From all of us at The Heritage Foundation, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season. This is a season for reflection, not only about the closing of the year but about higher callings: our principles, our families, our faiths.

Heritage will be entering a new chapter with the new year. Not only will we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we will have new leadership as Senator Jim DeMint succeeds Edwin J. Feulner as president in April.

Today we bring you a special Christmas video from President-Elect DeMint.

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Henryk Zaleski - January 1, 2013

Dear friends,
I see us a little demoralized for obvious reasons, I see us fragmented too. Obama is very creative to split us up, divide and conquer is his motto and that, MUST CHANGE.
We have to rally around a vision and a new leader or we will perish. The Speaker of the House is too weak and leans too much to the left. He has not been able to rally the troops in the House and we look like an amateur hour. If this keeps up we will lose the Hose too and then what? I hope and pray that we have the means, the will and the brains to defeat Obama and his followers.

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