With all eyes on this week’s historic summit between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, I thought you might be interested to know that The Heritage Foundation was the only major think tank on-site as it happened.  Heritage’s Olivia Enos, who has provided extensive analysis on the situation with North Korea and their human rights record, flew to Singapore to closely monitor the summit and proudly represent your conservative principles there.

While in Singapore, Olivia provided commentary on the unfolding events, and conducted numerous interviews to keep a steady focus on our priorities: denuclearization of North Korea and an end to the oppression of the North Korean people. For example, BBC interviewed Enos twice on Monday, once on her perspective on President Trump’s agenda, and again on her assessment of how events were unfolding in Singapore and the importance of dismantling North Korea’s prison camps. The night of the summit, she appeared on Fox Business to discuss human rights, and did an immediate reaction segment on Fox News immediately following the signing ceremony between Trump and Kim. In a final interview she did Thursday morning with the BBC, she discussed the summit and what the United States’ goals should be in negotiations moving forward.

Thanks to your support for Heritage, you’re making it possible for experts like Enos to be the voice for conservative priorities in international affairs.

What do you think are the best next steps after the Trump-Kim summit?

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Jerome and Harriet Jackson - June 15, 2018

Keep us informed of progress being made — especially Mike Pompeo’s work in the background.

Lois Akers - June 15, 2018

Just keep us informed as we step by step work with NOKO. Each step leads us closer to a peaceful NOKO, a better life for their people and the world. It will take time but we are on the right path.

Bob Ash - June 15, 2018

Let the people who did all the pre-summit planning establish themselves as the monitors of further progress toward achieving the goals

John Roediger - June 15, 2018

Please keep the emphasis on defense issues.

Timothy Scanlan - June 15, 2018

We depend on Heritage to be on the job advising our government leaders including the President ! Thank you ! Tim

Siggy Latarski - June 15, 2018

The process with North Korea will not be completed overnight. Americans have tendency to seek immediate satisfaction on most issues. The constant daily pundit remarks do not add to a positive situation. And for some, no matter what President Trump accomplishes, it will not be good enough. I truly believe This Presidents efforts are America’s last best hope.

Jack - June 15, 2018

Review all phases of the reduction in the nuclear operations in NOKO.

Spencer Wedlund - June 15, 2018

I read this post and thought there might be a better way to help North Korean people than demanding that Kim quit oppressing them. Maybe encouraging some capitalism to spur development.

Fred Henry - June 15, 2018

The regimes in this country have made promises before and didn’t keep them. We must have means established to verify any agreements between North Korea and the United States that they will comply with actions to denuclearize their weapons arsenal and stop threatening the free world with Armageddon.

s.b. - June 15, 2018

All political prisoners have to be released
That should have been the upfront demand
to precede any meeting with Trump.
No meeting….. if no release first.

William Schmidtgall - June 15, 2018

Verification at the deepest level, by American military who love America, not by UN, or federal employees.

Lee Roy Sanders - June 15, 2018

Thank you Olivia Enos And the heritage foundation for making your intelligence and wisdom available through United States channels to the rest of the world. Your help is appreciated

Jeff thoman - June 15, 2018

the biggest thing to me was Kim letting his people see some of Singapore. The more his people are exposed to the outside world the more they will want a better life and the safer we will all be

Esther Schreffler - June 15, 2018

There should be immediate and frequent
inspections until it is absolutely certain that no tricks are being conducted in N Korea.
There should be an emphasis on human rights and treatment of people there. Someone should be designated to inspect the facilities where prisioners are detained.

John Titus - June 15, 2018

Trust, but verify!

Rich Urban - June 15, 2018

Be aware that results will not occur immediately. Maintain open communication with NOKO along with continued sanctions. A written agreement of steps to be achieved by BOTH parties must be obtained ASAP with verification of any denuclearization steps before sanctions start to be reduced.

Dr. Linda Rosene - June 15, 2018

I pray our President Trump will keep NKO denuclearizing 100% all their bombs created since 1990’s. To just make NKO stopping making new bombs misses the huge bomb they exploded, 2017. NKO has stockpiled more.

Senator Lindsey Graham put it right to NKO in 3 words: “peace or war” as the only way to successfully resolve Un’s rogue and dangerous nuclear bomb threats against the world.

David P. Cole - June 15, 2018

The guarded agenda seems to be in place. President Trump needs to let more of his record speak in place of constant criticism of past political leader failures, which are very obvious. Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama squandered opportunity trying to buy success. If Heritage, Faith and Freedom, Fox news and other groups could lower the noise from CNN, MSNBC and all the lies they propagate, it may be helpful.

Richard D Brinkley - June 15, 2018

Next best steps: Nail a time schedule for eliminating all existing nukes, inspecting all sites in North Korea. This should be done within the next 30 days to leverage our momentum.

Pam - June 15, 2018

Releasing prisoners and constant monitoring of the denuclearization would be the first priorities. I would also like to see some other humanitarian outreach allowed to the people of North Korea.

Stevens Diane - June 15, 2018

keep us informed of progress of denuclearization by having definite knowledge that, indeed, sites are being destroyed when NK says they are being destroyed. thanks for all your diligent work!

Kathleen Freeman - June 15, 2018

Let our President handle the next steps as he has amazing instincts.

Bob Tonini - June 15, 2018

Obviously verify that promises kept.
Now let’s put the hammer down and focus on winning the 2018 mid term elections. Once that is accomplished, BUILD THE WALL!!

Frank - June 15, 2018

Looks like Trump is taking care of business and despite the talking heads he is taking the right stance with Noko .

I would love to see him take on the left (the enemy within) by aggressively declassifying all the pertinent documents from the last election and exposing the left for what they are. Hopefully healing the nation in the process by educating.
Job one as far as I’m concerned.

David Wyatt - June 15, 2018

Trump’s carrot, be the leader who brings peace and prosperity to your people, has put that desire in Kim’s mind. Trump will expand the tempting idea. A real neighbor’s way of solving their problems. The North Koreans have seen the U.S. as an enemy at truce. Scary. Now Tump opens with 21st century visions to a brave peace maker. Be patient this deal can work where anger, distrust and bribes fail.

gary burkle - June 15, 2018

FREE N.Korean Christians!!!!

Howard Ainsworth - June 15, 2018

We need to move on with continuous negotiations one point at a time. Continue the sanctions until each step as been completed with possible slight reductions as compliance is confirmed.
We must have agreement at the beginning on how the denuking as well as other required changes will be confirmed.
We must make it clear that the US and allies are in control of this program without upsetting the NK negotiators. Our best will be required.

David - June 15, 2018

yes, verify with military representatives. Establish consequences of noncompliance. Cautiously trust. Accept this is going to be a long game.

Lew Casbon - June 15, 2018

Return the PUEBLO and the remains of the military.

Jack Frost - June 15, 2018

Mike Pompey made it clear sanctions will not be removed until the denuclearization process is complete including inspections. I trust the process is in good hands and it’s time to focus on the November election and efforts to maintain the current majority.

Robert - June 15, 2018

There needs to be a regime change in NK. Kim Jong Un as a dictator will have many enemies. To open the country to many freedoms the old Un has to go. The best would be a conversion to a repentant Un who tries to repair what generations of repression has done.We do not need a power struggle as his powers are weakened. Next step – teach Un to be concerned about his people.

Richard Wilbanks - June 15, 2018

Having been to South Korea several times, and having friends there, I am interested in what the folks there think about all this.

ed greene from Sunny San Diego - June 15, 2018

every action of Donald Trump validates the defeat of ‘crooked Hillary” no one discusses this, but if she had won in 2016 Hillary would never never have gotten Dictator Kim to the bargaining table..
POTUS makes a few petty ‘gaffs’ giving the ‘left’ an opportunity to ‘rag’ on him…

however I would suspect there are many democrats that see Trump as a better Prez.. [I sure wish they had the guts to deny Pelosi any help]

Jim Bracken - June 15, 2018

Pres Trump needs to move forward and replace the FBI-IAG, Sessions and pick not- connected to Dems/Clinton/and did Obahma get more free vacations from the tax payers after leaving office???

Murry S Moore - June 15, 2018

This is historic and I am grate full, I have grandkids in the military.
1. agreement to verify.
2. verify what?
3. Trust but verity.

Carol Wolney - June 15, 2018

With the final ‘act’ of the Korean War finally in sight, it Must be a decisive end to a really bad “war’ which was never declared!! Everyone’s promises must be kept for posterity’s sake!!

Horst Adomat - June 15, 2018


DEANNE A DAVIS - June 15, 2018

Just a sincere THANK YOU ! I appreciate what Heritage does and the updates you send to members.

Donald Hemke - June 15, 2018

Begin NOW, to build a nuclear weapons verification process that we can trust…i.e, where we have a principal role! Traditional world-wide processes and organizations just cannot be trusted.

Timothy R. Buttner - June 15, 2018

It would, I believe, be a mistake to press NoKo on Human Rights: clearly, to me at least, Kim is willing to make changes in return for the U.S. leaving his government alone, so it’s going to be one small step at a time with the NoKo’s…
World safety first!

Harold A Bickford - June 15, 2018

Aside from the obvious, public perspectives of North Korea under Kim Jong Un, I believe it is equally clear that much of what transpires is not for immediate public consumption. Just as Nixon surprised with his China initiative in 1972 so does Trump surprise with his approach to North Korea.

This does not mean “no comment” but rather understanding that over 70 years of history will not be changed without some time and effort.

Equally Reagan was told to not challenge Gorbachev; again surprise occurred and unexpected results followed, i.e. fall of the Berlin Wall and break-up of USSR.

As Reagan so well said, trust but verify.

Anthony So - June 15, 2018

Verify denuks. Verify release of prisoners.

Nancy Busch - June 15, 2018

To establish & maintain direct personal contact between President Trump and Kim rather than only thru appointed representatives. This would strengthen the momentum they’ve established & tactfully underscore our intentions to see this agreement honored .

Johnny Sides - June 15, 2018

Keep building a bigger military presence in the area. Keep every sanction in place. Tighten the screws.
Seek timelines
Offer carrots only after dismantling and on site eyes on verifying
Seek religious and human rights

SAM THOMAS - June 15, 2018


John Pinto - June 15, 2018

We should follow the same process that was used to denuclearize Libya as expressed by John Bolton.

John Schuldt - June 15, 2018

Negotiating a peace treaty to replace the armistice agreement is a next logical step. Signatories should be USA, China, South Korea, North Korea and the UN Secretary General representing all other countries that fought in the war. North Korea has always said a peace treaty between their country and the USA is something to discuss but South Korea was excluded as the North does not recognize the legitimacy of the South. Having the South as a signatory will be a significant symbolic step that the North is serious about moving the process forward. I agree with the other comment about the Pueblo as well. That should be returned to the USA>

james ove - June 15, 2018

We will see what Un will do in the future.
Trump did the right thing.

Larry Campbell - June 15, 2018

I have been associated with the Heritage Foundation for many years and am proud of the small amount that I am able to contribute to your fine organization. The more I learn about Ms. Cole the happier I am that she has earned the right to lead the Heritage Foundation and represent the many thousands of members such as myself.
Please keep up the great Patriotic work that you all do as a wonderful well-informed team.

Louis James Baker - June 15, 2018

It is my belief that the Heritage foundation truly represents the fundamentals of liberty and justice in the United States. They go out of their way to provide intelligent analysis of each topic they present. There is no doubt in my mind that they are leaders in defining the Constitution and Bill of Rights that just like the ten commandments need to be followed.

Ron Martin - June 15, 2018

North Korea needs to move fast enough to save their economy from continued sanctions. They also need to learn how to become “constructive” (literally, for which they need new skills). This may require training and mentoring, so who’s going to do it, and how? This must be answered FAST, or the agreement will not be sustainable if it takes too long to implement successfully..

Nancy C Bennett - June 15, 2018

I was so happy to receive your email. I did donate to you but I didn’t realize that I could receive input from Heritage. I’ve been praying for the Lord to protect our country and the leaders of our country,as well. I’ve been praying for God to work in our government to help our President and the Senate and Congress and the DOJ and the Judges all the way to the Supreme Court to rightly interpret the Constitution And also to keep All Americans safe and prosperous. “ The hidden things shall be revealed.”(Bible/New Testament) I know that God loves all people and He wants His children to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers. He influences the heart of the king whatsoever way he will. He is in control, but I also know He guides us to take actions. Truth will set us free. He says to take the log out of my eye before I take the splinter out of my neighbors. How can I preach tolerance on one side and allow words that tear down on the other. This applies to all people. Tearing down another person because they disagree with you is destructive. Is being hateful and speaking hateful rhetoric about others, who are on opposite sides, ever helpful? Man looks on the outward appearance but God sees my heart. It may appear to each of us that we know what is right and or wrong in any given situation. But no one knows but God. He will not reveal everything to me about all things. But He will lead me and guide me in the way he wants me to go. I must stay very close to Him on a daily basis in order to here the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Where there is strife there is very evil work. I pray that I will be part of the solution. Only through his grace will I be able to do that. There but for the grace of God go l. His ways are not my ways. Often, I do not understand what He is doing in my own life let alone the lives of others. Love never fails! Is there soft love? Is their tough love? Probably. Love always believes the best of others. It tells the truth in love. Love confronts evil. Let me be quick to hear, quick to listen, slow to speak. Like everyone says , Words Matter! So does intent. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. He sees the thoughts and intents of the heart. As a man 🤔 thinks in his heart so is he. Out of my month, comes the thoughts and intents of of my heart. If I make a mistake I ask for help and forgiveness and receive help and forgiveness for myself and others. Hardest part for me is to forgive myself. But God forges me, so too must I. No matter what any one else may think. They do not See my heart. And yet, often, there are consequences to deal with. Look at Alice who suffered for 22 years for her sins. Yet, look at Alice who although in jail for 22 years, did not shake her fist at her Heavenly Father. She may not have understood His timing throughout those 22 years. In spite of the enormous pain she must have experienced, on so many levels she moved on. What time she was afraid, she chose to trust in him. Leaving the past behind she pressed on to the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. She shines for the Lord. So beautiful her love of God and self and others to behold. Be bold, be strong. Banish all fear and doubt. Remember the Lord your God is with you, no matter where you go. Look at Martin Luther King. He must be in “so great a cloud of witnesses.” Non violent action. One of the greatest and bravest men of our times. Look 👀 at women who fought to gain the right to vote. Look at history. Look at life. Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. All things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose. We, each and every one of us on this earth are the called. Will I answer His call? Will you? Seek and you will find your calling. Even if it takes 22 years or your entire life- until the very last breath and you leave this earth for eternity. Even if I must give up my life to do it.

Marthe Leeks - June 15, 2018

It is a little scary, however, the President will verify. Totally amazing.

Danilo Morales - June 15, 2018

Dismantling of the gulags. This would be morally right with the bonus of silencing the left on this aspect.

Alfred Menendez - June 15, 2018

Keep providing the administration with the proper knowledge and that is the knowledge you provide. The Korean work is important and must be guided to ensure Kim holds up his part of denuclearization. Keep up the good work.

On the other hand get rid of the silly stuff you are sending to raise support. I just got a calculator for your fundraiser???? Really. Just ask for support once in a while please.


anne c demuth - June 15, 2018

Thank you for your comments on Trumps
Singapore adventure.
I would like to know more about our immigration policy. One hundred years ago
we had a quoted policy a specific number of immigrarents were allow to come from each country each year. They were carefully screened, Need to be able to speak English and have marketable skills, in addition they had to be sponsered by an American who would be resonsible if they did not measure up. Why is this policy still not enforced?

Russell Townsend - June 15, 2018

The Democrats need to be put on ships and shipped to Siberia. If the President keeps doing what he has he will go down as the greatest President ever. Thanks Heritage for continuing to fight the good fight.

E W Murray - June 15, 2018

I was on a USNavy Destroyer when Japan surrendered. We went into Tokyo bay expecting a peaceful entry….but fully at our guns….just in case. That ‘s the way to treat this Agreement…Expect & do our best to make it work… but keep our “powder dry”.

Mary Lou Collins - June 15, 2018

As far as I’m concerned, president Trump needs to keep a big, tough fist in the face of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. That’s the only thing he’ll ever listen to. And then find some way to help all those people suffering so much in his country.

Javier - June 15, 2018

Historical indeed, no one wants a nuclear war, the times are hard enough, thank you President Trump administration for making this happen. For the people that are against for peace and a growing economy do not have 2 brain cells to rub together to make 1work.

Jon Tom McAnear - June 15, 2018

Verification must be accomplished or no easing of sanctions.

Dave Bloomer - June 15, 2018

Regarding NOKO Accord: Trust, but verify. Hold the line on sanctions; and increase them if need be. Maintain a tight timeline on next steps. Allow no wavering or manufactured delays. And, permit zero in-house (DOS) Kabuki Theater. Basically, employ Project Management 101 with no letup.

Javier - June 15, 2018

Historical indeed, no one wants a nuclear war, the times are hard enough, thank you President Trump administration for making this happen. Thank you Heritage foundation for having a voice for our fellow Americans.

Timothy Docter - June 15, 2018

Keep the pressure on to denuclearize and a competent verification process. Keep discussing human rights for the North Korean people.

Michael J Sorge - June 15, 2018

A truly great goal should be to wisely emphasize and inspire Kim to realize he can be forever honored in Korean & World history as the leader who gave his people illimitable prosperity and inimitable peace through social & economic worldwide friendships.

Charles Greer - June 15, 2018

I believe President Trump should take it slow as far as removing sanctions and removing our troops from South Korea,
until proof of significant nuclear removal and
rockets destroyed.

Thank you, C Greer

William Hanson - June 15, 2018

Trump is an expert at growing an economy and he should offer to help but in exchange for having our military verify that N. Korea has Dismantled its Nukes

Harv Kuntz - June 15, 2018

Like Mike Pompeo has reiterated ALOT – we will be focused on the ” BIG V”. Its the verification that must always be in the forefront. Human rights are important of course, but this Regime has been around along long time, things take time! WE will continue to support this President and his great team.

Julie Wilcox - June 15, 2018

I appreciate The Heritage Foundation so much, and have admired Kay Coles James for decades. So thankful for Heritage!

Janice Hiroms - June 15, 2018

The process to rid North Korea of its nuclear weapons and test sites should begin promptly with timetables and inspections. There should also be serious discussions about human rights and sanctions should remain until significant progress is made.

Eleanor P - June 15, 2018

Obviously, if there was a quid pro quo: the end of “war games” in exchange for denuclearization, the next step is, these two comittments adhered to. Then, human rights violations should be brought to account and ended. After that, sanctions can be removed and the NK government can be trusted.

Terry and Barb Branham - June 15, 2018

I served in South Korea in ’79-’80 and know soldiers who have recently served there. We fully understand the reason for the ‘winter’ war games exercise in Korea and we believe there is no danger in not continuing those exercises if No. Korea is on the path to denuclearization and peace through economic cooperation.
Good Job!
Colonel, USA, Retired, Terry Branham

Millard MacAdam - June 15, 2018

I pray that President Trump insists upon manifested Intentional Integrity from North Korean representatives from the top down as he and other US representatives work with them to eliminate what they have promised to eliminate. My book on Intentional Integrity: Aligning Your Life with God’s Values outlines specific personal things all can do to turn seriously in this direction. Dr. Millard MacAdam

Marilou Rabinng - June 15, 2018

Step back & see if NK proceeds as agreed. This will be a long process, but President Trump will stay abreast of all the proceedings.

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - June 15, 2018


Richard Kolchin - June 15, 2018

He should meet with Khloe and Kourtney.

Darlene Mahowald - June 15, 2018

President Trump and his team has accomplished something no other president has. I know that he will not let North Korea get by with anything, As was said trust, but verify. Bless the President of the United States: Donald Trump.

george bernhard - June 15, 2018

Eventually to free the Noko people we must insist on US banks having access to make business loans in Noko. This will free them from government control.

Michael Phillips - June 15, 2018

The next step is a solid agreement on verification of Norko’s removal of nuclear weapons and neutralization of their R&D facilities. Until and unless this is done, it is all just noise.

ron caruso - June 15, 2018

Trump and Pompeo have it right. They will restart war games if Kim cheats, and will not lift sanctions until we can verify compliance. Trust but verify

MERI E COLLINS - June 15, 2018

Pray for President Trump, for wisdom and discernment, and for his team: Pompeo, Mattis etc. This was epic, but it needs to be handled carefully and in a timely manner. The nukes need to be gone, the prisoners set free, and the people find hope in a new form of government in NOKO. This will take a long time, and careful monitoring, requiring much patience. Find ways to still the loud talk of liberals who are still trying to see our President fail! Of course, as he succeeds over and over, it could end on its own!

Bobby Davis - June 15, 2018

the priority with North Korea should be the release of any Americans held and denuclearization; not the way North Korea treats its citizens.

Charles Fickling - June 15, 2018

I don’t know the difference in the culture of North versus South Korea, but after years of isolation the North is paranoid about the threat of losing the existing regime. Trust is difficult to acquire with this country. No monetary concessions should be made as in the past which provided only for further military building. Perhaps after verifying denuclearization, offering similar protection as we give the South and guidance in how to become a thriving nation, peace might be realized in that part of the world.

Louis Fattrusso - June 15, 2018

Create a foolproof verification process and set up diplomatic relationships.

David - June 15, 2018

Prove that North Korea is complying with the agreement. Make sure that we discontinue all war games and that South Korea abides with the agreement. Make sure that any reductions in sanctions benefit the Korean people.

Michael Phillips - June 15, 2018

Talk about reducing the mistreatment of the North Korean people.

Richard U. - June 15, 2018

Maintain forward developing pressure on Kim Jung Un to produce on “agreements”.Assure civil and political liberty for the North Korean people.
Thanks for the on-site work of Olivia Enos!

Christian D. Orr - June 15, 2018

Keep the dialogue going, but also keep up the pressure and don’t concede too much, i.e. don’t give in to DPRK coercion the way previous presidential administrations have done. Carrot-and-stick approach.

Jon Sollars - June 15, 2018

We must work to make sure that the Korean People have a better life and that should not be 20 years from now . It should start to take place now. We have effort in place now to make sure they verify. They must learn quickly how their lives will change and what it is like to live in America.

Tom King - June 15, 2018

Keep the public informed of progress and closely monitor the actions of North Korea to insure that they are satisfying their end of the bargain! US military should be involved in any verification efforts.

P B Steiger - June 15, 2018

Deals that drag DIE.

It is now crucial to keep the pressure on and not allow dawdling. Only pressure has allowed any real motion forward. Only pressure can assure completion.

If not moving rapidly forward to verified de-nuclearization pressure should, without hesitation, be immediately resumed and continued.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - June 15, 2018

I’m glad our Secretary of State has made it clear that all sanctions remain in force until denuclearization is COMPLETE.
Praying for peace in the long run.

JIM BRACEWELL - June 15, 2018

Great coverage. This is the kind of information we can depend on from Heritage Foundation. Just FYI the wife (Mary Blackburn) of former Heritage Foundation Chair Ben Blackburn passed away this week.

Pyara Chauhan - June 15, 2018

Trump was so clear in his mind as to what he needed from Kim Jong Un that I have very little doubt that if I was a fly on the wall when the two met alone I would have heard Trump make it quite clear that this was the last and probably only chance for Kim to save his nation from annihilation: Would Kim want literally millions die or accept a better future for NoKo? We are now looking at the final product of that conversation.

Ed Ries - June 15, 2018

Keep the pressure on, particulalry the sanctions. Try to prevent China from subverting the US/South Korea/Japanese activities going forward. Pompeo, Bolton, and Mathis should do the immediate heavy lifting. Trump should back off & let them do it, particularly until a sense of direction from Kim becomes more apparent.

Eddie Vaughn - June 15, 2018

Invite Kim to Washington, D.C.
Begin the next phase of negotiations to ultimately result in a denuclearized Peninsula.
Keep sanctions on till real progress is made.

Richard Hartmann - June 15, 2018


Sandra Richard - June 15, 2018

America 1st, Trump needs to continue to meet and interact with foreign countries.

Dwala Cargill - June 15, 2018

We must not forget we are dealing with a leader/country with beliefs unlike our own. We must look for action with the words this leader has professed. And, we need to confront him with the human rights issue, as well as any military issue.

w. June - June 15, 2018

Every nation has its ugly dark side! No matter what we do there’s no rest even though the dog is dead the pups are in heat again. Just trying at this point to keep us for blowing ourselves up, I would say President Trump’s meeting with Kim accomplished a great deal. If in future meetings he can bring some relief to the mind shackled people of North Korea will be a major miracle! Then to fight the NK propaganda style news media in the USA at the same time to break the attempted mind shackles put on the American people will be nothing less than Supernatural intervention!

Elaine Liming - June 15, 2018

We Americans have a problem with the word PROCESS. We are very accustomed to programs and treaties etc. We like things that have a beginning and ending. We want what we want now not later.
I want to be kept informed on how the process is going. I want to see the foundation for peace in this area of the world laid out on a firm dialogue, putting people first, and those involved being prepared to have a reachable goal.
The leader in North Korea has a history of doing only what he wants. He maybe a person of multiple personalities. We need to really get to know him and watch his behavior as well as his speech. We have a Warrior for a President; he needs to be advised well and have the patience of Job. We Americans also need patience; this task our President has taken on, will take time, maybe years. We need to keep praying for God to give him what he needs to accomplish Peace through Strength that we all want.

Jeff Ware - June 15, 2018

My computer protection program just advised that it has blocked a virus that was detected on your site

Anthony J Chamay - June 15, 2018

Secretary of state spelled out a good game plan

Mike C. Eaton - June 15, 2018

I Thought it was a great outcome on North Korea’s part. It was a bilateral agreement. In a situation Like this it not only took President Trump initiative to have the peace agreement. It was a win-win situation for both sides of the table. North Korea is no longer an nuclear threat. And that’s great. I am very pleased and happy for both sides. It not only took courage and bravery to bring about this agreement but a great commitment. I would say President Trump is not only a Great leader of United States but also a very knowledgeable people person with his great business skills which assisted him very greatly. And since it was a mutual agreement of both sides. But both parties were in sync with one another. It not only was the bravery of President Trump but also North Korea dictator was also a people person. They were both smiling afterwards and this was a great feeling for me to experience and watch. I hope President Trump get’s the Nobel Peace Prize. Because it was his initiative these two leaders to meet and it was also benefited by the lady who works for Heritage Foundation. She was very much a part of this agreement and how smoothly the rain hit the back of a duck and kept sliding off the back of a duck until the outstanding agreement was signed by both parties. You couldn’t ask for better leadership than What Heritage Foundation assistant along with President Trump and North Korean dictator. Now there is a beautiful picture on the wall and may it be binding and beneficial to both parties. With that known everything went along very smoothly. United States could not look any more proud and prestigious than what transpired and now is a fact. I am so happy for President Trump and what he did. A outstanding business person President Trump displayed himself as. I am very proud to be a Republican. But I am very, very conservative and traditional. And if it were me than I would of done the same thing. Outstanding display of superb leadership with a very smart business person concerning President Trump. A win win observation on both sides. Once you say something it can’t not be taken back. Sometimes it pays to count to ten thousand then utter your your message, But some people do and some don’t. But being President Trump he utilizes this skill very well and very much to his expertise. This is a very commendable way of doing outstanding leadership Yeah Yeah for President Trump, the lady from Heritage Foundation and North Korean dictator.
Outstanding display of courage, bravery and great people skills on President Trump part. We are doing great has a nation and we will all continue moving forward with President Trump as President of United States of America. Everything is great and good in this country because of President Trumps leadership. Proud to be an American with best regards toward the Republican Party. Take Care and God Bless President Kay Cole James. Thank you for reading my expressions of thought uttered in an message for you to read.

Constance Van Metre - June 15, 2018

Since the meeting and agreement between the US and North Korea doesn’t have steps yet laid out to achieve those things agreed upon, perhaps – faster and more concrete steps will help the process to be achieved. What the discussions I hear, be it TV or others is that we can make this different from other agreements that did not go anywhere. I believe that also letting the public know that 1) steps with agreements are being laid out and 2)timelines for denuclearization to be achieved are being worked out and we (the public) can know that the process is going forward.

Congratulations President Trump and Secretary Pompeo!

J. Lawrence Nester - June 15, 2018

Absolutely stop the joint U.S.-S. Korea military “demonstrations.” As President Trump has said, they are provocative and a waste of money. Let’s stop baiting our adversaries. We have bombers and submarines available at any time, if we have to “make a statement.” We have had that ability since 1945, and every nation knows it. If we really want peace and not endless wars and military involvements, we have to start working harder for peace than for war.

Rory Carpenter - June 15, 2018

This was only a first step. Must get agreements moving and dead line written down covering the agreement to stop Nuke, dismantle sites, and then consider loosing the sections and not before. Keep the pressure on. Keep us informed.

Frank J Raymond - June 15, 2018

All of the recent achievements are wonderful, but, if we don’t have life it is all rubbish on the pages of history. So, God help us to focus on what really matters – life for all from birth to death.

William Bell - June 15, 2018

Verifiable denuclearization should be the sole objective at this time. Unless and until that is achieved, Trump shouldn’t expend bargaining leverage to extract concessions pertaining to Kim Jung Un’s treatment of civilians in his country.

Samuel Duling - June 15, 2018

I am hoping that NOKO is realizing that rants and outlandish behavior will not be tolerated. Keep pressure on and no concessions until they do what is required of them.

Ann DeBaufre - June 15, 2018


Charlie - June 16, 2018

Next step is confirmation of no nukes in NK . Confirmation of no other weapons of mass destruction . No intercontinental missals . Confirmation of no labs to produce said weapons or missals .

Dr. W. R. Anderson - June 16, 2018

N. Korea should be strongly pressured to reduce its military numbers to not exceed those of S. Korea so that; they won’t be tempted to suddenly invade the south when all has quieted down and seize control of the entire peninsula.

Mickey D Watson - June 16, 2018

I would like to see continuing progress towards peace between North and South Korea. I do realize this progress will take time, but I would like to see periodical updates, to see how things are progressing. I feel if, there is peace between North and South Korea, there is peace in the whole area.

Sant Gupta - June 16, 2018

The world has to move on from the days of WWII; The summit was essential first step to realign and restructure based on new geo-political realities. The most unfortunate development in the US politics is total and unrelenting opposition by the left/ liberal/ democrats to everything Trump. With media full of biased so-called experts, leads to distorted public opinion about anything including foreign affairs.

Vincenzo Carafone - June 16, 2018

Check and make sure the words are followed by concrete facts both in the nuclear field and in the civil one, but without overdoing it, discreetly, on this second aspect considered the extreme-sensitivity of north korea on this sensitive issue. At the same time, with the first positive signs, begin to loosen the sanctions and allow the North Korean people to feel some benefits. Continue step by step, after the desired results, to allow slowly investments to start improving the economic situation of the North Korea. The key is the economy. North Korea is very rich in natural resources and in rare minerals / metals, if the US will succeed in this it will open a market for investments that specialized studies estimate in 2 billion dollars for the next 10 years.

Lawrence K. Marsh - June 16, 2018

-While maintaining a strong national defense against North Korean military ambitions, we should also press North Korea on basic human rights issues.Freedom is the central issue here, we should stand for it world-wide.

Ray Malick - June 16, 2018

The President has done a outstanding job by bringing in Kim Jong Un. Heritage is doing a great job keeping us updated!!

Steve Dickerson - June 16, 2018

His Excellency Kim Jong-un
3rd Supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea

His Excellency Moon Jae-in
President of the Republic of Korea

Gentlemen, this letter suggests that your two independent nations be combined into the Kingdom of Korea. The Kingdom would be modelled after the United Kingdom where the Kim Dynasty would be established as the royal family. But as in the United Kingdom, the governance of the country would be a democracy with all adults being equal citizens.

Korea has been through many changes in governance for the last 4000 years, often having kings. Let’s start again and bring all of Korea into the modern world, “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Frederic Ackerson - June 16, 2018

I would like to receive each side’s definition of “disarmament” in order to evaluate exactly where we are. What do we seek specifically and what will North Korea promise to do? Testing grounds? Weapons? Test facilities? Enrichment plants?

Lisa Gauger - June 16, 2018

Thank you so very much for all you are doing to save our nation. May our Lord bless all of you most wonderful folks!

Sam Spradling - June 16, 2018

Great positive diplomatic move on the part of our President. The intimate winners are the North Korean people. For them it is a win win deal.

If you have ever watched a satellite picture
of the earth at night that dark spot between South Korea and China is North Korea where there is no detectable light, millions of people in dictated darkness.

Let us pray that with this agreement there will be light, progress, and a better life for millions of North Korean people.

Robert Acuff - June 16, 2018

North Korea must declare all sites related to its nuclear program. This declaration will reveal much regarding their willingness to deal with us honestly. Then allow inspectors to follow each step in dismantling each site. They should also allow us to inspect any site which we believe may have some involvement in the production of nuclear weapons as well as any site which we have questions about. As much as I would like to see them change the way they treat their own people the dismantling of their nuclear program must take priority.
Some would argue that with the changes produced as a result of an improvement in economy the treatment of the citizens will change but I seriously doubt that these changes will occur with North Korea given the length of its history in the treatment of anyone not completely supporting their leadership. We must place denuclearization as our first priority and not allow ourselves to be distracted by anything else until it has been accomplished.

James T. Wright - June 16, 2018


Allan Bruce Hemmings - June 16, 2018

Dear Heritage Foundation, the Trump-Kim
Summit in Singapore is true testament
to the President’s brand of negotiation
diplomacy founded on a strong geopolitical-military stance. It is a very hopeful first step
and we should pray that it quickly evolves into tangible outcomes and actions for
the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. I think we should focus immediately on putting boots on the ground to conduct inspections and
the rapid dismantlement of the DPRK’s ICBM/IRBM capabilities and nuclear weapons stockpiles, warheads, components, and assembly facilities. We think they have about 50 weapons and warheads capable of being matched to an ICBM or IRBM. These facilities are probably below ground in the DPRK’s vast tunnel network and the first step should be to locate and map these tunnels, underground factories, etc., and
then physically inspect them with DPRK cooperation. the DPRK has a large number of Chinese and Russian-designed mobile missile launchers, radars, and control stations. These should be accounted for, and transported to the nearest DPRK port capable of receiving a US Navy AOE/cargo vessels to transport the launchers and associated equipment to
hte US via Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Diego Garcia, and/or Alaska where they can be evaluated and dismantled. The 50 odd assembled weapons, warheads, and
fissile materials should then be inventoried, photographed, disarmed, and simarly transported to a DPRK naval port for secure shipment under escort to
an approved location or locations. These activities should include short and medium range missiles like the modified
SCUD C’s and their derivatives capable of use in attacks on the ROK, Japan, Alaska, Guam, the Philippines, Taiwan
China and Russia. The second major step in this project should be to identify,
disarm, and destroy on site all of the DPRK’s chemical and biological weapons, warheads, factories, and other delivery vehicles that could be used in an
aerial/missile assault on the ROK, China, Japan, US and Russia using aircraft, IRBM’s, ICBM’s, balloons,
drones, submarines, mines, etc. The third and final step that could take years would be to dismantle and destroy all test facilities,
tunnels, factories, bunkers, ammo
and storage areas that contain plutonium, yellow cake, raw and refined uranium, centrifuges, assembly areas, reactors, and enrichment facilities. For any such program to succeed, it will require large numbers of qualified inspectors, military personnel, and contractors working with and alongside
DPRK scientists and military personnel who learn English, Russian, Chinese,
and/or Japanese under direct supervision of Chairman Kim and his senior staff. In short our priority is to get KIm’s cooperation for 24-hour no notice inspections anywheres in the North, for
the use of DPRK naval ports and loading facilities, for ship visits and transport
of weapons and missiles and mobile and
static launchers just for the first and most urgent step – locating, dismantling and transporting out of the DPRK all of the weapons and their components, their mobile missile launcher trailers and trucks,
and other equipment that would be used for a nuclear attack on the US, Japan, ROK, Russia, China, or any other regional power. Everything else can be done in a more leisurely fashion over a five – seven year period. We should put an 18-month deadline on Step One.

Dennis Aquilino - June 16, 2018

It is a good first step, but I think right now, The President needs to talk about all of Obama foreign policy initiatives or lack of any, and to high lite how he & Kerry love the Iranian’s and how Kerry daughter is married to I believe their chief negotiator for the Iranian deal, not to mention how much Valerie Jarrett loves the Iranians and claims to be one, even though she is not. If this deal with Kim is meant to be it will happen over time.

Nan Nicoll - June 16, 2018

Very interesting perspectives. Of note, I am delighted to see such a warm and polished young woman discuss the NoKo summit. I hope she continues to grow in this area as she seems to be well suited to understand what is at stake and Pres. Trump’s contributions. All in all I am hopeful for progress in denuclearization and human rights. Thank you for working so diligently for the preservation of our Republic and the leadership America brings to those of the world who yearn for liberty, prosperity and peace.

Bob Arment - June 17, 2018

We need to get USA nuclear inspectors stationed in North Korea to verify (and continually monitor) that chairman Kim has dismantled all nuclear testing.

Roald K Berg - June 17, 2018

Thank you for your accuracy and timeliness in your messages.
I feel like I’m well informed and happy to have you there for us.
Roald K Berg

William B. Powell - June 17, 2018

Physical inventory of Noko nuclear weapons, nuclear fuel and all facilities by U.S. experts should be an early undertaking to demonstrate Noko sincerity. Next their ICBM’s and facilities should also be inventoried.

Mike - June 18, 2018

Process is the right word here and verification is the key to success.

Leonard Krusemark - June 18, 2018

I am worried that the wild speculation displayed in the news media and the negative bias will adversely affect the very sensitive negotiation going on in what could be a life or death outcome for some or maybe all of us. If that kind of lack of restraint had happened during WW2 hard telling what the outcome would have been. There is a complete lack of patriotism in our news media as well as a regard for the effect of their wild speculation and inaccurate reporting.

Laura J. Thomas - June 18, 2018

The fact that our President has been able to accomplish anything at all is amazing to me. Under the curtain of an overwhelming negative press and an investigation that has subjected more than one patriot to bankruptcy, he has needed and relied on the strengths of the Heritage Foundation. There is no doubt that the President makes his own decisions, but he is willing to listen to those he trusts. More than once he has mentioned the value of the information and guidance he has received from the Heritage. Moving forward, this is why I have faith in the agreement that it will be handled with intense scrutiny and follow through.

Larry Van Horn - June 18, 2018

The elephants in the room are de-nuclearization and peace between North and South Korea. Focus on those. Leave the human rights issue for later resolution. It will only complicate the matter.

Verle Price - June 19, 2018

Resolvitthe Korean conflict is of world importance and something all world leaders and our Congress should be openly supporting. So odd that’s not happening. Thank God our President doesn’t rely on them to accomplish what needs to done. We know China and Russia will, as always, do what they can through the back door, however I believe President Trump needs to closely watch South Korea during his negotiations with North Korea. They are the ones that can’t be trusted.

James Smith - June 19, 2018

I am amazed at the progress. With the past as a caution, proceed with positive action. Kim should not come to the White House soon. Maybe next year. The missile test site they destroyed was already heavily damaged as I understand, so that is not as big as some think.

John W.Fisher - January 4, 2019

President Trump has done more to END the N K war than any other president since the beginning of the cease fire !All the nattering nabobs on the left would do well-instead of trying to destroy him,his family,and anyone who has ever had anything to do with him ,and the RINOS-need to support the President in his efforts to secure our borders and restore our Representative Republic

Al Wunsch - January 4, 2019

I think Pres Trump has the right idea as to how to handle NOKO. He has established himself as a man of his word and one who will not be pandered to. NOKO has an established record of deceit and a tendency to expect the U.S. to eventually back away. China & Russia are enablers of NOKO’s deceit so it will take time and patience for a successful resolution to NOKO. It may still fall apart and require a U.S. military response. It doesn’t help that South Korea’s leader is liberal and may have a tendency to give too much to get a unified Korea. Trump and Pompeo will work the issues and the people need to give them time to work out a good solution. The democrats will be no help and may even cause some setbacks with their ill informed politics.

Alan J. Inman - January 5, 2019

As senior advisor of the Global Peace Foundation, I helped organize a DC forum that featured Ed Feulner & Hyun Jin Moon on panel. Moon gave a particularly insightful perspective that merits attention by Heritage – https://www.hyunjinmoon.com/international-forum-on-one-kor…/

Sun Maston - January 6, 2019

My opinions north Korea is watching and listening
South Korea and China Japanese and more countries
President south Korea Mun is doing very well treated
Kim Jong un have you see .sprinkle on him with Round
Children concer that made it life changing to him..

Chris Milord - January 8, 2019

The next summit with N. Korea ought to occur this year and could build on the minor progress that has been made to date. Kim and Trump could sit down at a neutral site and make a deal that would involve incremental denuclearization in exchange for financial aid to the North. Verification protocols would have to be negotiated to ensure that Kim is sincere. Nuclear manufacturing facilities, labs, storage sites and missiles would have to accessible to IAEA inspectors to ensure compliance. A gradual dismantling of the nuclear infrastructure could lead to better relations with S. Korea and other neighbors in the region. China could also exert greater efforts to persuade Kim Jong Un to reduce his arsenal and join the community of nations.

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