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In order to enforce the government shutdown, the National Park Service has fenced off the World War II Memorial and other public monuments in the nation’s capital—and threatened those who entered with arrest.

This meant that for the second day in a row, veterans were denied access to the memorial. So they took this bureaucratic absurdity into their own hands and knocked down the blockades.

(The Park Service has now reversed course and says that veterans can enter the world War II Memorial—but not other monuments.)

The Heritage Foundation’s Crystal Goodremote has rounded up reports about this absurdity.

Do you think the men who risked their lives for our nation should be denied access to their memorials?

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Theresa - October 3, 2013

NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!! This event is to the shame of all Democrats who are responsible for this charade. We must challenge all who love liberty to vote against any Democrat in the next election who supported the shut down of the government! They are responsible for refusing to negotiate!

Joyce - October 3, 2013

No they should not be denied access to their memorial. This is nothing but pure political posturing by the Obama administration. I hope it backfires on them big time.

Dennis Waller - October 3, 2013

These veterans had done far more for preserving our country and way of life than all the self-serving politicians in Washington. We would be much farther ahead if we closed the White House than our monuments to real heroes!

Shelley Hayden - October 3, 2013

I think that men who stormed Normandie beach, who invaded IMO Jimo , who marched on the Bataan death march and who fought in Italy and Germany could go past Obamas barriers like s–t through a goose.

Nolib - October 3, 2013

Obama and his cohorts should all be arrested and charged with treason. If it wasn’t for these brave veterans snd the thousands who came before and sfter then, there might not be an America. Democrats are insane and, all too often, evil.

Jean - October 3, 2013

I think this is a travesty. Watching these wonderful veterans on TV this morning made me cry for them and
our Country. They deserve so much better and it is hard to believe that our Country has been lowered to this type of unreasonable control over its citizens. I would have never believed that it could have happened. Both of my parents were WWII veterans; my mother was an Army Nurse and my father was in the 1st Infantry Division. I have always been so proud of them and all our wonderful vets and can’t believe they would be treated in this manner. I do blame all of this on the Democrats!!!!

Jerry Eisenback - October 3, 2013

Let them in with out them we might not have the freedom to even be in D C.

Jeanette D Tornga - October 3, 2013

The “MEN” who risked their lives for the United States should NOT be denied the opportunity to see the memorials dedicated to them. What an atrocity. Obama and the legislatures who are allowing this to happen have stooped to a new “LOW” level and they don’t care. The 2016 election cannot get here fast enough to vote out anyone standing in the way of our Constitution.

radioman973 - October 3, 2013

You can tell our corrupt congress and our criminally liberal adminstration to K— M- A–. they have screwed with the American public beyond reason and frankly legal charges should be filed forth with, they’re all a bunch of idiots including ALL of congress as well as all those lobyists who get rich off of US.

Maurice - October 3, 2013

This so typical of the brain dead liberal’s in government.

You must always remember, “you can’t fix stupid”

Joan Walker - October 3, 2013

I am a veteran and think this action was ludicrous. It probably cost more for the government to put the barricades up around the “sidewalk” than it would have to just leave the open air monuments alone. I am so tired of a bunch of elementary age children, with their tantrums, running our government. Oh, I’m sorry they’re adults aren’t they? RIGHT!!

William Wimberly - October 3, 2013

Thanks to Heritage for bringing events like this to the public’s attention as the liberal media will not bring this type of information forward. Stand strong and continue to resist this dangerous liberal shutdown of the government.

Virgil Lown - October 3, 2013

I’m a WWII Navy vet, and I’m ashamed and embarrassed by Obama, and his liberal gang that can’t shoot straight. They are acting like spoiled kids that have never had to pay a price for their freedom. Totally digusting.

Virgil Lown

Mary Pierson - October 3, 2013

Only the petty, small minds would try to deny veterans access to their memorials. But, those wonderful old veterans knew what was right and went through the barricades. They got the job done, just like they did 70 years ago.

Barbara Sayre - October 3, 2013

If I remember correctly – the WWII Memorial was built and cared for by the public, possibly it is cared for and owned by a Trust. I do not believe it is a Federal Monument.
Therefore, it should not be subject to Obama’s shutdown, etc.

Rosamond Gleason - October 3, 2013

This is shameful and grandstanding on the government’s part.

David Blake - October 3, 2013

No. No. No. It’s outdoors. the cost of personnel and resources used to erecting and manning the Barrycades to keep the vets out the last few days was probably more than the cost for security for an entire year.

It’s a shameful stunt for the president to have ordered done, that is if were possible for him to be shamed, which I doubt.

Karen - October 3, 2013

I don’t believe ANY of the museums and monuments in D.C. should be unavailable to anyone, especially veterans! I’ve paid my taxes and they should be open. How about this – make all members of Congress be park rangers during the shutdown so that monuments, etc. remain open.

Jim Stell - October 3, 2013

Hell, no!

Jon H. Clayton - October 3, 2013

This has to be one of the most blatant acts of disrespect for the veterans and people of this country that this disgraceful administration has pulled yet.

Lucille Maricich-Decero - October 3, 2013

As I have posted on Facebook and Twitter, this is the height of insult to these great heros. I said they should have been greated with a parade second to none. This is their property built with their lives on the line and why we are still free. I would go through those barriers like they went through the enemy of wherever they fought. I would die trying. Better to be shot at my memorial than to be discarded through Obamacare.

John Buonocore - October 3, 2013

My Father SERVED during WW11. I served during the Vietman error. My plan was to g to DC on the 9th if Obama kept that MEMORIAL closed.
Obama has lost it and I am very concern for the rest of the Nation. Obama’s “LACKY” Senate majority leader Reed is refusing to pass legislation to fund medical services for 30 children—-Hitler did that in Germany to exterminate those indiviuals that would be a burden to the state—-HELLO WHAT AM I MISSING HERE,
Pres. ;Thomas Jefferson said “when the people fear the govermnet it called tryany, when the goverment fears the people it is called FREEDOM

henry knox - October 3, 2013

To spend extra money to barracade the monuments and use these heroes as leverage in their political squable is tyranny. We now are beginning to see who they really are and people need to take note. This is how many other tyrannical gov’ts started and people will perish like they did in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China if they don’t standup now.

Mr Calvin Francis Lied - October 3, 2013

What the dumbocrats have sown, they shall reap. I can name over a dozen of my friends who will never vote for a democrat again, and these were all union members too!
This foolishness has gone on for far too long and our once great country is starting to show the wear and tear that it has been subjected to. Pray for a successful election next year and we’ll have a chance for turning things around.

Klm - October 3, 2013

I absolutely cannot believe this travesty. Thispresident is the most arrogant, selfish person,to allow this while blaming others for the situation he would not even discuss with congress. Our vets desire so much more than this current president is giving them. God bless them everyone.

Brenda Ferra - October 3, 2013

I think President Obama should be personally billed for the cost of hiring equipment and people to shut down National Monuments that are otherwise open to the public 24/7/365. Do we the people have no power to charge our elected officials with misfeasance or malfeasance anymore. I thought that in America no one is above the law. No one except the Democrats. Obama changes the Obamacare on every whim he feels, yet he is the Executive Branch…no consequences for him. Harry Reid hasn’t passed a budget in 5 years…. no consequences for him. There is one scandal after another under this Administration….no consequences.
I don’t understand. Is there nothing the people can do to protect American from these liars and crooks. They are getting people killed (Fast & Furious & Benghazi). We are being governed by Tyrants! God Help Us!

Alan Bartley - October 3, 2013

No only the traitors occupying our government.

Alan Bartley - October 3, 2013

No, only the traitors occupying our government.

Arthur Hasselbrionk - October 3, 2013

Obama does not give a damn about veterans of WW11 or any other veterans of any and all wars. This was only a tatic to force the aceptance of Obama Care and that is all he gives a damn about. This man is beyond making sense and I honsestly belive he is attemp[ting to set up a totally Socialist form of governent

Etelvina R. Patmas - October 3, 2013

Absolutely not! Veterans should not be denied access! But what about the uninsured and the outrageous monthly insurance premiums being shoved down their throats to avoid penalties? Do they even understand what they’re buying? For example, the California exchange has a Silver Plan whereby a couple making $65,000 annually pays $889 monthly, no tax credit, and the deductible is $2,000 per person; the out-of-pocket max per person is $6,350 per person. Think about this, they pay $10,668 for HC insurance AND have these high deductibles and pocket costs! How attractive is that? And it’s just as costly for the low income couples making $40,000 annually. They get a tax credit of $605 monthly, pay $284 monthly premium and the deductible is still $2,000 per person and $6,350 out of pocket max per person. Low and middle class people are subject to these extortionate costs to avoid penalties. And from what I’ve heard about the young uninsured not covered by parent insurance, their monthly premiums are also outrageous. Most likely they will choose to pay the $95.00 penalty. This should have been disclosed to the public months before October 1. The ultra-high insurance premiums and high deductible & out-of-pocket costs to low & middle class people by State-run exchanges will eventually be known nationwide. What’s sad is all the talk about the Shutdown, who is responsible by political party and by name. Yes, the President is on message every day sticking it to the GOP. That’s what Barack Obama does best. That’s his experience … that of a Community Organizer. I believe ACA will eventually fall under its own weight. 2014 should be the year Republicans gain seats in the House and in the Senate. Perhaps it’s not too late. They have already convinced the American people they stand up for them. Lots of legislative changes can be made with a Republican House & Senate. Resist myopia. Think 2014!

charles f wright - October 3, 2013

the mask has come off on the democrat party ,shame on you harry reid and president obama i hope the country takes notice .

Donald Wright - October 3, 2013

Obama is once again showing his contempt for the military–as if we needed further evidence of it–you know, not only soldiers and marines, but also navy “corpse men.” Meanwhile, he and the Democrats are doing everything in their power to see that the southern border isn’t blocked, but that illegal aliens can swarm over it, get amnesty for doing so, and vote Democratic like many criminal trespassers before them.

Richard Roy - October 3, 2013

I think that any Democrat that voted to bar WWii Veterans from visiting the Memorial, should retire. I wonder how many of them were in WWii..or if they had Fathers who were. Its a disgrace’

Judy - October 3, 2013

No they should not be denied access to their memorial!!! Obama is playing MEAN games and it may backfire if he continues. I stand with our Veterans!!! This is outright dirty of Barack Obama.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Matteo - October 3, 2013

My husband Robert is one of these veterans and would love to see the Memorial someday and NOBODY should be able to prevent him or any other veteran that privilege!
He /they served their country honorably and with great courage and no one has any right to keep them from viewing this tribute honoring that service. And especially by a man and his administration that are destroying this great country and all that it is by the Grace of God!

K Baker - October 3, 2013

To be brief, HELL NO.

AL Holmes - October 3, 2013

If I recall ,this monument was funded by private donations and not the government. What has this country come to when those that we owe so much to can’t see their monument in their last day’s because of a cheap shot political move by our radical president.

Diane Winston - October 3, 2013

Absolutely not! Those elderly veterans should be allowed to see any memorials they want to. Why should we be surprised at this absurdity – it’s epidemic in DC. I don’t notice any change in the President’s running around ‘campaigning’. Think that doesn’t cost anything?

Edward Sobus - October 3, 2013

Obama’s henchmen are only doing this to project hurt on our greatest generation. I hope all Patriots remember this when it comes time to vote the Ilk out of office and take our country back to the Christian nation it once was. Honor our heroes, not turn them away from what is rightly their monument.

Tom - October 3, 2013

After seeing this photo, I guess you could say Obama has launched his brown shirt army. God bless all of our veterans. They should be treated with our utmost respect, not as criminals!

Deborah Micheli - October 3, 2013

Absolutely not! These Veterans have the right to visit The World War II anytime they want. A government shutdown should have no affect on any D.C. open air monuments. It is all a political game to the Democrats. They are vindictive and immature! SHAME ON THEM!!!

Danny Burnett - October 3, 2013

never forget what Washington has done to our country the past 5 years come election day

Karl Hanke - October 3, 2013

President Obama loves and respects All Men and Women
in uniform.

A F McSwain - October 3, 2013

NO! This man in the WH is doing this for the sole reason to punish the people of this country who do not like his so-called leadership. These veterans are a special breed of Americans. Those in the liberal party could never relate to them because they have no compassion or admiration for such loyalty. The veterans should never be denied visiting THEIR memorial.

Charles White - October 3, 2013

I am a veteran of World War 2. The security at the Memorial is gone, and no one should be expected to work without pay. Of course access to the Memorial should be closed.

Charlie White.I

James L. Owens - October 3, 2013

No. No. Hateful Obama bullying. I read the C&O Canal Park was closed. I have hiked the tow path many times in Maryland and have never seen a Ranger except once at the Inn at Great Falls. Reminds me of a kid throwing a tantrum because mother won’t buy sugar pops. Too bad we can’t spank Reid and Obama.

Stephen White - October 3, 2013

Not just no – but HELL NO!

don - October 3, 2013

The people responsible for this are a blight on humanity and a stench in the nostrils of honest men.

Barbara Jarrells - October 3, 2013

Shut down the white house, do not allow access to the luxury jet, no golf outings, no special parties, no pay. I am ashamed of this president for not negotiating with the republican party. I smell communism.

Donald R Brown - October 3, 2013

Let me guess — the stooges who erected the barricades are all SEIU members. This only underscores how tonedeaf the Obama’s are.

Luckily the government shutdown won’t impact the Obama’s vacation plans.

Jim - October 3, 2013

This is typical of the administration and the leftists in congress. They are taking away our freedoms one by one, and fast! It’s past time for the American people to wake up, look carefully at what’s happening to this country, and do something about it. I’m afraid the majority of Americans are either too passive or they are happy to being taken care of by government (food stamps, etc.). I hope and pray that can reverse course.

Patricia - October 3, 2013

I completely agree with Theresa. They seem to stop at nothing to protect their precious Obamacare. It’s reprehensible.

Greg - October 3, 2013

Shame on the senate democrats and BO

Fly Guy - October 3, 2013

The World War II vets absolutely should have access to their memorial and for that matter every other one that is out in the open. Now on the other hand the POTUS and both houses of congress should be shutdown. The whole country would be in better shape if all of them took an extend end vacation, we do not need full time legislators!

Martha Calkins - October 3, 2013

Mark Levin (bless him!) said on his show yesterday that if any security people laid a finger on those vets, he would have 500,000 people there the next day. First of all, I have no doubt he could do it (I’d be one of them), and secondly, almost immediately after his show, they called off the dogs. Coincidence?

Rhonda Tubbs - October 3, 2013

It’s nothing but ‘obstenence’. No respect for any American what’s-so-ever! It’s time to storm the hills of WDC and DEMAND the RESIGNATION of the of Obama! And all those with him and put this country back on the right track. Have the same kind of courage the WWII had!

Richard R. Tryon - October 3, 2013

Closing the WWII wall of Honor is about as dumb a political action as is possible! Now the focus of shut-down has been escalated by the Obama statement contending that Congress has voted for an endless deficit and should lift the cap completely or set it to quadrillions or a 1,000 larger than at present. That should last for several years until inflation requires adding three zeros to each piece of paper money printed. That will create the equality Obama desires and make everyone dependent on government planning and control. The Russians called this communism. Obama calls it progressive. Same thing!

Denise Nichols - October 3, 2013

Praise God for this great generation that was not afraid to do what was right during WWII and is still not afraid to do what is right. It is now time for a new great generation to arise and do what is right to save this awesome country.

Jerre N. Fischer - October 3, 2013

What is wrong with this is Their Memorial is not a government park!!!
This memorial was built by people who donated thier own money to build it!
So why are the park rangers stopping the Vets from getting in!! Its not government property!!
It just shows how far Obama will go to bully the people!

Carol Dufrene - October 3, 2013

We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. It’s a battle of good verses evil. What this administration and the Progressives are doing is despicable. Sen. Cruz and the true conservatives in Congress have my total support. We’ve had nothing but chaos since 2009. The national parks belong to We The People. The WWII vets represent everything that is decent and honorable about America. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are guilty of treason.

Bette - October 3, 2013

No Way! This “shut down” has been the brain child of the president and his Democrats in the Senate. The Senate should be “furloughed” without pay until they decide to do the jobs the American people sent them there to do. Question – was the White House staff also sent home without pay during this “shut down”? Most of them are not “essential employees” of the government.

Susan - October 3, 2013

Absolutely Not!
We need to get the Dictator out of the White House.
He is so anti-American! I am glad the Vets acted with the same character that shut down the last dictator in Germany, and defied the order of this Dictator.

Judith Loftus - October 3, 2013

Obama, should be impeached, Holder fired as well as Pelosi, and I think Reid has dementia. It’s time for him to leave. Everyone should have obamacare all government workers along with senators and house of reps. Obamacare should be defunded, appealed, gotten rid of. What about Benghazi.This country is changing for the worse. The so-called lawmakers are a bunch of thieves and crooks with no guts or respect for the people. They should all be exiled to Siberia, or even libeia.

Judith Loftus - October 3, 2013

The Democrats are responsible for this shutdown. How could they treat our Veterans in this shameful way. How dare they.!

Spike Schultze - October 3, 2013

Who do these jerks think they are? Furlough both the Senate,House of Representatives and especially the President of the United States. No back pay, no perks, no trips for The First “Lady”.

Tommy - October 4, 2013

This is only an example of how low the Democrats,
(The Party of Liars) will go. I don’t see how any
Dem supporter could be proud of this disgrace.
This party is a “disgrace” to America !!!!

Richard Allen - October 4, 2013

They should not be restricted access. It’s a public memorial built and maintained with private funds. Obama has no legal authority to restrict access to anyone. This is the act of a thuggish dictator throwing a temper tantrum when he can’t get what he wants. if he will treat 90 year old Heros like this, how do you think
you will be treated when you are 80 with cancer?

RLynne Hanson - October 4, 2013

This is vindictive to the point of absurdity. However, it is important to post a sign next to the “government” sign stating that the Republicans voted to fund access to the World War 11 Memorial, and the Democrats voted it down. Even low-information voters realize that this is over the top and completely unnecessary especially when it cost more to set up the barriers than to keep the park open!

Miriam Nestler - October 4, 2013

We are winning! The Prez looks idiotic! How petty! So glad the vets got in anyway and paid no attention to the unprecedented absurdity!

Bonnie - October 4, 2013

We all must remind everyone we meet …… the Democrats are the ones shutting down the government with their petty antics. This is such a travesty of our great WWII veterans and bless them for taking down the barriers and going ahead. This lawless bunch of children need to be replaced and 2014 is coming and can’t get here soon enough. Keep up the good work Heritage and thank you for getting the word out.

Edith Thielke - October 4, 2013

The President is really showing how out of touch he is with the American people. If it wasn’t for these veterans he might now be speaking German or Japanese. My relatives that fought in WWII certainly should be entitled to access to a open air memorial. This shows how petty the President and his policies really are.

leisureal - October 4, 2013

I believe this display of how much Obama HATES AMERICA could influence even some Americans who support Obamacare!

Randy - October 4, 2013

This constitutes legal action against this Anti-American Administration. Barack, Hairiless and Nancy need to pay for this absurdity. Obama is taking us down from within. They all need to go.

Mark - October 4, 2013

Heroes once again. Shame and dishonor on the NPS and Obama, who knows no shame.

Janice Rodgers - October 4, 2013

The government has chosen the areas to shutdown which are the most apparent to us, the citizens. They want us to be uncomfortable and inconvenienced. There are abundant wastes in our government which no one would notice if closed down forever! However, this administration is in a battle against our Constitution, our history, our accomplishments. Who are the bullies here? Who, but, a bully says, “I will not talk with anyone who differs in opinion from me”? There are three parts of our government, which safe-guards us from losing our freedom. It is working, these parts of the government: the Congress is standing against bad ideas from the President and the majority in the Senate. I say Stand Firm!

Louise Strauss - October 4, 2013

The Democrats are purposely closing facilities that were never shutdown during other government shutdowns and even shutting Open air (such as Lincoln Memorial and WW II Memorial, bike lanes, Veteran’s Administration) and private facilities. This indicates that they scrutinized ever possible area that would make life inconvenient and anger people. This is spiteful and childish behavior by the Democrats. Republican offers and private donations have, for no valid reason, been rejected by the Senate and President. The Dems. are totally responsible for this close down. People need to let Harry Reid and the President know that it is time to act as responsible representatives of the people.

Rita Hennessy - October 4, 2013


Betty - October 4, 2013

I heard that some of the vets just “stormed” the barricades. Afterall, they helped save the nation, and the world back on those beaches in Normandy. Would that the people in office would be of that same frame of heart toward liberty today.

Patrick - October 4, 2013


Patrick - October 4, 2013

BTW – This is PRECISELY why we don’t want the Federal Government (Feral Government?) running our health care system. Can’t you just imagine them shutting down healthcare because they are in a snit over some like budget issue?

Lora Snyder - October 4, 2013

What shame and disgraceful actions of our leaders in White House and Senate. The Founding Fathers would be appalled that “we the people” are not allowed to visit our White House, our National Mall and all of our other federal places that “we the people” funded.

Milo Fabian - October 4, 2013

What do you mean the Obama Administration? Last time I looked it was the Tea Party Republicans that are holding up the parade.If Boehner had the courage to stand up to his party and hold a vote, this would be over and done with.

julie - October 4, 2013

Absolutely not! Our brave WW II soldiers fought evil to keep us free. These malicious Democratic progressives are cowards who would have imploded if they would have had to face the enemy as our WWII heroes did. Of course, the community organizer in Chief decided to use our WWII vets as an example to not let a good crisis go to waste. It is just another in your face display of I am in charge and you are not to get even for opposition to his Obamacare monstrosity.

Joan - October 4, 2013

Just another example of Obama trying to irritate people because he is not getting his way. He could care less what the majority of this country wants. He has his own agenda- make everyone dependent on the government.

ROCKY RUOFF - October 4, 2013


Carrol Challgren - October 4, 2013

And Obama is the Commander-in-Chief? Commander-in-Chief of disgracing our heroes. Shame on him for this travesty to satisfy his political agenda. Vote the Democrats out!!!!

Raymond Gravelle - October 4, 2013

I would be ashamed to be a Democrat and tell the American people I will not negociate, what is says to me is I am going to impose my will on you and I don’t care how you feel! What I don’t understand is why is no one holding them accountable by the constitution ! They swore an oath.

Carol - October 4, 2013


Our illustrious President and his hysterical supporters look more & more like the spoiled little kid throwing a fit in the candy isle at the grocery store. How shameful!

Deborah Rosford - October 4, 2013

This was a disgrace and if small minded dictator Obama loved his country he would not have allowed this to happen.

Joseph Austin - October 4, 2013

Obummer , & his cohorts are responsible for this & other OPEN AREAS shut downs ! It cost us to close them down with labor, barricades & security. The Dem’s should be ashamed , they closed open walkway areas.

FedUpInGA - October 4, 2013

This further exposes what childish, vengeful, power-drunk, anti-American thugs occupy the White House.
These low-life vermin found funding to make the signs, erect the barriers and then place guards. So clearly there was funding to do nothing!
SOMEBODY thought this through in advance and then issued the orders to carry this out.

Paul W. Jensen - October 4, 2013

Of course the veterans, and anyone else interested, should not be denied access to our memorials. More to the point, the entire national parks issue could be solved once and for all if the national parks were sold to private parties, individual and/or corporate. The management of the parks would then be controlled by the market rather than by fiat. Some would fail, like any poorly-run business and others would thrive beyond imagination. Another major positive which would affect every taxpayer is a commensurate reduction of the federal budget.

Peter Burgess - October 4, 2013

The closing of the memorial is nothing more than a political tactic to punish those in opposition to Obama.

A. G. Anderson - October 4, 2013

The Vets should not be denied!

Weldon Townsend - October 4, 2013


Jack - October 4, 2013

Of course not. This only happens in a dictatorship, where the dictator in chief needs to punish its subjects!

Edward Lynch - October 4, 2013

Shame on the Democrats and their leader Pres. Obama for denying our Veterans from visiting the World War 11 Memorial.

julio - October 4, 2013

No country in this world belong to the Government; every country in this world BELONG to the Peoples. It is time to let the USA Government and politicians to know that them exist because US and their duty is to work for the People and for the best of our Nation and not for personal and/or Political Party interest of any kind. Government do not own anything, every thing is OUR, because have been done with our money and not always have been done for our benefit and with our consent. Government owe to the people every thing. This instability that we have today in our Nation is part of the missery that this Adminstration and politics can create for greed, corruption, treason and lack of Patriotic commitment with this Nation and its People. Government has not rights; especially, civil and moral rights to tell us what is right or what is wrong, what to think or where to go because they FAIL to US in manyt fields and many times; them shall pay for this, no more concesions, no more delays, is time to make justice on this parasites for so much damage to our Nation, our believes, our freedom, our constitution, our Democracy. Kick them out and put them in jail.

Naomi Christensen - October 4, 2013

This is absurd and typical behavior for the BHO administration. They have no respect for the People of the United States, our Veterans, our Constitution or our Country.
I can hardly wait until the next election when we can begin to exorcise our Government and our Country of those that are supposed to represent us, yet who think that they are better than we are.

John - October 4, 2013

Either the administration is trying to inflict pain on our military, including veterans, or they are incapable of using common sense. The WWII memorial, and the one in France honoring those lost at Normandy should not have been closed.

Rachel Verdon - October 4, 2013

Etelvina R. Patmas, you write: ” I believe ACA will eventually fall under its own weight. 2014 should be the year Republicans gain seats in the House and in the Senate. Perhaps it’s not too late.”

Surely, the high cost of these Medical Exchanges are deliberately intended to:
1) destroy competition amongst our 1700 health insurance companies
2) force the Public Option as the only alternative for cost control.

Yes, there is an alternative and it will not need a $3 trillion dollar medical bureaucracy to administer it.
The House Republican Study Committee has put forth a new bill: “THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE REFORM ACT” designed to reform the health insurance industry by enforcing the anti-trust laws and opening up interstate commerce for starters. You can google more information under the Dailey Caller September 18, 2013.

Our President and Democrats have no faith in the common man nor do they believe in the free market. All Obama’s false promises of something for nothing. Pray that the nation wakes up.

Isn’t it ironc that our WWII veterans fought to preserve the very freedoms these Democrats toss away so cavalierly? How many of us would have been born under the socialist medicine of the Third Reich, or the Fourth Reich rising today?

Thank all our veterans. The Republican Party is funding this WWII memorial with the help of the public’s financial contributions.
Go to:
World War II Veterans Committee
P.O. Box 96543
WAshington, DC 20077-7777

Willis Gerhart jr - October 5, 2013

The democrats and Obama administration by actions have shown their true colors. They care not for “We the People” but rather for their own party and power first.

janeen schneider - October 5, 2013

No, and they should have a card that says they are exempt from airport screening. When my father was in his 80’s they put him through a massive search and dumped him out of his wheelchair in the process. It was dispicable.
All these liberals need to go run Iran or some other third world country where people would like these kinds of theatrics. Vote them all out.

Willis Gerhart - October 5, 2013

The President and the congressional democrat leadership have shown by actions that party and power first before “We the People” and veterans who so honorably served this country. I am ashamed of these elected representatives that will not stand up and speak out to leadership that supports this kind of action. “We the People” have the power to fire those who support this kind of treatment to our veterans in the next election. Get informed America!

Joyce - October 5, 2013

The sites the government has purchased and maintained, was done so at the tax payers expense…to charge admittance or to block the use of them is an out right disgrace of this Administration and all other governemnt policies, rules, or laws regarding these sites ought to be revised, changed accordingly.

Jan - October 6, 2013

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! These Veterans are Angels – THEY fought for our freedom, which is slowly being taken away from us by the underhanded, evil Obama Administration and some no count politicians in Washington who are only interested in their own careers. They know who they are. The Veterans are so far above the political nonsense in Washington, it’s not even funny. God is definitely watching!!!

Wanda Ditcharo - October 6, 2013

This is being done by the Obama administration to inflict as much pain as possible. Herman Cain once said, “they think we’re stupid.” But the American people are not stupid. We know who is doing this and we will not forget this for the next election to vote the Democrats out of office. These veterans risked their lives for us to be free.

Holly Chapo - October 6, 2013

NEVER and for no reason or excuse!!

Monesa - October 7, 2013

Of course our veterans should not be denied access to the WWII memorial or to any war memorial. Roping off free outdoor memorials is petty and childish.Apparently the president prefers denying access to American heritage rather than promoting American heritage and pride.

Carol - October 7, 2013

This is the absurdity of the President with his signature Obamacare. Deny all those Americans. Close the Everglades park, close Normandy, close the Veterans Memorial. Crazy, as these are open air and require no Park Rangers. Inflict pain and suffering. The majority of Americans wish to stop this law. If it’s such a beneficial health care option, then it’s for everyone: labor unions, big business and Congress; no exemptions. God Bless our Veterans and all that serve.

Alan Bartley - October 9, 2013

I have a suggestion for getting rid of the national debt. All the days congress doesn’t work,they don’t get paid, and cut out all foreign aid for 10 years. Especially to all the countries that are not our allies.

Catherine Lesley - April 4, 2017


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