Considering the focus on pop culture and celebrity minutiae in 2013, you would be forgiven for concluding that the ruin of American culture is upon us.  But, despite the many signs to the contrary, there really are some ways in which American culture has improved in the last 20 years.

The Heritage Foundation’s Leslie Ford lists the five most encouraging ways our American  culture has changed for the better:

  1. Americans are more pro-life than ever before.
  2. There has been a decrease in the number of teens in trouble.
  3. Seventy-five percent of Americans are religious.
  4. Americans are volunteering more.
  5. Marriages are lasting longer.

That means more Americans value stable families, traditional values, and strong communities. So we conservatives have much to look forward to in 2014.

Do you think conservative values will continue to be strengthen in 2014?

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Ellen Elmore - January 3, 2014

No, I do not think conservative values will continue to strengthen in 2014. First, the media won’t allow it. They are so far left of center that they are no longer on the chart. Second, Evangelicals are the most uninformed, uninvolved, apathetic, complacent group of people in the U.S. Until Evangelicals get out of their church pew comfort zone, nothing will change. And I speak from experience. I am an Evangelical who has tried without success to get the members of my church to become informed and involved.

Elizabeth - January 3, 2014

I was surprised to hear on the news that Heritage’s healthcare plan was the pattern for ObamaCare.
This must be incorrect.

Ruth Rasmussen - January 3, 2014

Yes – because the more painful big government gets, the more people are waking up.

And – many, as they realize the shape our country is in, are turning back to God in repentance, and in their daily lives.

mike - January 4, 2014

Yes, but we need to vote all the rinos out. If we don’t it will all stall and we will have relegated ourselves to the scrap heap of history.

bill burt - January 4, 2014

I have an issue with Heritage’s and the tea party’s tactics! While I agree with these positions I think the GOP most closely represents most conservative values, I think the national party should focus on fiscal, defense, safety, and smaller gov. issues and downplay or eliminate all social positions—say these are local and state decisions!

Robert - January 4, 2014

The culture in America is now (still) controlled by the socialist/liberal/Marxist establishment! They (via the predatorian guard news media for President Hussein) set the dictates for our youth – young adults! It is sickening and shameful and until responsible parents take over – take charge of their responsibilities as parents, it will only get worse!!! Two things need or are required before the pop culture reverses course: 1. Americans allow God to come into their hearts – in other words they turn their faces to God and repent for their wicked behavior and 2. Parents take complete charge of their children and set forth a positive example via love and discipline!! Until that happens, our culture will continue to crumble – fall into full disrepair!!

Robert - January 4, 2014

The culture in America is still controlled by the socialist/liberal/Marxist establishment. It’s shameful and sickening! Unless 2 things happen or are instigated then nothing will change! First, until Americans turn their faces to God in repentance and ask him to help us change our evil ways then nothing will change – and Second, unless responsible (that’s the key word – responsible) parents take charge of their children and set the right example and unless they instigate love and discipline, then nothing will change for the positive.
Robert J. Haggerton – a 70 year old constitutional conservative

Robert Augeri - January 5, 2014

I think what America needs is to put tariffs on the US business so they stop importing products from other countries like China Twain, Viet Nam, and bring back jobs to the USA. In our country it is difficult for an American to compete against someone making a low wage. We as a nation are losing trades and important technology to other nations. The American people are getting discouraged from what our politicians are doing in Washington. We are giving to people on Welfare and not cutting but cutting from those who worked all of their lives. Stop the exportation and importation and create jobs and stop the spiraling National Debt. Amen!

Holly Chapo - January 5, 2014

Yes, particularly if we get out there an articulates them clearly.

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