Can the president declare a national emergency on the southern border to begin construction on a border wall? President Trump has expressed hesitancy to do so, dampening several days of heated media debate over whether such an action would be legitimate.

While the media gushed soundbites and hasty conclusions, John Malcolm, the Vice President for Heritage’s Institute for Constitutional Government, thoroughly explained why the current law does give the president this power.

Traditionally, Congress designates national emergencies, but some 136 statutes give the president extraordinary powers to do so. These are not mere temporary powers; 31 emergencies declared by former presidents remain in effect today.

If the president were to declare an emergency, it would surely be challenged in court. But, Malcolm concludes, the president does have a strong legal basis to act if he so chooses.

It’s people like John Malcolm who help Heritage cut through the false assertions and wild exaggerations to tell the truth about the law and the president’s authority. Thank you for enabling us to bring facts and clarity to the debate on border security.

Read John Malcolm’s article here.

Should the president declare a national emergency, or should he secure a deal with Congress first?

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leah steuer - January 18, 2019


suzanne morse - January 18, 2019

God help us if he doesn’t….I think he has lost some support since he has been “waffling”…Build the wall!1

george edmundson - January 18, 2019

declare an emergency

Ken Weldon - January 18, 2019

Trump should try anyway he can to get the funds for the wall 1st.
If shutting down the border or wall is the only way, then ask him to do it.
(I have a way to eliminate politics)
Contact me for this new idea already in print.

george ellis - January 18, 2019

i hope it is legal for our wonderful president to use emergency powers to build the wall. it is extremely needed

J Lombard - January 18, 2019

If democrats will not respond then President Trump has no alternative but to declare a national security emergency & build a “security structure”

John Pappas - January 18, 2019

The President should try to work out an arrangement with Congress…. up to a point. But if they will not come to the table and negotiate in good faith, then he should declare the emergency and go for it. That is why we elected him…. to develop creative solutions to political resistance. This is problem is over 30 years old, and both political parties are to blame. Reagan signed the first and supposedly the LAST amnesty with the promise of fixing the problem. Didn’t happen. Trump is the first president to be serious about it.

Robert Homan - January 18, 2019

Build the wall the hell with the Democrats

jose - January 18, 2019

yes, if the safety of American Life is in jeopardy because of “illegal entries” to our country…

Larry Klone - January 18, 2019

Absolutely if nothing more than to get the process started. Some liberal judge someplace will stop him and then it will have to go through the courts until it gets finally to the Supreme Court.

William E Conaway - January 18, 2019

He should forget the Wall. We do not need a wall.

Louis Sokowoski - January 18, 2019

Pelosi will not cave because the GOP has a history of giving in to the Dem. Pres Trump continue to remain firm the people have your back.

Ted Doke - January 18, 2019

John Pappas – January 18, 2019
He states it chapter and verse!

Stephanie D Story - January 18, 2019

I think the President is wise in waiting for Congress to come to the negotiating table.It’s clear Pres has the authority but as has been pointed out, if he were to exercise that power it would be held up in court (probably until after Trump finished a second term!). Nothing would be accomplished and he’d eventually have to open the gov’t, losing the bargaining chip he now has. That would not be good! We need to put more pressure on individual Congess-folk to support the President.

Minh-Nhut Truong - January 18, 2019

I think we need to wait until the caravan comes to our border, and at that time DC does not provide $, then declare the emergences.

Carl Kendall - January 18, 2019

Hold the line on the wall and securing the border. If the House is refusing to negotiate in good faith, then Trump has no choice but to declare the emergency and build the wall. Much smoother though to have Congress do the right thing.

Debbie G McBride - January 18, 2019

I lost a loved one in my family, my Brother-in-law and he is sorely missed. He died from an overdose of heroin and the drug came over our OPEN BORDERS. We must close our border down.

William Zahn - January 18, 2019

I agree with John Pappas’ 18 Jan 2019 statement. President Trump should continue to reach out to moderate and reasonable Democrats to get commitment for “Wall” funding. However, if it becomes obvious that funding is not coming, President should declare a national emergency to get the funding.

Alita R. Arnold - January 18, 2019

I think President Trump should force the Congress to do their Job. No more Vacations, Recesses, Holidays or any other excuse to shirk their duties.Congress is a disgrace and we don’t need to spend years debating the President’s legal right to by-pass the ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress on this issue. . Also they should not be getting any pay until the SHUT-DOWN is over with Congress Funding the Wall !! PERIOD !!

Millie Damstetter - January 18, 2019

As a first generation immigrant, it is painful to see how Democrats are dragging down the country to extreme left and destroying America.

If Congress is ignoring the issue. President Trump should declare emergency. I support President Trump to build the wall.

June Gagnon - January 18, 2019

Mr. President – -BUILD THAT WALL- -with, or without the dimwits trying to “run the show”!

Patti Raider - January 18, 2019

Declare an emergency!
President Trump Loves America, It’s People!!
I Have No idea why the people of the Left are So full of Hate & they are at War against the Man, we voted in to run our country, President Trump!
We don’t want Dictatorship, WE Love Our Constitution, Babies, Fredom of Religion, Being One Nation Under God & OUR PRESIDENT!
A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND. MATT. 12:25 ” EVERY kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every house divided against itself will not stand.

Ron(ald) Starrett - January 18, 2019

Yes. I do agree with POTUS, Trump, is correct to push congress to do it’s job and do his best to establish in even the most dense heads that the Dems are total obstructionists and when the Dems fail to come around then declare a national emergency. Build the wall or barrier. But, when the wall/barrier is continued in earnest built all that is necessary so it is done once and for all.

Jeff Lyon - January 18, 2019

Democrats care more about hating the president and are more for illegal aliens than citizens of the USA!

W DANIEL CONVERSE - January 18, 2019

Since the Democrats are unwilling to negotiate, President Trump should declare a National Emergency to build the wall and then reopen the government.

The Democrats have demonstrated that they do not care about the American People – all they want to do is be anti-Trump. It makes no difference whether he is right or wrong – they will oppose everything he does.

MaryAnn Altobelli - January 18, 2019

Yes, as a former government in the accounting arena, funds were always diverted due to emergency contingencies. This would be one of those instances.

Barbara - January 18, 2019

Yes!!!! Override Nancy P. and her bullying tactics and efforts to impeach Trump and bring his administration down. Trump was our legally elected President in spite of all the corruption of the news media and the lies of the left. Trump needs to override Palosi’s overreach. She’s using her office to hurt and tear down, not to protect and help Americans!!!

MaryAnn Altobelli - January 18, 2019

Yes, we must protect the sovernity of these United States. Build the Wall Mr. President Trump. We the people of the United States stand with you. MAGA!

William L. McCoy - January 18, 2019

From my analysis as a former Defense policy wonk, it is well within President Trump’s executive powers to declare an emergency and build America’s Wall. Politically it would probably be a push unless it was well messaged. My concern is that a future Democrat would then attempt to ban firearms as a conjured national emergency.

Mike Richmond - January 18, 2019

President Trump has held out for long enough. It’s time to use his executive authority to build the wall. And my guess is he could save half its cost by asking for volunteers. Tens of millions of hammer swingers would show up down there.

Lawrence Brown - January 18, 2019

Yes, declare an emergency. Because it IS an emergency for national security!!

Christine W Mills - January 18, 2019

I think it has been proven the President will not be able to negotiate through this situation. Nancy Pelosi will stay the course until hell freezes over because she cares nothing about the American people. She is vile and selfish. If he can use the authority to declare an emergency, then by all means do so. It’s not an emergency that thousands of people are dying due to drugs, thugs and human trafficers. What in the minds of the Democrats constitutes an emergency. They don’t have a plan to stop the carnage. Declare an emergency.

KEN ORTWEIN - January 18, 2019


Stuart Anthony - January 18, 2019

It should be clear to everyone now that no matter what Trump does some liberal judge will override it. His best course of action is to force Congress to do its job or remain closed until it does. As a Republican I prefer that the government remain closed indefinitely until it can finally balance the budget and eliminate these Continuing Resolutions. Frankly it is congress that should not be receiving any paychecks.

Thomas daley - January 18, 2019

Pelosi and Schumer are “Cultural Marxist” Obstructionists pushing their Marxist agenda to effect a democratic voter advantage tfor their dying anti-White Racist party. It’s a national emergency, build the wall, please, Please, Mr. president, Save us from the evil Marxists!

Martin Fuller - January 18, 2019

If POTUS Trump cannot get the Dems to come to the negotiating table, there appears to be no resolution to this shutdown other than declaring a national emergency. $5-6 B dollars is a small price to pay for the lives saved as a result of this spend.

MaryAnn Altobelli - January 18, 2019

I don’t know but prehaps we could research that possibility.

Patricia Burke - January 18, 2019

Open Gvt. now. Let Americans know from
Oval Office how he cares for their safety
and financial welfare first and now knows
they will never meet with him with 2020
coming up.

Carl Griffin - January 18, 2019

declare an emergency

Kathleen Parr - January 18, 2019

All roads point, to, Democrats, keep forcing… Totalitarianism…very real and very dangerous…In My Opinion…the Caravans will be equipped to handle everything …women and children will be used for passage…it would seem to me that the Maritime Law should be used for all Countries…but the Maritime Law says … vulnerable people first…I Stand With My President Trump…Power of the Purse…if I am correct he will make History…because He would be the first to use it…Don’t cave President Trump…You are doing a Magnificent Job! #MAGA Thank You Heritage Foundation …Thank You!

Maynard Eyestone - January 18, 2019

My first reaction is to urge the president to declare an emergency and start building the wall now. But I have to heed the statements by Stephanie Story and Stuart Anthony (January 18). Can Congressional Democrats be forced to do what they’re evidently determined not to do?

Phillip Lewis - January 18, 2019

We need to put more pressure on individual Congress,Pelosi will not cave because the GOP has a history of giving in to the Dem. Everyone now that no matter what Trump does some liberal judge will override it. I prefer that the government remain closed indefinitely until it can finally balance the budget and eliminate these Continuing Resolutions.

Cameron Ashe - January 18, 2019

Congress is the guilty party of “not doing their job ” . Why should they receive a paycheck and large benefits ? They should be forced to stay in session until they come to the understanding they are to work for the people and do their job of looking after our safety and secure our borders.

Ronald Applegate - January 18, 2019

The President must ASAP use whatever funds necessary to build a wall covering our southern border. The border is being and has been violated for years in what can only be described as an attack on the citizens of the United States.

James M Diehl - January 18, 2019

Based on fact citations from Mr.Malcolm’s article and new migrant caravans, President Trump should declare a national emergency and use military forces to close the southern border. Once closed to all traffic, he should refuse to re-open the border until we have a compact with Mexico which is supported by Congress. This could be done without a wall, but congress may conclude that a wall was the lesser of two evils.

Kathryn Galloway - January 18, 2019

I would prefer the two houses of Congress work together as expected by all of us who put them in office, and get a deal accomplished asap. If that fails then, in my opinion, the President and company go ahead with getting that barrier up now. There are hordes of foreign entities swarming our borders, benign or otherwise. By the way, do we know who the agitators are who are behind the false promises given to these people?

Cherry Hickson - January 18, 2019

The Democrats will not under any circumstances support the President and the building of the wall. Ideally Trump should go to Congress to approve this being done, but under the circumstances, he should go ahead and call for a National Emergency due to the numbers of illegal aliens coming to the border in caravans.

Wayne Thomas - January 18, 2019

The Democrats feel safe the belief President Trump is going to take most of the blame for this shutdown back by polling results. So they don’t care how long it takes and this also will ensure reelection loss. The media is sympathizing with the economic pain on the workers and families and this will increase the aggravation against Trump. If emergency powers are used another government agency must declare it first or impeachment.

Chris Milord - January 18, 2019

Pres. Trump has the executive authority to call a national emergency and secure military funds to complete the barriers at the southern border for health and security reasons. However, it might be a better idea to apply relentless pressure on Congress to negotiate a win-win deal for both sides of the aisle. In exchange for DACA, the Dems could help to release necessary funds for the wall, as well as implement E-Verify, and crack down on the fraudulent document industry that is used to obtain social services. In addition, Congress could authorize funds for more deportation judges, and also strive to put an end to birthright citizenship, chain migration, and all the current visa loopholes. Citizens and legal immigrants deserve to have more rights than illegal migrants. Securing the borders will help those who flout the rule of law to gain a respect for the rule of law. They will have to apply for entry and be vetted at the front door instead of sneaking in through the back door.

Louie D Battles - January 18, 2019

Previous President’s have used the emergency provision of the law and Trump should as well before the second caravan gets here. It is his DUTY. Use the Army to arrest and return them home. Set a few examples and the remainder will give up. Enforce E-verify. We are at the crossroads of our Country’s existence. We can not absorb this volume into the country nor should we. Not to mention the criminals coming in.

Darrell Runyan - January 18, 2019

Pelosi will never negotiate with the President. Time to Declare National Emergency and get all back to work in time for the next group of 2000 to arrive.

Peggy Go - January 18, 2019

yes.we are in need of security and Nancy Pelosi is being a spiteful brat. take it out of the headlines and concentrate on the humanitarian aid being offered to those who come here in need. offer to help fix the system.and show generosity towards those who are coming here. give them work visa’s and training in a business they could use at home.

Bill Douglass - January 18, 2019

I hear so often that Congress has forgotten their true role. No, they have not forgotten! They either don’t know, or don’t care. Both reasons serve our representatives’ true goals – to attain power over the people, become wealthy and provide themselves with what the ordinary citizen will likely never have… or both. It is more likely the latter. So, why do we have Separation of Powers? Why are there three Branches with absolutely distinct responsibilities? And, why do we have a Republic – power of, for, and by the People? (BTW… I’m sick and tired of our Congress and the Media referring to our form of government as a Democracy – especially when the true form, “Republic”, is never mentioned in the same breath.). Though I do not agree with some of the our President Trump’s ideas or actions, I know that he understands his role in the Executive Branch. He is Commaner in Chief of our armed forces and tasked to protect our nation from all enemies, Foreign and Domestic. And, we have both. Mr. Trump is correct in using Emergency Powers to close and protect our borders, if our Congress will not perform their sworn duty to uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights. After all, they either don’t know or don’t care!

DAVID JOHNSTON - January 18, 2019

Working with congress would be best, BUT the democrats and rinos NOW apparently do not want the wall. President Trump should give them an ultimatum on time to come up with wall funding. IF they do not work with President Trump, and I don’t think they will, then he should declare the emergency and IMMEDIATELY start building the wall! If the traitors in congress take it to court, then President Trump should get the issue fast tracked to the Supreme Court. President Trump should also start addressing the public on a regular basis from the White House to let us know facts and reasons why the wall is necessary, and progress on wall construction.

Bob White - January 18, 2019

We need the wall. We need to take care of the graft and corruption at the border.

L Feher - January 18, 2019

Not if it will get tied up in court because the Dems are sure to take it to the liberal courts.

Elliott Arthur - January 18, 2019

I’m in favor of the president using any legal means to stop illegal immigrants and the related crime issues. I’m a 20 year veteran of the California Highway Patrol and I cannot count the number of illegals I turned over to the Border Patrol during my career. It was a waste of time and resources to arrest them for such things as DUI because they never went to trial. So they were released to the Border Patrol and hopefully deported, but I would not have bet on it.

Peter Denholm - January 18, 2019

He better use his emergency powers, or I will no longer call him president. Where is his guts now ?

Doris B. Sanders - January 18, 2019

President Trump should declare emergency to get the wall built properly and obtain whatever personnel and technologies are needed to close and protect our southern border immediately! Only legal immigration through proper and lawful procedures should be allowed into our nation.

Sharon Dunnagan - January 18, 2019

The president should use all powers within his scope to secure our southern borders.

John J Baker - January 18, 2019

Arguably the first and most important responsibility of the federal government is to protect our national sovereignty by protecting our borders. If Congress will not act then it falls to the president to do so. Congress cannot logically argue that the president is acting outside his responsibility or beyond it if he must declare a national emergency to secure our border against invasion, armed or unarmed.

Charles Mould - January 18, 2019

Declare a National Emergency Nancy Pelosi will never agree to build the wall. After doing so, Trump can then end the shutdown, and take credit for doing so, without the Democrats help..

Columbus Millet - January 18, 2019

In light of the fact that the democrats will not bargain and has no plan to fund the wall in any shape or form, the president must act forthrightly. We now have a new migrant caravan on the way to the border. President should declare a national emergency and fund the entire wall,

James Sciullo - January 18, 2019

Yes, the President should declare a National Emergency without a deal first. It’s applicable law that our president has a right to declare a national emergency. His legal team is his second opinion. Congress doesn’t need to plan for what is already partially funded by our government to build the wall.

Raymond H. Olson - January 18, 2019

The President should use any lawful way to build the wall-fence-barrier etc. There is a tremendous amount of lying about the President going on. One wingnut I know even claimed he has made hundreds of illegal migrants children disappear. Get ‘er done, as we say.

Rob - January 18, 2019

Declare an emergency, close the borders, immediately deport anybody breaching the border, anyone who illegally enters the country is immediately hearings, no baby drops, no chain migration, no welfare, no medical, no free schools, no housing….remove the carrots that bring them, they will not come. All Congressmen and corporate heads that support open borders will have the costs taken from their pay..$113billion/year.All federal workers back to work and Congressmen have a 50%pay cit until they pass a budget… they’re not doing their job so cut their pay. 😁

Stephen Purdy - January 18, 2019

The president is getting no respect from the Democrats and the public is suffering from it. Declare a national emergency if authority exists and dispatch the military to secure the border. Work out the budget issues after the shutdown stops.

MaryAnn Altobelli - January 18, 2019

Declare an emergency and fund the wall. Democrats will scream and. yell. But they will get over it. Plus we will expose them for the deplorable they all are..(Pelosi, Schumer etc…

Martha Harris - January 18, 2019

Yes I would support the calling of a national emergency in order to devote military funds and personnel to build the Wall. However I would prefer that the President wait a couple more weeks before doing so. Public opinion needs to galvanize against the Democrats’ recalcitrance, and I believe it will, in time. The Dems are being spiteful and are as unconcerned about furloughed federal employees as they are about the border crisis. Moreover, the plight of the American poor and lower working class who bear the brunt of this human invasion — through crime, drugs and street gangs in their neighborhoods and schools — doesn’t even merit a yawn from the Democrats.

OrionCS - January 19, 2019

Yes there may potentially be secret military spending in place, approved by the last Congress to build the wall. Also in place potentially may be plans for martial law. Also in place may be the ability of the military to recall personnel who may be essential to the martial law mission. Just speculation on my part.

Sarah Milligan - January 19, 2019

THIS cannot go on much longer, and if
President Trump declares an emergency
and it goes to court (which will take forever)
the only other thing is have the House and
Senate vote. This much power should not
be in the Speaker’s hands. Isn’t there a law
to have the people that were elected, to vote, again, I repeat, Pelosi should not have this much control.

Harry F. Fornarotto Jr. - January 19, 2019


Fred - January 19, 2019

Im an American…. I grant President Donald Trump my permission to Declare an Emergency to build the wall !! ignor tratiors Chuck and Nancy !

G Martin McCormick - January 19, 2019

Put the people back to work with pay and back pay. Declare Emergency. Speaker Pelosi is not taking this situation seriously.

Joseph Granger - January 19, 2019

Deliver the SOU address to any congressmen who want to attend, and give Dems two days to put bill authorizing 5B on his desk or he will call emergency. If caravan gets there before the three days are up, order more troops to border and issue emergency call then

Jean-Jacques VITRAC - January 19, 2019

It seems there is plenty of money available from funds authorized by Congress and not used (see Scot Faulkner recent article). Use these funds
1. To pay back some of the national debt
2. To pay for the wall.
Nobody will dare to oppose a partial payment of the debt !

Jean-Jacques VITRAC - January 19, 2019

It seems there is plenty of money available from funds authorized by Congress and not used (see Scot Faulkner’s recent article). Use these funds
1. To pay back some of the national debt
2. To pay for the wall.
Nobody will dare to oppose a partial payment of the debt !

Nancy - January 19, 2019

The sooner action is taken, the sooner my beloved country USA can get back to being a constitutional republic. Republicans in both houses should stiffen their spines and do what’s right for the country, not for themselves.

Merridale Evans - January 19, 2019

Congress should do their job. That is if they can remember what their job is and I am not too sure that do. They are a disgrace to the office.

I am no longer sure that they are not suffering from a mental disease. Could this be due to
Kuro disease which can certainly be causing their deminishing mental faculties.

Robert & Karen Vonhof - January 19, 2019

Forget Congress. It is a waste of time and energy. The Republicans had many years of being in power and did not get it done.

Let the President do what needs to be done for the Southern border!

Terry Gerling - January 19, 2019

Build the wall Mr President, you have the information, the “way” to make it happen. “Stay” the course, don’t “weaken!!!! Build the wall—right now, you are our only chance to make this right. “We, the people” have your back, as best we can—together, we will “make it happen, build the wall!!!!!

Terry Gerling - January 19, 2019

To answer the article question—–absolutely, you have the power to build the wall with a state of emergency—but—the liberals in congress will sue and it will be 10 years in court at which time it really won’t matter any more. You know it and so do I!!

Marilyn Mills - January 19, 2019


Dennis Reay - January 19, 2019

Today at 3:00pm Eastern I believe President Trump will declare a national emergency at the southern border and outline his plan.

Jill Wagner - January 19, 2019

I think if that what it takess to get the workers back to work yes declare an emergency and do what he can.

Kathy Brown - January 19, 2019

Some commentators are of the opinion that the Democrats in the House absolutely will not back down. If that really is the case and this shutdown continues for a long time, Pres. Trump probably should declare the emergency and fund the wall.

James J Dalton II - January 19, 2019

I actually do not give a damn how the President completes the 600 miles of walls and barriers we need on our Southwestern Borders, however, he better not back down to the phony crisis of 800,000 non-essential (one of whom is my favorite daughter-in-law) Federal Workers, who are working without current pay checks, with absolutely no fear that they will not get paid!!

Judith DeFeo - January 19, 2019

I’m afraid if the Prez claims emergency, the Dems will get some liberal judge to block it, then we appeal and maybe have to go to the Supreme Court, all this could take months, We need the security now.

ANN W Black - January 19, 2019


Angela - January 19, 2019

declare a national emergency

Lynn - January 19, 2019

We are being invaded, yes invaded and the presidents first priority is to defend this country from both foreign and domestic threats. The demobastards will NOT negotiate with President Trump, they are only interest in the ILLEGALS votes. We should demand the politians and yes that includes Pellousy to take down the WALL from her home. No More invaders. It is not our responsibility to take care of the world. Let these illegals native countries take care of their citizens and stop sending us their low class, low lifes.

LYNDA Fuller - January 19, 2019

Yes! The President should declare an emergency and build the wall. Nancy Pelosi wants to destroy the Union and should be stopped before that happens. Just do it, Mr. President!

Deborah Clark - January 19, 2019

Mr. President declare an emergency the dems just want to destroy this country, so they need any vote no matter if it is illegal or not to do so. This is why we elected you, to stop all this illegal stuff.

Ron Renneberg - January 19, 2019

It’s obvious the President is trying to work with Congress to solve this problem, just as it’s obvious the Dems just don’t care about those who have been attacked ,killed or assaulted by illegal aliens. The question is,–how much longer will the President put up with those who don’t care about border security, and move forward on the barrier.

William J Bitz - January 19, 2019

Mr. president Trump WE believe that the american public will have your back if you have to declare a national emergency Sir this is what you told us from the beginning and that is why you got elected ,I don”t believe the people that voted you in will turn their backs in 2020 we want to keep our america free and safe again!!!

David Lopez - January 19, 2019

At this point in time-I would think POTUS should declare the emergency–Go ahead and build the wall and show the people that the left is not willing to protect the USA public. Republicans must back Trump.

Kyle McLean - January 19, 2019

I believe the President should declare an emergency and build the wall if the Dems are not going to cooperate. Give them a deadline of when he plans to do it and if they don’t come up with a plan then declare the emergency and Build The Wall!

Charles Fickling - January 19, 2019

It would be wonderful to reach a deal with the Dems but declaring a national emergency seems to be the only option left. You can rest assured the Dems will be ready to pounce with some off the wall interpretation of the Constitution calling for the impeachment of the President.

Barry Whitton - January 19, 2019

I would like to think that Congress would gladly prioritize the security of our United States over any desire for political power. Sadly, it is obvious that Democrat leaders think power is more important! I feel bad for grass-root Democrats who understand the value of U.S. security and enforcement of U.S. laws, but are not being represented in a reasonable way by Democrat leaders. It makes no good sense that politicians think they know better how to secure our borders than do the experts in law enforcement who are working along the southern border, advising and endorsing the need for a wall barrier as a major component of border security. History and data show that walls are very effective, and border law enforcement agents agree, but Dem leaders claim they know better. Ridiculous! Dem obstruction, resistance, and unwillingness to negotiate terms of immigration that include the wall necessitate the need for President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. It’s about U.S. security first, keeping campaign promises second.

Jim Barrett - January 19, 2019

After nearly 30 days of a shut down and nearly that many invitation by the president to work this out – well- it is obvious that the Dems are not going to cooperate. Time to declare the emergency and build the wall!

Clifford McAnally USNR - January 19, 2019

I strongly feel the President should indeed declare a National emergency If he is given “no” as the only answer to the American Peoples need, and his duty to defend and protect the country.

christopher wrzosek - January 19, 2019

The President has tried to compromise with the House and yet Miss Pelosi continues to make a mockery of hs attempts. If she continues along this destructive path of political victory she should be removed from a leadership role. If this does not occur than the president should go the emergency route and build the wall.

Sonia Waters - January 19, 2019

Nancy Pelosi is NOT the CEO of our country. Mr. President, BUILD THAT WALL in any manner you need to get it done! The American people have your back, and we are proud to have such a strong leader, for a change. If it takes declaring an emergency, then so be it. The illegal hoards will just keep coming, so now is the time.

Joseph L. Wall - January 19, 2019

Build the Wall

NANCY H LANDAS - January 19, 2019

Whatever decision is made and people here have made the pros and cons of options very clear, something must be done immediately. The Democrats are using this as propaganda to destroy all the good work that President Trump has accomplished, and look who else is suffering as a result!! It is heartwarming to see how many have come forward to help. The foodshelf for which I volunteer already has a plan in the works if this continues. The media has been good about covering all the heartwarming gestures being accomplished. The sad thing is that, as the media covers all these kind acts, they are basically pointing a finger at the President to blame HIM for the problem. TAKE ACTION NOW to help these poor middle and lower class souls to survive.

stella culpepper - January 19, 2019

Stay firm. The wall must be built. During his state of the nation address make it clear to all why the wall must be built (the safety, economic, cost savings to the American citizen, etc. reasons). Stay strong. Stay the warrior we elected.

Leta Fry - January 19, 2019

I would support his decision to declare a national emergency. I believe most of his supporters would approve.

Jim Richardson - January 19, 2019

Congress (Keystone Cops) all positioning for THEIR own agendas. First DEM agenda = Humiliate and try to Disgrace our elected President and everything he stands for. Get the Presidency in 2020 away from the GOP.
Legislate… NO! Negotiate… NO! Grand Stand for the DEM MEDIA… Hell Yes! Bring on term limits with a gun to their heads.

Jack Pearson - January 19, 2019

Since Nasty Pelosi has effectively declared herself de facto President and refused to discuss US business with that man (who will never be president) in the White House, the actual POTUS should frothwith declare the emergency. When Pelosi and the 9th Circus Court try to halt wall work, the President should follow Jefferson’s (I think it was) example and ignore them. Think- who’s gonna enforce the crazy-court’s decree?

Wanda Magdalen - January 19, 2019

Great article of John Malcolm regarding our President Trump’s rights to go the Executive Order direction on the Wall! Please continue to stay with the President to help him get this built! We need it desperately! God Bless you all for all you do!

Kay Yetter - January 19, 2019

We, the American People, have been promised REAL border security, for as long as I can remember. Seems nearly or over 40 years, this has been kicked down the road. It is, past time to, DO IT! Many of us, who live in border states, are tired of the talk, with no real action!

lonnie atkins - January 19, 2019

Terminate congress!! This Bureaucratic group is out of control. People need to face the facts. Do the math!! The salaries and benefits, cost of doing business for each of these entities is astronomical. Just think on the 800,000 that are furloughed, Imagine that they make $ 1000 week with benefits which I am sure is very conservative. That is 800 million dollars per week, 4 weeks 3.2 billion dollars. Wow could build a wall. Imagine if we terminate all the congress and all the affiliated personnel that they have tagged on. Imagine!! Can you?? Boggles my simple mind, Out of control?? I think so!!!

Lonna Obelenus - January 19, 2019

Building the Wall as a part of border security is a common sense measure and I cannot understand who would be against such a measure. I stand with the President and support him if the only way to get it done is to declare a National Emergency.

PRISCILLA POPE - January 19, 2019


Walter Stratton - January 19, 2019

Yes, he should use his presidential power to declare an emergency and build the wall.

Kent Porter - January 19, 2019

I believe John Locke & the many “activists” before and after him all had similar concepts of “natural law” and God given rights to protect our lives, families, property, and liberty (semantically more than just freedom). I believe ALL civilizations that have risen and fallen have primarilly done so thru pride and selfishness. I support the voting decisions of the Electoral College that ensures ALL America is represented in our voting system – not just the numerically superiority of some states. The tail should not wag the Republic’s tail.

Bob white - January 19, 2019

The democrats will never negotiat in good faith !! They are stuck in political imeturety !! They are afraid to work with Trump to help the country move forward in anyway !! We have a real emergency on the border now and s real crisis witch has already come to a head !! Yes I love that the president is trying to get congress to do their jobs !! But they won’t !! They just hate our country to much !! So yes the president has to protect this country by declaring a National Emergency !! It is his duty !! He should preemptively Bring a suit against the democrats for obstruction of a national security issue and bring it to the supreme court where he will get a fair shake !! Thank you Bob White

Keith Dixon - January 19, 2019

We the people want a wall. Congress will never fund it! A national emergency proclamation will be tied up in court forever. President trump should fund the wall by having each state along the border build their walls and reimburse them using discretionary funds, or if possible, ask the Supreme Court to support his authority to declare a national emergency with an expedited review of a district court (9?) ruling against it as soon as the ruling is made. PS we desperately need term limits on our courts as well as congress because they are all irresponsible and do not uphold their oaths of office to uphold and defend our constitution.

fred grant - January 19, 2019

build the wall now save america

Sharon Louk - January 19, 2019

Our President should quit stalling on that and declare it a national emergency immediately. Congress will never come to the table on this because they are so filled with unmitigated hate against our President. I do not even understand why they still get a salary when they cause the government to shut down.

janie - January 19, 2019

Trump should declare a national emergency.

O.M. - January 19, 2019

nancy & chuck do not want the wall. more welfare & handouts
to more freebies.
No Wall Needed!!

warren & Marion Nagle - January 19, 2019

Build whatever is needed protecting our open borders. Stop wasting time trying to get the opposition party to work with you.

Gerald Brown - January 19, 2019

Pres.Trump be firm ,stand strong and we the people will stand with you, you are our President we voted you in because we believe in you and your policies so as long as you don’t get the backbone of a jellyfish and start caving into the Dems. as past presidents have then you will continue to have the backing of your people and your party we love you ,we respect you,we either win or we go down with the ship sincerley your friend and backer Gerald Brown

Lorena C. Steffen - January 20, 2019

The increase in drugs alone would justify his closing the wall. In my little Indiana town alone, we see drug violations more than any other problem in the police reports in our local paper. Often there are shootings involved, some fatal. Enough is enough. Build the wall!!

W. Wiegratz - January 20, 2019

Declare an emergency and start building the barrier and start implementing other immigration reforms but at the same time end the partial shutdown with a 2 month budget extension giving congress time to come up with a more permanent solution to the immigration mess. If no results in 2 months then shut it down again.

Francis Foley - January 20, 2019

The adamant attitude of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer making all attempts of the Trump Administration to govern our country an impossible task, calls for an emergency declaration by President Trump. Myriads of illegal immigrants (a part of which is MS 13 gang members and drug traffickers) trying to swarm the southern border is an additional reason for declaring an emergency.

Wayne Adamson - January 20, 2019

I think that the President has done his best to work with the Democrats on a compromise. The bottom line is that in their opinion the only “compromise” is to give in to whatever they the Dems want, which of course, is not to build a wall and not to protect our southern border. IF he has the power and authority to build the wall without an agreement then maybe Trump should go ahead. But of course, we know that the Dems will bring suit in a court that has no intent on letting him do what he has the power to do under the constitution. It will end up at the Supreme Court level. Are all executive decisions to be decided by the Supremes? This is the beginning of the end of the constitutional republic as we have known it. The courts now are running our country instead of throwing these suits out.

Eugene Goldsmith - January 20, 2019

He should declare a National emergency as he will never be able to cut a deal with the despicables. We, the deplorables, have his back.

bart neville - January 20, 2019

If a deal can’t be reached by January 31st, he should declare a National Emergency and build the wall. Too much is at stake for our country.

Larry Sparks - January 20, 2019

President Trump should declare a national emergency immediately. The Democrats refuse to listen or act to protect the citizens.

Renay Montgomery - January 21, 2019

Republicans must remember…..
United We Stand!!!!!
We Republicans need to realize that NOW!
President Trump – hold that line, build that wall —-we stand behind you!!

Chris Maschauer - January 21, 2019

Build the wall ( everywhere that a wall is needed ), and build it NOW !
Pelosi + Schumer aren’t about to give in, so don’t waste any more time to get the Courts started ! Undoubtedly the 9th circuit will cause significant delays so start NOW !

John Olofson - January 21, 2019

We’ve been fiddling for decades while the crisis obviously worsens. The time for action is now!

janie m peas (scott) - January 21, 2019

With the fact that Pelosi/Schummer accepted and agreed to the border offer of 28B before Trump why can’t that continue as an agreement with Trump’s offer to get the wall built now w/NO gun ban.

Carolyn J Hewit - January 21, 2019

I want to ditto what John Pappas wrote. The President has to stay firm in his resolve; when you do the right thing, God has your back. Please! do the right thing!!

Catherine Rinker - January 21, 2019

President Trump is in a wonderful position to act. He should do so. He is one of the best presidents this country has ever seen, partly because he does not care if gets re-elected and isn’t afraid of being rejected for making strong decisions. We need more men like him.

David Kennedy - January 21, 2019

Yes, the President must do what it takes to build the wall ASAP to stop illegal aliens & drug traffic.

Sharen D Favre - January 21, 2019

There is nothing much I can add to the comments already made. The President needs to do whatever it takes to build the wall and keep us safe. Technology also needs to be used to prevent those who are already digging under the existing wall. Yikes! How can the people take back the power?

Roger Gilley - January 21, 2019

My concern is that the President does declare a national emergency at the border so the wall can be built and the liberals sue his right to take this action. At that point one of our activist judges sides with the liberals. The result, as we have seen in the past, is that nothing gets accomplished.

Mike Auttonberry - January 22, 2019


Molly Crockett - January 23, 2019

President Trump should try to deal with the Congress, by letting them vote, but then he needs to declare a national emergency if they vote against it.

Congress has voted for it when it was Obama but they don’t want Trump to follow through with his promise like no other president has done in the past. So the Congress will most likely vote no!

Douglas Kelly - January 23, 2019

I believe that President Trump has exhausted his ability to get the Democrats to the negotiation table. Time to declare an emergency.

Gawaine Diekevers - January 25, 2019

Yes, if the security of our nation is at risk, He definitely has that authority. I gave 2 years of my life to serve this country to enjoy the freedoms we have. Lets not let criminals from other countries destroy this God given freedom we cherish.

Nancy L Kilgore - January 25, 2019

KEEP THE GOVERNMENT C.L.O.S.E.D. until it happens!!!

nvsoar - January 25, 2019

Seems to me that Article IV Section 4 covers the situation at the border; which needs be be secured as soon as possible.

David B Goedde - January 25, 2019

If all those who voted for Trump donate $20 each to “a build the wall private fund,” there will be 6 billion generated

Louis Forbrich - January 26, 2019

Given the makeup and hostility of Congress, declaring a national emergency appears to be the only way out. I’m a bit disappointed that he has not done it already. Much to President Trump’s credit however, he is giving every opportunity for Congress to act responsibly. In 3 weeks time I believe it will be a “crap or get off the pot” moment.

Jennifer Gonzalez - February 3, 2019

He will be declaring a national emergency, and rightfully, THANKFULLY so.

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