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David Caldwell

David Caldwell

Heritage Foundation member David Caldwell has been handing out candy to children in his St. Louis neighborhood for years. But this year, he decided to shake up the routine a bit.

The children in his neighborhood are getting older, and the media often reports that students are getting a poor education, especially in subjects like civics and history. So Caldwell decided to hand out copies of The Heritage Foundation’s pocket-sized Declaration of Independence and Constitution in hopes the kids would get a quick lesson on our nation’s Founding.

“Kids need a little historical foundation before the go to these liberal colleges,” Caldwell explains. “They’re getting brainwashed in the high schools with propaganda. It should be part of the conservative movement to give a better historical education.” Continue Reading »

Heritage Is ‘the Place to Be As a Young Conservative’


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The Heritage Foundation's summer 2012 interns pose with Heritage President Ed Feulner in a photo sent recently to Heritage members.

The Heritage Foundation's summer 2012 interns pose with Heritage President Ed Feulner.

Thanks to the support of Heritage Foundation members, 73 young conservatives were able to spend their summer working with Heritage experts on the day’s most pressing issues. During the three-month internship program, they gained a better understanding of our nation’s first principles and learned important career skills.

Continue Reading »

7 Things I Liked About Interning at Heritage


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Heritage Foundation interns pose in front of the Capitol in Washington. From left to right: Bridget Littleton, James Kennedy (behind), Anna Jones, and Rita Heaton (the author)

This summer, I had the opportunity to work as an intern in The Heritage Foundation membership office.

After graduating in May from Cedarville University with a degree in marketing, I decided to apply to Heritage to gain experience in a principled, policy-oriented organization. Knowing how competitive Heritage’s internship program can be, I jumped at the chance for a position!

Here are seven reasons my experience this summer at Heritage has been invaluable: Continue Reading »

Class Warfare and President Obama’s Osawatomie Speech


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President Barack Obama delivers remarks in Osawatomie, Kansas, White House Photo, Pete Souza, 12/6/11

In a speech Wednesday in Osawatomie, Kansas, President Obama made his ideological stance clear: he is a tried and true progressive.

Despite the total failures of his big government policies, the president still sees the federal government as the answer to all of America’s problems.

True to form, President Obama delivered a speech with strong rhetoric. But the American people see through the rhetoric. They know the President’s philosophy is flawed.

As Heritage’s Mike Brownfield puts it,

After three years of a massive expansion of government, the enactment of Obamacare, hundreds of billions of dollars in failed stimulus spending, government ownership of General Motors, a Big Labor/pro-unionization onslaught, threats of even higher taxation, the promulgation of more unnecessary regulations, and a total failure to confront the entitlement challenge, the verdict is in on President Obama’s record and the soundness of his statist, progressive philosophy.

That record is not strong. With a soaring deficit and stagnant economy, with 13.3 million Americans out of work and anemic job growth, it’s no surprise the President neglected these facts in his speech. Continue Reading »

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