Congress needs to reject proposals to implement a carbon tax, like they did earlier plans to impose cap-and-trade, Heritage Foundation vice president Derrick Morgan argues.

Aside from  imposing yet another tax on the already burdened American public, it will:

  1. Have little if any affect on global temperature;
  2. Harm American manufacturing competitiveness by driving business to other countries without the tax;
  3. Create a new revenue stream for government based on a complex tax whose costs are obscured;
  4. Hit low-income Americans especially hard, since they may not be able to switch away from fossil fuels for heating and transportation.

Morgan elaborates on why this tax, a favorite of liberals, is a bad idea:

A carbon tax is in essence a perpetuation of a disastrous policy of picking winners and losers from Washington instead of allowing families to choose which energy sources work best for them. From ethanol subsidies to grants awarded to now-defunct solar manufacturers like Solyndra, these policies have increased costs to American families and wasted taxpayer dollars.

Do you think a carbon tax is the best way to “solve” global warming?

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Sally Vose - September 5, 2012

Because there is no “global warming” (at least not man-made) a carbon tax is just another government boondogle to increase the size of government and give more socialistic control over free Americans.

When will we say enough! Stop the spread of government control.

Dr. Jim Racca - September 5, 2012

The tax will only hurt, it is absurd to think otherwise.

Janice Jolly - September 5, 2012

Man-made global warming is a lie — that carbon dioxide is a danger to man and the earth is a lie. Carbon dioxide is the elixir of life. One has only to look at the full history of the earth to understand the place that carbon dioxide has in our planet’s nuture and nature. The “liberals” have latched onto a terrific mechanism for political control and power — none of it is scientifically proven or true. You should do everything you can to counteract this movement. It will be our undoing.

Charles Dewald - September 5, 2012

First of all, this “carbon Tax” is another boondogle from the liberal left as a means of collecting more money from us working fools in order to support their “tax receiver” friends. There is no concrete proof that this tax will solve any imagined environmental problem. Additionally, carbon exhaust into the atmosphere will not be reduced in any other country in the world as a result of this proposed tax.

Stop it all ready!

Donald DaCosta - September 5, 2012

Man caused global warming is itself a hoax in that it is an opinion of a large group of scientists, based on agenda driven science and opposed by an equally large group unimpressed by other than the total kack of evidence confirming the theory, making it far from the “settled science” it is claimed to be. Instead it is used by environmental activists as a fear tactic to impose an ever tightening noose, impeding industrial growth of any kind that requires traditional sources of energy. This environmental paranoia has succeeded in legislation declaring CO2 a hazardous gas. An imposition of a carbon tax is another like minded proposal that will do nothing to “save the planet” but do much to impact Americans in a seriously negative fashion, an occurrence that these fanatics care little to nothing about.

Dewey Switzer - September 5, 2012

Warming due to man-made Co2 is a Hoax-another scheme to raise taxes. While warming may be factual, far greater impact is due to Methane leakage, both man made and
natural and Volcanic eruptions and Sun emissions.
Even if the US cuts emissions, China would create 5x as much anyway.

rogers13 - September 5, 2012

Just another excuse to grow government and take away more wealth from productive American citizens.

Dale Marshall - September 5, 2012

No !!

Terry Wirth - September 5, 2012

CO2 is a minor greenhouse effect gas compared to the H2O vapor cycle. Water is the most significant greenhouse effect vapor in the atmosphere and on the surface of planet earth.
Water vapor condensation ( the heat release mechanism) of the water cycle accounts for 20°C heating of this Planet. The rate of this heat release in the atmosphere is controlled by the presence of aerosols at the time that water vapor reaches condensation vapor pressure.

Gary Baird - September 5, 2012

This just another way for government to tax us and spend more money on pet projects they wish to push,
related or not.

dover2 - September 5, 2012

I am “surprised” that heritage would give credence in any way to so-called “global warming”. The only man-made contribution are those God awful wind mills.

ERNEST CRADY - September 5, 2012

I have news for all these politicians. Only God can control the weather and they are wasting tax payers money for foolishness, as usual. When will they ever learn? Obama’s ocean tide idea is absolutely absurd.

Steve Mueller - September 5, 2012

I am sick and tired of this global warming scare. The globe would be warming in we didn’t add carbon to it the same as we did. So get off the dime and get over carbon warming the earth to astronomical factors. Its like the heat generated fron one cigarette in a warming Shea stadium. Forget it.

tom - September 5, 2012

if liberals really think that CO2 is causing global warming, then i have a real good idea how we can reduce it immediately by at least 35 to 40 percent. if all liberals and anyone else that believes it would just hold their breath for approx 5 to 10 mins, that would certainly reduce it.

Lloyd Smith - September 5, 2012

Carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere IS NOT causing global temperature to rise. Global temperature change is a natural process that human activity is not impacting. Clearly, reducing our carbon footprint would be healthy if pursued reasponsibly. A tax is not responsible. All consumer taxes just push the cost impact to the least capable of paying. Even fines, in lieu of taxes, are just passed on to the consumer. Industry needs to have incentives to reduce there carbon emmissions or they will simply go where there is no penality. So rather than have a tax use tax incentives for industries that comply with requirements.

Alan Robertson - September 5, 2012

Before the carbon tax proposal was trashed in the House, Goldman Sachs had set up a trading unit to deal in Carbon Tax units….another way to scam and steal from an unsuspecting corporate/public trough. Wall St. cares about one thing…’s profits….screw the rest.

Just Questioning - September 5, 2012

No and hell no…..AGW is a scam based on faulty if not deliberately misleading data. The latest data argues that CO2 is not the cause of increasing global temps as we are still emerging from the last ice age. Question: would you rather be warm or cold? It is a no brainer for me…give me warmth.

Nelson Whipple - September 5, 2012

Frankly, no! The best way would be to eliminate all the hot air from the Democrats, Progressives, Commies and
Soros puppets.

Charles Jewell LCDR USN RET - September 5, 2012

A carbon tax is simply an effort to curtail the successful operation of the economy by people who do not fully understand what it will accomplish. CO2 in the atmosphere is necessary for all plant life to grow.

Richard Gaskill - September 5, 2012

This is just more stupid means of control of america`s choices.This carbon “tax” does`nt do anything,about carbon dioxide in our air.THINK about it,the trees and plant life use the carbon dioxide as fuel, and expell oxygen as waiste that we breath.Quit destroying our forest and plant life as fast as we do,and nature will take care of our carbon footprint for us.
Try and think smart,and not like a socialist goverment wanting to take over america`s way of life”FREE CHOICE”.

Robert Seklemian - September 5, 2012

No! A carbon tax would be a huge cost to our economy with negligible effects on global warming.

Fred Yates - September 5, 2012

A carbon tax is just one more nail in the coffin of America. BO is destroying our country and we the conservatives are doing nothing about it. If we really cared we would be on every street corner promoting true conservatives, not the RINOs already in Congress. Dump the Republican moniker and look at how they vote and then dump them. Let’s go back to what our Founding Fathers established. It will take great effort, but it is worth it.

Ellen - September 5, 2012

A carbon tax is not the best way to solve the global warming controversy. All the tax does is hurt small businesses and increase energy prices. The American public does not need higher prices when they are already struggling to make ends meet.

Ann Verblaauw - September 5, 2012

Of course I am not in favor of a carbon tax! I do not believe in man-made global warming; I believe in climate change, which has been happening since the creation of the earth. I believe Al Gore has become obscenely wealthy from the proceeds of his global-warming scam.

Bill - September 5, 2012

The government doesn’t pick winners and losers but rather it always picks losers. Winners don’t need government support.
A carbon tax is a non-cure for a non-disease.

Jean Gaines - September 5, 2012

We do not need or want such a tax.

Lou Herzog - September 5, 2012

A New Tax on anything is a bad idea with the economy inthe current state.


Charles Bonuccelli - September 5, 2012

The Carbon tax will reduce consumption since there will be higher energy cost, make our industry less competitive, create less employment, and will put us into anoither recession. And in the meantime the unabated pollution from India and China continue to polute the atmoshpere as we send more jobs to them. So much for solving global warming!

Randy Williams - September 5, 2012

No. Why are we trying to solve a problem that does not exist.

William Chase - September 5, 2012

Global warming is real BUT WE ARE NOT DOING IT.
Carbon tax=bad idea.

PK - September 6, 2012

NO! A carbon tax will fund more “Solyndras” and do little to solve global warming, if in fact there is global warming. I continue to believe that we would be better served by more recycling, maintaining wetlands, caring for and harvesting forests to help prevent forest fires, and using better, safer and cleaner methods to extract the energies we now use, while allowing the free market to develop new energies. Government has a role to play, but that role to date seems to me to be to spend to create boondoggles rather than useful results.

Daryn Kent-Duncan - September 6, 2012

The globe has been warming and cooling forever. The evidence is that man’s activities have had very little if any effect on this. Global warming/or/cooling is another government power grab. All taxes, including income tax, only give the government more power. Without the funds, government would be restricted to what its proper function should be: courts, police, military.

Christine Dwyer - September 6, 2012

Read the book by Senator James Inhofe “The Greatest Hoax…” I could not put it down!

Tom - September 6, 2012

What melted the glaciers thousands of years ago? It surely was not some mom driving her Suburban. I do not believe in manmade global warming.

Judith Averett - September 6, 2012

These people never give up! It seems useless to try to reason with them. If they can’t do it one way they will do it another. We have to stay on task..

Mel gardner - September 7, 2012

One must be truly naive, or ignorant to believe that any impact can be made on global warming by adding another onerous tax to American taxpayers.

edward tegland - September 7, 2012

This a terrible idea we needx to lower our energy costs and stabilize our domestic supply frtom all sources. The whole global warming thing is a hoax.

L. Bradley - September 9, 2012

Stop this insanity. What in the world does this say about basic education in our country that so many people can even consider that carbon dioxide is a danger to man and the planet. Colossal ignorance is the main danger.

caron - April 1, 2013

You and I believe that co2 as a danger to earth is a political ploy to increase the power of government throughout the world. Same as greenhouse gasses. However, making that statement is not an effect way to fight the lies. Seek out clear explanations of “why” we believe it, and the scientific truth of the matter, communicate it to people in simple terms. Help them to “reason” it out. One problem conservatives have is that they have not helped the “uninformed” to actually understand the simple basics of the science and the relationships.

Caron Yelsma - April 1, 2013

You and I believe that co2 as a danger to earth is a political ploy to increase the power of government throughout the world. Same as greenhouse gasses. However, making that statement is not an effective way to fight the lies. Seek out clear explanations of “why” we believe it, and the scientific truth of the matter, communicate it to people in simple terms. Help them to “reason” it out. One problem conservatives have is that they have not helped the “uninformed” to actually understand the simple basics of the science and the relationships.

Dr. Franklin - February 5, 2016

The level of ignorance on this string of comments has provided a great deal of entertainment for me. Let me enlighten you hopeless cretins, yes CO2 does in fact cause global warming. Every reputable scientific organization, like the National Academy of Sciences, has stood behind this. I imagine most of you do not believe in science and merely believe that we are all at the mercy of a sky wizard(god) because an antiquated book told you so. Furthermore, America is the worst country in the world as far as emissions go. We emit 3.725 times as much CO2 per capita as EU countries and 2.4 times as much CO2 per capita as China. Therefore, we are responsible to limit this to ensure our survival. Now go back to school.

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