Remembering a Man Who Helped Inspire the Modern Conservative Movement

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Phil Crane. Photo: Wikimedia

Phil Crane. Photo: Wikimedia

Phil Crane, the long time Republican Congressman from Illinois and a conservative champion, died Sunday at the age of 84.

The news got my attention in a very personal way. Phil Crane won his seat in a special election in 1969. It was Illinois district 12, where I grew up. It was a crowded field and my mother, Eloise Canfield, then just beginning her own career in local politics, was a leader in the small group of people who backed Crane in a nine-way primary. After winning the primary, he went on to win the general election and serve for 35 years in the House. My mother was integrally involved in his subsequent elections in the ’70s and early ’80s.

I realized even then he stood out. He was conservative when it wasn’t cool. He gave an intellectual heft to the ideas of free markets and a strong national defense during those wilderness years when few on the national scene were talking about such things. He was anti-communist when nobody was.

He didn’t become a political star like his contemporary Jack Kemp, but he did have profound impact on many who shaped the conservative movement of today. He was a pioneer. For starters, Heritage Foundation Founder Ed Feulner worked for Phil Crane on Capitol Hill for four years. Feulner ran the conservative Republican Study Committee, which Crane had fearlessly founded, and took what he learned there to Heritage, which he turned into a conservative powerhouse. Continue Reading »

David Caldwell — St. Louis, MO

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David Caldwell

David Caldwell

Heritage Foundation member David Caldwell has been handing out candy to children in his St. Louis neighborhood for years. But this year, he decided to shake up the routine a bit.

The children in his neighborhood are getting older, and the media often reports that students are getting a poor education, especially in subjects like civics and history. So Caldwell decided to hand out copies of The Heritage Foundation’s pocket-sized Declaration of Independence and Constitution in hopes the kids would get a quick lesson on our nation’s Founding.

“Kids need a little historical foundation before the go to these liberal colleges,” Caldwell explains. “They’re getting brainwashed in the high schools with propaganda. It should be part of the conservative movement to give a better historical education.” Continue Reading »

Video: Celebrating 40 Years of The Heritage Foundation


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Heritage Foundation Trustee Kay Coles James narrates a new video celebrating The Heritage Foundation’s 40 years of advancing conservative principles.

The video was shown to members of Heritage’s President’s Club last night at the Annual Leadership Celebration and President’s Club Meeting in Washington.

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Ted Cruz Praises Heritage with Three Tributes to Freedom


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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at Heritage's Annual Leadership Conference and Board Meeting Tuesday.Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at Heritage’s Annual Leadership Conference and Board Meeting Tuesday.

Speaking today to Heritage Foundation President’s Club members today in Washington, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) offered three tributes in honor of Heritage’s fortieth anniversary and our leadership transition.

1. A Tribute to Heritage President Ed Feulner

Feulner built Heritage from humble beginnings into a powerhouse that provided the intellectual and policy foundation for the Reagan administration and later conservative successes. Today, he said, Heritage is the “preeminent source for conservative and free market policy ideas.”

2. A Tribute to Heritage President-Elect Jim DeMint.

Demint, Cruz says, is a “recovering politician” who “lacks a fear of ridicule.” When he first came to Congress, his was a lonely voice for free enterprise and limited government. Thanks in part to DeMint’s work to support conservative candidates, he explained, there are today many more voices for these timeliss principles. “If it weren’t for Sen. Jim DeMint, I would not be in the U.S. Senate,” Cruz said.

3. A Tribute to The Heritage Foundation

Finally, Cruz praised The Heritage Foundation as an institution:

  • The fight for freedom is central to Heritage’s mission, he said. And we cannot take freedom for granted, since, “as Reagan said, freedom isn’t passed through blood. It has to be fought for.”
  • Heritage knows ideas matter, and the organization “serves as a laboratory for growing, restoring, and percolating ideas,” Cruz said. “For example, if Reagan’s ideas were in use now, we would have 7 million more jobs.  Refining these ideas will be the tools that will save our country’s future.”
  • Heritage has the courage of its convictions. “All of us were taught in junior high that invertebrates can’t walk upright,” Cruz joked. “But politicians disprove that every day!” Courage is rare inside the Beltway, but Cruz said DeMint has the necessary fortitude: “it bodes well for Heritage that our new president has unflinching courage.”

Cruz also encouraged conservatives to remember that message matters. While we cannot and should not compromise our principles, he said, we need to reach out to new audience and not simple “preach to the choir.”

And he reminded President’s Club members not to give up. Not only are conservatives blessed with a cadre of young new leaders, he reminded us that political fortunes can change overnight. After all, he said, it was less than a decade ago that the pundits were predicting a permanent GOP majority—a prediction followed shortly by liberal victories in 2006 and 2008.

Heritage Celebrates 40 Years, Honors Ed Feulner and Jim DeMint

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In Other Work of Note

This is an important week for The Heritage Foundation. Not only are we celebrating our 40th anniversary of advancing principled conservative reforms, but we’re also honoring Ed Feulner’s 36 years of leadership as president and welcoming Sen. Jim DeMint as his successor.

The Annual Leadership Celebration and President’s Club Meeting gets underway this morning in Washington, DC. Highlights of the event include:

  • A conversation with Ed Feulner and Heritage historian Lee Edwards
  • Remarks from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and David Schweikert (R–AZ)
  • A panel discussion featuring Govs. Tom Corbett, Paul LePage and Bob McDonnell
  • Analysis from columnist Charles Krauthammer
  • And a special dinner honoring Feulner and DeMint

For your invitation to the 2014 President’s Club meeting, become a member of the President’s Club today.

Save the Date for the 2012 President’s Club Meeting

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The Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington, DC's Woodley Park neighborhood. Photo: Flickr/Tracy Lee Carroll

The 2012 President's Club Meeting will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington, DC's Woodley Park neighborhood. Photo: Flickr/Tracy Lee Carroll

Preparations for the 2012 President’s Club meeting are already underway. The event will be held once again at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC from Oct. 22 to 24.

Registration opens in late summer or early fall. President’s Club members will receive a formal invitation detailing the exciting agenda and explaining how to register.

To receive your invitation to this exclusive event, join Heritage’s President’s Club today.

If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Office at (800) 546-2843 or [email protected].

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