The Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

Edwin Meese III has spent much of his adult life advancing conservative principles.

From his work with Governor Reagan in California to his leadership in Reagan’s White House and his service as Attorney General, Edwin Meese III was instrumental in President Reagan’s success at lowering taxes, stimulating economic growth, winning the Cold War, and restoring America’s confidence after years of poor leadership by several presidents.

Meese joined The Heritage Foundation in 1988 as the Ronald Reagan distinguished fellow in public policy, and in 2000, he was named chairman of Heritage’s new Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.

A tribute to Meese’s career

We showed this video tribute to Ed Meese at a recent President’s Club Meeting in Washington, D.C., and at the Values Voter Summit, where more than 3,000 conservatives attended.

What the Center for Legal and Judical Studies achieved

Under his guidance, the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies has counseled the White House, Congress, and the Justice Department on important legal and constitutional questions, and has played an influential role in judicial nominations and in preparing lawyers to argue for landmark Supreme Court cases.

Led by Meese, the Center frequently brings together national conservative organizations, state and local leaders, and public interest groups to tackle tough problems such as judicial activism, civil justice reform, and overcriminalization.

At the helm of the Center, Meese oversaw the writing and editing of the bestselling book, The Heritage Guide to the Constitution, which offers readers a clause-by-clause analysis of the U.S. Constitution. Through the Center, Meese is also central to The Heritage Foundation’s Leadership for America campaign and its Rule of Law Initiative.

How Heritage is honoring Meese’s accomplishments

Under Meese’s leadership, the Center directs some of Heritage’s most effective programs. And now it is being named in his honor: The Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.

This celebration of one of our brightest stars offers an exciting opportunity to personally commemorate the principled leadership and courageous service Edwin Meese III has given to America.

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