Heritage Foundation members Dick and Carolyn Randall of California sent the following note to Heritage President Jim DeMint and Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham:

It must be hard to stay positive for you all at Heritage sometimes, you have multiple loads to carry. There are your jobs to do with all that goes on in Washington, which I am sure is exhausting at times, but you are also carrying the torch for us who feel powerless on our own, but mighty when joined forces with you. This is why we joined Heritage and Action. You amplify our voices, you stand powerfully with our founders and through you, so do we.

And here is another reason why we admire and champion you all: you guys and gals are courageous. When I see Mike or Jim on TV, or read articles on them or by them, I see determination, core beliefs, and messengers who state in words, deeds and expression that “we will never give up.” You speak for us. You send the message for us. You reinforce the determination we have, and those fallen heroes and patriots who have gone before us. It’s not just us you fight for, it is also those of previous generations who fought and died, that you are fighting for. This is another reason why I honor you.

Please remember this for all of your fans and supporters: The more our opponents attack you, the better. It means you are effective. I can’t imagine where we would be without you.

Thank you for all you do. Through the great times and tough times, it is very comforting for us to know that we have the power of both Heritage groups to be our voice. And I have no doubt, NONE, that you are making history in silent ways by standing firm and helping our elected officials do the same. Stay strong everyone. And stand tall and straight — we are very proud of you.

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William M Snedden Sr - January 28, 2014

I am concerned that free speech in America is being threatened. My earlier comment meant that soon no one will be able to speak out in favor of conservative candidates!!!

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