Britain votes in a referendum this week on whether to endorse “Brexit”–leaving the European Union–or to remain in the EU. Heritage Foundation experts make a strong case for voting to leave.

Heritage Founder Ed Feulner:

The European Union is not the simple “open trading area” envisioned in the 1950s. It has become a bureaucratic monstrosity, unaccountable to national parliaments, imposing a heavy thumb on the regulatory scale of its 28 members…

So why leave? Because Britain, with the world’s oldest Parliament, can reassert its authority over and responsibility to its own people, their laws, customs and traditions — and so I can go into a pub and buy a pint of beer and not have to ask for “473 milliliters of beer.”

Many of the arguments against Brexit don’t hold water, Feulner explains. For example, there’s no reason to think the world’s fifth largest economy would suddenly be unable to trade with other nations.

In fact, Jim DeMint argues in The Daily Signal, “the Brexit would create an opportunity for a closer, reinvigorated alliance between the U.S. and U.K., boosting trade and investment between the two nations.”

There’s another big issue animating the Leave campaign, Heritage’s Ted Bromund points out: “since all EU citizens have the right to move to the UK, Britain can’t control immigration as long as it’s in the EU.”

Heritage experts will be in London on Thursday to provide conservative analysis of the historic vote.

Do you think Britain should vote to leave the European Union?

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loretta jeglinski - June 23, 2016


Lawrence Dudzik - June 23, 2016

One of the main reasons to get out of the EU is to get control of their boarders again. With the free flow of the boarders state you make your county more vulnerable to terrorists.

William Bowen - June 23, 2016


Stan Stevens - June 23, 2016


William Miller - June 23, 2016

UK is a sovereign country and being attached to EU is a contradiction

Kathryn Chrisman - June 23, 2016

The more we see of the European Union, the more obvious it is that the EU is engaged in its own culture war against the individual cultures of its member nations. The EU’s push for massive immigration of unvetted refugees is destabilizing all of Europe. I am alarmed at the EU attempts to shame dissenting citizens in each European country.

Eugene Taylor - June 23, 2016


Benjamin R Bunch - June 23, 2016


Don and Carol Glitschka - June 23, 2016


Shields Jett - June 23, 2016


Mollie Thurston - June 23, 2016


Sylvia Johnson - June 23, 2016


Carl Linge - June 23, 2016

Britain should leave. Vote Brout”!

Robert Patterson - June 23, 2016


Brad Betz - June 23, 2016

Yes the EU didn’t work ever!

Karl Reynolds - June 23, 2016

Were I voting on “Brexit,” I would be for leaving the EU. Looking as objectively as possible at what the EU has done for/to Britain, it seems to have been a bad bargain in almost every respect–certainly not worth the loss of British sovereignty that it cost in return. That said, I’ve been reminded more than once by several of my British friends that Brits–even highly educated Brits–very often do not see the world as we Yanks do. So, however obvious the desirability of the Brits’ exit from the EU might seem to us, my take is that it’s likely to be a lot closer than it should be.

B.A. Lewis - June 23, 2016

They and they alone should decide!

Chet Wanvig - June 23, 2016

Absolutely Britan should leave the E.U.
How else can they claim to be a really soveioreign nation? Of course, as Washington passes more and more intrusive laws (violating the 10th amendment), I’m beginning to believe Texas and others should leave the U.S. to retain their own soveioreign independence.

Peggy Brooks - June 23, 2016


Patricia Gitt - June 23, 2016

Yes. While the financial markets will take a hit, and investors lose, the capital markets will rebound. What is at stake is freedom to control the destiny of a particular country and its citizens.

Beverly Gagliano - June 23, 2016

Yes. I don’t see how this is working to their advantage, economically or socially. Control your borders and keep your national heritage.

Joe Gasque - June 23, 2016


Cetola - June 23, 2016

If Britain separates it could have a negative effect on British companies that have business ventures in EU countries. Tariffs or other barriers between the EU countries and Britain will likely happen.

Dale Welsh - June 23, 2016

Britain lost its’ Independence when they joined the EU.

Nancy Hagan - June 23, 2016

YES! I do believe it would be good for their country to leave the EU.

John E. Ogle - June 23, 2016

Yes They will be in charge their destiny

Catherine - June 23, 2016


David Mitchell - June 23, 2016

The main issue should be British sovereignty. The European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human rights have the power to make a mockery of the British judiciary. The European Commission, a group of unelected, unknown bureaucrats from 27 different countries decide new laws to govern the EU. The new laws are discussed and passed by the European Parliament, elected from the 27 countries. It’s an un-workable travesty.

Christopher Headley - June 23, 2016

Yes Our Mother Nation needs to leave the corrupt EU and return to the ideology of Britain for Britain’s. The government of other nations should all be run by their own people not by other nations. But there should be consequences against other nations if they treat their people badly…

Roger Baxter - June 23, 2016

Britain would be better served by exiting this disaster.

TEd McGarry - June 23, 2016

Yes. If the EU is such a grand deal for the Brits, why do 50% want to leave. Because they, like us, want to control their borders.

Don Steinbach - June 23, 2016

YES! Leave now before you get more wrapped up in more rules and regulations than you are already in. You guys don’t need it.( Where is Winston when you need him?)

W D Dickson - June 23, 2016

YES! Return to national sovereignty and sanity.

Brooks Keel - June 23, 2016

Yes . But it’s up to the Brits.

Thurman Lyle - June 23, 2016

Britain should pull out of the EU. They have not fared well while being in it!

BETTY MUNSON - June 23, 2016


Michael Orlando - June 23, 2016

Yes! I feel that it would more encouragement for us to get back to our constitutional government come November,as there reason for leaving are basically the same as ours, pertaining to an out of control government.

Morgan Nields - June 23, 2016


Greg Holtman - June 23, 2016

Absolutely! Get out from under the thumb of Brussels!!

Lowell Nielsen - June 23, 2016

Yes, immediately! What does the UK really receive for the amount of money annually inserted into the EU coffer?

Doyle Smith - June 23, 2016

YES by all means,the people of Britain have the right to run their own affairs.

Wes - June 23, 2016

Yes, if they want to return to being fiscally responsible.

Maxine Smith - June 23, 2016

Yes I believe they should exit the EU. It is destroying those countries sovereignty a little at a time. Our crooked government wants to set up the North American Union which will do the same thing to America. Soros wants the New World Order for ultimate power over every country and it’s people. Get out now. Good luck Britian!!!!!!

Larry Bassett - June 23, 2016

Absolutely, yes! And doing so, set an example for other European nations that need to recover their autonomy, freed from interference by others who have little regard for the value of self rule and are sympathetic with the imposition of cultural standards that are destructive to each and every country within the EU.

Rene R Barrios - June 23, 2016

Sovereignty is the key. You can’t have unstoppable immigration because you’ll lose who you are as a nation. Look at the trends in Europe and the United States. The people are not assimilating and therefore your value system, your religion, culture and your laws are changing to accomodate the newcomers who are not willing to accept a beautiful country as it is and want to change it to their ways. Why come to our country if you are not willing to assimilate and adhere to our way of life? In that case, stay home and rot in hell as you have been doing for thousands of years.

Tom Beahan - June 23, 2016

YES! Get out before it is too late.

James Van Riper - June 23, 2016

Leave! Nations need to maintain their sovereignty!

William Coates - June 23, 2016

Yes because you should never be governed by people who do not live in your country, or by people who do not live in your state.

Cliff Ebel - June 23, 2016


john stephens - June 23, 2016

Yes get out and regain your sovereignty

LANDON - June 23, 2016


Tom Downs - June 23, 2016

I believe Brexit will fail. The reason I believe it will fail is that as one entity, many Europeans feel comfort in knowing that they can combat foreign invasions in time of war. There is security in numbers. However, if in the future a modified union could be established whereas an invasion of one EU country is like an invasion of all EU members, then that part would be ok and I think Brexit would pass. That would leave autonomy to the individual countries, illegal aliens could be kept out if desired, and taxation and representation could be controlled by the individual country’s.

Mark L. Thornewill - June 23, 2016

England is the anglo-phone source of the world’s unifying lingua franca, head of the most stable commonwealth since Rome’s Latin Empire. The British Isles will continue to offer unique services to the world after enculturation of her recent immigrant hordes, and paid-off her debt to the British empire-that-was. Brexit will help.

James D. Reed - June 23, 2016


Their borders, culture, and very independence are at stake.

Judy - June 23, 2016


Jerry Metcalf - June 23, 2016


Robert McWain - June 23, 2016

Leave now.That’s what freedom does.

Leslie Tozzini - June 23, 2016

yes, definitely. Watch the Utube documentary “Brexit” and you will see that EU looks like what the US is becoming.

David Sullivan - June 23, 2016

Britain should bail out. Nothing good can come out of staying.

Don Kothmann - June 23, 2016


Shirley Jones - June 23, 2016

They should leave. If Obama is for some-
thing, that’s a sure sign it’s a bad idea.

Sandra Smith - June 23, 2016

YES!! Get out now & Good Luck.

Shirley Bell - June 23, 2016

Yes. They need to be able to control their own country and borders.

Patricia Moore - June 23, 2016


Bob williams - June 23, 2016

Yes. Do it before they are completely taken over by a central authority just as our states have been steam-rolled by an ever growing federal government.

James Calhoun Jr - June 23, 2016

Yes, to regain their sovereignty and self determination.

Charles Seip - June 23, 2016

Yes, They are being partially controlled by the member countries and it is costing them their wealth and sovereignty.
The EU membership is part of what caused the collapse of Greece.

Renee Witmer - June 23, 2016

One of the great countries of this world, the
UK, needs to return to it’s proper place in this world as one of the nations that leads…not follows! The UK, along with the USA, are needed to show nations how to uphold rule of law, how to revere humanity, returning to sovereignty…and so much more. This cannot happen when it is a subject to the EU in all of it’s forms…the EU is not just an economic forum…it truly does rule in many other ways, which bring nations under it’s type of control. UK, stand clear of it and stand for rightness again! Yes, LEAVE the EU!

Richard F. Lemke - June 23, 2016

The EU is trying to make a one-world
govt. and it will fail. Individual countries
need to exercise their individual rights.
The Tower of Babel will never be rebuilt.

Carl G. Britt, Jr. - June 23, 2016

Britain should definitely leave the EU. They were smart to withhold from switching to the Euro a number of years ago and would be even smarter to once again regain control their nationality and destiny!

Peter W. Gissing - June 23, 2016

Yes! They have their own currency. They should be able to control their own borders as well as control the influx of welfare seekers that is driving their welfare system into bankruptcy. BUT, it is their decision, and Obama should butt out. I really don’t understand why a decision to exit the EU should create financial disaster in the US as some people claim will happen, though.

John F Cherry - June 23, 2016

Re-establish National Sovereignty and Immigration control and keep from losing your traditions.

Buddy - June 23, 2016

Yes, from the little I understand, they will be better off

M. D’Souza - June 23, 2016

Yes, Britain should get out of the EU.
Britain needs to retain its sovereignty — borders, language, culture & currency — especially when the Muslim refugees are coming across with their forged passports & occupying Britain to establish their mini-caliphate there.

Buddy Turner - June 23, 2016


Donald Crawford - June 23, 2016

Definitely YES!

Donald Crawford - June 23, 2016


J.A.Emmons - June 23, 2016

Yes leave!! The EU, I think, was patterned after the United States, but I think the inclusive countries are too diverse to make the EU work!! Each country involved wants to be in power or it wants to be coddled by the other member countries without being accountable!! It will take many years for the EU to unite and be one sovereign nation!!

Donald Crawford - June 23, 2016

YES! U K should leave the E U

J.A.Emmons - June 23, 2016

Yes!! I think that the EU tried to pattern itself as the USA but the countries involved are too diverse. Some countries want to control while others want the other countries to give them the total benefits without contributing!! It will take many years of compromise if the countries iinvolved want the EU to work effectively!!

Ruby Zwijack - June 23, 2016

Absolutely !!!!!!!!!!

Gordon Humphrey - June 23, 2016

YES, Britain should leave the EU!!!!!

Humphrey Ballou - June 23, 2016

Yes…I agree with L. Dudzik.

Penny Bonadonna - June 23, 2016

Yes! If they do at least one nation in western Europe will be free.

becky stephenson - June 23, 2016

Yes, I think Britain should leave the EU.

Vernon Whitaker - June 23, 2016

Yes. Look in the mirror. We are the United States and we are experiencing “progressive” loss of our States’ rights. The refreshing thing about Europe was the distinctive character of each country. I believe the E.U. was wrong to begin with.

Vickie - June 23, 2016

Yes! I hope it’s not too late!

David Keiper - June 23, 2016


Pat Hamper - June 23, 2016


vivian Moon - June 23, 2016

Get out, just as U.S. should get out of U.N.
They want to impose, higher taxes on us.
set up their army,who would control us andEngland will if not already (like the U.S.)feel the noose being pulled tighter. U.S, needs instead to
form a league of Democratic Nations. to protect their independence and all human rights.

Barbara jeffers - June 23, 2016

Yes Britain should leave the E.U.

Charles McLean - June 23, 2016

I do think they should pull out and I also think that we should pull out of the UN

Helen Payne - June 23, 2016

Yes. Britain existed long before the European Union. I love Britain, and they are perfectly capable of making decisions for their benefit without the EU.

C t blomstrom - June 23, 2016


Judith Johnson - June 23, 2016

Yes, they should leave the EU.

Karl Alff - June 23, 2016

Yes, a thousand times YES.

Harold Adlington - June 24, 2016


Thomas Garchar - June 24, 2016


James Allen Akers - June 24, 2016

Yes!! It would be great for both and
strength for positive economic.

James Allen Akers - June 24, 2016

Yes!! Both will have a positive out

Thomas Subler - June 24, 2016

Many of the 40,000 bureaucrats in Brussels will soon be looking for work. Couldn’t happen to a better group. Regular British citizens finally have seen thru the bureaucratic haze. Now on to D.C. and put Obama and Hillary at the end of the queue.

Les Smith - June 24, 2016

Yes they should and I’m glad they did. The EU is a progressives’ wet dream of over burdensome regulations, central planning, and anti-capitalist mindset. The UK has pulled back while the US is falling head first into this muck.

Jim McNeill - June 24, 2016

Yes, I think they should leave the Union. However, this is only the first step in the long road back to what Britain used to be.

Tom R. - June 24, 2016

Yes! To be part of the EU means a loss of sovereignty, I wouldn’t want the USA to be a part of a regional or global Union. We like our souveignty why not Great Britan, aka the UK.

Blake Hillman - June 24, 2016


Mrs. Phyllis Eix - June 24, 2016

I’m so happy that “Brexit” won! Now Britain can be Great again!

Richard Koethe - June 24, 2016

Absolutely yes!

Sylvia M Mohr - June 24, 2016

I am cheering for Britain’s historic vote. They are leaving the EU…hoorah! They are a free and sovereign nation once again. I sincerely hope they will dump all the regulations imperialistically regulations imposed by the unelected leaders of the EU. A Nation Once AGAIN! Huzzah! PS I care a lot because my mum is from England and I have a lot of relatives who have suffered under the EU!!!

Ray Cresswell - June 24, 2016

The beer statement settles it 🙂

Scott Brooks - June 25, 2016

The EU is likened to the old soviet communist central planning scheme and just fails miserably.

Henry C. Holder - June 25, 2016

Yes – would hope this would make the President uncomfortable and resign also.

David Lopez - June 25, 2016

They already have- and other countries are following suit

Kent Somers - June 25, 2016

Absolutely! Government by elite – unelected bureaucrats must be stopped and government “of the people, by the people and for the people” must be returned, as the norm.

Stephen Palmer - June 25, 2016

The EU has caused the freedom hating muslim to infiltrate almost every country setting up sharia law and bring their takeover ever closer. I applaud them for getting out of the EU and controlling their borders. We should be as aware of what our Government is doing and follow the same path. Our Executive branch is worse than the terrorists.

Charles Nicholson - June 26, 2016

I was/am for Britian withdrawing from the EU! I want America to withdraw from the UN!

Doug Thibaudeau - June 27, 2016

Yes. However now Germany has unintentionally realized Hitler’s dream of becoming the dominant country over a (mostly) United Europe. Scary times these are.

Dr. Raymond K. Hart - June 28, 2016

Great Britain has been subjected to “invasion” of peoples from both Eastern and Western Civilizations. Tight immigration policies by Britain since WW II have maintained the “Status Quo”. They will do it again. They will keep their sovereignity power and EXIT the EU.

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