Constitutional limits must be preserved


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Enforcing the constitutional limits on our government is critical to defending liberty in this country.

For that purpose, Heritage’s Preserve the Constitution annual series seeks to restore the courts to their proper constitutional role and to enforce the constitutional limits on government.

From panel discussions to keynote addresses, this series features a variety of events aimed to provide clarity on the complex issues our Judiciary Branch faces.

The first event, A Constitution Day Address, was held yesterday and can be watched online.

Seven more events will take place over the next two months and you can watch them on our website. Take a look at the upcoming events in the series>>

Do you believe the Judicial Branch is in danger of activist judges?

You are making a difference against voter fraud


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Heritage experts have been hard at work fighting for election integrity in our country.

One of the key projects they have been working on is compiling proven cases of voter fraud throughout the country to demonstrate the real threat our election system faces and provide evidence against the Left’s main argument that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

So far, they have compiled a database of over 1,000 cases where voter fraud took place and that number is growing.

View the database of voter fraud cases >>

In speaking about voter fraud, Heritage’s election expert Hans von Spakovsky, who has been appointed by President Trump to the Federal Commission to Investigate Voter Fraud, stated:

But we do have problems that need to be fixed. We have vulnerabilities in the administrative system that we have, and we also have a history of voter fraud in this country.

The Supreme Court itself said in 2008, when it upheld Indiana’s voter ID law, the U.S. has a long history of voter fraud, and it could make the difference in a close election. And we have many close elections in this country.

Do you believe voter fraud is a serious issue in this country? Why or why not?



Where we stand sixteen years after 9/11


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The horrific attacks on September 11, 2001 shook our country and changed the course of our future.

On Monday we remembered the 16th anniversary of those attacks and the impact they had on each of our lives.

I’m sure each of you still remember exactly where you were when you first heard the news of the attacks. I know I do.

Now, after sixteen years, Heritage White House Correspondent Fred Lucas explains where we stand today in the war on terrorism and why the government lacks the answers needed in combatting this war.

Find out where we stand today >>

In addition, Heritage maintains the only database of all the terror plots against the United States since 9/11.

You might be surprised to learn how many terror plots there have been and why they have continued to rise.

View the timeline of terror attacks >>

Where do you think we stand in the war on terror? What needs to change?


Let us know how you are doing


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We have been watching the tragic devastation of hurricane Irma unfold this week and wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

You are part of the Heritage family and we want to hear from you.

Please tell us how you are doing by commenting below.

What the latest North Korea missile test means


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Heritage experts have been covering the developments in the North Korean missile program since the beginning.

This week was no different as they took to the media to give a conservative perspective on the latest North Korean missile test.

North Korea’s actions have made it a rogue nation and should be treated as such.

Watch these news clips of Heritage experts for more details:

James Carafano on CNN’s Headline News:

Bruce Klingner on Fox News Special:

Steve Moore on CNN’s New Day:

Bruce Klingner on Fox News:

What should the U.S. response to the North Korean threat be?

Leading the way for Congress


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Heritage experts are laying out a September action plan for Congress as they come back from their August recess. This is part of Heritage’s commitment to educating and focusing Congress on critical issues like tax reform, spending cuts, and federal program reforms.

This plan lays out clear recommendations for Congress to address during September.

With only 12 legislative days to work, Congress must stay focused to meet the numerous deadlines on September 30th.

Read Heritage’s plan that provides a clear blueprint for getting the critical issues accomplished >>

What are the top three issues that you believe Congress should focus on in September?

Dismantling DACA is a good move


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Leading the conversation for the conservative viewpoint is something Heritage experts do on a daily basis.

Friday, Heritage experts Hans von Spakovsky and David Inserra wrote in The Hill that canceling the DACA program would be a step in the right direction for immigration.

Rumors are circulating that President Trump will cancel the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. As well he should: DACA is bad public policy and violates core constitutional principles.

Unilaterally created by President Obama, DACA provides pseudo-legal status to illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as minors. It gives them a promise that they won’t be deported, as well as providing them with work authorizations and access to Social Security and other government benefits.

Read the full article >>

In a statement on Tuesday, Heritage experts James Carafano and Hans von Spakovsky said:

In rescinding DACA, the administration acted appropriately and constitutionally by withdrawing from a program that was both illegal and irresponsible. In considering the way forward, Congress needs do the same. Securing the nation’s broken borders, enforcing the law and fixing a flawed immigration system so that they better serve all Americans ought to be the first priority.

Do you believe DACA should be ended? Why or why not?

State Department is getting restructured with your help


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Heritage is working hard to ensure that limited government is pushed forward as much as possible.

Recently, the State Department started undergoing a major restructure–cutting costs and finding ways to be more efficient.

Many of these restructure changes come straight from Heritage’s playbook on reorganizing the Federal government.

Read the Blueprint for Reorganization: An Analysis of the Federal Departments and Agencies >>

Limiting and restructuring the federal departments and agencies is a much-needed step to create the lasting change needed in Washington.

What Federal Agencies are the most inefficient and should be reorganized first?

Heritage event: What should be done about the Iran deal?


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Wednesday, Heritage hosted an event on the challenges the U.S. faces with Iran and what the best response would be.

You can watch the event below:

Since the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, Tehran has continued its malign policies in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Iran’s expanding influence in these war-torn countries has been facilitated by the strategic dividends and sanctions relief provided by the nuclear deal.

Heritage’s recommendation is to pull out of the Iran Deal entirely and there will be an opportunity to at the next recertification in October.

The main goal is to cut off the cash flow to the regime and implement a long-term sustainable strategy to deal with the regional and nuclear threat.

Read what President Trump should do about the Iran Deal >>

What is your response to the Iran Deal?  Should the U.S. pull out of the deal?



Paving the way for tax reform


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Heritage experts Romina Boccia and Adam Michel have been busy working to lay the groundwork for much-needed tax reform that will be debated in the upcoming weeks.

They wrote a piece in The Hill last week that focused on how the House, Senate, and CBO treat tax cuts as they evaluate the impact on the overall budget.

Tax reform is one of the most important legislative priorities for Congress and the administration this fall. Good tax reform will unleash economic growth, creating greater opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.

One obscure choice by the Senate Budget Committee could make or break tax reform this year. The revenue baseline adopted in the Senate budget resolution will determine whether updating the tax code this year can provide tax relief for the American people. The Senate should choose the appropriate budget baseline to pave the way for pro-growth tax reform.

Pro-growth tax reform that provides relief for American families and businesses should be the centerpiece of Congress’ agenda this fall. The House Budget Committee’s proposed budget makes that task considerably more difficult. The Senate can avoid the same mistake by choosing the correct baseline.

Want to know more about tax reform and what is at stake this Fall?

Read some of their other articles below:

A Pathway for Pro-Growth, Fiscally Responsible Tax Reform >>

Focusing on Economic Growth in Tax Reform >>

Tax Reform for Investment and Jobs >>

Do you believe conservative tax reform will be passed in Congress this Fall? Why or why not?

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