Audio: Listen to Jim DeMint and Mike Needham’s Conservative Vision for 2014


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Jim DeMint

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint joined Heritage Action for America’s Mike Needham last week for a conversation with members about the future of the conservative movement and how Heritage plans to lead the charge.

During the teleconference, DeMint and Needham previewed President Obama’s State of the Union address, and their predictions were spot on — more regulation, full implementation of Obamacare, and more executive overreach.

You can listen to the audio of the call online in MP3 format.

Stephen Moore on the State of the Union: ‘President Obama Is the Anti-Opportunity President’


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Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images/Newscom

To describe his plan to revive his economy, President Obama used lofty rhetoric about opportunity during his State of the Union address last night. But Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore says the reality doesn’t match the rhetoric:

Opportunity for All is such an uplifting pro-America theme. But doesn’t this mean school choice? Doesn’t it mean cleaning up the crime and corruption in cities? Doesn’t it mean discouraging fatherless homes? Doesn’t it mean keeping tax rates low and regulations light so people can set out a shingle and start businesses?

Obama has been the anti-opportunity society president.

Heritage experts reviewed every element of the President’s speech on The Foundry. Read their full analysis of the speech.

What did you think of the State of the Union address? Tell us in the comments.

Video: Jim DeMint Explains Why Local Heroes, Not Big Government, Can Solve America’s Problems


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No matter what President Obama said last night, it’s not Washington that has the solutions to America’s problems.

Lasting solutions can instead be found in communities across America. That’s the message of Falling in Love with America Again, the new book by Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation.

In story after story, DeMint and leaders across America give firsthand accounts of overcoming obstacles in education, health care, and other concerns Washington has failed to solve. It’s an inspiring journey, with solid research insights contributed by Heritage experts.

Pre-order your copy of Falling in Love with America Again today.

Why Universal Preschool Would Cost Taxpayers and Not Benefit Students


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During his State of the Union address this month, President Obama called for a universal preschool program. The idea is that widespread preschool will boost students’ educational achievements later in life.

The fact is, however, that universal preschool–which is on the books in Georgia and Oklahoma–is costly and has not been demonstrated to improve educational achievement.

The Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke explains that these programs don’t raise test scores as liberals suppose. “In fact, in Oklahoma, fourth-grade reading test scores have declined since 1998, when the state first implemented universal preschool,” Burke explains. Continue Reading »

Audio: Heritage’s State of the Union Teleconference with Members

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Mike Needham

Mike Needham

Mike Franc

Mike Franc

Before last week’s State of the Union address, Heritage Foundation vice president Mike Franc joined Heritage Action for America CEO Mike Needham for a conference call with Heritage members.

Listen to a recording of this teleconference using the controls below or download in MP3 format.

The ‘Buffett Rule’ and Fairness in the Tax Code


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Click to enlarge.

In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama shaped his rhetoric abound the ideas of fairness, particularly when it comes to taxes.

Yet 49 percent of U.S. households pay no federal tax at all. And a Heritage Foundation chart shows the top 10 percent of income earners paid 70 percent of all federal income tax in 2008.

Is that really fairness?

In President Obama’s  speech, he described his vision: “If you make more than $1 million a year, you should not pay less than 30 percent in taxes.” He dubbed this the “Buffett Rule,” named for billionaire Warren Buffett, who claims that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.

The Heritage Foundation’s Curtis Dubay explains the reality:

He pays a 15 percent rate on those gains when he realizes them. But before he enjoys those gains, the businesses that generate them pay the highest-in-the-world 35 percent corporate income tax rate. In reality, Buffett pays 50 percent on the income he earns- far above the rate his secretary pays.

Continue Reading »

No, the Taliban’s Momentum Is Not ‘Broken’


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TalibanIn Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, President Obama declared the Taliban’s momentum broken and said some troops have already begun to come home.

Unfortunately for the President, his statement is wildly inaccurate and misleading. And we aren’t the only ones to note the discrepancy, according to The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Warshaw:

The President’s inaccurate statement was duly noted by the Associated Press’s SOTU fact check, which highlighted findings of the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Afghanistan. The classified NIE, representing the consensus view of the U.S. intelligence community, reportedly declares the war a “stalemate” for the time being but also warns that as the U.S. precipitously withdraws, the Taliban will grow stronger, bolder, and more threatening. Continue Reading »

Podcast: State of the Union

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In this week’s Heritage in Focus, Heritage director of communications, Rory Cooper, discusses the president’s State of the Union address. Click here to listen.

What’s Heritage’s take on the State of the Union? What’s something Americans should have heard in the speech, but didn’t? What’s the best way to put our country on the right track?

Make sure to listen to hear answers to these questions and more!

Heritage Experts Take on President Obama’s State of the Union Address


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President Obama delivers the 2012 State of the Union address. Photo: White House

Photo: White House

President Obama’s State of the Union address yesterday was essentially a repeat of last year’s speech, The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Brownfield writes in today’s Morning Bell.

He continues:

The speech was notable for the items he did not mention, including many of the failed spending programs and policies he undertook over the past three years, the foreign policy and defense challenges he has exacerbated, and the economic actions he failed to take that would have created jobs and spurred economic growth.

Heritage experts weighed in during and after the speech to provide principled conservative responses. The speech, they argue, promised ever more spending, failed to address long-term entitlement programs and failed to offer American leadership to the world. Read all these analyses and more on The Foundry. Continue Reading »

Audio: Heritage President Ed Feulner on the State of the Union


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Dr. Ed Feulner, President, The Heritage Foundation

Thousands of Heritage Foundation members joined Heritage President Ed Feulner on a conference call during which he explained the challenges conservatives will face in the next two years. Held just hours before the State of the Union Address, Feulner’s remarks also previewed The Heritage Foundation’s expectations for the speech.

This town hall-style call was intended to be an open dialogue between Heritage members and our experts. Members came ready with great questions about the elections, Congress, politics in Washington, The Heritage Foundation – whatever they wanted to know about.

For those of you who missed our call or were unable to participate,   listen to the full audio of last week’s teleconference below.

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