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MaryAnn Altobelli - May 10, 2019

Great work President Trump!! Keep the pressure on
the Chinese. MAGA!!!

GORIA E. DIAZ - May 10, 2019

We do not have info the POTUS has, of course. But after many years of cowards fearing the bluff of China, it feels good to see strong action to STOP thefts of our propriety know-how & secrets by a country that was sinking away prior to Nixon’s steps to engage with China in business & diplomacy.

Claude Pierret - May 10, 2019

President Trump is doing an outstanding job on foreign affairs.

Charles Willoughby - May 10, 2019

I think the approach the President and his team are taking is long over due in dealing with these countries.

Charles Patterson - May 10, 2019

Trump is doing a fantastic job with an overall very difficult foreign affairs situation!

William Coates - May 10, 2019

Pretty good, except for judicial and Congressional interference on the southern border situation.

Michael E Summers - May 10, 2019

The President’s foreign policy is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to anti-American stance of the Obama administration (and prior to him as well).

Lavonne Hunt - May 10, 2019

I find President Trump’s approach to foreign policy refreshing! He does a good job of on the job learning and listening to his advisors, especially now that he has advisors that will work with him and not try to destroy him. Perfect? No. However, light years better than the previous Administration!!

Tim - May 10, 2019

God Bless him for keeping America first in his decisions…..the leftist media just can’t understand his support!

William B Crook, - May 10, 2019

He is maintaining a hard line, because that’s all they understand.

Julie Powers - May 10, 2019

Yes!!! Very pleased with how he is handling US foreign policy. He promised us he would set things straight and he is following through and delivering.
He could do so much more without all the distractions of the chaotic Democratic Party.

Richard Lemke - May 10, 2019

I think President Trump is doing a good job in spite of a few mistakes. He can’t predict how other countries will react. He will need more than 4 years to turn this country around. Let’s do all we can to give him that opportunity.

Timothy Gossett - May 10, 2019

I would say he has and is doing an excellent job. I find the largest problem he has is the obstruction within his own party. And Yes he has done a much greater job than the 2 previous administrations.

Carol Thomas - May 10, 2019

My advice to the president, is to do what Teddy Roosevelt once said: Speak softly & carry a big stick”. I don’t know if the president can speak softly, but he did pretty well with North Korea in speaking to them, AND HE IS BEING PREPARED IN CASE ANYTHING HAPPENS. i approve.

drake - May 10, 2019

I fully support POTUS. I judge his presidency by what he does, not what he says or tweets. He’s right on every action he has taken including tariffs, Israel, Criminal Justice Reform, Taxes, Rx drug pricing and especially Immigration reform, N Korea, Iran, Yemen, and Venezuela to mention a few.

Charles (Jerry) Seaman - May 10, 2019

He is doing well, pragmatic and proficient!
Semper Fi Jerry Seaman Sgt, USMC HD

Alexis Brannon - May 10, 2019

The president is doing an excellent job in a difficult position of a weak Republican congress and totally obstructive Democrat congress.
His rallies are great opportunities to communicate directly with the people and this is critical with Google and Facebook trying to shut us down.
It is also vital that we learn the issues and talk one on one with friends and family.

Wilma Williams - May 10, 2019

I am not a very political person. I am conservative, Pro life and I like diplomacy and tact. Trump has done some good in some ways. The way he goes about it ia pretty disconcerting at times. I am sick and tired of the Russian investigation. I am not sure what we can do to keep people in other countries from interfering.

Dee Sutherland - May 10, 2019

Thank God president Trump is not kicking the can down the road like Obama and the rest. Freedom is not free. Americans need to sacrifice a little for a while. Lots before us gave a lot more than a little discomfort for the freedom we all enjoy. Toughen up Americans!!!!! You will feel better about yourselves in the end..

Jaime L. Manzano - May 10, 2019

In general, yes. What we have to be careful with is correcting unintended consequences. We have unreformable enemies. What we need to guard against is behaving as if we have a chip on our shoulder, seeking excuses to react to provocations.

Jon Greiner - May 10, 2019

In contrast to earlier administrations, trumps administration is getting to the root causes and applying appropriate pressure. They are not constrained by artificial political correctness, call a spade a spade, and get things done without pushing things down the road again..

william murphy - May 10, 2019

the only policy that will work in any of these hot spots is strong, eyeball to eyeball, no back down. Each of these conflicts should be a win for the USA unless weak kneed left leaning talking heads carry the day.

All are important, but especially China, which is not a friend of America by any measure, and is preparing for war with the USA in the long run. Trump is right, they have been stealing from us for many years, but will talk forever, but not change unless forced to

Jim Christison - May 11, 2019

I think President Trump is hitting all the right buttons, especially with the Chinese. They need to be confronted on more than just trade. For someone who is supposed to be in bed with the Russians, he sure is ticking them off regularly. If he had the backing of the “Never Trump Republicans” this country would be at jet speed in all the great things he is trying to accomplish. God Bless President Trump.

Marilyn Mills - May 11, 2019


Zoltan Egeresi - May 11, 2019

President Trump is our greatest president saving us from the globalist communism. The trade tariff against China was way over due, they steal, cheat, spy on us, flexing their military muscle in the South China sea. Send some of our troops just to the south of the Mexican border to prevent any more illegals coming North.

Timothy Shevlin - May 11, 2019

Keep the pressure on. Most Americans fail to comprehend that in the tariff game some short-term suffering may be required to win in the end. This approach is new and necessary.

Jerry Milby - May 11, 2019

President Trump’s Administration has been
and continues to be the most truthful, the
most responsible, the greatest model of
representative government leadership,
as well as justice, patriotic, and integrity
that I am aware of in the History of our
most blessed and great nation. His policies
toward other nations around the world have
been exemplary models of the American
Spirit, Patriotic, Fairness and Fearless toward not only our “allies” but to the
evil world dictators, as well. Thank you Mr. Trump and may the Lord bless you and watch over you and all those in your Administration, including all your family

Janet Bonner - May 11, 2019

President Trump has such a different approach to foreign relations. This country isn’t used to a president being so aggressive. I have faith that the President is being coached by people with integrity and knowledge greater than he has of these countries. I believe he’s doing a great job. He, as well as all our leaders, need our prayers.

Jane Stressler - May 11, 2019

Very well considering the roadblocks he’s had with the Mueller investigation, the lower courts blocking him, and the pressure put upon him from the global elites in Europe. Throw in the Russian/Chinese economic and military threats and I don’t think any of our previous presidents other than Reagan could have done as well in the first 2.5 years.

John Crawford - May 11, 2019

Trump is right on China,North Korea,Israel , The border crisis,Venezuela .We need to focus on how to support mainstream Muslim to defeat the aggressive terrorist Muslim world wide.And in every state.We should minimize our troops in the Middle East and the rest of the world

Michael Perry - May 11, 2019

Yes, President Trump is doing a great job in foreign affairs. I like the progress he is making.

Richard Lane - May 11, 2019

President Trump is doing exactly what the leader of the free world is supposed to do-lead!

Frank Blue - May 11, 2019

I fully agree with Drake comment on May 20 ,2019. POTUS is doing a great job in defending American interests here and abroad, He remembers his promises to us and takes at heart his oath of office to support the Constitution. MAGA, four more years!

Donna Graham - May 11, 2019

Yes, I approve of President Trump’s foreigh policies. He is accomplishing something for the first time in years.

ronald phillips - May 11, 2019

trump is doing a terrific job period.

Robert - May 11, 2019

President Trump is trying something different in foreign policy, I think its working but will need time to mature.

fredrick tucker - May 11, 2019

Yes I do approve, but I would like to see the money the US sends to other countries spent here on lowering the deficit, infrastructure, etc. I feel sure if “the people” had a voice in this matter they would choose the latter. Furthermore, I would like to see the president get our military out of most of countries in the world ( I’ve heard 170 locations). Let other countries take care of themselves. The US has its fingers in too many pies!

Coreen Glen - May 11, 2019

Trump is treating the world affairs as they should have been treated for years. The opposing countries act like spoiled children who will try to get away with whatever they can without the parental disciplining them. Finally our president is treating hem like a good parent should…set parameters with punishments accordingly!

Margaret Rosenthal - May 11, 2019

What ever it takes to keep us safe!

Harold Shira - May 11, 2019

The President and his team are doing a fantastic job in light of the extreme opposition they face from the press, the anti-American Democratic Party–the party of traitors and their many fellow traitors in the judiciary.

Greg Carlson - May 11, 2019

Much encouraged by the response to global threats by President Trump and his administration. Approve!

Roland LaChance - May 11, 2019

The greatest Republican President and Democrats don’t even come close to President Trump Accomplish in less then two years.

rose rodano - May 12, 2019

I strongly agree with the president. We did
escalate to the time in history without the
strong leadership of our President Donald
J. Trump. The fact that he pulled himself
up by his boot straps tells you,in no uncertain terms that he knows how to
My family prays for him al;l the time for
health,safety and strength.
God bless our president and these United States
Thank you

Donald Black - May 12, 2019

We must make people realize that Islam is not a religion, it is a nation that contains a religion. Islam has some books that tell Muslims what they should be doing. According to their book nonbelievers are their enemy and may be killed or enslaved at will. If Islam is our enemy why are we allowing it to conquer our country, one city council seat at a time? Why can’t we see what is happening in France and The UK, and take action?
The clock is ticking!

Fred Cox - May 12, 2019

If Iran is stupid enough to cause us the need to react militarily–it should be done big, great and with class!! ,,as well as crippling. It is obvious they will someday need to be engaged and the sooner the better…and Trump is the the man to do it. Just be thankful that, with this challenge on the table, we do not have someone in a leadership role like Hillary, Bernie,
Elizabeth, Beto or Biden. God Forbid!!!

Faye - May 12, 2019

I think President Trump is doing an excellent job in handling foreign affairs. However, his policy is being seriously undermined by the Democrats, courts, media and some Republicans. There was a time when our differences ended at the water”s edge. What is going on today is destructive and unreal. A house divided on the foreign front cannot stand.

`Nancy Shaffer - May 12, 2019

I’m very thankful that our president is reaching out to create positive relationships with other countries and especially where trade is involved. I also especially appreciate it when the activity benefits those on our side of the trade.

Nan M Nicoll - May 13, 2019

Pres. Trump has known for years our foreign policy did not support our Constitution nor We the People. Proof abounds that this is true.
Pres. Trump is the first president in my life time that actually understands the greatness and beauty of the United of America and Americans. I have every confidence in his foreign polity.

Kathleen - May 13, 2019

I do agree with what President Trump is doing around foreign affairs. He has surrounded himself with the smartest most tactical people there is and collectively they are making the best decisions. Thank you President Trump!

Edward M Dunne - May 13, 2019

Those nations challenging the US now see a government in disarray and a population that is not watching closely. They believe that Trump is in jeopardy and hope for a return to the ineffectual and ignorant leadership of the last administration. Now is the time to bring out the Monroe Doctrine and get China and Russia out of Venezuela, stand tough against Cuba, embargo North Korea, stand strong against China’s trade inequalities and military expansionism. The Trump administration has the right ideas but bad messaging. We need a Reagan-like presentation of the facts to the people, not tweets. We need well produced, FACTUALLY ACCURATE, videos paid for by the RNC, on all news media stations, not just Fox. If you want to get the accurate measures out there, Heritage cannot do it alone. Only a few are actually listening.

Thomas May - May 13, 2019

Its about time we have a real President.

Gary Wyse - May 15, 2019

I believe as the last remaining world super power we need to exert muscle when and where needed in order to maintain order and prevent terrorism from reaching our shores in both the form of trade agreements and physical threats.

nancy jones - May 16, 2019

no stress here;;;;;;;;;;I voted for him to do just what he is doing;;;;;;;;;and succeeding! I trust him and his cabinet to make clear decisions, or I would not have supported him;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;thank the Goddess we have him, and now must never go backward again;;;;;;;;;no liberals in charge for my years left, PLEASE!

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