June 6, 1984. It was the fortieth anniversary of D-Day. The place was the “cold, windswept” escarpment overlooking Pointe-du-Hoc, Normandy, France. Moments after arriving, the President delivered his immortal speech to “the Boys of Pointe-du-Hoc.” I will NEVER forget it.
Losing her, and having already lost her husband, makes me very, VERY sad.

Prescila Elsas - March 12, 2016

I watched the whole service for Mrs. Reagan and was touched by her devotion to her husband. It was fitting to include the bible verses she had chosen, particularly that of Proverbs 31. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus was mentioned several times so I assumed both Mr. & Mrs. Reagan were believers and are now joined together on the other side waiting for the final judgement. We need more of her style and charisma in the Oval office. Hopefully, the upcoming first ladies would take lesson from Mrs. Reagan, We will miss her….l

Diane Maupin - March 12, 2016

She was the last of the finest ladies that were 1st ladies. She will be sorely missed.

Geri Koslowsky - March 12, 2016

She was my favorite First Lady!
Nancy was grace, in all ways.

A gentle and real Chirst like person!

Definitly A LADY! I loved the adoration Ronnnie and Nancy showed toward each other

Patsy Baker - March 12, 2016

She was a lady, through and through, not like the one we have now. Their love affair is to be envied.

Eugene Lorje - March 13, 2016

Mrs. Reagan was truly a life partner in all respects, a LADY even under duress. May she rest in peace with the love of her life together again.

Sharlotte McGary - March 13, 2016

I was hoping to see the funeral on TV but had 2 doctor appointments which made me not able to do so. They were a great team.

Sharon Sharp - March 15, 2016

She was a lady of great character and grace; devoted to her “Ronnie”.
They are both missed.

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