Taiwan’s President Attends Launch of Index of Economic Freedom


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Heritage’s Anthony Kim and Terry Miller, left, greet Taiwan’s President Ma (Photo credit: Office of the President of Taiwan).

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou attended this week’s Taiwan launch of Heritage’s 2015 Index of Economic Freedom.

Ma’s attendance reflects Taiwan’s commitment to economic freedom and the importance of the Index overseas. Taiwan is ranked as the 14th-freest economy in the world.

In fact, four of the top 20 freest nations are Asian nations, which is why Kim and Miller are touring the continent to advance freedom. They will be heading next to Seoul, South Korea.

Do you think the United States shares the same commitment to economic freedom as Asian countries like Taiwan?

Heritage Wrote the Book on Cutting Government Spending

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$3.5 trillion — $3,500,000,000,000. That’s how much the federal government spent in 2014. And that number is projected to only grow if President Obama’s budget proposals go through.

There’s a better way. Heritage experts have compiled a Budget Book that recommends 106 specific ways Congress can cut spending and reduce the size and scope of the federal government.

The Budget Book, which includes information directly usable by lawmakers and their staffs working on the 2016 budget, outlines ways to cut waste and reform spending in areas like defense, welfare, energy, agriculture, transportation, education, and more.

Controlling spending and debt is imperative. If we don’t, the massive debt will start dragging down the economy. It’ll also threaten our national security by constraining critical defense spending, and limit lawmakers’ ability to respond to unexpected crises.

Even more alarming, we have just surpassed $18 trillion in cumulative national debt. We borrow 14 cents out of every dollar we spend. It needs to end.

Be sure to share the Budget Book with you friends, families, and colleagues.

What do you think should be done rein in spending?

Spreading #EconFreedom Around the World

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To spread the word about The Heritage Foundation’s 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, Heritage staff tweeted out messages in over a dozen languages to over thirty countries with the hash tag #EconFreedom.

The tweets alert citizens as to whether their country advanced or declined on the Index and includes a link for more information about the ranking.

This is just another way Heritage is promoting free-market values — this time, globally. Check out these tweets from around the world: Continue Reading »

Paul Ryan Calls for an End to Big Government Cronyism in Heritage Speech


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Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks about Heritage's Index of Economic Freedom .

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks about Heritage’s Index of Economic Freedom . Photo: Katie Nielsen

Big government policies like regulations on commerce and cronyism are to blame for the United States’ 12th-place ranking in Heritage’s 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said today at The Heritage Foundation.

In a speech to help launch the Index, Ryan added that that Heritage has been instrumental in making the case against cronyism. Cronyism, which involves special interests using the power of government for their own benefit, is extraordinarily damaging to free economies.

“Opportunity for all and favoritism to none should be our creed at home and abroad,” Ryan said. “Opportunity for All, Favoritism to None” is the name of a 192-page Heritage report detailing a policy agenda for the new Congress.

What do you think are the real saboteurs of a free economy?

America’s Economy Is Slightly Freer This Year–But Still Just 12th Freest in the World

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Heritage’s Terry Miller reports some good news in the Wall Street Journal (subscribers only):

A steep, seven-year decline in U.S. economic freedom has come to an end, according to the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, published Tuesday by the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. The U.S. score in the index experienced a particularly large drop in 2009-10, pushing this country out of the “free” category and into the “mostly free” category. A slight 0.7-point uptick this year has allowed the U.S. to retain its 12th-place ranking. 

The index measures commitment to free enterprise on a scale of 0 to 100 by evaluating policies related to the rule of law, government size, regulatory efficiency and market openness. Restraint in the growth of government spending drove the modest improvement in the U.S. score. 

Since changes in index scores are highly correlated with economic growth rates, the modest rebound for the U.S. raises hopes that the economy can regain some of the momentum lost through the excessive spending, taxes and regulations of the Obama era. The 2010 elections, which returned control of the House of Representatives to Republicans, brought some restraint in government excess, a fact reflected in the U.S. economic freedom trend and the recent uptick in U.S. economic activity. The 2014 election promises even greater restraint in the growth of government spending and regulation.

Get more info directly from the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom. The United States ranked 12th in the world, or “mostly free,” trailing countries like New Zealand, Chile, Ireland and Mauritius. Hong Kong once again ranked the world’s freest economy.

How do you think the United States can improve its ranking in the Index?

Paul Ryan Will Launch Heritage’s 21st Index of Economic Freedom Tomorrow

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The 2015 Index of Economic Freedom

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be at The Heritage Foundation tomorrow to help launch the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom.

America was ranked 12th in last year’s Index, behind countries like Chile, Denmark, and Estonia. Ryan’s speech will focus on how America can improve its rank in the Index and reclaim global leadership in economic freedom.

This will be the 21st edition of the Index of Economic Freedom, which has been produced in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal since 1995. The Index evaluates economic conditions and government policies in 186 countries and ranks them from most free to least free. Since its inception, the Index has tracked the progress of economic freedom around the globe and measured the impact of advancing economic liberty.

If you can’t attend in person at Heritage, be sure to tune in online to watch Rep. Ryan (R-WI) announce the release of the 2015 Index.

Viewed One Million Times Last Year, Heritage Reports Spread the Conservative Argument


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The Heritage Foundation’s conservative policy reports were read online more than one million times last year. That’s millions of Americans — policymakers and citizens alike — who are more educated on the conservative principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Here are the top 20 most popular reports from 2014: Continue Reading »

How Heritage Fights Against Cronyism and for Free Enterprise

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Welcome to the world of cronyism—the costly, unseemly system that allows politicians and lobbyists to break the trust of the American people without breaking a single law. Favors are traded, the system is gamed and hard-working U.S. taxpayers are left to foot the bill.

Heritage is working on your behalf to highlight this insidious link and give you and your fellow taxpayers a voice against cronyism. Continue Reading »

Video: Jim Talent Explains China’s Threat to America

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In remarks at The Heritage Foundation Monday, former Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO) explained the military threats posed by China and how the United States can respond to this aggression.

His remarks were part of the annual B.C. Lee Lecture, an annual event focusing on U.S.-Asia relations. The lecture is named in honor of the late B.C. Lee, the founder of Samsung and a generous sponsor of the Heritage Foundation.

Previous B.C. Lee lectures have been delivered by Henry Kissinger, Jesse Helms, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Joe Lieberman, Ed Royce and many others.

How Heritage Turns Your Conservative Policy Ideas into Reality

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A core mission of The Heritage Foundation is to generate ideas for policies based on your conservative principles. But ideas don’t change the world on their own.

If we want to make this country free, safe, and prosperous, then we need to make conservative ideas part of everyday life, Heritage experts Jen Marshall, Derrick Morgan, and Jim Carafano said last week at Heritage’s President’s Club Meeting.

The process of making your principles a reality involves three steps: Continue Reading »

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