There’s more to the 14th Amendment than meets the eye. The media isn’t accurately reporting on the birthright citizenship issue. Instead, they constantly jump to conclusions without discussing the facts. The Heritage Foundation is here to fix that.

Heritage Founder Ed Feulner wrote a brief overview explaining that the original interpretation of the 14th Amendment isn’t being applied properly. Dr. Feulner refuted the notion that limiting birthright citizenship is unconstitutional.

Heritage Senior Legal Fellow Hans Von Spakovsky has written on this subject for years. He argues that a president does have the power to direct the executive branch on how to interpret the Constitution, meaning that an executive order is appropriate. In the Daily Signal, Von Spakovsky and the Meese Center’s Amy Swearer distilled their comprehensive legal and historical analysis into bullet points that conclude: current law isn’t applying the Constitution, and the president has the right to execute the original intent of the 14th Amendment.

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What is the best option to clarify the 14th Amendment on birthright citizenship: an executive order, legislation, or a court ruling?

This week’s news reminds us we have a serious problem with immigration enforcement, and our current immigration laws encourage illegal immigrants to break them.

In a recent report, Heritage expert David Inserra explains how “loopholes and defects in U.S. immigration laws are among the largest problems contributing to illegal immigration and are fully within Congress’ power to fix.” Specifically, he points to federal asylum laws and policies dealing with families and children, which are at the heart of the border crisis.

The reason caravans of thousands of foreign nationals convoy through the Mexican desert to cross our southern border is that, under current law, even if they are caught, there is a high probability they will be released into the United States. Inserra’s report explains what lawmakers can do to stop incentivizing foreign nationals to break our laws.

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Read Inserra’s Immigration Law and Enforcement report here >>

What should Congress do to fix broken immigration laws?

Heritage President Kay Coles James prescribes a dose of common sense in her recent column: Don’t trade freedom for a “vapid slogan.” As she puts it, “Even if you can’t be guaranteed a perfect life, ask yourself: Who should make the decisions in your life? You, or the government?”

In an op-ed, published by the Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the Sacramento Bee and dozens more, President James warned against the rising popularity of socialism. “When people are free to make their own decisions and follow their dreams, it’s only natural that their everyday life is better than that experienced by people under the thumb of a dominating, all-controlling state.”

She also had a word of caution for those who naïvely glorify Scandinavian hybrids between socialism and capitalism: “The fact remains that wherever unalloyed socialism has been tried, the result has been disastrous for the citizens it’s inflicted on.” The proponents of pure socialism will never find what they seek: instead, they’ll find themselves living in societies that mirror Cuba, Venezuela or Vietnam.

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Read Kay Coles James’ op-ed here >>

 What is the most convincing argument against socialism?

Heritage’s Joseph Story Distinguished Lecture is named for Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, considered a father of the notion of judicial restraint. Previous lecturers have included Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Anthony Kennedy, and Judge Robert Bork. Last year, then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh delivered the lecture.

This year, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, gave a lecture on the state of the judicial confirmation process in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings. He details how America reached the state of politicization and obstruction that plagues today’s nomination process. The divide between the conservative and the liberal approach to nominations has caused friction between the two sides, and Sen. Hatch gives his take on what the future of the process will look like.

Watch the 2018 Joseph Story Distinguished Lecture >>

What changes should be made to avoid the liberal tricks that occurred during the Kavanaugh hearings?

The 2019 Index of U.S. Military Strength carries a startling message: America is not ready to fight two regional wars at once. Conservatives believe in Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength,” meaning that our lack of readiness makes us increasingly vulnerable to war. Last week Heritage’s President, Kay Coles James, had some powerful words to say about our vulnerability.

“The bottom line,” President James said, “is that our current military is too small, insufficiently equipped and inadequately trained to do the job.” The Index found that much of our equipment is outdated, our forces stretched thin, and that years of underfunding the armed forces is putting not only our military at an unnecessary risk, but America herself.

President James also detailed how every branch of our military is suffering from being over utilized and underfunded in recent years, and concluded that it’s immoral to put America’s best at risk without giving them the tools to prevail. On the contrary, “America’s sons and daughters deserve better.”

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Read President James’ op-ed at Fox News >>

With our high deficits and spending, how do you think we should approach America’s defense needs?

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