Infographic: More States are Rejecting Common Core


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More States Rejecting Common Core

More and more states are withdrawing from participation in Common Core, the one-size-fits-all education scheme pushed by the federal government.

Widespread frustration with Common Core–parents, teachers, and students alike are pushing back–is leading more states to take back their education autonomy.

Heritage education expert Lindsey Burke explains that Ohio is the latest state to buck the standards.

What do you think of this push back against Common Core?

College Loan Forgiveness Is Not the Answer to High Student Loan Debt


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College loan debt is at an all-time high. To address this problem, President Obama recently used executive action to extend income-based loan repayment options to millions more students. The program caps monthly payments and completely forgives student loans after as little as 10 years.

Sounds great, right? Not so fast. Loans have to be repaid by someone. And that someone is you.

Heritage Foundation education expert Lindsey Burke explains: Continue Reading »

A Bailout Won’t Fix College Costs. Here Are 3 Ways Congress Can Do Better

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Lindsey Burke

The Obama administration’s taxpayer bailout of student loan borrowers does nothing to change the cost of education, Heritage Foundation expert Lindsey Burke points out.

“After all,” she asks, “why should colleges reduce tuition rates if the government keeps increasing student-loan subsidies?”

In testimony last week before a Senate committee, Burke condemned the current higher-education borrowing system and called on Congress to take action:

  1. Stop the higher education spending spree;
  2. Employ fair-value accounting to understand the cost of federal student loans; and
  3. Decouple federal financing from accreditation

Read her whole testimony here.

Do you think the solution to soaring college costs is more subsidies for education?

Heritage Expert Lindsey Burke Explains the Problem with Common Core on Fox News


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Heritage Foundation expert Lindsey Burke told Fox Business’ John Stossel the problem with national standards in education last night:

The type of uniformity that Common Core or national standards creates assumes there is one best way for children to learn and it assumes we know what that one best way is. But every child is different. Every child has unique learning needs.

Burke quotes parents speaking out against Common Core: “What we’re seeing our kids bring home is total nonsense”.

Three states have now dropped out of Common Core as Americans realize its flaws: South Carolina and Oklahoma this week joined Indiana in withdrawing.

Read more Heritage research on Education here.

Watch the whole video above then tell us in the comments: Do you think Common Core is total nonsense?

4 Reasons to Be Pro-Choice When It Comes to Education

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In a new report, Heritage Foundation expert Lindsey Burke reviews the academic research and finds clear benefits from school choice:

  1. More students graduate
  2. Public schools improve when faced with competition
  3. Special needs students have more options for services
  4. Parents are more involved and satisfied

“Instead of policies to increase spending on the public education system,” Burke argues, “states and local school districts would better serve students by empowering parents with control over their share of education funding.”

Read more about why empowering parents with control over their child’s education leads to better outcomes.

A Way to Start Fixing Higher Education


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Over the past few decades, the cost of college education has climbed, while the quality of education has declined.  This results, in part, from a accreditation regime that endorses the status quo and limits market competition.

Heritage Foundation education expert Lindsey Burke highlights one proposal that moves higher ed in the right direction by encouraging innovation and competition.  Sen. Mike Lee (R – UT) has introduced new legislation called The Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act, which would Continue Reading »

A New Way to Fund Your Child’s Education


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Heritage Foundation experts Lindsey Burke and Brittany Corona explain the value of Education Savings Accounts, which are being pioneered in Arizona as a new way for parents to fund their child’s education.

Families can use ESAs to pay for private school tuition, online learning and private tutoring. Parents are even able to roll over unused funds from year to year, and can even roll those funds into a college savings account.

Early data from Arizona show that not only are parents considering opportunity costs — whether they’re getting good value for their education spending — they’re also seizing the opportunity to tailor their child’s educational experience.

This is an important innovation that puts parents, not bureaucrats, in charge of education spending. A recent in-depth Heritage report explains how states can set up Education Savings Accounts.

Do you think parents should have more control over how education funds are spent?

The Costly, Centralized Common Core Standard Is Running into Problems

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New York and Kentucky have begun to implement the Common Core education standards–and they’re running into trouble. The Heritage Foundation’s Brittany Corona points out that in June,

49 New York principals wrote a letter to New York education commissioner John King explaining the problems teachers are finding with the Common Core assessments. While the principals state that they agree with Common Core in theory and are “committed to helping New York realize the full promises of Common Core,” they write that its implementation has been haphazard.

For example, these principals have reported a number of problems with the tests Common Core requires. Issues range from unnecessarily long testing sessions to  difficult and confusing questions. Continue Reading »

Does America Need a One-Size-Fits-All Education Plan?


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Every child is unique. There is not a one-size-fits-all model for educating them, but that is exactly what liberals are attempting to create with Common Core.

Common Core would establish a national education curriculum, standards, and testing on all students across the United States. Heritage Foundation expert Lindsey Burke outlines three major issues with this approach:

  1. It has no track record of success. Common Core has not been proven to improve academic outcomes. Nevertheless, Burke explains, the “Obama Administration has pushed states to adopt national standards and assessments in exchange for offers of billions of dollars in federal funding and waivers from the onerous provisions of No Child Left Behind.”
  2. It centralizes power in Washington. Individual school districts have proven time and time again that they are capable of managing their own educational curriculum and standards. Each state, district, and school has unique needs and circumstances to achieve what is best for their students. Burke elaborates: “common core assumes curriculum driven by federal bureaucrats and national organizations – are preferable to the state and local reform efforts guided by input from parents, teachers and taxpayers.”
  3. It discourages innovation. By mandating top-down federal standards, common core takes away classroom innovation and forces teachers to teach to the centralized standards and tests, removing creativity and individuality from the classroom.

Common Core is an unproven system that would centralize power and strip creativity from teachers. Read more about Heritage’s education research on our education website.

What do you think about instituting a Common Core education? 

Why Universal Preschool Would Cost Taxpayers and Not Benefit Students


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During his State of the Union address this month, President Obama called for a universal preschool program. The idea is that widespread preschool will boost students’ educational achievements later in life.

The fact is, however, that universal preschool–which is on the books in Georgia and Oklahoma–is costly and has not been demonstrated to improve educational achievement.

The Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke explains that these programs don’t raise test scores as liberals suppose. “In fact, in Oklahoma, fourth-grade reading test scores have declined since 1998, when the state first implemented universal preschool,” Burke explains. Continue Reading »

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