William Beach: Heritage’s ‘Numbers Guy’

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In Other Work of Note

William Beach directs Heritage's Center for Data Analysis.

“I’m convinced that freedom actually works and that it works for everyone,” The Heritage Foundation’s William Beach says. “And the freer we are, the better the economy and society works. I just don’t believe that free people are bound to fail.”

Beach directs Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis, which he helped start in 1998.

Heritage established CDA, Beach says, to win the “numbers battle” and back up conservative policy ideas with sound economic analysis. Established groups like the Congressional Budget Office often used outdated tools that scored conservative proposals badly, giving liberals an advantage in policy debates. CDA aimed to change that dynamic–and has. Continue Reading »

The Washington Times Reviews Heritage’s Abridged ‘Road to Serfdom’


In Other Work of Note

Ronald Reagan, Friedrich Hayek and Ed Feulner.

Heritage President Ed Feulner, right, meets with Ronald Reagan and Friedrich Hayek.

More than six decades ago, an Austrian economist named Friedrich Hayek issued a grave warning to Europe and America about the dangers of economic central planning.

His book on these dangers, “The Road to Serfdom,” has proved alarmingly prescient. That’s why The Heritage Foundation recently mailed abridged copies to hundreds of thousands of our members. Continue Reading »

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