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Policymakers and the media have largely ignored Latin America in recent years, focusing instead on the Middle East and Asia. This oversight is misguided especially when considering the strong economic, political and geographic ties that connect us deeply with our southern neighbors.

Heritage Foundation experts James Roberts and Ray Walser write:

In 2013 and beyond, the second Obama Administration and Washington policymakers of all stripes should work to fashion a Western Hemisphere policy that advances U.S. national interests, promotes democratic and free-market values, and actively combats criminal and terrorist organizations.

With the socialist regimes in Venezuela and Cuba under Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers potentially coming to a close, new opportunities are emerging for the U.S. to reassert its regional leadership, expand commerce, and support democracy and human rights.

Trade with Latin America already supports millions of American jobs, and new free trade agreements could create millions more. With over 550 million consumers and a rising middle class in Latin America, Latin America offers new markets for American goods and services.

Do you think the United States has opportunities in Latin America?

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Shotgun Sam - March 5, 2013

Time & China are working very fast against the USA in all of Latin America. Loans with litlle or no accountability in strategic areas such as oil and minerals as well as infrastructure projects are relatively easy to come by from Asia. A good background study is available here:

Marilyn Martin - March 5, 2013

Why of Why can’t the left followers see what is going on?
With 84% debt our own households would be in dire trouble. They
should cut out so much crap they are giving to in W D C. 2/3 of it
is nonsense. They are pushing us on a fast road to What the World
War 1 and 2 was fought to rescue the citizens. The president has
alienated so many countries there will be no one to rescue

Rory - March 6, 2013

I’m skeptical of just what another trade agreement with latin america will bring to the american worker. In my community I heard that “giant sucking sound” Ross Perot spoke of some years ago. For me, the term “trade agreement” has a negative connotation.

Holly Chapo - March 11, 2013

Opportunities abound. We need to examine them and take them. Procrastination is the thief of time. We need to be decisive as well as prudent.

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