During his State of the Union Address, President Obama repeatedly used the phrase “Winning the Future.”

Last Friday night, low-income families in the District of Columbia won their future when they regained access to the successful and popular D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

The budget deal preventing a government shutdown also reauthorizes this effective school voucher program for five years, providing thousands of students in the nation’s capital with a way out of failing public schools and opening the door to educational opportunity.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program has been fighting for its life ever since the liberal Congress threatened to phase it out back in 2009. Since then, The Heritage Foundation has stood firmly with D.C. families in calling for its revival.

“It’s a long-awaited and much-deserved victory for D.C. families,” writes Heritage’s Lindsey Burke, who has been on the forefront of the long battle. (Check out Burke’s extensive body of research on school choice programs.)

But not everyone supports school choice for low-income families in Washington, D.C. Opponents include, as Heritage’s Mike Brownfield reports, the “National Education Association and the Washington Teachers’ Union — both of whom, like the president, ignored evidence of DCOSP’s success and lobbied Congress to oppose it.”

Thankfully, after much hard work and dedication backed up by firm statistics, the Opportunity Scholarship Program is set to return to force, offering what Lindsey Burke describes as “a long-awaited and much-deserved victory for D.C. families.”

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Francis J. Kaminski - April 11, 2011

If Republicans wish reelection, they’d better hang tough on the budget and spending reductuction!
Francis J Kaminski
Sun City West, AZ

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