Your support for Heritage not only advances strong policy, but it enables young conservatives to stand up every day for the principles and values that make our country strong. An excellent example of such a person is Olivia Enos, who works as a policy analyst in Heritage’s Asian Studies Center and focuses on human rights issues.

Enos grew up with a conservative father and a liberal mother. From a young age her family encouraged her to grapple with ideas, debate, and come to her own conclusions. She credits her conservatism today to the discussions she had with her family.

In high school and college she took part in speech and debate, where she often found herself relying on Heritage research and commentary to support her arguments. She came to work at Heritage in 2013 because it was one of the few conservative platforms where she felt she could effectively work on human rights.

“So often,” she explains, “human rights and policy issues are unnaturally divorced from each other. It’s our job as policymakers to show that there are both moral reasons to raise human rights issues, and reasons that serve American interests. I believe that human rights are something that are inherent, and that come from God, so it’s natural for conservatives to be the defenders of human rights. You’ve seen that historically.”

At Heritage, Enos has been able to turn her passion for defending human rights into action. Right now, she spends much of her time writing analysis on North Korea, which has always been a passion of hers. She sees the events unfolding there as a unique opportunity to address human rights in that country. While she notes that the Trump administration has expressed interest in North Korean human rights, she adds, “I think it’s time to go beyond rhetoric on these issues and maybe take the summit as a potential opportunity to call for the dismantlement of prison camps in North Korea.” Already, the House and Senate have started to call for the same policy, and Enos is working on a paper to help address the policy more completely.

Though Enos is in the minority as a young conservative in Washington, D.C., she doesn’t think it has to stay that way. “I don’t think millennials are necessarily set as being liberal,” she says, noting that she’s been surprised by how open and curious many people her age have been about her worldview. “People live in a bubble of their own choosing, but so long as we all try to understand where everyone is coming from, I don’t think that we have to stay isolated.”

You can read more of Enos’ commentary and reports on her Heritage bio page. She contributes regularly to The Daily Signal and is a foreign affairs contributor for Forbes.

What questions do you have for Olivia?

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Corky Axelson - May 5, 2018

Hi Olivia, I agree totally that Human Rights are very important, but we need to take one step at a time with the North Korean situation for example. No one will listen to us when we do not have a reasonable relationship with them. Thanks for the work you are doing.

William Coates - May 5, 2018

There are strong economic ties between the Chinese government and a number of American politicians, as revealed in Peter Schwezer’s book ‘Secret Empires’. To what extent are these ties a factor in softening the U.S. position on Chinese human rights?
What other ties does Rosemont Capital have in our political and lobbying class?
Wealthy American politicians can use ‘their own’ money in campaigns. How much of that money comes to them through family members who have ‘business’ interests in China? (Mitch McConnell for example)

bill T Davis - May 5, 2018

do you refer to our government as a Republic a constitutional representative Republic. Do you do this and daily conversation official business official documents. Please say yes. Bill T Davis

Thom Cady - May 6, 2018

What do you understand of old American English about liberation of all human beings, equal to being conservators of all Planet Earth Life? Those 2 words does not fit newly invented defamation to scam and divide current day lying Con and Lib gaming-professionals with word definition by Newly Minted-coined Divisiveness creating unnecessary among Citizens’ Word War.. Word Wars is even more destructive than Our own Civil Wars’ major deaths. Each group to me is ‘gaming-against-Our Founding Fathers’.
intentions. They definitely understood greed against Jesus of Nazareth’s….”Do Unto Others…etc”! This more similar to ‘sky-war G-Ds’; then either Princes of Peace..East and West. Ain’t that VERY un-nice? Be Well and Shalom to Our Joint USA! Thomas ZZZZ Cady, FL

James Smith - May 7, 2018

Thanks for your dedication.
I am concerned about the President’s meeting with Kim Jung Un. His half brother was killed with a salve laced with poison. Since the N. Korean knows he will shake the hand of Mr. Trump, he may have something in his palm. Virus? Please talk to Dakota if he is still there.

GLEN HILLEBRAND - May 10, 2018

Ms. Enos:
If, if, you have the time; of course,I realize that YOU are SO busy. But should you have a moment; if, you would, please, write me suggestions you might have to improve my arguing and debating skills. As I say; I, understand, indeed; how busy you are. But of course; I would be greatly appreciative.

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