“Defending our border is not a political option but a constitutional obligation,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) said last week at The Heritage Foundation.

Speaking to a packed audience that included 23 news cameras, Perry was critical of President Obama’s failed immigration policies.

The President has been anything but consistent in his reaction to the crisis at the border, he said in an address broadcast live on C-SPAN. When he should take executive action by enforcing immigration laws, he retreats. And his attempts to sidestep Congress and implement his unilateral immigration reform are examples of “aggressive overreach.”

Perry said that the former constitutional law professor’s willingness to act unilaterally will lead him to “an appointment, come January 3rd, with constitutional limits.”

Perry warned us of the consequences of not enforcing border laws — including the possibility that more drug cartels and felons will enter America. He further criticized President Obama for having yet to visit the border himself even though his policies are responsible for the conditions.

The simple fact is, we have a crisis at our border. That much is obvious. That President Obama should be enforcing our existing immigration laws should be also obvious. Instead, President Obama’s policies are heightening the chaos by luring more illegal immigrants with the hope of amnesty.

In 2013, The Heritage Foundation proposed an immigration reform that secures the border and rejects amnesty. Some of the reforms include: constructing the right infrastructure, supporting local law enforcement, supporting of the Guard, transforming USCIS, placing a premium on high-skilled labor, temporary worker programs, as well as reforms to the visa waiver program, welfare, and education.

Perry also made comments on Iraq, executive power, and other major issues. Watch his whole speech above.

What do you think? What’s the best way to address the border crisis?

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Richard Anderson - August 27, 2014

WE should put our military in charge of our border,as many other countries do includeing Mexico
Have our border patrol clean up the mess that has been going on sense 86 and send them back to from where they came

Retired Military - August 27, 2014

We must defend , not patrol, our borders now. It is too late for more talk. I suggest we initiate a new military draft for a new Border Defense section of our existing Army. Make service mandatory for two years for the new draftees who, after serving at our borders, may go into the regular Army if they wish/qualify. Fund this by greatly reducing foreign aid – we need to aid ourselves.

Jim McCoy - August 27, 2014

First and foremost, secure the border. Announce that amnesty WILL NOT HAPPEN to slow the flood of illegals that are coming. Immediately stop giving the illegals access to social programs meant for citizens.

Only after the above happens, start a revamp of the existing immigration laws.

Larry Davidson - August 27, 2014

I think employers should be fined for hiring illegals. But the problem is there is no accurate way to tell who is legal and who is not. We need a data base that we can call and check. If that was in place and you got a sizable fine for the first offense and then bigger the next then jail the third the immigration problem would be slowed down exponentially.

Alan Scott - August 27, 2014

No one gets back to the point here, Guys! We have a law. It says that if you want to come to our Country and become a citizen, there is a specific way you do this: (1) You contact our government and tell it that you want to come here. You get Forms to fill out. You take tests. Etc. and then you wait for a reply and eventually approval etc and finally citizenship. We want good people who will make good citizens. We do NOT want anyone who does not take that route and wait his or her or their turn. IF you cross our borders illegally, that trespass makes you (a) SELFISH (because you are not waiting your turn and so put honest people back in timing after doing it correctly and () you become a CRIMINAL the miniute you put yourself ahead of anyone else and all who are honest. PERIOD! Put up the double fence and anyone getting through the 1st one is to be shot with a dart and dragged back through that 1st fence through which he or she came ILLEGALLY. Put up pictures of the people lying between 1at and 2nd fences and show them being moved back through fence #1. Forget all the emotional crap. We have a LAW and do not want selfish or stupid people adding to the mess we have gotten ourselves into here now. There should ble NO OPINIONS. If a majority wants to change the LAW, fine, if 90% agree!

Fred Henry - August 27, 2014

Physically close the border. Enforce our current laws regarding illegal immigrants. Process and send back to country’s of orgin the illegal immigrants already here. Send the message verbally and with law enforcement backing that illegal aliens are not wanted in the USA.

Dr. Kenneth Nolde - August 27, 2014

Strictly current immigration law. Use combined Law Enforcement and Military personnel — seal the border! Support legal immigration! Deport all ILLEGAL ALIENS–particularly the Criminals. NO AMNESTY of any Type. Congress MUST Take the lead.

Maxine - August 27, 2014

The House has to close the purse strings to any more vacations, had more then the Average American rich or not. No more golfing when business needs to be done and if can’t do our business in our favor, to court. No more pen useage against our Constitution.
Take to court…and close down. Whether black, white green, orange, yellow, brown, color makes no difference.
Honesty, morals, patriotism to America, counts. When see not .. need a backbone. Call the Christians back to God, who blessed us so richly, till enemy within slowly over the last MANY years, put out..do your own thing, your life. No it isn’t, God given. If we don’t stand under God’s leading, guiding, protection as a nation, a people, we get what we have.
Remember they stand for our aborting our babies, while they have 6-7 etc. to overcome us. Started 1960 to demand 1-2 children as over crowding – I had 8 …heard about it. I love all people whether they hate me or not, but we need honesty, and, an American leading our government who loves America and it’s people, not someone who hates both.

Ronald Large - August 27, 2014

I am convinced the only constitutional law Obama was a professor of was Shria Law! He certainly isn’t living up to his oath of office to protect and defend the US Constitution!!!

William Van Tassel - August 27, 2014

Finish the fence. Put armed guards all along it.
Send back every illegal alien, you can find, to their country of origin, especially the serious criminal element.
Enforce the laws of our national sovereignty that we already have – relentlessly.
Speed up the legal immigration and naturalization process for all who formally apply.
Enforce the speaking of English within two years of living in the country, or pay a serious fine.

Lowell - August 27, 2014

Sounds like Gov Perry has a handle on it except eliminate anchor babies.

cactusbob - August 27, 2014

The first thing to do is to get a court injunction barring Obama from continuing to violate the Constitution as he has been doing, issuing illegal E.O.s, releasing criminals into the USA from the border detainees, providing terrorist organizations with weapons and money, and a host of other offenses including the neutering of our military.

Then make sure they are enforced,

Nelson Whipple - August 27, 2014

Close the border and make certain the illegals here are so uncomfortable that they go elsewhere.. Home or Iran or Russia or China – I care not; just get them to leave.

lbert P. Bushey - August 27, 2014

Our southern border and our country for that matter will never be secure until until a fence or wall is erected and policed by border police 24/7. A country without borders is not a country at all. No other country in the world is as lax as the United States about securing its borders.

terri lyskawa - August 27, 2014

Gov. Perry I enjoyed your remarks immensley. I am a conservative 58 yoa female who was brought up in a republican household and my parets were fair but strict. They instilled an incredible work ethic in me and as a divorced mother I have worked one full time job and two part time jobs for 18 yrs now to educate my two children. They are amazing citizens with good educations and are starting their own families. Please tell me why I am able to work 70 hrs a week minimum to take care of mine and my childrens needs when healthy people in this country and illegals are all getting it for free? If you run for president sir, and KEEP THESE PRINCIPALS close to your heart I will support you. This country NEEDS a strong and dilgent leader who will STOP all of te handouts which will then take away the temptation for all of these illegals to sneak into this country. Thank you, Terri J. Lyskawa

Brad - August 28, 2014

Its quite simple. No fences,no increased border patrols. Simply remove the reason they come here. No welfare benefits, no food stamps, no Medicaid. NO FREE RIDE and they’ll stop coming.

Nona - August 28, 2014

I skip up to 3 generations and down.to find immigrants from Denmark, Italy, England, and Canada.All of them were legal immigrants and many of them became naturalized citizens. I don’t know how closing borders would work; Many might still find a way to get in–by sea or air come to mind. There are probably many who come over ambassadors, et etcetera. Nona Lightner

Ron Courtney - August 28, 2014

Border should be secured immediately. All illegals trying to enter should be turned back — for US benefit as well as to send the message to others thinking of entering the US illegally. Any illegal that commits a crime be deported immediately. In general, deport those “milking” the system and minimize amnesty for those here illegal.

Patricia Holm - August 28, 2014

We need to secure our boarder with whatever it takes to keep it secure, national guard,drones, supporting law enforcement. NO AMNISTY! I do feel we need to improve our workers program so we can keep track of those entering our country for work with a temporary Visa. As long as they are in our country, they need to pay for their health coverage, schooling, etc. just as we do. No one with a criminal record should be able to stay in our country. If they are here, they need to follow our rules.

MHart - August 28, 2014

anonymouis please But send in the darn troops NOW. What else is that Muslim President going to do to our country next??

Reba Steine - August 28, 2014

Most Important thing Do WHATEVER it takes to secure Border.Any undocumented person even Kids should be put on Buses or secure Planes and sent Home. All LEGAL aliens are Welcome. Republicans grow a pair and DEMAND President RESIGN if he doesn’t fix the Border. Sadly this won’t happen. California Democrats pander to ALL Illegals they get the votes we in California who aren’t rich to insulate ourselves like Brown get the Higher Taxes, Crime, Welfare/School Overcrowding and God Help Us maybe Terror.

Marjorie Taylor - August 28, 2014

The border has to be secured with combination of fencing, and more agents who will turn people back before they get in. No amnesty for anyone including children. We could have provisions for temporary seasonal workers who go home to their country when the work is done.

George Riley - August 28, 2014

First, we must secure the border with no exceptions. Those crossing illegally will be immediately returned, no hearings or delays.
Then we can work out a reasonable formula to deal with the illegals already here, But without a secure border we will have a perpetual problem,

Don39 - August 28, 2014

Perry is right, what took him so long? His predecessors and Obama and his predecessors to include Bush were/are criminal for not protecting our sovereignty.

Mark Hancock - August 29, 2014

The best way to address the border crisis is to impeach this President now! …and Congress to take responsibility.

Donald H Vastlik - August 31, 2014

The very first thing must be completed is to CLOSE the BORDER. Once it is closed and verified and have a agreement on changes agreed upon may proceed.

Melissa Buckley - September 2, 2014

I have friends who have seen illegals walking down their local streets after coming across from Mexico through our Huachuca Mountains here in Arizona. One friend talked to a young Polish woman coming back to join her boyfriend! I’ve been passed on hiking trails by groups of young men from Mexico carrying heavy backpacks down into Sierra Vista. These encounters haven’t been harmful, but they are unpleasant, even scary! We need the Border Patrol on the whole length of the border, not just at automobile checkpoints on highways! As others here have said, first secure the border!

Jerry Hicks - September 6, 2014

We need to put our Congressional Reps on notice–SECURE OUR BORDERS OR BE REPLACED. . . .

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