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The 2012 election is “a fight between big government and free people and free markets,” Heritage Foundation Trustee Steve Forbes told Heritage members last month at the Annual Leadership Conference in San Diego.

The outcome of the election could provide conservatives with an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of free enterprise alternatives, he added.

Watch the video of his remarks:

Video: Steve Forbes on What’s Holding Back the Economy

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Big government regulations and poor fiscal and monetary policy are limiting freedom and restraining the economy, Heritage Foundation Trustee Steve Forbes said yesterday at a Heritage event in Chicago.

Forbes defended the Constitutional against critiques–many of them from the left–that it slows changes from electoral mandates. But that’s a benefit of the system, not a flaw.

“People say our political system is dysfunctional, and in some ways it is,” he argued. “But in a larger sense it is working. Our Founders designed the system in a way that things do not happen quickly.”

Organizations like Heritage that maintain consistent pressure for principle are important because of this slow pace of change, he added.

Forbes also warned about the dangers of the looming European financial crisis and the lessons it offers for the United States. “If you take the word ‘Greece’ and translate it into English, you get ‘Illinois’ and ‘California,'” he quipped.

Watch the video below:

Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America


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Why Obamacare Is Wrong for America

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America is carefully researched, well written, and a must read for anyone concerned about the future of health care in our nation. It proves without a doubt that this law will bankrupt our nation and hurt economic growth.

That’s what Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has to say about the new book coauthored by Bob Moffit, a senior health care analyst at The Heritage Foundation.

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America, which also includes contributions from three other health care experts, showcases how the legislation will affect every American by driving up costs and putting bureaucrats in charge of health care decisions.

Here’s how Heritage Trustee Steve Forbes describes the book:

This succinct and lucid summary of the horrors of ObamaCare and what we the people can do about them will be an essential handbook in saving us from medical socialism and bringing true free markets to health care — which, in turn, will generate more health care at less cost!

In an interview with National Review’s Kathryn Lopez, Moffit dispels the biggest myth about ObamaCare:

The most prevalent myth is that Congress dropped the “public option” from the final version of the bill before it became law. In fact, it re-created the public option in a new form: In 2014, the federal government will sponsor at least two health plans, operating under unique rules, to compete directly against private health plans in every state in the nation.

Order your copy today from

Chicago Panel Discussion and Luncheon featuring Steve Forbes

December 1, 2011 at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

The Heritage Foundation hosted a panel discussion and luncheon.  The luncheon featured a keynote address by Steve Forbes.

Video: Steve Forbes Makes the Moral Case for Free Enterprise


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“The truth is, there is a moral basis for free markets,” Heritage Foundation trustee Steve Forbes said earlier this month at a Heritage event in Dallas.

Free enterprise, he explained, creates wealth through voluntary exchange. This wealth creation, in turn, allows for the great philanthropic enterprises that have improved our lives: higher education, medical research and more.

“We have to find our voices and not be on defense” against those who attack free enterprise, he argued.

Watch the video of his full remarks:

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