Im delighted again to be here at Heritage, an institution that really has contributed so much to the public policy debate for many decades now in the United States.” –Ambassador John Bolton

Ambassador John Bolton chose to unveil the Trump Administration’s new Africa policy this week in a packed Allison Auditorium at The Heritage Foundation. President Trump approved the strategy just a day before the Ambassador was slated to speak.  Once again, Heritage’s main stage was used to make a major announcement by the Trump Administration.

The strategy prioritizes securing commercial ties, mutually beneficial trade, and security agreements to protect against Radical Islamic Terrorism. Ambassador Bolton also announced that taxpayers would aid nations according to American priorities, and that nations who voted against our interests at the United Nations risked losing American financial support.

The ambassador also pledged that the United States would seek to counter Chinese and Russian attempts to gain competitive advantages in Africa through “corrupt economic dealings.”He reminded the Heritage audience that in Fiscal Year 2017, the United States Government devoted $8.7 billion to African aid. He pledged that future dollars would be spent to “efficiently and effectively advance peace, stability, independence, and prosperity in the region.”

Ambassador Bolton thanked Heritage for the honor of showcasing America’s new Africa policy at our headquarters. No doubt, thanks belongs to you, because without you, Heritage would not be the influential, effective policy platform that it is today. Thank you.

What sort of policy changes would you recommend for America to have a healthy relationship with African nations?

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Lenwood Nelson - December 14, 2018

Hold African Nations Accountable for their wickedness and unwillingness to hold their people accountable.
Dramatically reduce AMERICAN aid or stop until their antics stopped and all the violence and corruption is ended. Hold other nations who may be participating in the corruption accountable as well.

Von Kays - December 14, 2018

Demand that South Africa stop taking farms, paying their white owners pitiable prices for their property and businesses. Withdraw ALL American aid to South Africa until the laws are changed to deal with all people with dignity and fairness.

Boko Haram is a plaque on Africa. The nations in which Boko Haram is operating need help from other African nations. Not just statements of solidarity, but actual police and military forces. No nation in Africa should offer Boko Haram safe sanctuary.

Victor E Vachon - December 14, 2018

America needs to do away with the
classification black , white or
other classification. Use the term American for all legal citizens. Stop funding to special classes which promotes
division of people.

Richard Mondale - December 14, 2018

We must get the Boer out of South Africa. Instant asylum and transportation is my recommendation. Then sue for land and improvements.

Joe Cox - December 14, 2018

With all due respect, our track record over the last 50 or so years is not reflective of a government that should be suggesting policy changes to anyone. Given our current political divide, it is more likely than not a second civil war would ensue over the what policy changes should be made or suggested… with no accountability!

paul walker - December 14, 2018

We need to get RM out of America. Instant transportation is my recommendation.

Edward J. McDonald - December 14, 2018

I have great respect for Ambassador John Bolton and his policies as National Security Advisor. He is tough but fair minded which is needed in his position as National Security Advisor.

Orlan Hall - December 14, 2018

Several good ideas have been presented here that I think Important.
In general terms to evaluate, the need is, in America, in South Africa, Anywhere in the world that it’s a problem -The week need to be protected from the strong, if they try to use their strength to rule over them and make life difficult. A higher power, perhaps government, needs to control the strong if they try to use their strength against the week.

The first right of all People is the right to live and be independent from misused powers of those who have it to use against them. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

G. Russell Zink - December 14, 2018

About time!

Anthony Di Perna - December 14, 2018

The ancestors of the Boers settled in
southern Africa about the same time that
English and Dutch settlers were arriving in North America. Should all those who came to NA be transported somewhere else, too?
Solutions like those offered by RM are so unrealistic that they only serve to make matters worse. Many of the early
Boers settled on land unoccupied by any
native Africans, and their claims there are as valid as anyone else’s.

Alva J Lund - December 15, 2018

When we do decide to send the aid, we (United States Government) need to send our aid and money to where it is intended to do the most good, not through corrupt governments.

Joe Rota - December 15, 2018

Only those nations that support America’s interests should receive our financial aid! JR

Ron Mosher - December 15, 2018

Ditto previous comments!
Accountability for all funds provided.

james niedermeyer - December 15, 2018

$8.7 billion would be better spent on a wall to protect the U.S. from the hordes of illegal invaders breaching our southern border with virtual impunity.

William Coates - December 15, 2018

The tendency has been for African rulers to enrich themselves, buy high-priced cars and weapons, and pave the capital’s streets. All else falls by the wayside. Priorities must change to education, doctors, nurses, clean water, and diversified agriculture along with probably irrigation. Religious tolerance must be required. Racism and tribalism must be discontinued – it has left a horrible legacy

Norman Rockmaker - December 15, 2018

We need to pin point what the money is to be used for, we also need a presence in the countries we are helping. Americans should be on the ground and the ones paying contractors when jobs are finished not going to the pockets of the leaders of that country. This has to be a well organized group of people who are experts in the fields we are working on. We need to control the purse strings or we will just end up throwing the money away.

causey lee - December 16, 2018

Stop financial support until we can confirm our aid is being used as intended.

Withdraw support to South Africa and deny
any American Tourist Visas until they demonstrate international law adherence.

Margaret Hopper - December 16, 2018

Rather than confiscating well-run, high-producing farms from owners, offer to hire those with skills to teach the have-nots how to reclaim marginal land and turn it into productive acreage within 3-5 years. This develops respect for land, production and ownership, as well as increasing quality plots for future use.
US resources should be prioritised to benefit those countries that develop human resources non-violently and put the impoverished back on self-sufficient efforts to become productive either on the land or in skilled trades as needed.
Nobody is rewarded for displacing or downgrading other successful people. Money is to build, not bribe anyone. Our own people should oversee where our money goes. It is not a gift, but an incentive to improve human and world conditions, not reward abuses.

Myron E. Linder - December 16, 2018

Return to term limits; a step towards erasing “special interest agendas.”
Close down the Dept. of Education due to its one-sided, liberal policies being exported abroad..
Find some way to remove the “hateful, anti-Constitution, anti-American” liberal Democratic leaders.

Max Jones - December 17, 2018

I have seen snippets of information saying apartheid is coming back. With my scant resources I have not been able to confirm or verify these claims. The U.S of A. cannot allow this to continue if true.

John Crews - December 19, 2018

We need a way to insure that our foreign aid to Africa or any other recipient goes to help the people and not into the pockets of the leaders.
And this aid should be to “teach the people how to fish and not just giving them the fish”.

Nico van Niekerk - December 20, 2018

We must create a type of regional Union, say the Union of Free Nations in which the U.S. is a member. Members must pledge U.S. type principles to be members and they only receive aid for education and development.

Other nations will soon feel the pinch of non-membership and, with pressure from neighboring UFN members, will soon be willing to transform.

This model can be replicated in South America, Asia and other communist riddled countries.

Sam Hoye - December 28, 2018

We need to encourage investment in Africa by all American businesses. China in investing untold billions in Africa and American business needs to compete strongly with the Chinese. I have seen this first hand in the number of apartment complexes being constructed by the Chinese in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Harley Davidson for example is attempting to franchise dealers for its products in Rwanda and other African countries. Also, American hotels are being built. A good start. But, sales of our products and more construction projects could certainly help to compete effectively with the Chinese and European countries in central Africa.

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