With the launch of Heritage’s new Executive Branch Relations team, you will now have a direct impact on the Trump administration.

Focused on educating, informing, and supporting conservatives in the executive branch, this new team will pave the way in building strong relationships with key agencies in order to push conservative policy priorities.

They will provide Heritage research, host events, and work to ensure that reforms actually get done–not simply discussed.

Here are their top five targeted departments to start:

  • The Department of Health and Human Services, headed by Secretary Tom Price: We’ll show policymakers in HHS how to administer health care entitlement programs in a patient-centered, market-based way after Obamacare is gone; and how to reverse administrative actions that undermine life and religious liberty.
  • The Department of Justice, headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions: We’ll help focus the DOJ on restoring justice and the rule of law. This will mean reviewing and rescinding the transgender bathroom “guidance,” stopping the overuse of federal criminal statutes, and ending the use of “disparate impact” analyses to label free-market policies as racist.
  • The State Department, headed by Secretary Rex Tillerson: We’ll encourage the State Department to rebuild America’s strained alliances, free America from the Iran deal, and make clear which international agreements constitute treaties requiring Senate advice and consent.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency, headed by Secretary Scott Pruitt: We’ll be a source of guidance for the new EPA on getting rid of Renewable Fuel Standards and greenhouse gas regulations (and other obsolete or unwarranted programs) and encouraging effective, state-based environmental stewardship.
  • The Department of Homeland Security, headed by Secretary John F. Kelly. We’ll share our plans for restoring a secure America after years of ignored and unenforced U.S. immigration law. We’ll provide guidance on securing the border and creating more cooperation between the federal government and the states.

What are your priorities for the executive branch?

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Andrew Boyd - February 17, 2017

Sell or give away the grossly excessive federal land.

Don Hamilton - February 17, 2017

I believe your synopsis of actions to be taken to be almost perfect. I would add to always have an eye to eliminating unnecessary programs. And to have the Justice Department eliminate forfeiture and seizure–it is creating gangs of legalized thugs out here in the real world.

Judy Schuss - February 17, 2017

Just take care of business with the best interest of the American people first and foremost. I believe President Trump has this as a priority but he is hampered by the elites and establishment types. They need to support him, not blindly, but be open to discussion – – he is! It is hard to pick priorities – – there are so many that are equal that have been ignored for the last 8 years – – at least.

Raymond Lehman - February 17, 2017

Well now…Those are great selections but I hope dismantling the IRS and returning the Department of Education to the States will make the agenda.

Susanne Johnson - February 17, 2017

I honestly think President Trump will be viewed a success if he really creates jobs and creates a healthcare environment that people understand and can afford. Day to day if the quality of our lives improve then the anti- Trump people will have little to complain about.

David W. Williams - February 17, 2017

Repeal Obamacare.
Build a wall.
Repeal Anchor Baby law.
Eliminate Sanctuary Cities.
Fair Tax – tax on consumption & eliminate the IRS.
Term Limits for Congress & Supreme Court.
Balanced budget amendment.
Get unions out of all government jobs, city, county and federal.

Mark E McKee - February 17, 2017

I will address what I think their priorities should be at a later date. What I have to say now is general and aimed mostly at the Republicans who are out of line with what most of us out in “fly over country” think. We have put these people in office to accomplish the roll back of the very liberal agendas that are destroying our families and culture. We are not afraid of the media because we know that they are aligned with some very evil forces. The republicans who are going against the will of the electorate will suffer defeat in the next election if they continue to rebuke the president. Some of us are thinking that the people who have been in office for a long time are only doing what is necessary to keep their nice jobs and lifestyles that we are paying for. Let’s get behind the president and get this county back on track financially, and spiritually. If the people who are there now can’t do it, perhaps we can find more people like Mr. Trump who love America, to take their places. This is what I am hearing out here.

Patricia Hinckley - February 17, 2017

We trust you to work diligently and ethically to move forward through the obstructions with all possible speed. Truly, the time is limited.
We are praying for you and the success of that work. Please remember every day that you actually do hold the fate of millions of people in your hands. God Bless

Buddy Jones - February 17, 2017

Cut the federal workforce and make any remaining federal employees accountable for their positions. In other words if your surfing the net all day you are not needed. If you waste taxpayer funds, you should be accountable, etc.

Larry Lancaster - February 17, 2017

Spending must stop! Government must be cut drastically terminating unnecessay things like the Endowment for the Arts and the NEA. Strict accountability in military spending and drastically cutting the abuse of the IRS and EPA while enforcing the current laws of the land. This isn’t rocket science, its about doing the right thing and being accountable.

Jody Oakes - February 17, 2017

I want the government to stop the fly over chemtrails. Use the money from the SAI (stratospheric aerosol injections) program for needed funds to cut taxes, etc.
Former Director John Brennen shared he name of this undercover program.
No more chemicals dropping from the aircraft on our heads – hurting humans, plants, water resource, soil! This is probably a UN involved program for climate change. God should create the atmospheric climate – not governments!!

Charles H. Fuller - February 17, 2017

I totally agree with Larry Lancaster, I could not have said it better, so I will not.
many dittoes to his message,

Alberta Wamsley - February 17, 2017

I encourage a review of all employees who served during the oboma adm. To ensure they will not attempt to create disorder in this admistrarion.

Nora Grossman - February 17, 2017

Healthcare is out of hand and Obamacare needs to be replaced immediately!

Judy L Cummins - February 17, 2017

President Trump is keeping his promises….he does love America & will continue to put it first.
My biggest concern & to get a wall built & stop the flood of illegals into our country.
I live in AZ, so I do know how important it is.

Alice Cone - February 17, 2017

A big priority for me is to reduce the size and scope of the federal government back to the size intended by the constitution. Also, identify and terminate those persons in the bureaucracies, especially the State Dept. who do not have the best interest of the USA at heart and who will not be faithful to the agenda of the president.

Tim Myers - February 17, 2017

Congress, working with the Executive Branch, MUST review hiring practices in these Bureaucracies. Why is it so difficult to remove bad employees?? Re-write the law governing Federal Employment It is way out of control.

J R Cole - February 17, 2017

Remove the Feds from health care!

Edward Plasek - February 17, 2017

Immediately Apply Full-Force and Rule of Law via Mr. Sessions and Mr. Comey to work with Congress Chaffetz, Gowdy, and Jordan Team to bring Hillary Clinton to indictment and conviction for her high crimes and treasonous actions–there are so many! Obama, Jarrett, and Kerry are equally responsible and accountable, along with their high crimes of 1.) Bergdahl Swap for 5-Mastermind Terrorist, 2.) Treasonous Iran Nuke Deal, 3.) Treasonous Iran Ransom Payment of $150B, and more. Bring the ACLJ and Judicial Watch Teams in for the evidence for Indictments and Convictions. Bring These Criminals to Justice and Immediately Stop the Left-Liberal Regressive DNC Obama-Clinton Elite Rule Shadow Govt. GET BUSY, REAL AMERICANS ARE WATCHING YOU CLOSELY—DO YOU HAVE the RIGHT STUFF and COURAGE!!!!!!!

Charles Fickling - February 17, 2017

Ensure National Security, create an environment of prosperity and the American Dream and restore law and order in this nation. Overriding all of this, remember ” a nation divided cannot stand”!!!!

Louis Grasso - February 17, 2017

My priorities for the Executive Branch are:

1) Tax Reform
2) Rebuild the military
3) Balance the budget
4) Immigration Reform
5) Destroy Isis

Dennis Dorsheimer - February 17, 2017

I am concerned about eliminating the Renewable Fuel Standards until America is no longer dependent on foreign oil. The RFS have an important role in reaching that goal, plus the benefit it has on American agriculture. All benefits should be carefully considered before making any changes.

Cap Parry - February 17, 2017

Each of these is vitally important. I would put ENFORCEMENT of the rule of law at the top. If people choose to violate the law by destroying property during “protests”, or by coming into our country illegally, or by disrupting pipeline production, or leaking classified information, they should be fined, incarcerated, or deported. Just ENFORCE the law.

Margeina McClelland - February 17, 2017

I think President Trump is doing a great job , considering he has opposition from all sides. Radical Islam is our biggest threat, they will conquer by migration, in large numbers on our soil.
The corrupt unelected bureaucracy, who are working in the shadows against our President and our country, need to be found and prosecuted.

Timothy R. Buttner - February 17, 2017

Repeal the ACA. Repeal it. It’s a blot on our Republic. Repeal it!

Jerry Metcalf - February 17, 2017

Repeal LBJ’s gaging of the pulpits in churches.

andrew hiester - February 17, 2017

Rethink the mandated use of ethanol as a fuel additive – it make lousy fuel and the growing of corn for fuel requires between 200-800 gallons of water per gallon of ethanol produced. This is a huge draw on our aquifers which is not replentished.

Beverly Cuyler - February 17, 2017

Stop the oppressive influence of the pharmaceutical companies! Just like we, as conservatives, believe in personal responsibility in many areas of life, the same will do wonders in our healthcare system. We believe that pharmaceutical companies have suppressed legitimate therapies and lifestyle choices that work to bring us into better and less expensive healthcare. For example, think chiropractic as prevention and treatment. It works.

Dennis M Converse - February 17, 2017

Find all the “leakers”, regardless which branch of the government they are in, and prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law.

Charlotte Keneson - February 17, 2017

REPEAL Obamacare, not repair
Build a wall
Enforce the law
Deport ALL illegal aliens, newborn to 90
Eliminate illegal anchor baby “loop hole”
Eliminate sanctuary cities
Fair tax – tax on consumption
Eliminate IRS
Term limits for Congress and Supreme Court
Balanced budget amendment

Chuck Walker - February 17, 2017

Paul Ryan says the House and the President have agreed on a 200 day plan.
We need to see The Plan and an explanation of why it will take 200 days. Heritage needs to do what it can to speed up the House’s agenda.

LELAND S KOLLMORGEN - February 17, 2017

You asked what I want the Federal Government to do now that we have the heads of the Departments in the conservative mode.
For all the great good they will strive to do and hopefully accomplish, they are still beholden to the Federal Budget. A FIRST is to get the fiscal house in order.

Steve Heckman - February 17, 2017

Tax reform and simplification
Securing our boarders and deporting many
Repeal and replace Obama care
Build up our military
Destroy ISIS and other radical Muslims
Increase jobs and improve our economy

Roy Harvill - February 17, 2017

The EPA should be returned to the original mandate period.

Joel Ringold, MD - February 17, 2017

NO ONE has addressed the hidden cost of medical liability and how this leads to defensive medical practice. Not only to revise ACA but to implement true cost savings in heathcare in general, tort reform like the type that has been operative in California for decades needs to be written into any new law. Secretary Price as a practicing physician, understands this issue better than anyone in Congress or the administration.

Michael Reynolds - February 17, 2017

I think Flynn’s replacement should be Col. Allen West. He has been outspoken about the Obama adminstrations handing of our military and from what I learned from his writings, he would be a perfect candidate.
He has political and military knowledge.

T. Neff - February 17, 2017

I would like to see the executive branch focus on the following:
Allow for the safe entry of refugees by secure vetting to prevent terrorists and criminals entering the U. S.
Protect the 2nd amendment.
Revise the tax code and rid the IRS of biased and partial dictators.
Balance the budget.
Establish right to work as law of the land.
Eliminate sanctuary cities.
Establish term limits but without a constitutional convention where rogue members may create other unhealthy or inappropriate laws.
Rescinding Obama’s numerous restrictive executive orders.

Don Van Valkenburgh - February 17, 2017

1) Obamacare seized control of all student loans. As part of disassembling Obamacare AND the Department of Education, return student loans to the private sector.
2) grants.gov is the poster child of unconstitutional government over reach and wasteful spending. Disassemble the give away programs that fuel grants.gov and ultimately shut down the website.
3) A 10-20% downsizing of every federal government department would be a good start. We read about Acting Assistant Interim Provisional Deputy Administrators who probably have no real job and are pulling down $140,000 / yr plus massive benefits, vacation time and pension accruals. Cleaning house could take years – let’s get started!

Lenny - February 17, 2017

agree with David Williams
agree with Buddy Jones
agree with Larry Lancaster
agree with Raymond Lehman
agree with Cap Parry
agree with Louis Grasso
agree with Tim Myers
thank you
please keep up the good work

Cathy Stoops - February 17, 2017

I am not surprised that Obama and co. left some interesting traps for this incoming administration. They were positive Hillary would take over where Obama left off and now they are losing their minds! Sec Sessions first needs to drain this swamp. These are criminal offenses. No more leaks! On to Obamacare, tax cuts, secure our borders and stop this immigration.

Tom Lanners - February 17, 2017

If President Trump follows through on his campaign promises, i.e. 1. Putting America first
and American citizens first, no matter how much the Democrats and establishment Republicans
whine, that will be enough for me.
Heritage provides all the guidance needed

Ann M Patterson - February 17, 2017

Get Supreme Court nominee confirmed
Withdraw Federal funds from sanctuary cities
Build the wall
Repeal/replace Obamacare
Rebuild national security and military
Change & support new goal for NASA to return to the Moon – drop the asteroid mission. US Space Program totally dependent on Russia thanks to Obama

william schmidt - February 17, 2017

There has been some talk of Trump being a fascist. Soros funded civil disruption has been hampering Trump’s action and possibly diverting his attention. Should Trump put a stop to the harassment, this action may show him to be the fascist that the left claims that he always was. Also, if the Trump administration accomplishes their goals, it will demonstrate what a poor leader Obama was because the Obama administration wasted alot of time and money.

Michael Audet - February 17, 2017

Restore religious liberty, that is, allow businesses and charitable organizations to conduct programs according to their religious convictions. Particular attention should be given to the military where it seems that religious expression is increasingly oppressed. Those asked to risk their lives for all of us should have free and open access to their preferred spiritual support.

Don Van Valkenburgh - February 17, 2017

By April 1, every department head (HUD, etc) should deliver a report to the President, Congress and We the People:
1) Unconstitutional programs and functions to be eliminated
2) A plan and timeline to eliminate these functions, including headcount and budget reductions
3) A plan and timeline to consolidate, downsize and streamline the remaining, constitutional functions of the department (if there are any!)

Jane - February 17, 2017

Drain the Swamp. Get rid of the holdover saboteurs and stealth Muslim Brotherhood destroyers. Restructure to run like a business; open good lines of communication and cooperation with Congress, and serve The People who are paying they bills. After tax reform, eliminate the IRS and replace with a small efficient office in Treasury.

Don Van Valkenburgh - February 17, 2017

The Federal Government (GSA?) owns and maintains millions of square feet of UNOCCUPIED office space. Just Google ‘federal government unoccupied office space’ for an eye full of enlightening (but enraging) reports.
If these buildings cannot be sold, then give them away.
If they cannot be given away, then tear them down and sell or auction off the vacant property.

Ann Hilburn - February 17, 2017

Recommend that the EPA dismantle the requirement that 10% or more of ethanol fuel be added to the fuel we now buy at the gas pump. In fact, totally eliminate using our tax dollars for these renewable/alternative fuels. It is not a good idea to be using corn, for example, for fuel and not for food, when we have all these natural fuel sources, i.e. gas, coal, oil, etc.

Ken Galica - February 17, 2017

Protect religious freedom for Christians too.

Ann Hilburn - February 17, 2017

I am a retired federal employee (U.S. Customs Service). I would like to make the recommendation that we eliminate unions in the public sector. I was fortunate enough to work BEFORE unions were allowed; and I can tell you that the efficiency and effectiveness of every aspect of work diminished AFTER we allowed unions.

Rick powell - February 17, 2017

Of course protecting America militarily and financially is number one but a close second is an amendment requiring all states in the union to teach the truth about our founding , it’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The belief of all founders in a creator that helped them against all odds to form America on Judeo-Christian principles , how they enabled us to prosper so greatly and the truth about the historical conclusions of communism / atheism worldwide. We must provide honest clear perspectives to the youth in order to have any chance of saving ourselves from the certain destruction we are on the brink of. Without it all else is window dressing on a funeral hearse.

fred rarick - February 17, 2017

I love what I am reading here.

Charles Macaulay - February 17, 2017

1. Modify Civil Service regulations to empower accountable supervisors in terminating incompetent individuals whose employment is a “waste” of taxpayer monies.
2. Limit the power of Government unions that have a significant self-serving conflict of interest of putting their members careers ahead of the taxpayers interest. Case in point: Governor Scott’s courageous action in Wisconsin.
3. Prosecute those acting seditiously by supporting sanctuary cities.
4. Restore civility and freedom of speech on our campuses.

Sonie Thompson - February 17, 2017

Congress has had 8 years to get gov’t in order! Repeal and replace the ACA, shore up our immigration laws and allow them to work!
Get the wall secure!
Sadly, what we see is so much fighting coming from leftists, you have your hands full!
President Trump is capable, and we would like to see Republicans ALL support him!

Sandra Hahn - February 17, 2017

Repeal & replace obamacare. Keep the non-pre-existing clause
Abolish the IRS and create a flat tax. Steve Forbes has been recommending this for years
Secure the borders and shut down the sanctuary cities or cut their Federal funding
Drain the swamp of all those bureaucrats who are in redundant jobs or who are trying to undermine our President and get unions out of any Gov’t job
Abolish the Dept of Education and return
the control to the States
Stop supporting the NEA, NPR, PBS
Investigate obama’s shadow gov’t and charge them with treason for trying to undermine the current Administration

Let’s all work to Make America Great Again

Tricia M Harmon - February 17, 2017

Re-establish Religious Freedom for ALL in Business,Military,Schools,Private homes and CHURCHES every American should have their right to express their religious beliefs and worship in the manner they are accustomed to in their faith

Shavis Irons - February 17, 2017

Who, when and how are we going to protect/shield our electric power grid from attack?

Stephanie Toland - February 17, 2017

Stephanie Toland – February, 2017
I hope to see all the Syrian immigrants who are already here to be vetted including the men with numerous wives and, therefore, children. Bigamy is not allowed in America .

PATSY THOMAS - February 17, 2017

Just to get the Obamacare eliminated, whether or not it can be replaced. The only ones who have liked it are the people who are having it paid for by other people than themselves. Even now, the Democrats are demanding that it be replaced, which is so they can be reelected. Those are likely having theirs paid for by somebody else. The Constitution says nothing about “a right” to have free healthcare.

Carl Helmle - February 17, 2017


Carl Helmle - February 17, 2017

Within the radius of a 50 – 100 mile radius there are about 10-12 unsolved murders
committed since the 1960’s. They are unsolved because we need to be able to use some coman sense during solving crimes. In these cases the police involved have done every effort to solve w/in the current laws. Our daughter is one of the victims Carl Helmle

Author Steven Lawrence - February 27, 2017

Carl, we are very sorry to hear about your loss. It’s very frustrating to not get answers to these cases. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Gerald Homer - February 17, 2017

Let’s take as much as we can of government business and hand it back to the states. Now that we have energized the Convention of States, let’s work with the states and localities to take up the slack and direct these issues from nearby rather than from distant Washington, D.C. Fairness is important, but one size does not fit all in the U.S.A.

Martin Querin - February 17, 2017

It should be mandatory for every municipality to provide a report of their current liabilities in terms of their deferred infrastructure maintenance. For example, the water system underpins the real property value of the community and jobs. Most cities have no idea what their liability is in terms of replacement cost of their infrastructure, or what the rate of growth of the liability is. This is a threat to property values and when it fails and they can’t pay for it, they are going to expect someone else to pay for it, rather than planning responsibly and setting rates to fund lifecycle asset management.

Leslie Miech - February 17, 2017

Medicare rents oxygen concentrators, c-pap machines, tens machines, etc. The rent they pay per year would buy 2 machines. Insurance companies buy these machines if their customers are prescribed them. On the most part these are devices that once needed, are needed for the rest of one’s life. Easy way to cut costs.

Bill Coates - February 17, 2017

All of your list are great beginnings, but some federal agencies must be completely eliminated. Depts. of Education, Energy, Commerce, HUD, and Labor are all unconstitutional government interference in the economy, with known harmful effects. EPA should be a state-level function devoted to quantifiable health effects, not speculative statistical inferences. FERC should be shut down.

Marilyn Flowers - February 17, 2017

All the listed suggestions PLUS lowering individual and corporate taxes.

Arlene Hamm - February 17, 2017

Restore respect for and protection of all innocent human life, born and unborn, healthy and infirm.

Wendy Russell - February 17, 2017

I don’t see how anything is going to get done until the liberals are put in their place with their disruptions, spinning and altering of events, etc. Freedom of speech is fine, but when the media is the mouthpiece, it’s just wrong and grossly not fair. The propaganda is going to kill this country unless something is done about it.

amy L. Moore - February 17, 2017

Get rid of religious restraints on Christians,especially in the military. But
also those in business and in schools and in government. God Bless

SHARON RHOADS - February 17, 2017


j f austin - February 17, 2017

repeal the income tax amendment

Rebecca Stapert - February 17, 2017

Get rid of the Obama people still in the different parts of the government. They are leaking and causing problems. Fire them all!

Robert S. Allen - February 17, 2017

Eliminate federal rules requiring election materials in other than English language.

Mandate voter ID for US offices on states.

Mandate states in elections for US offices obtain ID info (e.g., DL #) as well as signature of voter on VBM envelopes or voter index. (Check for duplicates)

robert - February 17, 2017

repeal Obamacare, tax reform, both corporate and personal

George Glatz - February 17, 2017

Do not delay replacing Obama Care!
What are we waiting for?
The longer the delay the weaker the commitment is evident.

Next should be tax reform.
Personal no corporate: needed to launch the economy!

charles e Vaaler - February 17, 2017

I agree with all previous posts. Hillary must be prosecuted to re-establish the rule of law. Obamacare must be completely repealed and replaced with much less government involvement. Illegals must be deported and penalized for their crimes of trespass.

Patricia Mannel - February 17, 2017

To follow the Constitution when it apples and do what they were selected to do with integrity.

We pray for our new Administration daily and also for the Lord’s protection.

Margeina McClelland - February 17, 2017

I agree with all the others, but I forgot to add, immigration reform. Criminal aliens should be deportated. Give good decent people who are illegal, but have been good citizens, a path to citizenship, with penalties and big, big fines. Eliminate the anchor baby loophole, it’s actually a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment. Build the wall, provide many layers of security at the border wall.
Start vigorous enforcement of immigration laws from now on. This is nessasary for our future. A country with no boarders, is not a country.

Glynnda White - February 17, 2017

Heritage you have a good start with the Executive Team. Here are some things I would add:
1. Beyond building the wall at the Southern Border, enact serious technology to monitor the wall at all times and employ a good number (at least 200,000) federal employees from agencies soon to be shut down (EPA, IRS, DOE, Fannie, Freddie) to work at the southern border and monitor the wall, take care of kids who are going back, work in holding facilities for families soon to be deported, and do the paperwork, etc.
2, Shut down the IRS, repeal the 16th amendment and enact the FAIRTAX
3. Mr Tillerson is making a fine start at the State Dept. with his “housecleaning project” reported today. He should continue his efforts by working with nations at war and the UN to build and guard safe zones where the victims of these wars can be safe while we help their nations get back to a secure environment. Only send federal aid to nations that are working toward free governments. Deal with China, Cuba, Russia, Iran Harshly.
3. The DOJ with Mr Sessions in the lead should immediately begin the process of prosecuting the Clintons, people complicit in the IRS scandal, those involved with BLM overreach in Nevada (the Bundy’s) and Oregon, and those involved with Fast and Furious…that’s a good start.
4. President Trump should immediately fire every single Obama appointee and many of Bush’s. Agencies should begin monitoring all federal employees for performance every six months and all bonuses frozen for the next four years.
5. Fannie and Freddie should be phased out over the next four years. They should begin selling off loans to private lenders and get out of the home and school loan business. All federal funding of college institutions should immediately stop. School money can be block granted to states and they can deal with their own constituents on how they will spend money at universities.

That’s a good start….

Denise Crompton - February 17, 2017

I would like to see the executive branch spend as much time as necessary to bring congress along with the wishes of the American public who voted for Trump to make the necessary changes to bring America back to a Constitutional Republic. I am not sure yet that some members of the Republican Party understand that the reason they have the majority is that they were brought along by President Trump.

Julie Momber - February 17, 2017

Establish term limits for Congress. Until that happens, corruption, cronyism and collusion will continue.
Enforce the laws we have. For example, If illegals can’t get hired, they will eventually self-deport.
Defund sanctuary cities.
Restrict immigration as we have done many times in the past.
Downsize the federal government, especially the EPA and the IRS.

Doug Inglis - February 17, 2017

I sent a letter, dated January 13, 2017, to one of your staffers, Diane Katz, describing what I consider to be a continuing threat to all of us, namely credit card fraud, along with a proposed solution. I would greatly appreciate it if someone in a position of authority could consider that suggestion.

Author Steven Lawrence - February 27, 2017

Thank you for your letter, Doug. Really appreciate you reaching out with a solution for this issue.

Janet. Beckwith - February 17, 2017

I wish president Trump wouldn’t have to have his ego assauged to the point of exasperating everyone. We want him to work on the things he campaigned on, not be overbearing about everything!

Trudy Slater - February 17, 2017

1. Rebuild our military without “social engineering” agendas.
2. Support law enforcement.
3. Complete the wall and stop illegal immigration from sucking our country dry financially.
4. End Obamacare.
5. Return more power to each state not feds.

Joline Tate - February 17, 2017

(1) Repeal Obamacare
(2) Stop security leaks by limiting access to confidential & top secret information. Remove & replace ALL Obama appointed bureaucrats throughout State, DOJ, NSA, CIA, FBI & Homeland Security.
(3) Build the Wall & enforce ALL immigration laws
(4) Reaffirm Hyde Amendment
(5) Pass religious freedom law that protects individuals & businesses who refuse to participate in activities that conflict with their faith
(6) Get Congress to pass tax reform, both corporate and personal at the same time.
(7) Clean up & Reform VA
(8) Designate Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization as well as CAIR & all of their affiliates
(9) Clean up & reform IRS
(10) Reform federal employee guidelines so that employees can be laid off or fired when necessary.
(11) Get out of Iran Deal
(12) Severely cut funding for UN
(13) Reform NAFTA but DO NOT add tariffs or border tax

James Stumpf - February 17, 2017

Get rid of the penalties in the IRS forms for those that don’t have 12 months of health insurance/obamacare/ACA for 2016.

James Stumpf - February 18, 2017

Stop income tax on Social Security benefits. Already paid tax on the payroll deduction, don’t like paying income tax twice.

Eva Mancebo - February 18, 2017

It is important to protect Religious Freedom. This country was founded on this principle. And most important to protect the Right To Life. Nothing mentioned before could be achieved without protecting first the right of every human being from conception to death.

Delvin Paul Tingwall - February 18, 2017

President Trump should set out a mission statement based on his campaign promises with some specific goals. Each department should align their goals in support of this mission. Anything outside of these goals should be off the table. Periodically, maybe quarterly, the departments should report progress and in turn, the President should report to the people. Metrics are important. If you can’t measure it, you don’t know where you are. If this is done, the noisy left will be quieted and the administration and congress will be in position for an 8 year run, and maybe even 16. The main metrics are jobs and a vibrant economy. The implementation focus is tax reform, ACA repeal/replace, infrastructure upgrades and military rebuilding. Much of the rest will fall into place including foreign policy. A strong military makes foreign policy easier to define and implement as Reagan showed us.

Diane Carliner - February 18, 2017

Many excellent comments on a variety of subjects. To add a comment about the environment: Several years ago I visited Qaanaaq, Greenland, the northernmost village in the word, which is now ice covered most of the year. A museum display showed how warm Greenland was in the 9th and 10th centuries. Global warming is not caused by a carbon footprint. However, people living in polluted areas are more prone to cancer. Perhaps, instead of spending billions, or a trillion, from a centralized bureaucracy, environmental cleanup could be worked on locally.

Ginny Quaglia - February 18, 2017

It is wonderful to know Heritage is building the bridge between conservatives and the executive branch. I notice many commenting want full repeal of Obamacare as a priority, I agree! Full repeal first, then replace with free market based solutions. My premiums went from $450/mth before Obamacare to $1360 now. Totally unsustainable, not to mention lack of actual care as doctors continue to leave practice. I would suggest Heritage members take to their computers and submit letters to the editor on their priorities for this congress. The clock is running out on repeal.

David Fell - February 18, 2017

Ferret out the career federal employees who are working to torpedo the efforts of their new bosses, and get them fired or demoted!!
(Is this even possible with the federal employees’ union?)

Mary Abbott - February 18, 2017

Harden the electric grid to protect the nation from terrorist sabotage.
Build the wall.
Deport criminal illegal aliens.
Continue your plan for extreme vetting from countries known to be terrorist hotbeds.
Dismantle EPA.
Abolish Dept of Education and stop the subversion of young minds into the left wing agenda.
Abolish IRS and impossible tax agenda. Simplify taxes.

GOD Bless the United States of America, and lead and protect our president.

Larry Mitchell - February 18, 2017

Repealing and simultaneously installing a better health care system.
Secure the southern border.
Fix the VA.

andrew hiester - February 18, 2017

The Scott Pruitt at EPA needs to re-examine the use of ethanol as a gasoline additive. The production of (1) gallon of ethanol requires 200 – 800 gallons of water applied to grow the corn. Much of this applied water is from aquifers and is not readily replaced. The value of ethanol in promoting cleaner burning fuel is questionable. The loss of the water from the aquifers is setting us up for a serious, long term water shortage and agricultural crisis.

BJ Bustance - February 18, 2017

I believe it is important for President Trump, first and foremost, to remove Obama’s appointees and those in Federal Government sabotaging or undermining this administration. They also need to prosecute.the individuals leaking NSA wires to the press.

Dan Bailey - February 18, 2017

Unite our people by urging them to take their focus off themselves and put it on God, country,and a better way of life for all of us. Quit letting the minority rule and go back to the original intent of our laws which were derived from God’s laws which cannot fail, the greatest of which is to Love!

Lynn Allen - February 18, 2017

Far left liberal judges are making us a land without laws. As one liberal hollywood advertisement says – “Whatever feels right for you is right”

Willingham - February 18, 2017

National campaign to educate citizens on correct healthy living. Food producers providing too much unhealthy foods. In classrooms teach children how important
it is to protect their health, age appropriate.
peoples health perishes because of lack of knowledge about self health care..

Lizelot van Balgooy - February 18, 2017

Agree with David W. Williams list of todos and will add a speedy return to earlier rules and vetting of immigrants no one exempted. Immigrants had to submit an signed statement by their local police that they had no criminal record; a signed statement by an MD and/or hospital that they didn’t have or were cured of any transmittable diseases, that they had not visited a communist country (now that could be one that is a hotbed of terrorism); they had a sponsor in the USA and/or a job waiting for which too few workers were available; they had to be self sufficient; they were then personally interviewed by Am. embassy personnel. Nobody found these rules excessive or racist, they made sense.;

J. D. Paul - February 18, 2017

Please admonish the President and his administrators to “clean house”. The actions of a small group of secular-regressive zealots will have a very detrimental effect upon the ability of any department to accomplish the task at hand. Please know that, while we are not out picketing in support of your work, as we are working to pay the taxes that fund said work, we are staunchly supporting the work! Eliminate all political appointees which were part of the previous administration. Thank you in advance for saving my country. God Bless.

Marlene Inverso - February 18, 2017

Priority: restoration of religious freedom in America. Pray for President Trump and those advising President Trump to set aside their fears of the LGBT roaring lion and put their trust in God. May they realize that God put President Trump in office for such a time as this. It is clearly His plan to restore religious freedom in America through President Trump.

Henry C. Holder - February 19, 2017

Work together and get the job done

Linda Beavers - February 19, 2017

Securing our Southern borders is paramount in stopping the flow of illegal drugs into America. The fact that an illegal way of life has been led for.years doesn’t make that action “legal” – the people living in the shadows have always known that. That is why they live in the shadows. They need to get in line and immigrate legally!

Ralph DeSorbo - February 19, 2017

Dump IRS. Replace our present taxation system with a FLAT Or FAIR Tax.

Ralph DeSorbo - February 19, 2017

1) Eliminate pork-barrel, wasteful spending
2) Rebuild the military
3) Balance the budget
4) Immigration Reform
5) Destroy Isis

Sinclair Doggett - February 19, 2017

In replacing ACA make sure we have unlimited coverage. Effects few but saves lives. For illegals that have been here for many years have a path for either citizenship or work. Place a steep fine on employers who have illegals on staff and use the employers to access illegals but have some system where the employer can help an employee get a workers card or apply for citizenship without penalty for the valuable employee. It’s not fair to deport a family that has been good for many years but have lived with fear all this time while trying to support the family. If the employer can work with the immigration people and help his good employee we all gain. At one time countries had immigration levels and when the limit was full no more were allowed entry. Work permits were separate. Get rid of the anchor baby program. If a parent isn’t a citizen then the baby isn’t either. Basically ignore the whining libs because we need to let them vent. Pursue our work in a positive manner as our response. Heritage, please keep up the excellent work. We all need to answer Heritage’s request for financial help!!

Joan Cummins - February 19, 2017

=Make ENGLISH the official language of the USA; =End IRS deductions from Social Security benefits; =Expedite approval of term limits/balanced budget amendments; =Audit the Fed. Reserve; =Evaluate continuing membership in the U.N. and moving H.Q. off U.S. soil; =Publicly expose G. Soros and other organizations that are actively under-mining the Trump administration.
=Ditto to most all previous responses!!!

Sinclair Doggett - February 19, 2017

Do we have voter fraud? Of course. We all have social security cards or numbers. Make all US citizens apply for a national ID card with a new SS card with a picture which could be taken at a Motor Vehicle Dept. A bar code could be used with only the last four digits shown. If that cost was paid to the states then maybe we could clean up our elections. Need to kill ALL vote by mail programs that are open to fraud. I would think computers could determine if a person was voting in two states and/or absentee. Once voted then the vote would not be accepted. Need security for national database!

Lamar Cornwell - February 19, 2017

Full speed ahead in all the agencies. Fire the bureaucrats where necessary,ASAP. If Congress needs to change the laws regarding their employment status, then so be it. It used to be that way, bring it back.

Lorena Steffen - February 20, 2017

David Williams said everything I had on my mind, very concisely. Thank you, David!

Ron Rogers - February 20, 2017

Appoint Judges who interpret not make laws.
Education reform (choice and NO America Bashing).
Tax reform.
Repeal Johnson Amendment.
Freeze Gov’t pay and pension till in line with private industry.
Immigration reform that protects America physically and economically.
Reduce National debt by passing a balance budget amendment and growing economy.

Dean Gentry - February 20, 2017

Each Conservative should be calling or writing to their Congressmen & Women encouraging them to go all-in to repair the
damage of the eight years of President Obama. If they are a President Trump hater they should step aside and realize
that if President Trump fails his supporters of his election in 2016 due to footing dragging and power playing of our Congressmen and Women they should plan for an early retirement as
many will not be elected again and the GOP will not be able to maintain a majority in either the House or the Senate. This the best and perhaps the only opportunity the GOP wha are in office today will have to
do some great achievements for our country. Please do your very best.

William Parker - February 20, 2017

Veto any legislation not specifically authorized by the constitution. Limit the authority of federal agencies to create rules and regulations which are not deemed to be constutional..

Janet Brubaker - February 21, 2017

1.They need to actively pursue the shadow government of obama and soros. Follow the money and enforce the rule of law. Their actions are sedition and treasonous.
2.Consider instituting e-verify and penalties on employers who hire illegal aliens. (Ex.:1st time large fine and 2nd time loss of business license).

If there is any way for President Trump or a key adviser to talk with Dennis Michael Lynch (website, Facebook) even for just 10-15 minutes he is very politically savvy and has a great deal to offer. He has made 3 films on the border/immigration but he is well versed on all issues. DML is setting up a new media platform to help Fox get the news out and fight against the corrupt bias of the mainstream media. Please check him out.

Allen Boger - February 21, 2017

Farmers and ranchers were supporters of Trump; however, they are appearing in his gun sight by eliminating the renewable fuel requirement (corn farmers) and revising (tearing up) trade agreements that enable exporting farm products. Freeze renewable fuel requirement. Keep AG folk in mind with respect to trade.

Veda Connolly - February 21, 2017

I’m concerned about the Pipe Line issue regarding the Indians. They have been treated very poorly since we immigrants moved in on their land. Can the line be moved so they aren’t upset? Would it be that much of a problem?
Trump is doing a great job! I’m thrilled he is taking advice from Heritage and employing from your ranks! I hated Obama. And I agree with David Williams comments on 2/17.

Bill Chambers - February 21, 2017

Executive Orders should be limited to the operating mechanics of the Executive branch of government and restricted to how to implement the will of Congress as specified in public law. The Executive should be unrestricted in the implementation of policy in carrying out its responsibilities under the Constitution for interacting with foreign entities unless an armed conflict arises or will arise. Such circumstance will require a declaration of war by the Congress and require a statement of achievable national objectives regarding our opponents after the end of the conflict.
The Executive should NOT issue executive orders either directly or through its various branches, agencies, administrations, bureaus or other types of organization that impose penalties or fines on members of the general public or otherwise have the force of law on the general public. That is the purview of Congress. Such executive actions are not within the powers described in the Constitution.

Robert Waunch - February 21, 2017

Suggest to President Trump that he tells Congress that all bills should be individual, no multiple subjects, or he will veto the bill. Each bill or law should stand on it’s own – eliminate the politic dealing and earmarks.

Christopher Reilly - February 22, 2017

The executive branch must follow through on Trump’s campaign promises and implement a strong agenda to do just that. I believe this country is going to get way better in all venues.
The ‘Dumacrats’ really have no power to stop the return to conservative values that will guide this country for decades precisely because enough of the American people have voted in leaders with experience who will get the job done.
One other very important point is that when our military is called on to engage in combat situations, there should be very little interference with the rules of engagement by lawyers who are not being fired upon. In other words, where our people operate, designate and communicate to the people in the area our military is operating that it is a free-fire zone!
We should not risk our soldiers lives for
inane rules of engagement.

Rita Misero - February 22, 2017

This is so exciting!! I am so grateful to God for Heritage. He has brought so many smart, godly people together to help our country. David W. and Ray L. are right, too with their comments. I believe Heritage is working hard in all these areas. Thank you for all you do. Being prayerful people makes such a difference. I like telling people when they wonder best way to do something–eg. re: obamacare, we need to see what Heritage says. God bless you, your families, and all you do.

Susan Jung - February 23, 2017

Repeal & Replace Obamacare.
Build the wall & secure our border.
Eliminate sanctuary cities.
Lower taxes.
Eliminate un-elected bureaucrats that are opposed to Trump’s agenda. (Drain the swamp!)
Strike down abortion law.
Encourage traditional marriage (1man+1woman)
Protect religious liberty.

Retta - February 24, 2017

Just follow the things listed in the Constitution.

Pat Morse - March 17, 2017

End civil asset forfeiture. Assets should not be seized until a conviction. Seized assets should be used in a way that does not encourage legislators & police to perform seizures, possibly victim restoration funding, inmate’s children support, rehabilitation programs & restorative justice programs. Allow assets to be frozen if necessary but not taken until conviction.

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