Video: DeMint Urges Lawmakers to Cut Spending

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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint made the case against President Obama’s tax-and-spend budget. Instead, he urged lawmakers to follow Heritage recommendations to cut spending and bolster America’s national defense. Later this week, Heritage will release a comprehensive report outlining 106 ways to cut spending.

Jim DeMint Is Taking Conservative Ideas to the People (and Potential Presidential Candidates)


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Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint spent last weekend in Iowa meeting with conservative grassroots activists and presidential hopefuls to promote Heritage’s conservative policies.

After speaking to a crowd of roughly 1,000 activists and opinion leaders in Des Moines, DeMint sat down individually with five potential candidates.

Heritage is helping to shape the 2016 debates, he told them, and can be a resource for them as they develop their platforms.

He also invited them to come by Heritage for candidate briefings that we offer to all candidates, and introduced them to our 192-page policy agenda for the new Congress, Opportunity for All Favoritism to None.

Do you think conservative ideas will play a role in the 2016 elections?

How Big Government Enables Special Interests


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Big-government policies that favor well-connected businesses and special interests need to be unwound, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint and Heritage Action for America CEO Needham said in an interview with Yahoo News’ “TopLine.”

Opportunity for All, Favoritism to None, the new 192-page policy agenda written by Heritage experts, explains how big government and well-connected interests stifle opportunity for all. As DeMint says:

The collusion really between big government, whether it be big unions, big corporations, big banks — that’s cronyism that we see in Washington that picks winners and losers and gives favoritism to people.

Do you agree with DeMint that big government benefits special interests?

Needham and DeMint Make the Case for Conservative Solutions in Roll Call


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Roll Call is newspaper everyone on the Hill reads. If you want to get your message to the people who will make a difference in Washington, there’s no better place to publish than Roll Call.

So when Heritage Action for America CEO Mike Needham and Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint wanted to get the word out on conservative policy solutions, they knew exactly where to go. They write:

Over the past several years, conservative rising stars and outside scholars have produced a wide array of innovative policy solutions that provide a real governing vision. Those proposals could serve not only as the framework for a year of meaningful legislative action, but also as the core elements of the next president’s first-year legislative agenda . . .We write today as conservatives eager to see the Republican Party be more true to its declared principles and for the left’s populist rhetoric to be exposed for the sham that it is. Through subsidies, bailouts and anti-competitive regulations, big government has done far more to enrich and entrench the powerful than it has done to help working Americans struggling to overcome joblessness, dependency and stagnating wages.

If conservative legislation is going to succeed, we need lawmakers on our side. This means we need to connect with their staffs and make the case to them–and that’s exactly what Needham and DeMint looking to do.

Do you think it’s just as important to reach out to lawmakers as it is to make the case to the American people?

The Conservative Cause Gains New Muscle on Capitol Hill

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The New Year brings new opportunities for The Heritage Foundation and our president, Jim DeMint, to advance conservative ideas.

Since taking over as Heritage’s president two years ago, DeMint has honored Senate Ethics Committee rules limiting his contact with his former colleagues. But now these limits are lifted, and he plans to aggressively push a principled agenda on Capitol Hill — armed with powerful reports and research from leading Heritage policy experts.

National Journal reports on DeMint’s influence:

DeMint’s advice on messaging and policy will be sought after by anyone seeking support from the base. The former senator’s ability to tap into the pulse of the conservative movement made him an equally disruptive force in the halls of Congress and on the campaign trail—something that won’t be lost on those who benefited from his expertise.

How do you think Heritage and DeMint will make a difference in 2015?

Heritage Is ‘Formidable in the World of Think Tanks’


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Since Jim DeMint took their reins at Heritage last year, The Heritage Foundation has become an even more powerful force for conservative ideas.

“The one-two punch of scholarly research and grassroots activism has made Heritage formidable in the world of think tanks,” McClatchy’s William Douglas writes.

Douglas explains Heritage’s new assertiveness: Continue Reading »

Video: Jim DeMint Exposes President Obama’s Amnesty on CNN


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President Obama’s amnesty is both unlawful and “unfair to those who have come here the legal way,” Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday.

Despite the President’s rhetoric, DeMint argued during the ten-minute interview, giving work permits to those who came here illegally amounts to amnesty.

DeMint’s interview ensured that millions of Americans heard a principled, conservative alternative to the liberal spin on amnesty.

Watch the video above and tell us you think about this abuse of presidential power in the comments below.

Video: Will President Obama Work with the New Congress?

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President Obama misunderstands the powers and responsibilities of his office, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said on Fox News this week. This complicates his relationship with the new Congress.

The president takes an oath to faithfully execute the laws. It’s not his job to create the laws. So when he says, “If Congress doesn’t act, I will,” that’s against his oath of office, against the Constitution. He is supposed to faithfully execute the laws that are passed by Congress. He needs to work with them to pass some laws that will move this country in the right direction, not create them on his own.

Are you optimistic that President Obama will work with the new Congress?

Jim DeMint Warns of a Dangerous ‘Zombie Congress’


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Congress returned to Washington this week for its post-election lame duck session. Heritage Foundation Jim DeMint urges all Americans to stay vigilant through the end of the year, since lame duck sessions are when some of the worst laws are passed.

While the natural tendency is to tune out after elections, a lame duck session, or what Jim colorfully calls a “zombie Congress,” is one of the most dangerous periods in the legislative cycle:

With no electorate to appease, the newly politically ‘deceased’ members have no incentive to restrain their more base urges to feast upon the hard-earned tax dollars of the living.

Outgoing liberals could try to push through bad legislation between now and the end of the year, including a massive omnibus spending bill, new taxes, and corporate welfare for “green” companies. Liberals may also try to stymie opposition to President Obama’s unilateral grant of amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Do you think liberals should be able to push through their radical legislation in a lame duck session of Congress?

The Ex-Im Bank Is ‘Primarily a Marriage Between Big Government and a Few Big Businesses’


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“Note the ‘unknown’ section. This isn’t a fluke: Ex-Im routinely loses track of whom they’ve been helping.” -Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint

Ending the Export-Import Bank is important, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint writes:

Ex-Im is rife with corruption, doesn’t promote competition, costs taxpayers billions of dollars and threatens American jobs.  It’s all about politically connected big businesses getting bigger with help from Uncle Sam. It’s not fair, not necessary, and shouldn’t be a hard decision for Congress.

The Export-Import Bank will end in September if Congress does not reauthorize the program. Liberals like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are pushing hard to extend it.

Read more of Heritage’s research on the Ex-Im Bank here.

Do you think Congress should continue the Export-Import Bank or allow it to end?

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