“Defending our border is not a political option but a constitutional obligation,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) said last week at The Heritage Foundation.

Speaking to a packed audience that included 23 news cameras, Perry was critical of President Obama’s failed immigration policies.

The President has been anything but consistent in his reaction to the crisis at the border, he said in an address broadcast live on C-SPAN. When he should take executive action by enforcing immigration laws, he retreats. And his attempts to sidestep Congress and implement his unilateral immigration reform are examples of “aggressive overreach.”

Perry said that the former constitutional law professor’s willingness to act unilaterally will lead him to “an appointment, come January 3rd, with constitutional limits.”

Perry warned us of the consequences of not enforcing border laws — including the possibility that more drug cartels and felons will enter America. He further criticized President Obama for having yet to visit the border himself even though his policies are responsible for the conditions.

The simple fact is, we have a crisis at our border. That much is obvious. That President Obama should be enforcing our existing immigration laws should be also obvious. Instead, President Obama’s policies are heightening the chaos by luring more illegal immigrants with the hope of amnesty.

In 2013, The Heritage Foundation proposed an immigration reform that secures the border and rejects amnesty. Some of the reforms include: constructing the right infrastructure, supporting local law enforcement, supporting of the Guard, transforming USCIS, placing a premium on high-skilled labor, temporary worker programs, as well as reforms to the visa waiver program, welfare, and education.

Perry also made comments on Iraq, executive power, and other major issues. Watch his whole speech above.

What do you think? What’s the best way to address the border crisis?

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