Chicago Seminar, Panel Discussion, and Luncheon featuring Governor Nikki Haley

November 27, 2012 at The Ritz Carlton Chicago

The Heritage Foundation hosted a Seminar, Panel Discussion, and Luncheon featuring South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on Tuesday, November 27, 2012. The panel featured experts from Heritage and Heritage Action, as well as Congressman  Joe Walsh, who spoke about policy priorities following the election. Afterwards, there was a reception followed by a luncheon with a keynote address from Governor Haley.


Chicago Panel Discussion and Luncheon featuring Steve Forbes

December 1, 2011 at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

The Heritage Foundation hosted a panel discussion and luncheon.  The luncheon featured a keynote address by Steve Forbes.

Chicago Panel Discussion and Luncheon featuring The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld

July 13, 2011 at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

The Heritage Foundation hosted a panel discussion and luncheon.  The panel discussion featured Heritage experts speaking on “The Conservative Strategy to Protect America.”  The luncheon featured a conversation with Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

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Luncheon with Karl Rove

December 1, 2010 - December 1, 2010 at Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park

The Chicago Committee for Heritage hosted a panel discussion and luncheon featuring a keynote address by Karl Rove.

Rove addressed the current climate in Washington and discussed the political decisions which affect everyday Americans.

The Chicago Committee for Heritage: Stephen Barney, Honorary Chairman; Michael Keiser, Honorary Chairman; Vince Kolber, Chairman; Guy Benson; Sharon and Harry Brandt; Richard Burridge; David Craigmile; Eleanore Fredrick; Philip Friedmann; Dennis Grabow; Daniel Hales; Daniel Hennessy; Peter Huizenga; Walter Nielsen; Robert Russell, Jr.; John Snider; Lisa Tesarik; Ronald Tesarik; Brian Wesbury

Young Professionals Reception featuring Sally McNamara

September 23, 2010 at Lasalle Power Company

The Chicago Young Professional Committee and the Chicago Committee for Heritage enjoyed a networking reception and a discussion with Heritage expert Sally McNamara. 

Obama’s Missteps Across the Pond: Why the US Still Needs Europe

The United State’s relationship with Europe, and in particular the United Kingdom, has always been a special one.  However, in recent years, the Obama Administration has let that relationship falter.  Whether it is sending back a bust of Winston Churchill, giving the Queen an iPod as a gift, or ignominiously slighting the British Prime Minister by cancelling a welcome ceremony and press conference, the mistakes have been significant.  The apparent disregard for the US relationship with UK and Europe has some important consequences in the world today.

Reception with Joe Morris

July 29, 2010 at The Library at 190 South LaSalle

More than 30 years after Saul Alinsky published Rules for Radicals, his philosophy has returned front and center to the American political stage with the rise of President Obama, a former “community organizer.” How did Alinsky affect modern politics? How does his school of thought affect the positions and actions of Obama and his administration? What do you need to know about Alinsky and his philosophy?

Together with Illinois Policy Institute, we hosted Joe Morris, a Chicago lawyer and president of the Chicago Legal Foundation, to discuss this fascinating topic. Morris met Alinsky in the late 1960s and witnessed some of his organizing efforts firsthand. He is an alumnus of the college and law school of The University of Chicago and has served in several senior positions in President Reagan’s administration.


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