From the Comments: Members Weigh in on Post Office Reforms


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USPS truck. Photo: Flickr/dehub

Photo: Flickr/dehub

Hundreds of Heritage Foundation members weighed in this week on the USPS and its plans to shutter local post offices.

R. L. Lamberty urged privatization:

The postal system as we know it should be shuttered entirely and assets sold or auctioned to private enterprises. Then tax revenues will be gained, service will be streamlined for efficiencies and losing operations eliminated. It’s time to take realistic business decisions.

Fran Otto, meanwhile, was one of dozens who argued for an end to Saturday delivery: Continue Reading »

From the Comments: Why Saving the American Dream Is Important

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In Other Work of Note

Last week, Heritage Foundation economist Alison Fraser held a teleconference with Heritage members to discuss the state of the economy and our plan to fix it, Saving the American Dream.

Member R. Fred Howard posted this comment on the audio of the call:

Every American with a brain and sincere desire to save our Nation from physical and financial destruction should hear Ms. Fraser’s presentation and Q&A session. We the people got us into this mess and it’s going to take “we the people” to get us out. We’re to the wire on several issues so forget about race, wealth, special interest, and politics and join with fellow Americans to heed her warnings and follow a logical plan for recovery. She presents a plan for immediate “damage control” and a way to reverse current trends. I encourage you to listen and give her and the Heritage Foundation your support.

Tell us: What do you think of the plan?

From the Comments: How to Respond to the Left on the Obama Tax Hikes


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In the comments yesterday, Heritage member Robert Orsino asked us to help him respond to liberal misinformation from groups like

The latest being wide spread is against extending the Bush tax cut giving the following reason—  “most economists agree that the top 2%—the richest folks who the Republicans are going to bat for—don’t spend this money, meaning this tax giveaway doesn’t have any stimulative effect on the economy.”  Do you have any facts rebutting this claim that I can use in my response?

The Heritage Foundation has been responding to liberal distortions about the effect of tax cuts for years. Our experts have produced a point-by-point rebuttal of common liberal myths about what reducing marginal tax rates does and doesn’t accomplish.

An analysis by Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis concluded that President Obama’s proposal to impose new taxes on the wealthy would have several harmful effects:

  • Slower economic growth: Inflation-adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) would fall by a total of $1.1 trillion between FY 2011 and FY 2020. GDP in 2018 would fall by $145 billion alone. The growth rate of the economy would be slower for the entire 10-year period. Continue Reading »

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